The Fight For Love - BOOK ONE

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- Chapter 19 | Are You Drunk?


After Kai’s sister Ana drove off, me and the guys went back to fixing our bikes.

I was almost done with my bike when my phone rang.


“Hello” I answered.

“Hey boss, it’s Ron”

“What do you need Ron?” I asked.

“Nothing, I just wanted to tell you that I got more information about Anastasia Stone.”

“Ok, tell me.” I said and put my phone on speaker so that the guys could hear too.

“Ok, there is a lot of information, but some of it I couldn’t hack into.” He said.

“So that means that someone is locking up that information.”

“Yes.” He replied.

“Ok, tell me everything you know.”

“Anastasia’s full name is Anastasia Raylyn Martinez Stone. She goes by the name Ana most of the time.”

“..The man we thought was her father is actually her step father. She has one half brother named Kai Xzavier Stone.”

“..Her biological father is Vincent Martinez.” Right when he said that name, I knew how she really learned to fight.

“..I couldn’t get any information about him, but we already know that he is the gang leader of the Martinez gang.” He said and I nodded, even though he couldn’t see.

“She grew up in Rosewood and went to school in Rosewood, except for the last two years. For the last two years she was enrolled in online school.”

“.. Although there is no record of her being in the gang, do you think it’s her?” He asked me.

“Not likely, Vincent wouldn’t want to put his only daughter in danger.” I replied.

“Ok, and that’s all the info I could get. There are police files about her too, but they are too secured for me to get to.” He said.

“That’s alright, good work Ron. You gave me everything I need. Bye.”

“Thank you, bye boss.” He said and hung up.

“Did you guys get all of that?” I asked the guys when I put my phone back into my pocket.

“Yea, I didn’t even know that Vincent had a daughter” Carson said.

“Me either, he must’ve did a lot to hide her.” Reece said.

“Yea and did you get information about Mr. Smoke? He still owes us money.” I said.

“Let me find where he’s going to be” Reece said and pulled out his tracking device.

The last time we saw Mr. Smoke we placed a tracking device in his food. It was activated when he bit onto it and it’s so small he would never notice it.

He owes me a 50,000 dollars and if he doesn’t get it to me, there will be major consequences.

“I got it Ryder, he’s at The Vault” Reece said getting up.

“Well, let’s get going” I said and walked to my car.

We all got in our own cars and headed to The Vault. It’s a good thing he’s there, because we were going to go there anyways.

We all parked near each other and walked in the club without having to wait. The guards here know us.

When we were inside we all split up to go look for Mr. Smoke, when I see Anastasia at the bar.

She was making out with some guy and I got so mad and jealous. Wait jealous? No I definitely wasn’t jealous. Was I?

I walked closer to them and that was when I noticed who the guy was. Anastasia was making out with Mr. Smoke.

That made me even more mad and I walked right up to them, then pulled him away from her.

I was holding him by his collar and I pulled my fist back, about to punch him when I heard Ana yell.

“What are you doing?” She yelled as I looked over at her.

“Stay out of it.” I hissed because I’m so pissed off with this guy right now.

“You’re mean” she said crossing her arms and taking a seat.

I ignored her comment and punched Mr. Smoke. “Where’s my money?” I asked him.

“I-I don’t h-have it.” He said looking terrified.

“What was that? Did you say you don’t have it?” I questioned mockingly.

“Y-yes.. I’m s-sorry” he said.

“Let’s make a deal..” I said and he shook his head yes eagerly.

“You get me my money by Monday and I won’t go after your family. Also, stay away from my girl.” My girl? What am I saying?

“Deal. But I d-don’t know who
y-your g-girl is..” He said.

“The girl you were just making out with is my girl.” I said and looked over to where Ana was, but she wasn’t there.

“O-okay.. I’m s-so sorry!” He said almost pleading that we don’t hurt him.

“Don’t do it again” I said and knocked him out.

“Why don’t we put him in the back room” I said to the guys and they just nodded.

They picked him up and we were walking to the back room, when I see Anastasia walk out of the girls restroom.

“I will see you guys later, have fun once he’s taken care of.” I said and left to go help a stumbling Anastasia.

She kept tripping and then bumped right into me. She’s more drunk than I thought.

She was about to fall back, but I caught her before she hit the ground and pulled her towards me.

“Thank you” she said looking up at me.

“Are you drunk?” I asked, even though I already knew the answer.

“No.. I’m not!! I don’t feel good..” She said and I just sighed.

“C’mon, I’m taking you to my place.” I said picking her up and she wrapped her legs around me, then she put her head on my shoulder.

“You’re cute” She mumbled cutely.

I chuckled. “I’m not cute, I’m sexy” I said.

“You’re cute like a puppy.” Ana said as I put her in the car.

“I miss my puppy” She said and started crying.

I started panicking because I have no idea what to do when a girl is crying.

I just figured I will hold her, maybe that would calm her down.

“It’s ok, what happened to your puppy?” I asked holding her to try and calm her down.

“She died” She said and started crying harder.

“I’m sorry.. Shhh, it’s ok” I said letting her go because she stopped crying and started to giggle.

“I want ice cream” She said excitedly.

“Ok, you can have ice cream when we get to my house.” I said.

“But I want it now” she said stubbornly.

I only shook my head at her and started driving.

“Your mean!” She said and turned away from me. That made me start chuckling.

“I think I like a drunk Anastasia” I thought on our way to my house.

When we got to my house, I carried her bridal style inside and told her to be quite. Although it didn’t work out that well cause she wouldn’t stop giggling.

I opened the door to my room and laid her on my bed, then I also helped take her heels off.

“I’m going to go get ice cream, be right back” I said and left the room, closing the door on my way out.

I walked downstairs, to the kitchen and grabbed a tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

After I grabbed two spoons I headed back to my room.

Right when I opened the door my eyes widened and I dropped the ice cream.

Anastasia stood there getting into the bed with only a red lace bra and thong.

“Damn” I mumble as she gets halfway under the covers.

I bend down and pick up the ice cream before I start staring at her again.

“Can I have some ice cream now” she asks sweetly and it made me stop staring.

“Sure, here” I said and hand her the ice cream.

“Yay! Mint chocolate chip! My favorite” She says moaning as she takes a bite.

“God, that was hot” I thought. I need to stop thinking of her like that..

I started taking my clothes off until I was left in only boxers and got in bed next to her.

Then we both started sharing the ice cream talking about random things.

Once we were done she laid down and got comfortable, then as she was drifting off to sleep I put my arm around her and pulled her body close to mine.

“Goodnight Anastasia Stone, I was right about you” I whisper.

“Why does Ana pretend to be a nerd? And what else is she hiding?” I thought as I slowly drifted off to sleep.

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