The Fight For Love - BOOK ONE

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- Chapter 25 |I'm Not Your Babe


It was the middle of class while the teacher was giving a lecture I asked to use the restroom. She let me go by nodding at me while my hand was up giving the restroom signal.

So, I stood up out of my seat and made my way out of the class, down the hall to get there.

As I was walking past the back staircase to the bathroom I heard people talking at the bottom in hushed whispers. They sounded like they were arguing about something.

I was just going to leave it alone and head straight to the girls restroom when I noticed how familiar their voices sounded.

So, walking to the railing of the stairs, I looked down and saw Sydnie and Kendall in an argument. I was right about the argument part earlier, but because it was them I decided to listen in.

“...I won’t do it anymore.” I think Kendall said.

“You have too.” I hear Sydnie’s voice hiss.

“No I don’t! You can’t force me anymore.” He exclaimed and I want to know what she forced him to do.

“As long as your dad still works for mine you have to act like you hate her, you did it two years ago.” Two years ago, are they talking about me?

“I never wanted to.” He said and I could hear the pain in his voice.

“But you did and you still have to.” She replied.

“No, not anymore. My dad got another job and I can tell her everything now.” He said.

“Do you really think she’d believe that I forced you to say those things to her. I got to admit, you were a great actor.” She said and I could basically see her smirking.

“You’re such a bitch. I’m going to tell her everything soon before it’s too late, even if she doesn’t talk to me again.” He hissed, probably glaring at Sydnie.

“Fine, tell her. But don’t blame me if she doesn’t believe you. I think it’s better for her to just hate you thinking you betrayed her.” Oh god. I think they really are talking about me.

“I don’t have that much time to tell her Sydnie, I lost two years with my best friend because of you and I don’t want to lose anymore.” I heard Kendall say before the sound of footsteps.

I think he started coming up the stairs so I quickly ran to the restroom before he saw me.

What did he mean by he didn’t have that much time to tell me? I thought as I walked to the girls restroom.

When lunch came around, I walked into the cafeteria and grabbed my food as I felt all the stares of curious eyes on me. After I paid, I turned and made my way to the table I always it at. Ryder’s table.

“Hey babe.” He said as I placed my food tray on the table and sat down next to him.

“I’m not your babe.” I said rolling my eyes and he gasped, putting a hand over his heart.

“What? That hurts babe. Real bad.” He said rubbing his chest and I shrugged, unwrapping my sandwich.

“Oh well.” I reply, taking a bite and I see Reece and Carson snickering.

“You know babe, I think your shoe is untied.” He said and just as I was about to look down at my boots because they do have laces he spoke again.

“So can I tie your shoes? Because I don’t want you falling for anyone else.” He said and I almost die from a fit of laughter.

“Good one. But you can’t tie my shoes cause I’m not falling for you. Ever.” I say and he smirks.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that babe. I mean, look at me.” He cockily says gesturing to his body.

Looking over at him, I check him out. I can’t deny that he is pretty hot. The only problem is that I could never be with him without my dad hating our relationship.

He’s a player anyways, so it doesn’t matter.

“I don’t see anything special.” I tell him, shrugging and he glares.

“Don’t lie. We all know you want a piece of this.” He says and I just shake my head.

“Sure I do.” I say as I finish off my sandwich.

“Don’t you guys think she wants me?” He asks his friends across the table and I lean back in my seat to look at them as I cross my arms.

“Yea, do you guys think I want him?” I ask rolling my eyes as I emphasized want him.

“Sorry man but she doesn’t look like it.” They both say and I break into laughter.

From the corner of my eye, I see Ryder staring at me with an unreadable expression and I don’t know why.

Once my laughter goes down along with Reece and Carsons since they joined in, I turn towards Ryder with a smile.

“What are you doing tonight?” He asks and I think about it. Originally I was planning to go to Blackfall, but I’m not sure if I am anymore.

“Nothing important.” I say and he grins, showing his amazing dimples.

“Let’s hang out then, tonight.” He says and I grin because I had an amazing time on our last date.

“Like a date?” I ask and he smirks.

“Like a date.” He replies and I nod, smiling as the bell rings for the end of lunch.

“It’s a date then.”

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