The Fight For Love - BOOK ONE

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- Chapter 31 | Please Don't Do This


Waking up in a dark room, I don’t know where I am, and as soon as I open my eyes more, I realize that everything around me is unfamiliar.

I tried to move, but I couldn’t and realized that I was chained to the wall. My wrists are bound by metal handcuffs that dug into my skin so roughly, and they’re attached to the ceiling by a chain. There were chains also binding my ankles to the wall.

“Hello!” I yelled trying to get someone’s attention. There’s no way I’m staying here. I need to get out somehow.

“Where the fuck am I?” I yelled again.

Soon I heard footsteps outside the door and waited to see who had taken me.

The door opened, and I honestly wasn’t surprised to see that it was Ryan Slade.

“I see sleeping beauty has finally awakened.” He said walking in and pulling up a chair in front of me. The sound of the metal chair scraping against the cemented floor hurt my ears, but I couldn’t think about that right now if I wanted to get out of this.

I couldn’t move away from him at all, considering he had tied all parts of my body that I could use to fight him.

“What do you want with me!” I screamed at him as he sat in the chair and I tugged on the chains.

“Now, now... No need for screaming and trying to escape. There won’t be a way out.” He replied, smirking like the devil.

“Now what I want from you is simple. I want you to join my gang and be mine.” He said grinning with a scary spark in his eyes as he leaned closer, putting his elbows on his knees and his chin on his hands.

“I will never join your gang or be with you for as long as I live!” I yelled, spitting at his feet and he glared at me angrily.

“Now, why do you think it is such a bad thing?” He asked standing up.

“Because you’re a disgusting human being!” I yelled tugging once again at the ropes that don’t seem to budge.

“Well Anastasia, I’m not giving you that much of a choice.” He said running his fingers up my arm that he still had tied to the wall.

“Stop touching me!” I yelled, trying harder than before to get untied but failed again.

“Let’s make a deal,” he said with a creepy grin, and when I didn’t respond, he continued.

“If you join my gang and date me, then I won’t have to torture you.” He said like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“No!” I yelled. I’d never agree to stay with him.

“Okay, I’m going to have fun torturing you. And don’t worry, you will definitely enjoy some of it.” He said with a glint of lust in his eyes that was honestly scaring me.

“I don’t care! I won’t ever give myself to you or join your stupid gang!” I screamed like my life depended on it, and I think it actually did.

“That was a bad choice. I’ll be right back, and then the fun can begin.” He said and walked out. There has to be something I could use to get out of these chains before he comes back, but as I looked around, there was nothing.

Since I couldn’t find anything, I couldn’t get my arms and legs loose, but I desperately wanted to get out of here.

I would never join his gang no matter how much he tortures me.

I just hope that I would one day see my family and Ryder again... I don’t want to die today, but I don’t think Ryan would do that to me. For some crazy unknown reason, he’s obsessed with me, and he always has been since before when he was in my dad’s gang.

Ryan was my dad’s third in command, even though he is only six years older than me and that is how he knows who I am - how I’m connected to my dad.

He was kicked out of the gang for some reason that my dad never told me and that’s when he started his own gang. Ever since, he has hated my dad more than anything. I think that my dad noticed how he started to become obsessed with me in some way... Maybe that is why he was kicked out, and my dad told me to never be around him, that I always needed to be careful.

I just wish I was more careful after I left the street race...

“Ryder, I need you. Please save me if I can’t save myself...” I whispered to myself, closing my eyes as I hoped for nothing bad to happen.

I’ve got to come up with some plan to get out of here, but I already tried, and I’m not sure how good my chances of getting out are.

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Right, when I started thinking of other ways to get out, the door opened, and Ryan walked in with stuff in his arms.

“Ready for the fun to begin?” He asked standing in front of me after he put his stuff down. I couldn’t tell what he brought in here, but I didn’t want to find out

“Fuck you,” I replied as I tried to hold back how scared my voice really sounded.

“You won’t be needing these.” He said and started ripping up my shirt, and that really scared me.

“Stop! Get away from me Ryan!” I yelled thrashing around, but it was no use as my shirt was off leaving me in my bra as he started with my pants. No, no, no... This can’t be real... He can’t do this to me. He can torture me, do whatever he wants, but not this...

“Now, we can’t have fun if you wear too many clothes. Can we love?” He asked cutting my pants off as I screamed with everything I could.

“Please stop!” I yelled with tears falling, but he didn’t. He just kept tearing my clothes off of my chained up body.

“Oh no, since you won’t be with me willingly, you will be with me forced.” He said as he took the rest of my clothes off leaving me naked. I felt so exposed. This isn’t how my first time is supposed to be...

“Please don’t do this!” I yelled as he took his shirt off, staring at my body like he wanted to devour me and I couldn’t stop crying.

“Please, I will join your gang! Anything! Please don’t!” I screamed again as my eyes blurred from the pools of tears. He was becoming a blur from the stream of water falling from my eyes.

“It’s too late now love, maybe after we have some fun, you can join.” He said, and I heard him take off his pants. No, I don’t want this to happen... He can’t...

I thrashed around in the ropes as much as I could for any way to get out. I didn’t want to lose my virginity to Ryan.

I felt his hands start feeling all over my body as I cried and pleaded for him to stop again. All he did was feel me up all around, and I couldn’t help but feel disgusted. I didn’t want this... I wanted this torture to end.

“You should have accepted my offer, but don’t worry it still applies after our fun.” He whispered into my ear as he leaned his naked chest against mine.

“I accept your offer! Now please don’t do this!” I yelled for the last time to get him to stop, but he only came closer. Pressing his naked body against mine as I tried to shrink into the wall behind me as much as possible to get away from him... From this monster.

“Too late.” He said as I cried out, and I was no longer a virgin.


Ryan just left after he got what he wanted and I feel disgusting.

That was the most painful two hours of my life. I can’t help but cry.

I’m still tied up, and my body hurts so bad. I’m too weak to even try and get out of the ropes.

I soon fell asleep because I was too tired and couldn’t wait any longer.

As I woke up, I noticed I wasn’t alone in the room because Ryan was sitting on a chair looking at his phone before he looked up at me.

“Good you’re awake.” He said getting up and I almost stopped breathing out of fear.

“I hope you had fun...” He grinned, and I just nodded because I was too scared.

I know that I’m a fighter, but now that he raped me, I’m scared of what else he might actually do.

“Good, now have you made your decision about my offer?” He asked running his thumb over my bottom lip, and I just nodded. I needed him to stop touching me.

“What have you decided?” He asked with a knowing look, and I lowered my eyes for a second.

“I will join your gang and be with you...” I said slowly looking at him. Hopefully, I can find a way out.

“Great, now let’s get these ropes off.” He said untying me.

Once I was untied, I almost fell from being in so much pain, but he picked me up.

“Where are we going?” I asked as he carried me through his house.

“Our room,” he said as we entered what I think is his bedroom. He called it our room and all I wanted to do was cry.

“Get some rest, I will be back soon.” He said laying me on the bed, and I just nodded.

“See you soon, my love,” he said and kissed my head before he left.

I have to get out of here somehow. I only agreed to his offer, so that I wouldn’t get tortured and he would untie me.

There must be a way out and now might be my chance because he just left.

I don’t know how long he is going to be gone, so better leave now.

I got up and put some clothes on, then walked out of the room. I checked to make sure that nobody was here as I made my way through his house.

I went to the back door, and as soon as I opened it, an alarm rang through the house. Shit.

I tried to run, but guards were surrounding me from inside and outside the door.

I got into a fighting stance and started to fight as many of them off as I could at once, but my body still aches from before.

I had knocked out a bunch of the guards who had already gotten hits on me, and there were only a couple left to fight before I could get away.

Just as I was about to knock the last guy out something hit my throat.

Putting my hand on it, I pulled it out and realized that it was a tranquilizing dart. I turned around slowly as my vision started to blur and saw Ryan looking mad.

As I fell into darkness, the last thing I heard him say was, “You shouldn’t have tried to escape, my love.”

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