The Fight For Love - BOOK ONE

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- Chapter 24 | Fake Bitchy Friend Act


Monday morning I woke up before my alarm, so I rolled over on my bed and reached across my nightstand to turn it off.

Today is the day I go to school in my normal clothes. A part of me still doesn’t want to because it would make it easier for people to find me, but the other part of me is actually really excited.

I did my daily morning routine and then went to look through my closet for what to wear.

In the end I picked out a white low cut crop top that ends just above my belly button with a black bralette, some black ripped jeans, my favorite leather jacket, and high heeled ankle leather boots.

Since I’m wearing a crop top, it shows off my belly button piercing and part of my rose hip tattoo.

Then for makeup, I put on powder foundation and filled in my eyebrows before I did a slight smokey eye with winged liner. For the rest of my face, I put some bronzer on my cheekbones and some blush on the apples of my cheeks to give my face some more color. Basically what I normally would wear when I do makeup.

After I finished getting ready, I ran downstairs and grabbed a granola bar to eat since I don’t have time to make a full breakfast.

Heading to the garage, I looked at both of my babies and couldn’t decide if I should drive my Lamborghini or my bike.

In the end, I went with my bike. So I grabbed my helmet, placing my book bag in the seat and hopped on when I closed it. Then left for school.

On the drive there, I decided that I was going to have some fun. When I finally drove into the parking lot everyone was staring at me.

I saw that Sydnie was about to park her car in her usual spot up front, but I sped up and pulled my bike in just before her. She honked at me, pissed, but I didn’t care.

Taking off my helmet, I shook my long brown hair out as it fell down my back. Opening the seat I took out my book bag and placed it on my shoulder as I then put the helmet inside.

Once I closed the seat back up, I turned and ran a hand through my messy hair. It probably looks like a mess since it was just in the helmet. Well, a hot mess.

I looked around the front lawn of the school and as my eyes scanned the crowd of people they stopped upon catching sight of bright blue eyes. Standing across the lawn was smirking Ryder who was currently walking towards me.

“Sydnie definitely won’t like this.” I thought smirking as walked up to me.

“Hey babe.” He said smirking as he placed his arm over my shoulders.

“Hey.” I said, then he leaned in and kissed me. Well, tried to kiss me.

I turned my head so that his soft lips landed on my cheek as I kissed near his ear before whispering, “Now you have to tell me everything you know about me later.”

I pulled away, winking at him as I walked away, leaving a shocked Ryder to watch as I left his side.

As I was walking everyone was still staring at me and I honestly don’t think anybody has recognized me yet. They all probably think that I’m a new student, a transfer, or something along those lines.

Walking inside the school doors, I went straight to my locker to get ready for class. As I was grabbing my books for first period, I heard the sound of heels clicking and knew that Sydnie was coming.

Then I closed my locker right when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning around, I saw exactly what I was expecting. It was Sydnie the whore and her followers.

“Yes?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Hi I’m Sydnie, and I noticed that you’re new and all.. But I just wanted to let you know that you parked in my parking spot...” She started saying and all I wanted to do was roll my eyes at her.

I’ve got to give her some points for having the best fake bitchy friend act down. I doubt many people think that she’s anything less than a good little princess.

“I know.” I said cutting her off and her eyes widened for a moment before she continued.

“And stay away from my boyfriend.” She finished, talking about Ryder and I laughed.

“I’m pretty sure that Ryde, isn’t your boyfriend.” I said because he really isn’t.

“He is! And I’m glad that the school got rid of the pathetic nerd who used to have your locker.” She said checking her nails while I glared at her harshly.

“Actually they didn’t.” I said crossing my arms.

“Yea they did. Oh! And what’s your name?” She asked putting her hand on her hip.

“Anastasia Stone.” I said as I watched her jaw drop along with her minions, making me smirk because of the reactions I got from them.

“No your not, she was a fat nerd and you’re... not as fat.” She said, grinning like that was supposed to offend me.

“Bitch please. If I’m fat what do you call yourself, because I’m pretty sure I’m skinnier than you.” I said laughing because it’s true.

I honestly don’t care if she’s skinnier than me or not, I mean everyone is beautiful no matter their size but she is seriously getting on my fucking nerves.

“I bet you had liposuction to make yourself skinny.” She sneered and I rolled my eyes before returning my glare to her.

I stepped towards her. “Actually I’ve been this skinny for a while I just didn’t show it off and make myself look like a slut unlike you.”

“You can’t come in here and act like you own my school!” She almost yelled.

“Oh please, you don’t own it. Well not anymore you don’t.” I said smirking because in all honesty, nobody here owns it except for the district but she can think what she wants.

She was fuming. Her face started to get blotchy red as it heated up from anger. Sydnie lifted her hand as she attempted to throw a weak punch, but I caught her fist and twisted it behind her back.

“You can’t mess with me anymore.” I whispered in her ear , shoving her forward, which caused her to whimper and I smirked.

Then I walked to class as the bell rang without looking back.

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