The Fight For Love - BOOK ONE

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- Chapter 27 | Why Don't We Have A Little Fun With You


Yesterday was fun. Ryder and I watched a bunch of movies before I came home and started my homework.

Right now, school is already over and I just got home. Walking inside I hear my mom humming in the kitchen, so I walk inside to see her.

“Hey mom.” I say placing my book bag on the island as I take a seat.

“Hey sweetie. How was your day?” She asks as she washes some dishes.

“It was good, where’s Kai?” I ask and she nods her head to the left where the living room is.

“He’s somewhere in the living room with his friend Izzy. Aren’t they so cute?” She asks and I smile because they are.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they become a couple one day when they get older.

“What are they doing? Watching TV?” I ask and she shrugs.

“Earlier they were pretending to be spies and tried spying on me.” She says with a small laugh.

“Okay, I’m going to go see what they’re up to.” I tell my mom as I get off the chair.

Walking towards the living room, I hear hushed whispers and decide to listen.

“Okay, here’s the plan...” I hear Kai say and it looks like they haven’t seen me yet since I’m slightly hiding behind the wall next to them.

They came up with this whole plan about spying on my mom and I though it was hilarious. I wanted to laugh so bad.

“Got it. And remember Kai, if we get caught you’re deaf and I don’t speak English.” Izzy says and I saw Kai nod.

Then they tried to be sneaky and walk towards the kitchen when I walked behind them. Slowly I got close before scaring them.

“What are you guys doing?” I ask and they jump so high with a little scream.

Grinning I watched as they exchange looks with wide eyes before turning to me.

“So, what were you guys doing?” I ask to see if they would actually go through with their plan.

“What?! I’m sorry I can’t hear you!” Kay practically yells and I laugh.

“What about you Izzy?” I ask and she opens her mouth, then closes it again before she speaks.

“Yo no hablo Ingles?” (I don’t speak English) She says and I shake my head at them laughing.

“Good luck spying on mom guys.” I say winking before walking back into the kitchen.

“What were they doing in there?” Mom asks and I shrug as I glance back and wink at them.

“I’m not sure.” I say and she nods.

“Hey mom, I’m going to fight tonight.” I said and she looks at me with worry.

“Again?” She asks and I nod.

“You know I get scared every time you go out and fight.” She says and I nod sadly.

“I know mom, but it’s what I do. I can’t just stop.” I say and she shakes her head. I hate disappointing her, but fighting is what I love. Honestly I can’t just give it up.

“Alright, but I want you to be safe.” She says, coming around the counter to hug me and I wrap my arms around her too.

“I’ll be fine mom, I can take care of myself.” I say as we break apart and I see her eyes still have that look of worry.

“You better.” She says walking back to the dishes.

“I’m going to go get ready.” I said as I grabbed my book bag from off the island and placed it on my shoulder.

“Okay, love you Ana.” She says and I smile.

“Love you too mom.” I say back as I leave the kitchen and make my way upstairs to my bedroom.

Some people I know think it’s weird that my family constantly says I love you, but we do it because nobody is promised tomorrow.

You never know when that will be the last time you ever speak to each other. Life is short, live it with no regrets.

It was late and I just got done with a fight at Blackfall, so I was walking back to my bike without my mask on when three guys with guns come out from the shadows of the alley. I instantly get into a fighting stance.

“What’s a pretty lady like you doing out here alone.” The guy on the left asked while pointing his gun at my head.

I looked to find a way out, but I was surrounded and they all were aiming their guns at me and were blocking me from all sides.

“What do you want?” I sneered looking at all of them.

“Feisty. I like it.” One of them said, smirking.

“We can do this the easy way and nobody will get hurt.” The guy in the center said as the guy on the left started walking closer to me.

“C’mon babe, you’ll like it.” The guy on my left said trying, to grab me, so I did a roundhouse kick to his temple and knocked him out.

That only seemed to make the other guys mad as they both launched themselves at me before I had the chance to react.

The guy who was on the right is now behind me holding me back as the, I’m guessing leader is in front of me with his gun.

“Why don’t we have a little fun with you.” He said smirking as I try and break free from the hold they have on me.

“Hey! Let her go!” I hear a slightly recognizable voice in the distance.

As the guys look slightly distracted I kick them and break myself free.

By the time the other person gets to where we are, I notice that it’s Ryder.

We are both fighting the two guys when I notice the guy I knocked out earlier start to groan.

Ryder and I both knock out the person we were fighting when suddenly, I see the guy from earlier standing with a gun, aimed straight at Ryder.

“Ryder!” I yelled running towards him as I hear two shots fired.

“! Please No!!”

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