The Fight For Love - BOOK ONE

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- Chapter 30 | I want You Of Course


It’s Friday now and I was just released from the hospital. I still can’t believe Kendall has cancer.

He started chemotherapy already and I have been visiting him a lot lately.

I know that I should be upset with him for what he did to me, but I’m not.

I lost two years with my best friend and now I don’t even know how much longer we have together.

The doctors said that there is a chance of curing the cancer, but even if that happens it could come back.

It’s hard knowing that someone who I’ve known all my life might die on me soon.

I still haven’t seen or talked to Ryder and I miss him. I’ve tried calling him, but he won’t answer.

I’m starting to feel like he doesn’t care about me. He didn’t even come visit me when I was awake in the hospital.

I’m going to the gang house this weekend, because I need something to take my mind off of Ryder.

Right when I walk through the door of the gang house, I’m engulfed in hugs.

“I...can’t....breath..” I manage to say and they finally let me go.

“Oh my god! We were so worried about you!” Brooke says.

“Look guys, I’m fine.” I say to my best friends who are examining me for any injuries.

“Good, let’s go watch a movie!” Clay yells.

“Okay, but can we go to a race tonight? I haven’t been for a while and I need to take my mind off things.”

“Sure! C’mon!” They say pulling me to the movie room.

“Wait! I have to get the ice cream first!” I yell running to the kitchen.

“Don’t forget to get ours” Clay yells.

It’s around ten o’clock now and we are getting ready to go race.

Brooke doesn’t usually come, but this time she decided that she would go and check it out.

We got ready and I was wearing some black leather pants, a red crop top, leather jacket, and my favorite heeled combat boots.

Before we left I made sure to grab my gun and knives. I put a knife in each of my boots and my gun in the back of my pants.

Then I walked downstairs to see Brooke and the guys. “Everyone ready?” I asked and they nodded.

Once everyone was ready we headed to the car garage and grabbed our cars before we took off speeding to the race track.

Once we got there, I noticed one of our worst enemies Ryan Slade and some of his gang members.

He is the leader of the third strongest gang in the country. He and my dad hate each other.

Ryan knows who I am and he has always wanted me in his gang. He once tried to get my dad to sell me to him.

He’s never tried to kidnap me, but there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do to get what he wants.

The only thing that really scares me about Ryan is that he knows my name. Well except for the last part.

He knows me as Anastasia Raylyn Martinez not as Anastasia Raylyn Martinez Stone.

As me and my crew pull up towards the front everyone’s attention goes to us.

None of us have been here before because we used to go to a different track that recently shut down.

We park our cars and everyone starts to surround us. Through the window I can see Ryan’s glare.

I can see most of my gang step out of their cars and his glare just hardens when he realizes that it’s us.

As I get out of my car I see everyone staring at us, so I just close my door and walk to the hood of my car where the rest of my crew are.

I glance over my shoulder and see Ryan smirking at me, so I roll my eyes and turn towards my crew.

“Hey guys, who’s racing tonight?” I ask.

“You, me, Aidan, and Jorden.” Clay says.

“What about you Brooke? What are you going to do?” I ask looking over at her.

“I’m going to watch you guys.. I don’t think I’m ready to race anyone yet.” She said.

“Okay, I’ll catch up with you after my race.” I say.

“Do you guys want to go sign in with me now?” I ask them and they all nod.

We head over to the sign in booth and put our names down before we star heading back to our cars.

“Well.. Well .. Well.. Who do we have here..” I hear someone say and I turn to the side only to see a smirking Ryan.

“What do you want Ryan?” I ask with boredom in my tone.

“I want you of course.” He says walking closer to me.

“Well, you can’t and won’t ever have me” I sneer.

“Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” He says grinning.

“What do you mean?” I ask putting my hand near my gun.

“I will have you sooner or later love..” He says with a cocky smirk before he walks back to his car and I mentally gag when he calls me love.

After he left the guys and I head back to our cars to get ready to race.

“I really hate that guy” Jorden says and we all agree.

After watching all of my crew race it’s finally my turn. When I hear the announcer call my name I hop in my car and drive to the starting line.

I look to my left and see that my opponent is Simon from Ryan’s gang and he smirks when he sees me.

A blonde girl with barely any clothes on soon walks to the middle with two flags and raises them as I rev my engine.

Right when her arms drop I’m off. Me and Simon are side by side and I make a sharp left that gets me ahead of him a bit.

I let him take lead as I see the finish line coming up. Then before he can win I push my NOS button that makes me speed past him, winning the race.

I get out of my car and the first thing I hear is everyone cheering my name.

I look over to Simon and I see him getting out of his car. He looks pissed as he makes his way over to me.

“I should’ve won! You cheated.” He yelled getting closer.

“I didn’t cheat. Ask anyone and stop being a sore loser. It’s not my fault that you couldn’t beat a girl.” I say shrugging.

“You bitch!” He yells and tries to come at me, but I pull my gun out aiming at him.

“I won fair and square. Now go back to Ryan before this gets out of hand.” I said and he just glares at me before he turns and goes back to his car.

Since I was the last one to race everyone is already at their cars waiting.

“Hey guys, I’ll see you later. I’m going to stay at my moms tonight.”

“Okay, bye” everyone says as they get in their cars and drive off.

On my way home I feel like someone is following me, but I don’t see anyone so I push that feeling out of the way.

When I get home I remember that there isn’t any room for me to park in the garage because my other car is in there, so I just park in my drive way.

Once I get out of my car I lock it and start heading to the front door when something hard hits me in the back of my head.

It hurts and I feel like I’m about to fall when someone catches me and puts a cloth to my mouth.

I try my best to get out of their grip while I’m holding my breath, but the hit to my head made me too weak.

When I can’t hold my breath I finally breath in and as darkness starts to consume me I faintly hear someone whisper into my ear.

“I told you that I’d have you sooner or later love..”

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