The Fight For Love - BOOK ONE

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- Chapter 32.5 | A Thousand Miles Away


I’ve finally got her. Anastasia is mine. I’ve loved her from afar for way too long.

I’ve taken her out of Rosewood and into Tembrook. It’s more than a thousand miles away.

They will never find her here. Anastasia is now my Danielle, so that she has a different name and it will make it a lot harder for someone to find her.

I love her, and I won’t let anyone take her from me. It’s too bad she didn’t love me before.

During her plan to escape she got beaten up pretty badly, yet she still managed to take out all of my men except one. She would have had him too, if I didn’t stop her.

I tranquilized her with a drug that can cause memory loss if you use just the right amount. It lasts for about a month before I have to give her more, but I will do it for as long as I need to for her to be with me.

I had my arm around my love and pulled her closer before I drifted off to sleep with one thought on my mind...

I finally have you my love.

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