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Chapter Seven

Sitting down on my bed, fully showered and dressed, in a grey and black stripped sweater and jeans, I start to rip open the letter. It's a little long but not too long.

Hi,honey. If you haven't realized, it's your aunt writing this. Your uncle and
your mother miss you. Anyway, I know that you must be confused about what's going on
and I'm sorry this couldn't of happened a different way. We know why you're there though
and I hope they've told you. Your father was like you and got himself into the wrong
crowd because of it. We obviously don't want that for you so they had to take you to their
facility here in Minnesota. You're better there and you're safe. You have nothing to worry about, honey.
They only brought you there to help you...

Eventually, there's some words from my uncle and my mom. At least knowing that they know what's going on reassures me. But I can't help to think back on what Cara said. The fact I'm referring to her as a person that I know is weird. Could I be hallucinated her? I don't know. But I can't remember the last I hallucinated something. There's a sudden knock on my door. When I open it, it's Kate.

"Hey, Sam," she says smiling up at me. She's a little shorter than me though I'm not that tall. I'm only about 5'10'' or 11''. She's wearing mid-blue overall shorts with a pink shirt underneath, pink flat sneakers and a small pink bow in her long, curly blond hair. Gosh, she really likes pink.

"Hey, Kate," I reply, attempting to smile back.

"You missed breakfast. What's up?"

"Oh, I was just, well...not hungry." She frowns at me. "I'm okay," I say.

"Okay well, did you ever get a tour of the place?"

"No, not really. She smiles.

"Good. Then I'll give you one. So you don't get lost."

She hooks her arm with mine and pulls me with her. I manage to close the door behind me. Not really sure what to do with my hands, considering she's hooked my arm, I just shove them in my pocket. She leads me down corridor, past the stairs to the other half of the hallway and stops.

"Those are the other rooms, usually for staff. And there's a study at the end." We turn back around and head down the stairs. She leads me down to the lobby and through other hallways until finally we get to the last one. This place is too big for it's own good. We pass a couple of doors. One we pass just happens to be a room James is in.

"Hey, J.M.," Kate says.

James nods at us and I nod back. Eventually we reach a big room and everyone seems to be in there, chattering amongst themselves. In one corner there's a big movie screen with Elliot, Daniel and Abi watching some action movie with Matt Damon. One the other half of the room, there's a pool table, Foosball table, air hockey and a table tennis table. In that counter there's a small bar and two mini, yet not so mini, fridges.

"We call this the 'hangout' room. It's where we all, you know, hang out."

She lets go of my arm and we enter the room. John is sitting at the bar playing some portable gaming system. The only one I don't see here is Jenn. I wonder where she is. Kate skips over to John to give him some company while I decide to go over to the movie area and sit down next to Eli, with Daniel and Abi behind us.

"Oh hey Sam," Daniel says. "Thought you disappeared or ran off. You weren't at breakfast. Already sick of us?"

"No, no. I just wasn't hungry." Daniel raises his eyebrows. "Sure you were," He says jokingly. He turns back to movie when something loud happens. "God, I love this movie." I look up at the movie and apparently Matt Damon has pushed someone off a roof.

"Want one?" Eli asks, facing me. He holds a chocolate bar out to me.

"No thanks." Eli bends down to tie his shoe. I half expected the candy bar to fall in his lap. Instead its stays there, as if being held up by air. Eli finishing tying his shoe, or at least I think he was.

"Oh sorry," he says noticing my surprise. "Have you been able to do that yet?"

"Yeah. just not used to other people doing."

"Yeah, well get used to it. We're all the same here. You haven't been able to do anything else, have ya?"

"Nope. Just telekinesis."

"Hell yeah!" Daniel exclaims, from behind us. Eli looks back at the screen. I look around the room for a minute until I see Jenn pass the door. I quickly get up and jog towards the door. I see her walking in the opposite direction of me and I run to catch up with her.

"Hey, wait." I run until I'm facing her, stopping her in her tracks. "I've been meaning to talk to you."

"I'm busy," she says impatiently and tries to go around me but I stop her.

"It won't take long. I'd like to know why you seem to be mad at me."

"Seriously?" she asks, looking at me like I grew an extra head. "I have to tell you?" I give her a 'Umm, yeah look'. "Let's see. I was taken from my home, for reasons I don't understand. Without an explanation. To some mental hospital and everything thought I was crazy. Then suddenly, I'm taken to another place and experimented on, for reasons they barely explained to me."

"I'm sorry about that, but how is that my fault?"

"You don't remember? When I came to after they finally let me out of that mental place. Even before that you never even tried to help me You and Jonah, my bestest friends ever, even after my parents gave up on me, didn't do anything to help." she pauses for a moment. "And when I snuck out and came to you when I was let out and asked you to help me, do anything. And you did nothing."

"How was I? I was twelve. I tried to find you when you left, but no one told we anything. I didn't know what to do." she looks at me with her mouth slightly open

"I asked you to find a way to contact me. Hell I gave a way to. And knowing you, I know you could of found out a way to. But you didn't. And what do you know, you show up again years later asking me what's wrong." I sigh heavily.

"Look, I know what's happened to you and I know it's bad. God, I don't know how you survived it. But don't, when you have no one else to blame, blame it on me." I realize I raised my voice, almost into a yell. I immediately calm down. This isn't going to solve things. She stares at me with an angry frown on her face.

"I wanted you to be there for me and you weren't. I don't want to talk to you anymore. God knows I don't need another problem, like you. Just...leave me alone." I want to apologize but she quickly turns and starts to walk away. But she turns around for a moment. "By the way, we are resuming training sessions later in the evening and we all have to be there, at 6." She turns again and walks away. I watch her for a moment. James suddenly pokes his head out of the room he was in before. He looks at Jenn then back at me. I quickly turn and walk away before he asks me anything.

Well that went well.

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