The Fight For Love - BOOK ONE

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- Chapter 15 | Have Your Racing Skills Improved At All?


After school I had detention and by the time it was over, it was already 4 o’clock and I had to pick Kai up at 5.


My phone rang until I answered, “Hello” I said looking at the caller ID to see that it was mom.

“Hi sweetie”

“Hey mom, what do you need? I’m going to go get Kai soon.” I said.

“I was just calling to let you know that you don’t have to pick up Kai at 5 anymore, because it’s Friday and he’s going to spend the night at Mrs. Gonzalez’s house. And I was going to ask you to pack him a bag drop it off for him later please.”

“Sure mom, and Can I go stay at dads tonight so I can hang out with my friends?”

“Sure thing, I’ll see you tomorrow sweetie. I got to go, love you.” She said tiredly.

“Okay mom, love you too and don’t work too hard. Bye” I told her.

“Okay, bye” she said and hung up the phone.

I decided to call Brooke and tell her about later, to see if she wants to do anything.


“Hey girl!” I heard Brooke yell into the phone.

“Hey, guess who’s staying at the gang house tonight?”

“Yay!! We’re going to go clubbing tonight!”

“Okay!! I’m heading over now so we can get ready! Bye” I said.

“Bye girl! See ya in a bit” she said and hung up.

After the call I went upstairs to Kai’s room and packed him a bag of everything he would need.

Then I went to my room to pick out an outfit. As I was looking I saw a box on the shelf and I didn’t know what was in it so I took it down to see.

I opened the box to see a gorgeous black firm fitting dress with sheer in the middle.

Right when I saw it, I knew it was what I was going to wear tonight.

I grabbed my bag and keys and headed to the garage to get my white Lamborghini Murcielago.

Then I left for the gang house. Once I got there I walked right in and headed to Brooke’s room.

“Brookie!” I yelled knocking on her door.

The door swung open to a grinning Brooke as she pulled me inside.

“We are going to look so hot tonight, so c’mon! We have to start getting ready!” She said pushing me towards her makeup vanity.

“Ok, we can’t leave too late though, because I have to drop something off to Kai.” I said and set my bag down.

“Ok, let’s leave at 8. Now hurry and get ready with me.”

“Okay, okay” I said laughing.

Brooke did a dark purple smokey eye and lipstick with winged eyeliner that looked amazing.

For me, I did a basic dark smokey eye with some shimmer, winged eyeliner, and bright red lipstick.

After our makeup we both did our hair into curls.

“Dayumn girl! You look amazing” Brooke said looking at my hair and makeup.

“Please, look at you Brooke! You look smoking.” I said and we both started getting are dresses out.

I went to my room to change into my black dress and found some black heels in my closet to go with it.

Once I finished changing I looked at myself in the mirror and damn did I look good.

The dress stuck to all of my curves and made me look amazing.

After I gave myself a once over I walked to Brooke’s room and saw her outfit.

She was wearing a black crop top and high wasted sequin shorts with black heels. She looked hot.

“Girl, we are totally smoking hot” I said to her.

“Let’s go have some fun” she said grinning and grabbed her bag while I grabbed mine.

We both started walking down the stairs to the room where all of the guys were and let me tell you, they were speechless when they saw us.

All of their jaws dropped the moment we stepped into the room and it got so silent.

“Hey guys!” We both said cheerfully.

“We’re going out!” We said and left quickly before anyone could say anything.

Once we got into the car we headed over to Mrs. Gonzalez’s house to drop off Kai’s things.

“What club should we go to?” I asked Brooke while I was driving.

“Let’s go to The Vault, I love that club.” She said.

“Kay, I just have to drop off Kai’s bag and then we can go party our asses off.”

When I got to Mrs. Gonzalez’s house I parked on the side of the road instead of in her driveway and got out.

I noticed that their garage was open, but didn’t think much of it because I couldn’t see anything inside from where I was parked.

“Hurry, I don’t want to wait in a long line” Brooke said handing me Kai’s bag that was next to her.

“Ok, I’m just going to say hi to Kai and we can go. But don’t worry, we won’t have to wait in a long line.” I said pulling the bag onto my shoulder.

She grinned. “Are you going to use your way to get in?”

“Oh, yes I am” I smirked and closed my door and turned around.

I was walking up to the front door when I heard wolf whistles near the garage.

I turned and saw Ryder and his friends whistling and smirking at me.

“What’s a sexy lady like you doing here?” Asked Ryder.

“Nothing of your concern.” I said and walked up to the door.

“Oh, but I think it is of my concern since I live here.”

“Oh shit, I completely forgot he lived here” I thought.

I just knocked on the door and ignored him and his mom opened it. Thank god.

“Hi dear, come in! Are you here for Kai?” She asked.

“Hey Mrs. Gonzalez, and yea can you call him down.”

“Sure dear. KAI! YOUR SISTERS HERE” she yelled up the stairs.

“ANA!” I hear Kai yell while running down.

“Hey bud” I said hugging him.

“What are you doing here? Mom said I could spend the night.” He said.

“You are buddy, I just came to drop off your stuff.” I said and he smiled.

“Yay! Thank you! Love you!” He yelled.

“Love you too, now go have fun” I said ruffling up his hair and he ran back upstairs.

I turned to Mrs. Gonzalez. “Thank you for watching my brother.”

“You’re welcome dear, he’s welcome anytime.”

“Bye” I said and turned and walked out the door.

As I was walking out to go to my car I saw all of the guys checking it out.

Then Ryder came up to me. “Are you new in town, cause I’d remember seeing such a pretty face like yours.”

“No, I’m not new and we have met before.” I said trying to get around him.

“I don’t think we have” he said and blocked my way.

“Actually we have”

“I’d recognize you if we had.” He said.

Before I could reply the driver side door to my car opened and I saw Brooke leaning over onto my seat about to yell something.

“Hurry your ass up girl! We got to go!” She said and I walked up to the door and turned back to Ryder.

“Well maybe you just can’t recognize me without my motorcycle. Have your racing skills improved at all?” I said smirking at him and hopped into the driver seat.

I closed my door and rolled the window down and saw all three guys staring at me with their jaws on the ground.

“Wasn’t nice talking to you boys.. Again.” I said winking and drove off to The Vault.

Their faces were priceless when they realized I was the same girl who had beat them in a race that one day.

I can’t wait to get to the club and party my ass off with Brooke. It’s going to be amazing.

Little did I know what was also going to happen tonight...

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