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Four friends, three timezones, two crushes and one midnight snack that throws their last week of high school into interpersonal chaos. Arthur, Johnny, Renee and Fiona have been friends for years, ever since they met in an online game forum. Keeping an interstate clique might be challenging, but for 'WindDemon53', 'RULR', 'WhisperOnTheWind' and 'notthatkindofcool' it's more than worth the effort - and besides, time differences are the least of their problems right now. The novelty of 'internet friendships' doesn't protect anyone from their fair share of tension, and it really piles on during their last week of school when an unfortunate chain reaction of events is put into motion. Between Johnny's slipping grades, Renee's manipulative tendencies, Fiona's boy troubles and Arthur's inability to tell her how he feels, the connections start to strain until their friendships threaten to come crashing down around them. All because of a midnight snack.

Drama / Humor
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Chapter 1: Monday

RULR messaged WindDemon53 at 12:27am

RULR: Arthur. Wake up.

WindDemon53: what the hell it’s half past 12 why are you messaging me?

WindDemon53: why are you even awake

RULR: Because, dude, I’ve had the best idea of all time.

WindDemon53: can’t it wait til morning?

RULR: No way man, you’ve gotta try this NOW.

WindDemon53: try what?

RULR: Peanut butter on toast.

WindDemon53: are you fucking kidding me

RULR: It’s seriously the best thing ever on its own.

RULR: But the fact that it’s midnight just adds to the flavour, makes it that much richer.

WindDemon53: you’re insane

RULR: Do it.

WindDemon53: i’m not eating toast it’s the middle of the night

RULR: It’s not just toast, it’s PEANUT BUTTER on toast!

WindDemon53: oh my god just go to sleep



WindDemon53: johnny it’s late, so late that it’s early. go back to bed

RULR: Hell no, I’m too busy eating the best thing ever.

WindDemon53: we have a test tomorrow, you can’t be doing this

RULR: You’re right, Arthur.

WindDemon53: thank you

RULR: It’s past midnight, what ARE you doing up at this hour?

WindDemon53: you’re an idiot

RULR: And YOU’RE taking longer to respond.

WindDemon53: so?

RULR: You’re totally trying it aren’t you.

WindDemon53: if my mum finds me in the kitchen at half past twelve in the morning i’m suing you

WhisperOnTheWind messaged WindDemon53 at 9:58pm/12:58am

WhisperOnTheWind: Hey arthur what are you doing online

WhisperOnTheWind: Isnt it 1am where you are

WindDemon53: it’s a long story

WhisperOnTheWind: Its still early for me ive got time

WindDemon53: midnight peanut butter.

WhisperOnTheWind: Im sorry?

WindDemon53: i’m eating peanut butter on toast at midnight.

WhisperOnTheWind: ...

WhisperOnTheWind: Is this a thing

WindDemon53: it will be by morning, if johnny gets his way

WhisperOnTheWind: Of course this is johnnys doing

WhisperOnTheWind: What is it is he trying to stay up all night again

WhisperOnTheWind: Dont you have a test tomorrow

WindDemon53: oh don’t even get me started, i don’t know why he’s still up doing weird shit

WhisperOnTheWind: I hate to break it to you hun but you are also still up doing weird shit

WindDemon53: yeah but it’s his fault

WhisperOnTheWind: What are you even doing? Is it some experiment or a challenge or what

WindDemon53: it’s nothing, that’s the weirdest part

WindDemon53: we’re literally just eating peanut butter in the middle of the night and somehow it’s fantastic?

WhisperOnTheWind: Hm yes that makes perfect sense

WindDemon53: i can feel the premium sarcasm from here

WhisperOnTheWind: Like id use the garden variety stuff for something like this

WindDemon53: don’t tell johnny i said this, but don’t knock it til you’ve tried it

WindDemon53: midnight peanut butter i mean, not garden variety sarcasm

WhisperOnTheWind: If i didn’t have school tomorrow i’d probably try it tonight

WhisperOnTheWind: Speaking of which...

WindDemon53: oh yeah, i should go or i’ll fall asleep in the test

WhisperOnTheWind: You probably should

WhisperOnTheWind: Good luck with that, btw

WindDemon53: thanks

WhisperOnTheWind: And good luck with the

WhisperOnTheWind: OTHER thing too

WhisperOnTheWind: *wiggles eyebrows*

WindDemon53: stop that.

WindDemon53: and yeah, thanks

WhisperOnTheWind: Tell me how it goes i want every detail

WindDemon53: hey if it goes well the whole planet’s gonna know every detail

WindDemon53: i’ll get skywriters and everything

WhisperOnTheWind: Please go to sleep before you get ahead of yourself and hire them prematurely

WindDemon53: there’s nothing premature about me, baby

WhisperOnTheWind: Charming

WindDemon53 messaged RULR at 9:06am

WindDemon53: dude where are you!?

RULR: In my bed, why?

WindDemon53: are you fucking kidding me?

RULR: Calm down, dude.

RULR: I was tired so I took the day off.

WindDemon53: did you forget we have a test today!?

WindDemon53: NOW, actually!? like AS WE TYPE?

RULR: I’ll take it another day, man, calm down.

WindDemon53: no i won’t! get over here!

RULR: Dude if the test already started there’s no way I’ll get there in time anyway.

WindDemon53: this is all your fault, you and your stupid peanut butter

RULR: Hey, don’t diss Midnight Peanut Butter, that shit’s gold and you know it.

WindDemon53: i can’t believe you tight now

RULR: ... excuse me?

WindDemon53: RIGHT now. god damn it i’m tired

WindDemon53: which is ALSO YOUR FAULT

RULR: Can you stop freaking out, please? Just take the test and don’t worry about me.

RULR: Dude?

RULR: Arthur?

RULR: A gentleman doesn’t leave without saying goodbye, Arthur.

WindDemon53: Arthur can’t come to the phone right now, he’s busy taking a test.

RULR: ... well this is awkward.

WindDemon53: I’ll appreciate you don’t distract other students from your home in addition to in class, John.

RULR: Told you I’d find a way, sir.

RULR messaged WindDemon53 at 12:05pm

RULR: Hey, sorry for messaging you in class.

RULR: Duuuuude answer me, I know this is your free period.

RULR: Baby don’t be like this.

RULR: We can work it out, I swear.

RULR: I don’t know why I’m apologising, YOU messaged ME.

RULR: Really you should be apologising to yourself.

RULR: And I should be reassuring you that all is well.

RULR: You haven’t given him his phone back, have you sir.

WindDemon53: Mr. Pinehurst’s phone will be returned to him at the end of the day, I suggest you refrain from contacting him until that time.

RULR: Ew, I called the teacher ‘baby’.

WhisperOnTheWind messaged notthatkindofcool at 9:08am/11:08pm

WhisperOnTheWind: Hey fi

notthatkindofcool: hi Renee!

WhisperOnTheWind: This is your reminder to hand your assignment in, as requested

notthatkindofcool: haha, thanks but i’d rather you told me when lunch started

WhisperOnTheWind: Isn’t it lunch where you are now? I make it ten past eleven, your time

notthatkindofcool: oh my god you’re right!

notthatkindofcool: omg they left me here!

WhisperOnTheWind: Are you still in your classroom?

notthatkindofcool: i’ve been playing phone games! i stopped paying attention!

WhisperOnTheWind: Dammit girl get out and get some air!

WhisperOnTheWind: And hand in your assignment

WhisperOnTheWind: Geez wheres your head at

notthatkindofcool: nowhere!

notthatkindofcool: i mean on my head. idk i had a good streak going i was in the ZONE

WhisperOnTheWind: My my my how academically inappropriate of you

notthatkindofcool: how dare you insinuate such a thing, i’ll have you know i am VERY academically appropriate

notthatkindofcool: in fact just last night i put together an english paper in record time

WhisperOnTheWind: Oh yeah the one youve been cutting corners on left right and center while cackling madly about it over every social media site you have access to

notthatkindofcool: that’s the one

notthatkindofcool: and i maintain that such documentation PROVES how invested in the project i was

WhisperOnTheWind: Idk if thats true but it was honestly the highlight of my evening

notthatkindofcool: mine too omg, i reread them once i’d finished and it was still funny

notthatkindofcool: i’m hilarious tbh

WhisperOnTheWind: Lol youre something alright

notthatkindofcool: wait did you say it was past eleven?

WhisperOnTheWind: You have a clock on your phone right because im starting to worry you have an ancient model or something

notthatkindofcool: oh yeah

notthatkindofcool: arty usually messages me at lunch, i wonder if something’s up

WhisperOnTheWind: And he hasnt yet?

notthatkindofcool: nope. have you heard from him?

WhisperOnTheWind: Not yet hold on ill check

WhisperOnTheWind messaged WindDemon53 at 9:12am/12:12pm

WhisperOnTheWind: Hey arthur are you busy

WhisperOnTheWind: Fiona says you havent talked to her yet and i am not having that

WindDemon53: If one more person contacts this account Mr Pinehurst will not be getting his phone back in one piece.

WhisperOnTheWind: Heads up don’t message arthur for a while

notthatkindofcool: how come?

WhisperOnTheWind: Either his phones being held hostage or it became sentient and hates us

WhisperOnTheWind: Details at eleven

notthatkindofcool: well that sucks. any idea whats going on?

WhisperOnTheWind: One. Ill do some digging and get back to you

notthatkindofcool: i’ll leave you to it then haha. talk to you later

WhisperOnTheWind: Cya

WhisperOnTheWind: Hand in your assignment!

notthatkindofcool: omg i already forgot again thank you!

WhisperOnTheWind messaged RULR at 9:14am/12:14pm

WhisperOnTheWind: What did you do

RULR: Why’s everyone riding my back today? What’s going on now?

WhisperOnTheWind: Someone took arthurs phone captive or something

WhisperOnTheWind: His accounts giving some weird response with proper capitalization

RULR: Oh yeah, haha. He got it confiscated in class.

WhisperOnTheWind: Which brings me back to what did you do

RULR: Hey! Why’s it MY fault?

WhisperOnTheWind: Oh come on its arty i dont think hes psychologically capable of pissing off a teacher

WhisperOnTheWind: You on the other hand have it as a character trait

RULR: Well in spite of that I did nothing.

RULR: He messaged me when he was meant to be doing the test and our teacher caught him, it’s his own fault this time.

WhisperOnTheWind: Wait you werent doing the test with him?

RULR: People really need to stop getting caught up in all the details.

WhisperOnTheWind: You are a mystery johnny ruler

RULR: Don’t you just wanna SOLVE me, babe?

WhisperOnTheWind has disconnected

notthatkindofcool messaged WhisperOnTheWind at 12:29am/9:29am

notthatkindofcool: RENEE

WhisperOnTheWind: Oh hey fi

WhisperOnTheWind: BTW turns out arty got his phone confiscated so thats why hes not responding


WhisperOnTheWind: What? Are you okay

notthatkindofcool: I DON’T KNOW OMG I NEED A MOMENT

WhisperOnTheWind: Ok you need to sit down or something cos im getting mixed signals here

notthatkindofcool: OKAY, I’M COOL.

WhisperOnTheWind: Ease off the capslock and tell me whats going on

notthatkindofcool: sorry i’m really excited!

notthatkindofcool: okay i handed in my assignment and since you said don’t talk to Arthur i hung around in the library and read like old times

notthatkindofcool: and this guy saw me looking through the photography books and talked to me!

WhisperOnTheWind: A GUY?

notthatkindofcool: A GUY!

WhisperOnTheWind: A GUY.

notthatkindofcool: A GUY/

notthatkindofcool: i ran out of punctuations

WhisperOnTheWind: Sorry could you give me like one second ill be back

notthatkindofcool: sure but hurry back i’m still in danger of going into cardiac arrest

WhisperOnTheWind messaged RULR at 9:32am/12:32pm

WhisperOnTheWind: Red alert red alert the second arthur contacts you tell him not to talk to fiona

RULR: How come?

WhisperOnTheWind: Stuff has happened that he needs to know about thats all you need to know

RULR: Is this about the Fiona thing?

WhisperOnTheWind: Oh good you know about that

RULR: Renee my dear, I know EVERYTHING about our Arthur.

RULR: I know when he’s crushing on a girl before HE does.

WhisperOnTheWind: Im sure that info comes in great handy

RULR: I can even tell what kind of underwear he picks out before school each day.

WhisperOnTheWind: Im sure that info never comes in handy and causes awkward situations

WhisperOnTheWind: In fact i think it just did

WhisperOnTheWind: ANYWAY stand by for details

WhisperOnTheWind: Sooooo? Tell me everything

notthatkindofcool: okay his name’s Dane, he’s a year older than us and he plays lacrosse

WhisperOnTheWind: Hold it hes graduated?

notthatkindofcool: no no he’s in my history class, he just got held back a year

WhisperOnTheWind: Thats not very reassuring

notthatkindofcool: no it’s fine! he had some problems and couldn’t pass a few classes in 9th grade, he’s doing fine this year

WhisperOnTheWind: Is that what he told you

notthatkindofcool: well yeah but does it even matter? it’s one year who cares

notthatkindofcool: anyway he’s sort of hot and sort of funny and he talked to me which was sort of scary but sort of really nice

notthatkindofcool: and then he ASKED ME OUT

WhisperOnTheWind: Omfg!

WhisperOnTheWind: What did you say???

notthatkindofcool: i said yes and then i RAN AWAY





notthatkindofcool: I KNOW OH MY GOD

WhisperOnTheWind: Arthurs fucked

RULR: Oh shit.

WindDemon53 messaged RULR at 3:19pm

WindDemon53: i can’t believe you, man

RULR: Oh hey, you finally got your phone back!

WindDemon53: yeah and you know what else i got?

WindDemon53: DETENTION.

WindDemon53: someone else tried to message me and mr k wrote me up

WindDemon53: also i think i failed the test so really just a shitty day all round

RULR: Aw shit, man, that sucks.

RULR: But hey don’t message Fiona.

WindDemon53: what? why not?

RULR: Because it’s not gonna go well.

WindDemon53: what the hell? you’ve been trying to get me to sum up the courage for days!

WindDemon53: the only reason i haven’t done it already is because you got my phone taken off me

WindDemon53: what do you mean it’s not gonna go well?

RULR: I mean Mr K’s nazi-isms just cost you some time that turned out to be pretty fucking valuable.

WindDemon53: what are you on about what happened?

RULR: Fiona met someone.

RULR: Arthur?

RULR: Dude? You still there?

WindDemon53: yeah i’m here

WindDemon53: what do you mean she met someone?

RULR: Ask Renee, she’s got all the details.

RULR: I mean, you could also ask Fi but I don’t think you want to do that right now.

RULR: Are you okay?

WindDemon53: i’ll get back to you on that

RULR: I’ll wait.

WindDemon53 messaged WhisperOnTheWind at 3:21pm/12:21pm

WindDemon53: what happened with fiona

WhisperOnTheWind: And hello to you too arthur.

WindDemon53: sorry, i’m not in the best mood right now

WindDemon53: johnny says you know what happened?

WhisperOnTheWind: Yeah i do

WhisperOnTheWind: Fiona was at lunch and some guy chatted her up

WindDemon53: are you shitting me

WhisperOnTheWind: You remain unshitted

WindDemon53: rhetorical question.

WhisperOnTheWind: mood lightening answer

WhisperOnTheWind: Anyway said guy asked her out and she said yes so now thats happening at some point

WhisperOnTheWind: You still there?

WindDemon53: yeah.

WhisperOnTheWind: Im sorry arthur.

WindDemon53: it’s fine. she probably would have said no anyway

WhisperOnTheWind: Hey you dont know that

WhisperOnTheWind: Fiona loves you dude

WindDemon53: not in that way.

WhisperOnTheWind: You know what i mean

WhisperOnTheWind: You don’t know she wouldnt have at least thought about it. Everyone thought youd be great together

WindDemon53: yeah well sorry to burst everyone's bubble but i blew it.

WhisperOnTheWind: I suppose nows not the time to point out the irony in that sentence

WindDemon53: i suppose you knew perfectly well you were doing so with THAT sentence

WhisperOnTheWind: I suppose youre feeling a little better now that were riffing

WindDemon53: i suppose i’m totally not

WhisperOnTheWind: Yeah you are

WindDemon53: ... i suppose

WindDemon53: okay just tell me one more thing: is he at least nerdier than me?

WhisperOnTheWind: Uh

WhisperOnTheWind: Not really

WindDemon53: how not really

WhisperOnTheWind: He plays lacrosse

WindDemon53: oh fuck right off

okay i’m oficially informed

RULR: Cool. I mean, it’s not cool, but yeah.

RULR: Dude I’m sorry about all this.

WindDemon53: it’s fine, whatever

RULR: If it’s any consolation I hope her possible relationship crashes and burns before it even starts.

WindDemon53: thanks for the concern, but i doubt she’d break up with a lacrosse player

RULR: This dude plays lacrosse? Shit he could mow you down in a second.

WindDemon53: wow this reassurance session is going splendidly i feel so much better

RULR: Well to be fair that is an accurate statement.

WindDemon53: accuracy has no place in irrational melancholy

RULR: How is it irrational, your crush just got with somebody else?

WindDemon53: well, technically i should be happy for her that she found someone like that

RULR: That’s the sappiest thing I’ve heard you say since you told me you liked her.

WindDemon53: well it’s true! wanting her to myself like that is selfish, isn’t it?

RULR: Sometimes you have to BE selfish or you’ll never get what you want.

notthatkindofcool messaged WindDemon53 at 2:29pm/3:29pm

notthatkindofcool: hey Arty, did you get your phone back yet?

WindDemon53: oh crap

RULR: What?

WindDemon53: she’s messaged me

RULR: Shit. Good luck.

WindDemon53: wait do i even have to answer? maybe my phone’s still confiscated

RULR: Yeah along with your diaper and bottle, just answer her already.

WindDemon53: hey fi, yeah i got it back

notthatkindofcool: oh great! how did you even lose it?

WindDemon53: mr k saw me using it in class

notthatkindofcool: wow, the golden boy finally slips up

WindDemon53: haha yeah, about time right?

notthatkindofcool: nobody beats the law of averages Arty

notthatkindofcool: anyway guess what happened at lunch today!

WindDemon53: you befriended a squirrel?

notthatkindofcool: nope!

WindDemon53: that bitchy pe teacher got arrested

notthatkindofcool: i wish but no!

notthatkindofcool: i MET someone!

WindDemon53: you met someone?

WindDemon53: like on the street?

notthatkindofcool: lol no, i mean i met a boy!

WindDemon53: a boy?

notthatkindofcool: a boy!

WindDemon53: wow that’s great!

notthatkindofcool: i know!

notthatkindofcool: i mean technically we already knew each other but now we’ve Oficially met

notthatkindofcool: and apparently he’s wanted to talk to me for a while but never got the chance until today

WindDemon53: wow that’s a real situation, that's like a movie moment

notthatkindofcool: i know right? so yeah we talked and he asked me out and i nearly DIED it was TERRIFYING

WindDemon53: wait, he scared you?

notthatkindofcool: well not him but the situation did

notthatkindofcool: i’ve never been asked out before and then it came out of the blue and i was very not prepared

notthatkindofcool: so at first i said yes out of panic but now i’m actually getting excited!

notthatkindofcool: i’ve got a date with a boy now and it’s AMAZING.

WindDemon53: that’s great good for you fi

WindDemon53: look i’d love to talk about this but i’ve got a lot of homework to do

notthatkindofcool: aw that sucks

WindDemon53: yeah, i know.

notthatkindofcool: well i guess i’ll talk to you tomorrow?

notthatkindofcool: arty?

WindDemon53: yeah sure

notthatkindofcool: okay, sweet. bye arty!

WindDemon53: bye fi!

WindDemon53 has disconnected

WindDemon53: i hate everything.

RULR: Just let it all out, babe.

WindDemon53: what?

RULR: Nothing. Private joke.

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