The Fight For Love - BOOK ONE

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- Chapter 33 | She Doesn't Know Us


Two weeks. It’s been two weeks since Anastasia has gone missing and it’s driving me crazy.

I never should have ignored her. Maybe if I was there for her this wouldn’t have happened.

She went street racing one night with her friends and went back to her moms instead of her dads the night she was taken.

We know she was taken because her car was parked outside of her house, but we found her phone on the ground.

There was also a bracelet that I always see her wear near it. It was broken, but it proved that she didn’t run away.

I contacted her father and tried to get him to let me help find her with them, but he refused.

So that left me no choice but to do it alone. Well not completely alone, because my gang is going to help.

I love her and I will do anything I can to save her.

I was pacing back and forth in my office waiting for some news of where she might be or who would take her.

I have all of my guys out looking for her or checking other gangs to find her.

Once I get her back I’m going to tell her how I feel. I thought that her dad was right and I wasn’t good for her, but being with him is even more dangerous than with me.

I was getting tired of waiting so I stormed out of my office and walked into Ron’s. I have him checking security cameras and databases for any track of her.

“Any news?” I asked pacing.

“Sorry boss.” He said sadly.

“Okay, I want you to check the top gang databases below us and let me know any recent information about them.”

“Okay” he said and got to work as I sighed and walked out.

(Ana missing 1 month)

Ana has been missing for one month and still, nobody has found her.

I’ve been skipping school to look for her and everyone keeps telling me that I need to go.

I miss her a lot. We’ve all been looking for her still, but have had no luck.

We checked so many places for her, and most gangs.

I’ve been going to the Underground a lot to let off steam and I’m about to head over there right now.

I left my office and went to my room, before I changed into my fighting clothes.

Then I walked downstairs and said bye to a few people that I passed as I walked outside to my car.

I sped down the streets that I usually go and parked by an alley near the Underground.

As soon as I parked, I got out and headed inside to sign in for the fights.

I walked up to the bar and saw Andy. “Hey Andy” I said taking a seat at the bar.

“Hey Blaze, need a drink?” He asked.

“Can I just have a water right now, I’m going to wait until after I fight for a real drink.”

“Sure thing” he said walking off to get the water.

“What’s been going on with you? You’ve been fighting so much more lately.” He said cleaning a cup.

I sighed. “My girlfriend was taken a month ago.” I said taking a drink of water.

“I’m sorry man, I hope you find her. Do you have a photo or something and I can take a look out for you, if I see her?” He asked.

He’s willing to help and we sure can use all the help we can get. “Yea, this is her” I say pulling up a picture and his eyes widen.

“Do you know her?” I asked suspiciously.

“Yea, I know Ray.. I’m surprised that she didn’t kick their asses with how good she can fight.” He said and I got confused.. Did he call her Ray?

“Why did you call her Ray?” I asked.

“Because that’s what everyone here knows her by. You should know since she took your title on her first day here.” He replied chuckling.

It all makes sense now. The reason Ana was so strong and could beat my guys up.

The way she almost punched through a locker and how strong she is.

The reason Ray hasn’t been fighting at the Underground since Ana was taken. All of the pieces are finally put together.

Anastasia is Ray and Ray is Anastasia. But then a thought dawned on me.

“How did you know that she’s Ray when she always wears a mask?” I ask.

“Because I met her the first day she came in here. She was only wearing her hood, but showed me her face and told me to bet on her. After that she started wearing a mask, but I don’t know why.”

“Ok, thanks and if you hear anything let me know.” I said and he nodded before going to help a customer.

(Ana missing 3 months)

Three months. It’s been the longest three months of my life and I can’t believe we have yet to find her. It’s like she got up and disappeared.

There were a couple of people who had sightings of her in different places and when we went to go look she was gone.

At least we know she is alive, but was she taken or did she leave. The people said that most of the time she was with a guard when they saw her.

Maybe she was taken, but they are watching her every move when she isn’t where she’s supposed to be.

All I know is that I won’t give up until I have Anastasia back. I will stop at nothing.

Whoever took her will pay.

(Ana missing 6 months)

It’s been 6 long months and we are finally getting closer to finding her.

I can’t wait to see her face again, her beautiful smile, and her dark mysterious eyes that I love so much.

When she is safe in my arms again, I don’t plan on ever letting her go. I want her to be my forever.

I was sitting down, going threw some paperwork when the guys burst into my office.

“What happened?” I asked as they were all breathless.

“We found her” Reece says and I jump out of my seat.

“Where is she!?” I ask.

“She was in town walking when we saw her. We called her name and she didn’t even turn around, so we ran up to her and tried talking with her..” Carson says and frowns when Reece finishes.

“She doesn’t know us.” He said sadly.

“What do you mean she doesn’t know who you guys are?!” I yell startling them.

“We mean she thinks that she’s someone else and doesn’t remember us.” Reece explains.

“Are you sure it’s her?”

“Yes, she has the same tattoos in the same places and looks exactly like her. Her voice is even the same.” Carson says.

“What does she think her name is?”

“She said her name is Danielle Pierce” said Carson.

“What else happened”

“She was on the phone with someone named Ryan and they sound like they’re together.”

“How did we miss it! She was talking to a Ryan right?!” I yell.

“Yea?” They say.

“I only know one Ryan who would want someone like Anastasia, and that’s Ryan Slade..”

“How did we miss that? We checked on Ryan, but he was just moving around a lot. We should’ve known..” Reece said.

“Where is she now?” I asked and they all looked kind of panicked.

“In the hospital.”

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