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In the shadow of the Great Oak

By John-Gunnar Kristiansen All Rights Reserved ©


Chapter 1

I see you standing there in the shadows of the great oak, your head bent, your shoulders slumped, the ground in front of you wet from you tears. The others are running by, laughing, yelling, playing. I sit on the bench, watching you cry. I want to talk to you, to hug you and whisper in your ear "Everything will be okay. I'm here now.", but I don't dare to go to you in case you should push me away.
Your long, silky hair is flowing in the wind, and I want to go over to you and gather it in, touch it and talk to you.
I want to tell you how I feel, but I dare not. I'm afraid you won't have me, that you'll push me away and not let me get to know you, the real you.

So I sit here, on my bench, watching you standing there in the shadows of the gret oak tree, day after day.
One day you're not there. I can't see you anywhere. When I get close to the great oak tree, I see something that lies hidden within a hollow in the bark. As I pull it out, I see that it is a piece of paper. I open it and read those sad words that's written there: 

I'm hoping it's Benjamin who finds this letter, as it is intended for him. I've seen you, watching me from your bench. Watching, when the bad people teased me and hit me and kicked me. You watched as I cried and stood alone. I could see the compassion in your ees. I could see your tears, running down your cheeks, to drop at the ground between your feet, and I knew they were for me. 
I could see the love in your eyes, and I say; I love you too, Benjamin.


I fold the letter nicely and put it in my pocket. Then I start asking around after Sarah, but nobody's seen her. I get her address from a friend and go to her house after school. I'm gonna tell her I love her now.
I knock on the door and wait. After a while a woman opens it. I can see she's been crying, and I get a bad feeling. I ask her i Sarah's home, and she looks at me with the saddest eyes I have ever seen. Her lower lip trembles as she say: "You must be Benjamin. She told us to expect you. Please come in."

She takes me into her livingroom, where she bids me sit on the couch. She takes the seat next to me, and takes my hands in hers. Then she looks me straight in the eye and says: "Sarah...she loved you very much, you must understand...she talked about you often. But I will never hear her sweet voice again. You see, she killed herself  last night, overdosing on sleeping pills...I'm sorry..."
Then she starts to cry. I sit there or a few moments, totally stunned and then I start crying too.
Now I'll never get to tell her how I felt.

Time goes by. There's a girl sitting on a bench in the schoolyard. These are the words from her Diary:

I see you standing there in the shadows of the great oak, your head bent, your shoulders slumped, the ground in front of you wet from you tears. The others are running by, laughing, yelling, playing. I sit on the bench, watching you cry. I want to talk to you, to hug you and whisper in your ear "Everythig will be ok. I'm here now.", but I don't dare to go to you in case you should push me away.

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