Outside of the Blue House

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Leaving college for a career in music won't pay the rent. James has to get a job, little does he know, it's going to change his life. Everything seems fine, but there is something darker inside of him Outside of the Blue House is a book about a lot of things. It's about love, friendship, chasing your passion, self awareness, and trying to find your place in the world. But mostly, this story is about trying to let go of the things in your past that haunt you, and coming to peace with who you are, even the darker parts. James often feels confused and lost. He drops out of college to pursue a career as a musician to try and find a life that makes sense. If he is no longer to attend college, he must get a job to help pay the rent. When no one will hire him, he begins working at the dumpiest water park in the state. It turns out to be exactly what he needs. The strange but sweet people he meets give him the peace he is searching for as well as the courage to face his past, and the person he used to be.

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The door opened with a slam, there was James in the bed with small polka dot sheets; bunched and bandaged with a grief stricken look upon his face. He was worn, and so very tired. His mother approached the bed noticing all of the devices he was hooked up to and the I.V. that was pricked into his arm. She sat softly weeping trying to not upset her already anguished and confused son.

“I imagine you’d like to know what happened,” James said.

“I’m just glad you’re alive! What happened to you?! Who would do this to-”

“Lynn,” James interrupted, “Stop, it’s not important anymore.” They both shared a somber silence. “Did the doctor tell you about, you know?”

“No, he didn’t feel it was his place to tell me,” she said sniffling.

“He wants to send me to a psychotherapist; he says it will help with what’s been happening to me.”

“What exactly has been happening to you James?” she asked with a cautious tone.

“I’m not sure even I know,” James replied, “I just want it all to be okay, I want to get out of here. I’ve only been here a few hours and I feel like I’m going to lose my goddamn mind,” James said as he clenched his already bruised hands onto his bed’s armrests. He stared up at his mother. “The doctor says I’ll be good in a few days, when I get out… after I heal up… I’m leaving…”

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