The Fight For Love - BOOK ONE

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- Chapter 17 | I'm Not Cute, I'm Sexy


After I left Ryder’s house, Brooke and I drove to our favorite club.

It wasn’t a very far drive and when we pulled up I saw the sign that says The Vault in bright red.

Brooke and I both got out of my car as I parked and walked to the front entrance. The line was massively long, so like always I used my best weapon to get inside.

It’s not like I used a real weapon because the greatest weapon a girl can use on a guy is their charms. I’m going to flirt my way in.

Brooke and I both walked to the hot guard letting people in and tried to walk in until he stopped us.

“You have to wait in line” he said as he grabbed my arm, making me turn around.

As I was turning around I sent a wink at Brooke and put my sexiest smile on. When he saw me his eyes widened a bit as he scanned my body, but then he gained his composure back.

“But the line is way too long.. Is there anything I can do so that my friend and I don’t have to wait?” I ask looking up at him, biting my lip.

“I don’t know miss” he said tense because I started running my hand up his abs.

I leaned up close to his ear and put my fingers on the belt buckles of his jeans. “Are you sure, maybe we can meet up later.”

He smirked then pulled me closer. “How about you give me your number? Then you and your friend don’t have to wait.”

“Sure thing baby” I said kissing his cheek as I pulled away.

He handed me his phone and I put the number in before I handed it back. Brooke and I then turned around and walked in.

“Did you really give that guy your number?” Brooke asked as we walked to the bar.

“Hell no! I gave him Clay’s number.” I said grinning and we both started laughing.

“Oh my god! I can’t wait to hear what happens. Clay is going to freak.” she said still laughing.

“I know, I can’t wait either.” I said and sat down at the bar with Brooke.

“Let’s do shots!” Brooke yells over the loud music.

“What can I get you ladies?” The bartender asked.

“Ten shots” Brooke and I both say at the same time.

“Coming up”

“Let’s get wasted!” Brooke screams just as the bartender finishes filling up our shots.

“Whoever finishes their five last pays for the next round.” I say as we split the shots.

“Deal” Brooke says as she grabs a shot and I do the same.

“Okay, 1..2..3..go” we say and start taking shots.

I finished just before her. “Ha! Yes I won! You’re buying” I say grinning.

“I’m going to win this round” she says calling the bartender over.

“Another round” she said and he filled them up again.

“Ready, 1..2..3..go!” And we started again.

We were at the bar for a while and I don’t even remember how many shots I had.

By now, Brooke and I are on the dance floor dancing our asses off.

We’re grinding on each other, twerking and just having fun.

As I’m dancing I can feel someone’s eyes on me and I look over to see Kendall.

Oh god what is he doing here?? Hopefully he won’t recognize me without my disguise.

I keep dancing with Brooke until she leaves with a guy and I’m left alone dancing.

Now I started noticing that more people were watching me but didn’t really care enough to look.

I start walking back to the bar to get a water when I bump into someone.

“Sorry” I say and start to walk around them, but they block my way.

“Excuse me” I say and look up, only to realize that it’s Kendall.

“Ana..” He says quietly then shakes his head.

“What?” I question because I think he said my name but I’m not sure.

“Sorry, you just look like an old friend of mine.” He said looking sadly at me.

I wonder why he seems sad, it’s not like I’m the one who ruined our supposedly fake friendship.

“Oh, well I’m sorry again for bumping into you, but I’m just going to go over there.” I said pointing behind him.

“It’s ok, bye” he said and we both walked away.

I walked to the bar and drank some water before I headed back to the dance floor.

I was dancing right in the center of everyone, swaying my hips back and forth to the beat of the music when I felt someone looking at me from across the room.

I glanced over my shoulder and saw a really sexy guy leaning against the wall with a drink in his hand, and he was staring at me.

I wanted to have some fun tonight, so I walked up to him.

“Wanna dance?” I asked biting my lip while I ran a hand up and down his torso.

He just grinned as he put down his drink, grabbing my hand leading me to the center of the dance floor.

We started dancing and I put my back to him, swaying my hips while he held them with his hands.

As I started grinding on him I could already tell that his friend was getting a little too excited and I wasn’t planning on losing my virginity tonight.

“Want to go grab a drink with me?” He whispered huskily into my ear.

“Sure” I said and he led its through the crowd to the bar.

We drank a lot, and when I say a lot I mean so much that I won’t remember a thing tomorrow.

Me and the guy whose name I don’t know started making out at the bar after we finished our last round of drinks, until he got pulled off me.

I looked up to see Ryder about to punch that guy.

“What are you doing?” I yelled at Ryder.

“Stay out of it.” He hissed. He looks hot when he’s angry.

I shook my head because I can’t believe I just thought that.

“You’re mean” I said crossing my arms and taking a seat.

I wasn’t paying much attention to what was happening and I started to feel sick, so I hopped off the seat and ran to the bathroom right before I started throwing up.

I didn’t feel good. I rinsed my mouth clean before I wobbled out of the bathroom.

I kept tripping over my heels and on my way to the exit I bumped into someone.

I was about to fall, but the person cause me before I hit the ground and pulled me towards them.

“Thank you” I said looking up to see the one and only Ryder.

“Are you drunk?” He asked.

“No.. I’m not!! I don’t feel good..” I said and he sighed.

“C’mon, I’m taking you to my place.” He said and picked me up so I wrapped my legs around him, then put my head on his shoulder.

“You’re cute” I mumbled.

He chuckled. “I’m not cute, I’m sexy” he said.

“You’re cute like a puppy.” I said as he put me in the car.

“I miss my puppy” I said and started crying.

“It’s ok, what happened to your puppy?” He asked holding me to try and calm me down.

“She died” I said and started crying harder.

“I’m sorry.. Shhh, it’s ok” he said letting me go because I started to giggle.

“I want ice cream” I said excitedly.

“Ok, you can have ice cream when we get to my house.”

“But I want it now” I said stubbornly.

He only shook his head at me and started driving.

“Your mean!” I said and turned away from him. All he did was start chuckling.

When we got to his house, he carried me bridal style inside and told me to be quite. Although it didn’t work out that well cause I couldn’t stop giggling.

He opened his door and laid me on his bed, he also helped take my heels off.

“I’m going to go get ice cream, be right back” he said and left the room, closing the door on his way out.

I got out of bed and started taking off my dress because it was really starting to get uncomfortable.

Once it was completely off I was left in my lace red bra and thong. I was about to get under the covers, but the door opened before I did.

“Damn” I hear along with a loud thump as I get halfway under the covers.

I look over and see Ryder picking up the ice team tub before he starts gawking at me again.

“Can I have some ice cream now” I ask sweetly and it snaps him out of whatever trance he was just in.

“Sure, here” he says and hands me the ice cream.

“Yay! Mint chocolate chip! My favorite” I say moaning as I take a bite.

Ryder started taking his clothes off until he was left in only boxers and got in bed next to me.

Then we both started sharing the ice cream talking about random things.

Once we were done I laid down and got comfortable, but before I drifted off to sleep I felt an arm go around my body pulling me close and whispering in my ear.

“Goodnight Anastasia Stone, I was right about you” is all I heard before I drifted off to sleep.

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