The Fight For Love - BOOK ONE

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- Chapter 12 | You're A Girl


Later that night around 10 my mom came home and I decided it was time for me to get ready to go to the Underground.

I grabbed everything I needed for tonight’s fight, but I also grabbed a black mask that covers around my eyes.

Since Ryder and the guys go to the Underground I need to be more cautious.

That’s why I’m going to start wearing a mask, just in case someone pulls my hood off or in case it falls off during a fight.

After I have everything I hop on my bike and ride to the Underground.

I parked around the back, and made my way into the bathrooms unseen to change.

Once I finished changing, I made sure nobody was out by the bathroom and when the coast was clear, I walked out. Then I headed over to the bar where I saw Andy.

“Hey Andy.” I said sitting down.

“Hey Ray, you fighting tonight?” He asked as he was making someone’s drink.

“Yea, can you watch my bag again?” I ask while signing myself in.

“Sure thing.” He says taking my bag as I sit down on the bar stool.

“Do you want anything to drink?” He asks as he hands someone down the bar their drink he just made.

“I’ll just take a water Andy.” I say as I start wrapping my hands and he smiles.

“Here you go.” He says handing me a water.

“Thanks.” I say and take a drink just before I’m called to fight.

“NEXT UP WE HAVE OUR NEW CHAMPION! RAY!” The crowd screams as my name is announced and I make my way to the center of the people.

“AND FIGHTING HIM TONIGHT WE HAVE RAZOR!” The crowd screams again and as I see people making a path for him to walk to the center, I take notice that it’s Reece.

When he sees me he just smirks and that gets me mad. I hate when guys think that just because you are little, that you are weak.

“Aren’t you too little to fight?” He asks smugly.

“No.” I say glaring at him through my mask, but I know he can’t see my face all to well with my hood.

“This is going to be a fast fight.” He says getting into his fighting stance.

“It sure is.” I say smirking as I think back to when I fought them all in that classroom.

“YOU ALL KNOW THE RULES!” The ring announcer shouts before the bell goes off.


Right when the bell goes off I throw a right hook to his head, surprising him.

He stumbled a bit, but then got back into his fighting stance.

I changed my position to defense while he changed his to offense.

We started circling around until we both stopped and I noticed a slight movement in his left foot.

Someone who didn’t pay much attention to everything would have missed it, but I didn’t.

Just as I thought, he did a roundhouse kick to my head, but I blocked it by catching his leg and making him fall.

Right when he hit the ground I was throwing punch after punch to his face and ribs until I heard the satisfying sound of bones breaking.

He is definitely going to have a broken nose. Right after I broke it, I stood back up and got in my fighting stance waiting to see if he’d get up or not.

He wasn’t unconscious yet, but he didn’t look like he would be able to get back up and fight anymore.

He tried getting up, only to fall back down probably because I gave him a few broken ribs.


The bell rang signaling that I won the fight. “AND THE WINNER IS OUR CHAMPION RAY!”

“DOES ANYONE WANT TO TAKE ON THE CHAMPION?” The announcer asks as I see Reece being taken away.

I decided since it wasn’t that late and because I needed to let more anger out that I’d have 2 or 3 fights tonight.

“I will!” I hear someone from the crowd say as everyone makes a path for him to come through.

I groan when I see him. “I challenge Ray for the champion title back.” Says Ryder, aka Blaze.

“Have you come here to lose again Blaze?” I ask smugly.

“I came back for my title, your last fights were just beginners luck.” He sneers.

“You’re not getting your title back anytime soon.” I reply shaking my head with a grin.

“Oh, it’s going to be pretty soon little boy.” He says as he’s clenching his fists.



The bell went off and Ryder threw an uppercut to my jaw right away, surprising me and making my head get thrown back.

I recovered fast enough to block his next punch though and I roundhouse kicked him making him stagger back.

Then I threw a left hook to his side and some jabs to his stomach.

He was able to get a good jab to my ribs that made me back away and he was about to kick me, but I blocked it.

Soon enough I was able to grab the back of his head and bring it down enough for me to knee him in the nose.

He hunched over in pain as blood started dripping down his nose.

I took that as another chance to make a move, so I tripped him and started throwing punches left and right.

But he was able to throw a jab to my cheek making me move enough for him to do something unexpected.

I was expecting him to throw another punch, but damn was I wrong. He grabbed my hood and pulled it down showing my long dark brown hair that I covered.

Gasps were heard throughout the crowd and I got up so quick to look around at all the shocked faces of guys. Everyone started pushing towards the center of the circle to get a closer look and I notice how the circle definitely got smaller.

I look over to Ryder and see that he is in shock.

“Y-you’re a girl. I hit a girl.” He says still in shock, which makes this the perfect moment to end the fight.

“Yea, you did hit a girl. And this girl just beat you again” I say as I’m about to kick him.

“What.” He says snapping out of it, but before he could do anything else, I roundhouse kicked him in the temple, knocking him out cold.


“AND THE WINNER IS ONCE AGAIN RAY!” The announcer screams.

I grab my money, get my bag from Andy, and race home before anyone can see me. I didn’t even change into my normal clothes before I left.

By the time I get home it’s already around 3 am. So I went strait upstairs and took a nice long shower.

When I’m done, I put my towel on, and as I look in the mirror I can see some big bruises forming.

Damn, the bruise on my jaw is the worst one and is going to be so hard to cover even with concealer.

Once I’m done getting ready for bed and putting my pajamas on, I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

My last thought before I drifted off to sleep was... I hope the guys don’t find out who I am.

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