The Fight For Love - BOOK ONE

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- Chapter 11 | Aw, You Guys Are So Cute

WARNING: All chapters starting here are from the original version of the story that I wrote when I was 15 and have not been edited at all so there will be MANY mistakes and errors!


“Uh oh.” I mumble before turning around and seeing... My dad!!

I thought it was going to be my uncle, but I’m glad it’s not because then I would most likely get in trouble. I haven’t seen my dad in forever!

“DAD!” I screamed running up to him and giving him a big hug. I’m definitely a daddy’s girl.

“How’s my pumpkin?” He asked holding me up.

“I’m great! I didn’t know you were back in town.” I said as he put me down and he smiled.

“Good. It was a last minute plan to come home for some business and what is going on in here?” He says gesturing to the water fight that just happened.

“Me and Brooke were just hanging out over here when these idiots started firing water guns and throwing water balloons at us.” I said pouting and mentally laughing.

“What! No!” All of the guys screamed, while my dad just shook his head silently laughing.

“Ok guys, just get this all cleaned up.” He told the guys as Brooke and I started leaving the room grinning, but he stopped us.

“You guys too Ana and Brooke.” He said pointing at us and I could tell he was trying his best not to laugh.

“Ok.” Brooke and I said gloomily as we started cleaning up the huge mess we all made.

Once we all finally cleaned up the mess, we went to our rooms and cleaned ourselves up too. Most of my friends live here in the gang house and that’s how we all got so close.

Even though I live with my mom and don’t stay here anymore, I still have my own room.

After I got cleaned up, I went down to the living room to hang out and watch a movie with my friends before I had to go pick up Kai.

Right when I got in the room I saw everyone in their spots, so I ran and jumped in between my best friends Clay and Brooke scaring them to the point that they squeal like little girls.

“Hey guys!” I say innocently and laughing slightly, causing them both to playfully glare at me.

I got a round of “hey’s” & “hi’s” before I heard Brooke start talking to me.

“We can’t decide whether to watch Divergent or The Hunger Games and you are last to make the vote”. She said with a pleading look and I knew what that meant..

“DIVERGENT!” I scream startling some people. I look over at Clay and see that he already started putting Divergent on for us all to watch.

Halfway through the movie my phone alarm goes off and reminds me that I have to go pick up Kai.

“I have to go pick my brother up from his friends house, see you guys later.” I said with a small wave as I started getting up.

I said bye to everyone then got on my bike and headed to Mrs. Gonzalez’ house. By the time I got there I saw that it was 6:28.

“Perfect timing.” I thought as I took off my helmet and walked up to their front door. I rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer.

After about a minute a woman who looked to be in her late 30′s or early 40′s answered the door. “Hi, can I help you?”

“Hi and yes I’m Anastasia Stone, is my brother ready to go?” I asked politely.

“Oh yes dear, come in, he will be down in a minute.” She says as she takes a step to the side opening the door more for me.

“Thank you.” I said when I walked inside and she closed the door behind me.

“No problem dear, would you like anything?” She asks leading me to another room.

“No thanks, I’m fine.” I say as I take a seat on the couch where she motioned for me to sit.

“So, how old are you Ana?” She asks with curiosity evident in her voice.

I glance around the room before I answer and notice stuff that looks like it belongs to a teenage boy.

“I’m sixteen right now. Do you have any other kids?” I asked curiously as I wondered who’s stuff is around the room.

“Oh yes, I have a son that’s seventeen. His name is Ryder, but he’s out with friends right now.” She tells me and I freeze. I don’t know how I didn’t connect the dots earlier when the note said Mrs. Gonzalez’s.

The second I heard Ryder’s name it felt like my eyes were bulging out of their sockets. I knew I had to be careful around here, especially since I’m not in my disguise.

After we talk for a bit, I see Kai running down the stairs with his backpack on. He runs up and hugs me.

“Hey bud. Did you say bye to Izzy?” I ask hugging him back before we both pull away.

“Yea! Did you bring the bike today? I really want to ride on your bike.” He says and his smile only grew wider when I nodded at him.

I turned to Mrs. Gonzalez, “Thank you for watching over Kai.”

“It’s no problem, he’s a great kid.” She says walking to and opening the door for us. We all say “bye” to each other before Kai and I get on my bike and sped home.

When we finally get home, Kai takes off running to his room doing who knows what and I head to the kitchen to start dinner.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR DINNER KAI?” I yell up the stairs so he can hear.

“PASTA!” He yells back and I smile knowing that it’s his favorite thing to eat.

“Ok.” I say grabbing the pots to start cooking.

I started boiling the water while I was making my famous pasta sauce. I then put the noodles in the pot and went to the living room to watch some tv.

I plopped myself on the couch with my whole body spread out on it and started channel surfing.

I couldn’t find anything on cable to watch so I turned on Netflix and started watching Daredevil, because it’s one of my favorite shows.

During the show I was going back and forth to check the food until I heard the timer that I set for when it’s done.

I turned off the tv and the timer and got our food set up on the dining table, before I had to call Kai down.

“KAI, COME DOWN FOR DINNER!” I yell and almost immediately I hear running footsteps.

When he gets to the table his eyes light up, because he loves my pasta with special sauce. The sauce that I rarely make.

“You look like you just ran a marathon.” I say getting up to get drinks.

“It sure feels like it.” He says getting his food.

Laughing quietly I ask, “So what do you want to drink bud?”

“Pepsi please.” He says and I nod.

“Ok.” I say grabbing a Pepsi for him and a water for me.

“Did you have fun with Izzy today?” I ask sitting down.

He immediately blushes as he replies, “Yea.”

“Awe you guys are so cute.” I say trying to ruffle up his hair, but he swats my hand away before I can.

“Stop...” He groans and I laugh.

“Ok, ok.” I say putting my hands up in mock surrender.

After we finished eating, Kai headed upstairs to finish his homework while I cleaned everything up.

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