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This is a novel for reluctant male readers who are unable to find a genre which gells for them. Jeremy is on the run from the law. Life had been going well for him after falling in love with the girl of his dreams. However, in the past two days, he has been framed for murder, robbed, attacked, abused and eventually being taken hostage by a criminal on the loose. But this is not a about him. As the media focus in on his every move, Jeremy needs to make them understand that there is someone more important involved in all this. Some one more deserving of being heard. But just how will he get them to understand?

Drama / Adventure
Ashley Sadler
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False people shine like gold,

They whisper things that can’t be told.

Ask them what they see,

And you’ll never hear of me.

Keep your spirit away from them,

Make sure they don’t hear of you.

Don’t trust in what you see,

Come, bind your spirit with me.

Look away they’ve come again,

Hold me now until the end.

Put the blazing helmet on your head,

Don’t fight, just kill instead.

We’re not false like them,

We don’t need to pretend.

Push away the clouds,

See the future as it is.

Here me now,

Come fly with me.

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