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Chapter Three

This is James ^^

Glancing out the window, I see a small crowd of students exiting the cafeteria doors, trying to get a look at what just happened.

The van begins moving.

"I'd advice you to put on your seat belt," The woman says.

I ignore her suggestion. "Who the hell are you and why am I here?" I ask, frustrated.

She doesn't respond.

"Do my aunt and my uncle know what's happening?" I say, with more persistence. "Or my mom?"

The woman shifted in her seat so she can see me better. She regards me for an awkward beat of silence. I had never noticed prior to this moment how icy her eyes were. Gray and icy, like a wind-tossed arctic ocean. "Someone will be in touch with your family if deemed necessary by my superiors," she says staring at me, smiling. Yet she looks very annoyed.

"Necessary? By your superiors?" I say in disbelief. "So your superiors decide whether or not to tell my family that you've taken me?" I throw up my arms and fall back into the seat. "That is outrageous."

"Please put on your seat belt," she says. her eyes burning two holes into my forehead.

I was aware that my mouth was hung open but I was truly befuddled by what this woman said about my well-being and not telling me about why I was in the van and where I was being taken. I put on my seatbelt. I could be being kidnapped right now and I don't even know.

Later, of what feels like 2 hours, I look out the window and the van pulls up to a giant metal gate. The driver swipes the card and talks into a monitor and the gate opens. We drive up past the gate to a huge, brick building that looks like it's from the 19th century. It had three floors with a balcony on the second floor. Lights blazed through the windows and the front door opens. Few people stream out of the building. The woman opens the door and hops out.

"Come on, Mr. Greyfield. We've been very anxious to meet you since we finally found you."

What the hell is she going on about?

I glare at her and drag myself out of the van, stretching once I was out. The van doors suddenly shut, scaring me, and quickly drove away. Jeez, are you in a hurry or what? She walks up the big white steps and I slowly follow behind. We walk inside and the ceiling had to be at least 25 foot tall. This place was big. I start to lag behind and hurry to catch up with her. She's walked up to a man with glasses, wearing a red plaid shirt with a blue tie, tan khakis and dress shoes. He looked like my 40-yearo-old science teacher whom I hated.

"I see there were no problems transporting him here, Miss Adams." he says. Oh, he's British too.

"No, Dr. Maxwell," she replies, not nearly as cruel sounded as before.

"Good. That is all, Miss Adams. I'll take it from here."

The woman walks away, her heels clamping on the tiled floor with loud sounds echoing off the walls. I always hated heels.

"Ah, Mr. Greyfield. So nice to finally meet you," he says, a little excited and friendly. He clamps a hand down on my shoulder.

"I don't understand what's happening right now."

"I apologize for the inconvenience. We were in a hurry. Your questions will be answered later. Come, follow me."

He puts an arm around my shoulders and practically pulls me along with him. we walk down a long corridor that seemed to last forever. A woman walks up to Dr. Maxwell. He glances at me.

"Hello, Mr. Greyfield. Nice to meet you," she says. How do these people know me? "Doctor, is there anything you need for Mr. Greyfield?"

"Yes. Please make sure you call his caretakers and let them know he is OK and well. And explain the situation. Thank you, Miss Farrell." She walks away.

"I'm sure you'll get along with the others, Mr. Greyfield," Dr. Maxwell says.


"Yes, there are seven of you now that you've arrived. Others that are special, just like you." I'm slightly confused of what he means but I don't respond.

"Let me show you to your room now, Mr. Greyfield." He leads to up a large staircase that curves into a slight spiral and down a long hallway. Wow, this place is old fashioned. We stop at a door three doors down the hallway.

"Here is your room. There is spare clothing in there if you would like to change. We'll be sure to get your luggage from home because you will be staying here a while. There will be a meeting later on tonight and everything will be explained there. If you need anything you need, just ask. Feel at home here."

"Sure," I say. He smiles and turns back down the hallway. I turn and open the door. The room doesn't look half bad. There is a nice queen bed in the middle and a large window with a sitting area, a large, old-looking bookcase with a lounge chair next to it and a large floral rub on the floor. A pile of clothes lay on the bed. I go over to it and examine it. How do they know my clothing size? I look at the clock on the small end table next to the bed. 6:35? How long was I in that van?

I had about 30 minutes to spare before the "meeting", so I grab a book and open it and start reading.

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