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The Art Of Pleasure

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The toy going in and out at a better pace as Bubbles suddenly jumps at the sound of a dog barking. Black fur scatters as he panics knocking down the Black out curtain rod from my bay window.. Some would call me the connoisseur of the art of the pleasure but let's be honest I'm just a twenty four year old horny female. A girl like any red blooded American out for toe curling, mind numbing, rock hard orgasms except I get paid for mine....and no I'm not a pornstar. Oh no, my job doesn't require makeup, a jizz shot, or a living partner. My job consist of hard, cold battery operated boyfriends who are there only for my pleasure. Their goals is to get a five star rating out of my cooter.

Drama / Romance
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1-A-Hole Cat

Some would call me the connoisseur of the art of the pleasure but let’s be honest I’m just a twenty four year old horny female. A girl like any red blooded American out for toe curling, mind numbing, rock hard orgasms except I get paid for mine....and no I’m not a pornstar. Oh no, my job doesn’t require makeup, a jizz shot, or a living partner. My job consist of hard, cold battery operated boyfriends who are there only for my pleasure. Their goals is to get a five star rating out of my cooter.

A typical night in the life of Kaylynn Ariel Maddox consisted of netflix, a bottle of wine and a toy from the factory of my choice. Having been hired by Pussy Passions over two years ago this was my life. Having no boyfriend, no children just my distant father and A cat named Bubbles. Bubbles the black cat was a watcher. The perverted male Always watching from the curtains when I started my noisy toys but sadly this girl had needs. Legs spread as the first glass of wine had warmed my empty stomach. Only in A white t-shirt three sizes too big on. A black box opened on the coffee table as the pink rabbit with ribbed edges and a vibrating clit stimulator rested on top. Knees shaking in anticipation as my warming tingling lube is squirted on the tip.

A deep breath sucked in as the tip is used to rub the entrance. The clit stimulator on low as it guides itself to the little flesh above the slit.I had learned my lesson about Too much speed. Having almost lost my mind by too much stimulation at once. The toy finding it’s sad end against the wall as it was launched. My body shaking for several minutes before I was ready to regroup myself. Up and down it goes gently vibrating my underwear clad body. I enjoy the build-up even if I am alone. Teasing never hurt anyone in fact it makes the job more enjoyable.

I was your average teen Spirit once. A girl who had lost her virginity at seventeen to the ideas of romance novels and sweet words. A hot body, sultry eyes and an accent straight from Italy that had every pair of High school girl underwear damp with just a look. He was a girl’s wet dream especially the head cheerleader of varsity. Antonio was perfect in my eyes. A God wrapped in warm, smooth and tan skin that begged to be touched. A marathon I planned to run. Legs spread wide as he took my virginity and as quickly as it was done he was too. A marathon ending before it even began. A disappointment that left me hurting only after twenty seconds. I vowed to never make that mistake again especially after he was caught pants down, dick in another male a month later while claiming to love me.

There is a method to my self pleasure and rating my toys. Some days I feel raunchy others days vanilla. Today is a romantic day as I lit candles around my home. The smell of lavender drifts the dark tones of my life. Black walls match the dark Gray charcoal furniture. I use the same toy several times for each mood. The toy starts to get wet from the several passes of vibration that tickle needy skin. My body opening like a flower as it sinks into the depths of me. A small hiss leaving parted lips. Bubbl watches from the window. Wide glowing eyes only showing from the black curtains that are slightly parted for his body. He thinks I can’t see him but I do as I close my eyes to block him out. My insides adjusting to this wide toy that is eight inches of painful pleasure.

The ridges take time to get use to. Going slow is key as the vibration is now off until I can get into a rhythm. You don’t want to overflow your body until you are about to orgasm. Singing and panting as you lose yourself before adding all you can to make you scream. My New neighbor who I have yet to meet probably hates me. The Girl who is constantly screaming and orgasming In the thin walls of the duplex while her black cat plays peeping Tom. The toy going in and out at a better pace as Bubbles suddenly jumps as the sound of a dog. Black fur scatters as he panics knocking the Black out curtain rod down. Deep vibrations of barks has the window shaking from a playful dog. Sunlight flooding in as Bubbles scrambles away and up the stairs while hissing and screaming. A fan of the over dramatics as I’m sure he is calming his ruffled fur with his fuzzy tongue under my bed with a flurry of passion.

I remain frozen with legs wide open. Stopping mid pump as I meet those crystal blues behind my bay window. Blues that mimic the pool water reflecting the sun mid day. The pool blue that begs you to jump in after a warm day. They swirl with humor as I look down to see the tall and wide body the eyes belong too standing shirtless. He reminds me of those metal washboards of old. Not an ounce of fat touches him as I imagine my hands cleaning my clothes on his rippled body of stone. A Gray pitbull attached to a black leash with wide baby blues has stopped barking as I realize my predicament. Dual sets of blue eyes never leaving mine as I look down. The vibrating toy slowly slipping out as I scramble to catch it. I can’t afford to replace this small toy after rent and food. When my rabbit has been disposed of properly brown eyes scan the window to find them gone.

My mission to test my toy gone as embarrassment sets in. Bubbles returning as if he isn’t a complete asshole. A pep to his step that wasn’t there before as wide eyes regard me. Searching hard for my mood before jumping back into the window that I’m to lazy to fix. Standing to collect the clip board that reflects the toys results are empty. Taking the black pen I write a note for my boss.

Bubbles is a class A asshole. My Time alone ruined by a hot bodied stranger. Thank goodness I shaved for summer.

Raquel my boss will be in fits of laughter when I return to work. The dog lover always telling me Bubbles is a female from a previous life. Swearing my cat drinks that tea and lives in the Shade. Yet I haven’t seen it until today as I hiss at him. Eyes that roll as I see that hint of attitude beneath fur. A deep yawn before he places his fluffy face down against splayed legs. I swear I see a hint of a smile before his face is buried. The clock telling me it’s time for work.

Work is bustling as always. Females handing in their reports and ratings with a smile. The good with the bad as as I slip into my personal office. The whole floor made up of personal offices for the testers who work here. My favorite toys all line the walls as I enter my office. A bed to the left, desk in the middle and a sex swing if I am feeling frisky. Taking a seat with my door open to let everyone know I’m not testing anything in private.

My desk isn’t littered with pictures of family as I find it odd. My desk all filled with reviews and articles with my pseudo​ name of Ao Pleasure. A soft knock has eyes meeting a smile, my boss sliding in. A curvy little number with dark blonde hair almost rimming brown hair comes in. Wearing a summer dress that shows shapely legs and a tight ass. That clipboard I turned earlier under her arm as she sliding into the chair across from me. If I was into women she would be my dream except she is very taken and has children.

" I can’t turn this review in to the company but I think you know that. So what happened? “.

" That cat happened”.

She laughs not even saying I told you so. Corners of her soft full lips turned up in the corner.

" He knocked down my curtain this morning right when the sun hits the bay window. I was getting off and some guy was standing there. He saw everything.....“.

She is hunched over in laughter. Hands on my desk as she tries to stabilize herself. Tears of my comedy act making her feel so good.

" Literally I was wide open with the rabbit between my legs. I was so shocked I froze and it vibrated out of my cooter. He got a good view of my goods then he was gone. Poof vanished”.

The laughter now sounds like two wounded animals. Raquel trying to say something audible as she keeps shaking in my seat. Eyes watering as she full blown laughs so hard she is crying. A deep breath before closing her eyes while her legs keep shaking.

" Please tell me you shaved? I know how you like to wear your jeans all year long?“.

" I did thank Jesus. Daddy had his summer Beach bash this weekend. He acts like he is twenty still. The woman there made me look old. Dear old Ricky was kissing up on some nineteen year old Co-ed like he isn’t rimming fifty himself. Mom would be so disappointed in who he became after her death” she replied as Raquel frowned.

" Don’t let daddy spoil your fun. He still loves your mother that’s why he is acting out..He lost his forever, less then a year ago. This is his first Beach Bash without her so cut the man some slack. I mean he still looks hot for his age. He took care of her for the last five years of her life. I’m just sorry I couldn’t come this year”.

" It’s fine I understand. Your babies comes first. I’ll retest the rabbit tonight and email you the results”.

" So was the guy who appeared behind your window sexy? And who is he?” Raquel asked wiggling those eyebrows.

" He was tall, built, had tattoos and a puppy. I don’t know him. I have never seen him before but the duplex’s do have the entrance to Whispering Willow hiking trails at the back. Perhaps he was going hiking and I’ll never have to suffer his gorgeous face again”.

Raquel stood as the clock pinged softly behind them.

" For your sake I hope not. You need to get out and start dating. When is the last time you had skin to skin relations with a real person? Danny’s little brother is coming into town perhaps we can set you up? “.

" Nope I don’t need your pity date but does he look like your husband?” I asked knowing Daniel was living breathing sex with a rough around the edges exterior look.

" They are half brothers but they both look like their dad but my brother in law is prettier then my rough down and dirty Daniel. I’m telling you when you meet him at the annual charity in a few days you’ll wish you had taken my advice. By then I imagine he’ll have some whore volunterly deep throating him”.

Raquel walked out that same pep in her step as Bubbles. My eyes following the sway of her hips. Hips that mesmerized every eye in the room. Two perfect globes that strained against tight fabric. Perhaps she should of taken her up on her offer but it was easier to be alone. A Master of your own pleasure and controller to the remote to Netflix.

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