Gas Death Town

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A former british soldier tells his counselor about his time as a soldier. From going to war, falling in love, to fighting for survival against the enemy and his own troops.

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Verdun, Germany 1916

Verdun is a sight to behold. The sun shined through the dawn of a new day. The morning is clam and peaceful, with the sun almost coming up.

Than suddenly…BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The sound of mortars hits the ground.

Gunfire is coming from both side, left and right. British soldiers were firing Type 30 rifles and firing sharp bullets of M1917 Browning machine guns. The British was firing from the holes while the Germans were destroying them with heavy mortars. It’s a battle of the small warriors versus the big tyrants in no man’s land.

Soldiers were firing from the trenches. Any attempts of reaching to top of the enemy are thin.

One platoon of British soldiers came out of the trenches charging into german territory. Most of the men went down in gun fire. One went down instantly with large bullet in the chest. Another got right his arm blown off from machine gun fire. And one got his head blown off by an large mortar round. It’s an entire slaughter-house.

“Don’t stop!” Yelled the squad leader, “We’re almost there! We can make if we just stick together.”

The entire squad was not stopping. despite losing men from machine fire, they were still going.

The squad came across a hole of german soldiers firing a large Minenwerfer System motar along a MG 13 machine gun. The squad leader of the British platoon threw a grenade in the hole and it exploded. Every German soldier in that hole is dead.

The platoon leader sees the aftermath with glee and triumph.

“Yes,” cheered the platoon leader, “We did it!”

The soldiers cheered along their leader.

“Alright let’s get to the German trenches. That will give the rest of the company an easy advantage.”

The soldiers charged to the rest of the holes and raced to their goals.

Than suddenly a German tank were coming their way and fired a round straight at them. The squad was completely blown away. Body parts and limbs were all over the place.

From the trenches, one soldier watches the slaughterhouse from the bottom. He turns away when he sees the squad begins to charges only to get blown up by the monstrous German tank.

The soldier than looks the other men. Through the expressions on their faces, he knows what they saw.

“Alright listen up,” said the soldier, “Captain Tarart and his men thought they could give us an advantage by elemating foxholes and clearing out the german trenches and to the squads credit they did one part their mission, but failed at the second one.”

The soldiers were silence, honoring to the squad that dared the impossible.

“Now, we just need to focus on the second part of the mission: clearing out the german trenches. But the tank that blew Tararts men out of the ground is getting in the way. Plus the it’s an onsaulght gunfire out there. Anybody got any bright ideas?”

The soldiers looking at each other mumering ideas left and right. It’s difficult to think of a strategy for a plan that seemed worthy of death.

One soldier raised his hand among the others.

“Leutenant!” he yelled, “I got an idea.”

“Alright. Let’s here it Adrian.”

“There were three out of two tanks destroyed by a squad with a stokes motar. But one eleamated them before the squad could finish it off.”

“So what’s your point?” The Lieutenant asked.

“What I am saying that we can hide behind two tanks while the live one isn’t looking. Than one of us will get a motor from one of the german foxholes that Tartans men took care off and give to the squad hiding in first damaged tank. Than we blow it up, giving us the advantage to take care of the trenches”

“And what soldier would brave enough to that while the rest of wait for you to get the motor?”

“That would be me sir.”

The men stood silent after hearing this bold plan.

“I see. We are willing to risk our lives for this while you do one small thing for us. There’s large chance that all of us might be killed.”

“I understand that sir.”

“Alright, are the rest of you men willing to this?”

The soldiers were still silent. But through their expressions and faces, the Lieutenant knew the answer and smiled.

“Okay than let’s move out. Ready your rifles and prepare for battle gentlemen. This is gonna be a battle that only some of us can survive. Move! Move! Move!”

The squad loading was loading their rifles and getting ready for battle.

As Adrian started to load his rifle, he looked at soldier doing the same and looking at him.

“So,” Adrian asked the soldier, “You think my plan is gonna work Ryan?”

“Yeah I think it’s gonna work,” Ryan responded, “You’re always the one with plan. Like the time we entered snuck into the gentleman’s club when we were ten?”

“Shut up.” Adrian chuckled. “That was a long time ago, this is war.”

The friend smiled at each other, knowing that this might be last time they ever see each other.

“So when this tour is over for us, what are you going to do?” Ryan asked Adrian.

“Well,” Adrian responded, “I think I’m going to see that nurse over infirmary when the battle is over.”

“That’s good,” Ryan smiled, “You two have getting along ever since you met her.”

The two chuckled for a while and then stopped when the Lieutenant shouted.

“Alright men listen up,” the Lieutenant shouted, “We be spilt into three groups. One group will protect Adrian getting the motor and its round while the second and third ones will hide behind the damaged tanks. We spilt up from the moment we the damaged tanks. Also make sure to have your gas masks, you will never know when poison gas might show up.”

The squad was ready with their gear and rifles. They were truly ready for war.

“Alright everyone,” yelled the Lieutenant, “We don’t move until the count of five.”

The squad stood still as they looking at the battlefield. Waiting for the count to go.

“Okay everyone,” the Lieutenant said, “We’re charging on five, four, three, two, one! Charge!”

Without any hesitation, the squad were out of the trench holes and into battlefield. Running with determination, they were relentless.

They started to fire their rifles at any german that was firing at them. With no remorse for what’s to come next.

But the squad started lose men slowly. Four soldiers were down instantly by machine gun. Than one got his blown off and another was turn in half through his torso. With the blood of his men coming on half his face, the Lieutenant knew that death is coming to squad.

Than Adrian spotted something on the way while charging. “Foxholes!” he pointed, “I see empty foxholes!” Than suddenly, the foxholes were there.

“Alright,” yelled the Lieutenant, “We hide in the foxholes. We split into three groups now.”

The men split into three groups and hid in three foxholes.

Than Adrian spotted another group of soldiers from another charge at the german trenches. They were instantly blown off the ground from they were at. Body of them were everywhere. Adrian could think of one thing: land mines.

“Damn it!” Adrian whispered with angry.

The battlefield was already covered with thick smoke, but at least the squad could see what was happening, apart from the enemy that was firing.

Adrian started to see something from the distance. He was seeing one object, than he was seeing two. They looked really big and were complety armoured but damaged. Adrian saw exactly what he was looking for.

“Lieutenant! I think we found what we were looking for!”

The Leutenant saw the two objects from the distance. The smoke started to clear and two objects from the distance were two armoured tanks.

“Alright,” the Lieutenant smiled, “Let’s finish this!”

The squad straight to the tanks with no fear of death.

But along the way, death still ensues. One soldier got his blown off by machine gun fire, another got a bullet through the head with his brains coming out, and another was compelty blow away by stepping on a land mine with body parts falling around the place.

“Come on!” the Lieutant yelled, “We’re almost there!”

Finally, the squad were almost at the two tanks. They split into two groups. The lieutant was leading first group to the first tank. Adrian and Ryan were in the second group.

The two groups were at the tanks.

“Alright!” the Lieutant yelled at Adrian, “We’ll hold them, two of my men will guard you until you get the mortar.”

“Make that three!” Ryan yelled amoung the second group. Adrian smilied knowing he was in good hands.

“Okay than, make three men. Go! Go! Go!”

Adrian, Ryan and two troops ran to the foxhole. But the two troops were gunned down by machine gun fire. Adrian and Ryan are the only two left.

“Come on!” Adrian yelled to Ryan while running, “We’re almost there!”

Finally the two best friends were at the foxhole.

The two groups at the dameged tanks were firing off rounds at the germans. Some of them went instantly, some of them were wounded in seconds. Than the monsterous german tank was heading towards the two groups. The Lieutant knew Adrian needed to get the motar fast.

Come one Adrian! The Lieutant thought to himself, If you found what you were looking for, we need it fast.

Ryan watched guard while Adrian was searching for something in the hole. What he found were german rifles and a sword in huge hole in the foxhole.

“Damn it!”

Suddenly two german soldiers were charging to the hijacked foxhole. Ryan fired his rifle at them and they were dead instantly.

“Come on!” Ryan yelled to Adrian, “We gotta go back!”

“No! We have come too far. I didn’t come here just to give up!”

Adrian started to get dig. He digged and digged until he found what he was looking for: the motar cannon along four rounds.

“Ha! Ha! We got it! We got the jackpot!”

“Alright! Let’s get back to the group and end this thing.”

Adrian and Ryan carried motar with its rounds and ran back to the second group at the demaged tank. Despite running through heavy gunfire, the two best friends made it through alive.

“You got what you guys were looking for?” the Lieutant asked Adrian.

“Yeah!” Adrian responded, “We got it! But only Ryan and I made it out, the other two didn’t.”

Through hearing what Adrian said, the Leiutant knew there would be casulties. But that was price being paid for joining the army.

“Alright, let’s set this thing up!”

Ryan, Adrian, and two other soldiers set up motar and aimed at the monsterous tank.

“Okay,” Adrian yelled at the other soldiers, “if we aim at the cannon of the tank, the round inside will instantly off and the vehicle will instantly explode. We go on count of three!”

As the tank was slowly heading towards the squad, Ryan loaded the clip in motar and Adrian aimed the weapon straight at the vehicle.

“Alright! We fire on the count of three!”

The tanks cannon was aimed straight at Adrian’s and Ryans’s group.

“Fire on the count on three, two, one! Fire!”

Before the tanks got a chance to fire, the group fired the motar round into tanks cannon and the tank exploded.

After seeing the explosion, the two groups cheered with victory.

“Come one men!” the Lieutant yelled dispite being victorious, “We’re not done yet, we still have a mission to do.”

Before the squad could get to the trenches, suddenly, Boom! Pop! Boom!

An explosion roaked the whole area and the ground started to shake. But it all stopped and the squad was alright.

“The hell was that?” the Leiutant yelled to his men with confusion. All of the men including Adrian and Ryan were confused.

Than of out of no where, black green steel came to the ground where the squad was at and started to open something: yellow smoke.

The Leiutant saw this and thought what this might mean.

“Gas Masks! Gas Masks on now!”

The troops put on their gask masks as fast as they can. Some managed to do it, some manged did not and went down dead instantly. Ryan and Adrian were amoung the few who did.

“Come on men! Those who already alive. We gotta mission to succeed. Let’s go now!”

The men started to walk slowly on the battlefield in the yellow mist of death.

Through Adrians eyes in the mask he could see dead soldiers, both american and german. With small poxes on their faces and their red eyes, the dead were highly distingusible. It was already the field of the dead.

Than suddenly, there was scream and all of the men here it.

“Okay there were thirty five who went on the battlefield,” the Lieutant said to his men “Now there are twenty nine. Let’s keep moving.”

The squad kept on moving through the mist, but than another scream started.

“Connor! Connor where are you?!”

“He’s gone sir.” Adrian repiled.

“Gone? How is he gone? How can a soldier who’s got his gas mask on during a middle of poison gask be gone?”

“Look!” one soldier pointed something.

Red priecing eyes showed themselves in the mist. The soldiers started to notice too.

“The hell is that?”

Something came to the soldier pointing and snatched him up. There was nothing but a little piece.

The Leituant and the troops saw what happened.

“What do we do?” Adrian asked the Leituant, “What do we do?!”

The Leituant was shaken by fear, but not stopped by it. “Shout em! Shoot the eyes!”

The troops fired their rifles at the red eyes, whatever they might be.

And the mysterious figure started to come at troops, snatching them or something worse. One figure slices a soldiers head off, one slices another soldier in half, and another beats a soldiers neck.

“What the hell are those things?!”

The figure with red eyes started to reavel themslevs. They were german soldiers, but like normal one. They were big, eight foot tall big with pale skin. With razer sharp teeth and togues like snakes. The Leituant knew that they were dealing with monsters.

“Fall back,” he yelled “Fall back! Retreat!”

The men started to run back to their trenches, but they were still getting pick off one by one. One soldier was dead by the shot of a german rifle, one ran quite fast but the german monster was faster and it bites his neck, and another soldier got cut off by a sword. It was already a slaughter-house

“Come on men!” The Leiutant yelled, “We’re almost there!”

A monster german soldier tackled the lieutant to the ground. He shot it in the neck with his hand gun four times, but the monster couldn’t go down. It guldged it’s sharp fingers through the lieutant’s eyes. He screamed in agony. Than the monster crushed the lieutants head life panicake with both of it’s fist. The monster screamed in the air with glee.

Adrian and Ryan watched the horrific death of their commander from a mile away.

“No!” Adrian yelled in dispare.

“Come on!” Ryan pulled him up, “There’s nothing we can do for him. We gotta keep moving.”

Adrian and Ryan were still running despite being in the horror house of war.

Ryan triped and fell on his own face. Adrian stopped to check on him.


Adrian picked him up and saw something that was complety horrific: Ryan mask has broken from glass part.

“You gotta go,” Ryan said, “You gotta back by your self !”

“No! I’m leaving you behind!”

“You gotta leave me! It’s only a matter of time until the gas kicks in. Go Now!”

A german soldier ran towards them and stabs Ryan straight through his chest. Adrian watched hoplessly as his best friend gets stabbed. “Ryan!”

Ryan screams with agony. Than the german soldier lifts Ryan up with the sword, puts its hands on his stomach, and tears him aparts. Adrian watches his best friend die before his eyes.


Adrian wakes up, still screaming, “NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOO!” he stops and puts hands on his forehead onto the covers of his own bed.

Than he releases his hands and puts them on the covers. He rises up and takes deep breath in and out to clam himself down. He looks around everything that was infront of him. His room, his bed, his dresser, everything around him is real.

Adrian starts to wonder himself, Was it a dream, a nightmare, or was it something that really happened? He decide because he dosen’t know if monsters were really there or if the real monster was war itself.

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