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Chapter Five

"Hello? Sam?"

"Umm...Who is this?"

"It's me."

"Who's me?"


"Cara. I remember you. What do you want from me?"

"I need to speak to you."

"About what?"

"Listen. You need to...-"

"Hello? Cara? Are you there? CARA?"

A loud bang makes me spring awake from my sleep.

"Mr. Greyfield, breakfast is soon!" a girl outside the door exclaims in a cheery voice. "By the way, 8:00 is your morning curfew. So you should probably get up now!"

I hear something slide on the floor and then her soft, almost silent, footsteps walk away. I groan and glance at the clock with what little sight my tired eyes allow me to have.

"7:00 AM."

I decide that I will sleep for about 25 minutes more because I am far too tired to get up at the moment.

I wake again and glance at the clock 7:26 AM. Wow. When I said 25 minutes, I meant it. I slowly roll out of bed. My bed back at home was my own little sanctuary. But I'm not home, so when I roll over I plummet to the floor. Hard. Gosh, this bed is small. I eventually get up off the floor and sit on the bed. I unfortunately am still in the same clothing I had on yesterday, so I stink. I walk over and retrieve the card I see on the floor that the girl slid under the door.

Good morning, Mr. Greyfield! Hope you slept good!
I have left you some bath essentials because I thought you'd want to shower
before coming to breakfast today. So head on over to the showers, get dressed, and meet us down
in the dining room. :)
-Miss Robinson, your trusty sidekick.

I have yet to understand this perky woman who smiles too much.

I look around the room and retrieve the clothes that were left for me were now on the floor before I exit my room. I look down and see arrows on the floor pointing down the hallway. I'm guessing this is directions to the bathroom. I walk down the hallway, picking up the arrows as I pass them. When I get there, it's huge. Biggest bathroom I've ever seen.
It's shiny and had tiles all along the floors, walls, and ceiling. In the front of the bathroom, you see toilet stalls for the toilets and sinks directly across from it on the opposite wall. Further down, there is a place for showers; exactly four of then as there were four toilets, two of which were urinals. I look at the sinks across from the showers and there is a large mirror along the whole wall above the sinks. I glance down and, next to the door, I see a shower caddy with my name on it and full of bath essentials.

Grabbing it, I go over to a secluded shower area at the far end of the bathroom and get in the shower. There's a boombox near the shower that another kid must have left. What the hell? It's two-thousand-freaking-fourteen. I press play and a random indie song starts playing. I shower, moisturize myself and begin combing my tangled hair, thanks to the bath essentials.

Suddenly I hear the door open and Abigail, the brunette from the previous night, walks in. I stand there frozen and embarrassed. Because I have nothing on but a towel wrapped around my waist. As if I have much to show but my partially visible ribs. She smiles.

"Hey, Sam."

"...Umm, c-can you knock? This is the boys bathroom , you know," I say, turning bright red, in several places (above my towel!). I can just tell.

"This is a "public" bathroom. And I just came to get something from Daniel." she begins laughing. "Jeez, don't be such a girl."

I stare at her in astonishment and grab my things and hurry out of there. I find my way back to my room and shut the door. The clothes are no longer on the floor. In fact, they are on the bed and completely different clothes. Grabbing them, I see a dark blue short-sleeved shirt, a black and white plaid button-up shirt, blue straight jeans, a pair on briefs and socks. On the floor, blue converse sneakers.

I quickly get dressed, because it's 7:55 now, and make my way, wherever that is, to the dining room. I eventually find it after ten minutes of searching.

When I walk in, I see some circular dining tables, a counter with window showing a lady who I think is serving lunch. There is a line of food behind the glass cover with different types of food behind it. Like how they are at school lunches. I collect my breakfast and walk over to the tables, not sure which one to sit at. There are five tables and one have them has Dr. Maxwell, another man whom I've never seen before, and two women. One of them seem to be my "trusty sidekick". The table closest to me consists of three of the kids I met last night.

"Sam! Hey, Sam!"

I look back over and see that Abigail is ushering me over. I walk over there. She is sitting with Daniel, the kid with the somewhat short-long brown hair from NYC, and Kate, a blonde girl, sitting across from them. I sit sown beside Kate.

"Hey," I say. They say hi back.

"So you're Sam," Daniel says, leaning forward. "The new kid."

"Evidently. I've got to say, this is a very different new kid feeling."

"I know right. I felt the same when I came. John was the new kid before you, so if you want advice, ask him."

"I'll do that." I won't. Daniel continues talking to me.

"This is here is my partner. Abi. Pronounced with an e sound." He says draping his arm over Abigail's shoulder. "And my girlfriend."

"Yeah, you wish," she says, yet she's giggling so I'm pretty sure they're dating.

I look around behind me trying to find Jenn. I see her sitting alone reading a book, not eating. I look at her for a moment but then she looks up and locks eyes with me and I quickly turn back around. I turn again and see that she's not looking anymore. Dr. Maxwell has come over and is talking to her. What's with those two?When I turn back around, Abi and Daniel are looking between me and Jenn. Kate too.

"Jenn's been here the longest," Abi says "I think she's the first that was at this place in Minnesota four years ago."

"We used to call her the 'bitch of paranormals'. but who knows what she's been through since she started." I nod in understanding. Really? Who knows? Maybe Dr. Maxwell.

"Any idea why she reacted the way she did with you?" Kate asks.

"Yeah. She looked at you and totally freaked. I've never seen her do that with any of us before," Daniel says. "Did you know her before this?"

They're looking at me with the same question. Curious faces that I don't think I can satisfy. Jennifer was like any other ordinary girl back in middle school. I'd never have thought something like this would happen to her. She was different, not the same girl she was four years ago. Since she left halfway into the school year, Jonah was miserable. He said he was "in love" but I honestly think it was like he had lost his favorite action figure. He soon forgot about it and moved on.
I didn't forget her. I rarely ever forget things. Maybe that came with my so called "powers". Jenn was completely different than how she was then. She was tougher, rougher, meaner, etc. Hell, last time I saw her she was wearing Sketchers and pretty skirts.

"No, I don't think so."

"You sure?" Kate asks. "Does she look somewhat recognizable to you?"

"Nope." Kate looks at me, skeptical, yet I keep a straight face knowing she probably doesn't buy it.

"So tell us about yourself, Sam." Kate says, dismissing the Jenn conversation. I sigh.

"My life isn't that interesting, guys. I mean I'd bore myself just telling it." They stare at me, not excepting that as answer.

"Well, okay. I live with my aunt, uncle, and mother. I was born in California. I'm in the tenth grade, and now I find out that I'm a paranormal."

""That isn't very interesting," Kate says.

"I think this is when it gets interesting," Dave says, smiling.

After I finish eating, I give the excuse of going to the bathroom. I just wanted to get away, really. When I head to the bathroom, I'm stopped by someone grabbing my arm. It's Daniel.

"About Jenn. I hear she's been in this institution since the beginning. One of the first to in the country. It was pretty bad at first, not nearly like it is now. They would experiment on those kids, did tests. all sorts of shit. Pretty bad, right?" I nod in agreement. I can't imagine what that was like. "J.M. started up this place in this town and he's the one who decided to take her in. Got her out of there. You should know, she's antisocial and when she has to interact with us, she uses as few words as possible. She's really fucked up. And I know that you know her, but let's just keep that to ourselves, alright?" I nod, for about the tenth time.

I look over at Jenn. She sits and picks at her food. She's so different now, not he same Jenn from middle school. Can you blame her?

I make my way to the restroom and afterwords, as I open the door, I see a note on the ground. It's from Dr. Maxwell. He wants to meet me out in the back garden.

Thank god. Maybe he can finally explain what's going on here.

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