The Fight For Love - BOOK ONE

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- Chapter 16 | Are You New In Town?


Today after school I was supposed to go to detention, but I just skipped and drove to the gang house.

“Hey boss” I was greeted by the guard opening the gate.

“Hey Jack” I said before I drove through the gates into the car garage.

The gang house is pretty big because most of the gang lives here with their families.

The car garage is large also with different levels, so that there is enough room for everyone to park.

Once I parked my car I walked into the house and up to Ron’s office. He is in charge of most of the technical stuff, like hacking.

“Hey Ron” I said walking into his office.

“Hey boss, need anything?” He said looking up from what he was doing.

“Yes, is there any new information on the Martinez gang? Have you been able to hack into their system?” I asked taking a seat across from him.

“Not yet. Every time I get even a little close it gets blocked again and it gets harder to hack.” He says sighing.

Since Ron is one of the best he has been able to hack into many other gangs’ networks and find important information, but the Martinez gang we just can’t hack.

“Do you know if there is any new information at all on the Martinez gang?” I ask.

“Well I have heard a few rumors that they have a girl in their gang, but it could be a rumor. You know it’s almost impossible for a girl to get into a gang even if they are a relative.” He said.

“Yea, it’s not very likely for that to be true, but it’s possible.”

“Okay, is there anything else you need?” He asked.

“I want you to look deeper into Anastasia Stone, I don’t believe that everything you told me is all we can find out.”

“Ok boss, but if I may ask.. What is so special about this girl that you need to know everything.”

“There is something off about her. She is the nerd at school, but beat me, Reece, and Carson in a fight when we pulled her into a dark classroom. We were just going to talk to her, but it was like she thought she was getting taken and fought us off. She took us all down at once. We all tried throwing punches at her, but she was too quick and it was even in the dark. Isn’t that odd that a school nerd can beat us, the best fighters in the gang.” I said.

“Yea, that doesn’t seem like a real nerd. I will look deeper into her file and let you know any information I find.” He replied and started typing on his computer.

“Thank you” I said and walked out and into the conference room to see Reece, Carson, and some other gang members.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” I said walking to the front.

“Ok, there is going to be a drug deal in one week at the alley near the docks. The Martinez gang is also going to be trying to get the drugs, so we must get there first.”

“I need everyone to gather up their weapons and get everything set up and ready for the deal. Also, make sure that the Martinez gang doesn’t get any of our product.”

“Does everyone understand?” I asked after I told everyone the information.

“Yes boss” I heard throughout the room.

“Ok, there will be another meeting a couple days before the deal that everyone must come to. Thank you all, you are dismissed.” I said and walked up to the guys as everyone left.

“Hey guys, want to fix up our bikes at my place then go check out that club someone told us about? I think it was called The Vault.“I said as we walked out of the gang house together.

“Yea, let’s do it.” Said Carson as we all got into my car.

When we got to my house, I saw Izzy and another little boy running around.

The guys and I walked into the kitchen and got some drinks and snacks to eat when Izzy and the boy came in.

They didn’t even notice us at first, but when they did Izzy screamed my name.

“RyRy!” She screamed jumping into my arms.

“Hey squirt, who’s your friend?” I asked when I put her down.

“This is Kai, my best friend!” She said excitedly gesturing towards the little boy.

I walked up to him and bent down to his level. “Are you taking good care of my sister?” I asked putting my hand out for him to shake.

“Yes...” He said trying to find out my name.

“Ryder” I said shaking his hand.

“Yes, Ryder.. I am, just like I take care of my big sister.” He said.

“You have a big sister? What’s her name?” I asked because I wanted to know if I knew her.

“Yea, her name is Ana.”

“I hope to meet her sometime.” I said smirking a little, but he caught me.

His eyes turned cold as he stared at me and crossed his arms. “I won’t let you hurt my sister.” He said being tough.

“Ok, ok.. I’m not going to do anything to your sister.” I said and put my hands up, surrendering.

“You better not..” He said as Izzy pulled him away from me.

“Those kids are so cute.” Reece says while he’s munching on some chips.

“Yea, c’mon let’s go start working on our bikes.” I say and we all head to the garage.

Once we get inside we open the garage and start fixing up our bikes.

About forty five minutes later, we hear the sound of a sports car and it sounded like it stopped right by my house.

“Was that a sports car?” Carson asked.

“It sounded like it.” I said.

“Well, let’s go check it out.” Reece says as we all start walking out to the driveway.

What we see is shocking. There is this beautiful white Lamborghini parked near my house.

I think we were all gawking at it, because I didn’t even notice that the door had opened.

Out came a girl from the driver seat who is probably 5′1 with a killer figure.

She looked like she was talking to someone and then bent down to get a bag from the inside.

“Damn that ass” I mumbled.

“Damn” I heard Reece and Carson both whisper.

The girl swung the bag onto her shoulder and was talking to someone else in the car before she closed her door, then she started walking to my front door.

We all started wolf whistling at her and she stopped to look over at us. That was the first time I saw her face and she looked so hot, but a bit familiar.

“Dibs” I called to the guys as I started walking to her smirking and she just walked faster to my front door.

“What’s a sexy lady like you doing here?” I asked.

“Nothing of your concern.” She said and walked up to the door.

“Oh, but I think it is of my concern since I live here.” I told her.

She looked like she was at a loss for words before she just started ignoring me.

She knocked on the door and kept ignoring me until my mom opened it.

“Hi dear, come in! Are you here for Kai?” Mom asked the girl.

“Hey Mrs. Gonzalez, and yea can you call him down.” She said.

“Sure dear. KAI! YOUR SISTERS HERE” Mom yelled up the stairs.

“ANA!” I hear Kai yell while running down.

“Hey bud” She said hugging him.

“What are you doing here? Mom said I could spend the night.” He told her.

“You are buddy, I just came to drop off your stuff.” She said and he smiled.

“Yay! Thank you! Love you!” He yelled.

“Love you too, now go have fun” she said and ruffled up his hair while he ran back upstairs.

“So that’s his sister Ana” I thought walking out to check out her car with the guys.

“This car is sick” Reece said before Ana walked out.

I walked over to her and said, “Are you new in town, cause I’d remember seeing such a pretty face like yours.”

“No, I’m not new and we have met before.” She said trying to get around me.

“I don’t think we have” I said and blocked her way.

“Actually we have” she said getting around me.

“I’d recognize you if we had.” I said because I’d never forget someone as hot as her.

Before I could reply the driver side door to her car opened and I saw another girl leaning over onto the seat about to yell something.

“Hurry your ass up girl! We got to go!” She said and Ana walked up to the door before she turned back to me.

“Well maybe you just can’t recognize me without my motorcycle. Have your racing skills improved at all?” She said smirking at me and hopped into the driver seat.

She closed her door, rolled the window down and saw all three of us guys staring at her shocked.

“Wasn’t nice talking to you boys.. Again.” She said winking and drove off.

I can’t believe that she was the same girl who had beat us in a race that one day.

Also, she’s Kai’s sister and he is here every day, so I will definitely be seeing more of her.

I can’t wait to get to go to the club, party, and get drunk with the guys. It’s going to be awesome.

Little did I know who else was going to be there..

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