The Art Of Pleasure

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“He shit in your shoe probably because you named him Bubbles”.

This was the thanks I was getting on my first day working with Jenner. His lawyers sending over the revised agreement that I had joyfully signed. Now my mission was to find a pair of wearable shoes as Bubbles had taken a shit inside my work style boots with a low heel that was wide. My favorite shoes that didn’t hurt my legs or back after a long day. My dad being Mr. Helpful as he reminded me that Bubbles hated me for anything really. His name, food or anything to blame me as I ran around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

" Dad I didn’t even name him, his Foster mom did. He was already use to being called Bubbles or I would of named him Butthole. I’m going to be late and on my first day. This is not the impression I wanted to make”.

My dad had taken to following me around until I found a pair of black flats beside my door. They were comfortable but not sexy or fashionable but they would have to do. Slipping them on and turning to my dad who held out my coffee mug with the biggest smile. He looked so happy like it was my first day of kindergarten again.

" How do I look? Professional? Cute, trying too hard? Messy?“.

He had rubbed his eye apologizing about something in them before hugging me.

" You look beautiful and professional. You look like your mother the day I met her”.

Dad had a way with words. I wasn’t sure if I should thank him or scold him. He had meant my mom when she worked as a Legal pimp of Escorts. Perhaps I would take it with a grain of salt. She had always dressed nicely and professional. Today I had paired a soft peachy tan chiffon blouse button down with a cream jacket and black slacks.

” So I look deliciously professional!” I asked.

He was all laughs now as he rubbed my back and pulled back.

" Exactly, my Crispy Bacon is all grown up now and doing big girl things. You make me so proud Kaylynn but don’t you forget no matter how old you get you will always be my BABY”.

" Dually noted Dad but is my outfit professional attire?” I asked him knowing he work for a computer programmer. He was use to seeing business attire everyday.

" Well if you’re looking to get a man to notice you professionally well I must say mission accomplished”.

That was his nice way of saying I looked cute.

" I’m not trying to date anyone dad. I’m trying to look like I know what I am doing?“.

" Well you do but if your trying to get a man to notice you for different reasons unbutton a few buttons on your blouse. That’ll do the trick and remember daddy isn’t getting any younger and I want to be able to keep up with my grandbabies. Hmm.... Although your honey colored eyes alone are hypnotizing”.

I patted my dad on the shoulder not even replying before kissing his stubbly cheek. Taking my coffee cup from his hands just as Bubbles came out of hiding from underneath the couch. Stretching his body before big green eyes met mine. Guilt and apologies written all over his face knowing I was mad at him. My finger going up to point at him.

" You little Turd, you left me a BIG surprise this morning didn’t you. Feel every piece of this angry eye contact. Also guess what Mr. Bubbles I have my own surprise for you. No fancy feast for you tonight Mr. petty paws since you blasted your hot guns all over my shoes”.

As quickly as he came out he was back under the couch ears touching his head as he retreated to the shadows of Mt. Petty which was his hiding place under my couch. His bad butt probably sulking under the couch even though I was the one who had Poop surprise in her boots this morning. Yet I felt bad when he disappeared under my couch maybe he was misbehaving because of something I had done.

Grabbing my dad’s key as I headed out. Heading down the stairs with my purse in tow. It was sunny outside as I took in a deep breath of that fall air. The leaves barely starting to make a show of their brilliance. Yellows and oranges littered the canopy before the bright blue sky above greeted me by wrapping me in cool refreshing winds. Eyes scanning the parking lot for my dad’s car but instead finding a gray BMW with a bow on top. Mr. Reeves playing Vana White to the car as he did a sleek walk down the side dragging his finger across the trim of the door.

" It’s not even your first day and you’re running late. Lucky for you I’m a generous Boss and I bring gifts”.

I couldn’t help it as I squealed like a child. I was hoping for the basic model Honda Civic with manual windows you have to unroll. Yet Here he was presenting me with new top of the line make and model. The man dangling a set of keys in my face. I had managed to keep my wits and not jump up and down like I wanted to so badly right now. Forcing my feet to remain planted on solid ground.

" Thank you but you’re wrong this isn’t a gift. This is my NEW job benefits. I’m technically not late either since your office is thirty minutes from here. I can speed and still make it in time”.

He dropped the keys in my open palm as I hit the unlock button. Hugging the hood of my new car. I could see from the front window everything was tan leather. It was beautiful and more then I have ever seen for myself.

" Actually you’re not late at all. I just changed locations for my office. Let’s park the car and you can follow me up”.

After parking my new car in my parking spot he had led me back up the stairs of my condominium much to my surprise. Stopping at the top of the stairs as he waited for my confused ass. My door right next to the stairs where he claimed his office was.

" My house can’t be your office. I have a cat who hates people. A dad that’s a temporary guest. You told me you had a legit office building”.

" I do” was all he said as he turned left instead of right. Heading to the two condos that had been turned into one huge one as I stood at the door to my place.

I stood at arm’s length hoping he was joking. This had to be a joke.

" Please don’t tell me you bought real estate here and especially next door to me. That’s stalker status and who puts offices in a dingy neighborhood like mine?“.

" I saw an opportunity and the condos were cheap. Im not going to have too much traffic for a sex toy company, so location doesn’t matter. Each room is going to be an office except one. Only the front office is up and running so we will have to share for now , until yours is finished. All Bathrooms and the kitchen are in working order.. Fridge is stocked with food and snacks”.

He pulled out a key and opened it when I had been certain this was a joke all along to annoy me. Yet here I was watching as he opened the doors to my nightmares.

" The walls are paper thin here. I think you should invest elsewhere”.

He laughed before pushing the door open slowly. The place still in all different stages of completion. The front room was beautiful resembling one of those open homes for developing properties. The floors were a wood laminate that looked real holding a smoky gray tint mixed with dark brown swirls and lines. A waiting room with several gray chairs with wood legs lined the small living room. A mahogany red table with magazines stacked perfectly in the middle. To the left was a room and beyond the sitting room was a large kitchen with a viewing hole inside the wall. Stools lining the ledge of the dark colored kitchen.

I could only get a peek of the kitchen through the viewing hole before he opened up the first room on the right. Fingers crossed it was the master bedroom he used to make the first office. The white door swinging open as my mouth fell open. It was the den or as some people called it a sun room. A tiny room with lots of windows as the sun trickled inside. Pots with small rose bushes hung from the ceiling in all stages of bloom. A picnic table set in the middle of the room with two laptops on each side of the bench.

" You can’t be serious? This isn’t an office at all. Are you trying to take me on a date and where are the other employees?“.

A deep rumble of laughter left his lips as he stood at the door.

" It’s all Still a work in progress. This isn’t the official office area. No, this isn’t a date Lynn, this is work. There are no other employees yet until we work out the kinks”.

I wasn’t offended by this at all. It actually made me feel relaxed. Even though it wasn’t what I expected it had it’s pluses. It wasn’t some stuffy cubical and I could understand why there were no employees here. I still felt awkward knowing it was going to only be us working together for some time..

" Well it’s relaxing and I like the sun and plants. Do I get a tour of the rest of your work in progress?“.

Finger tapping the wall before he finally stepped inside the room leaving the door open.

" Not yet, another time. Let’s get started on fixing my current toy. We can start with your list of favorite toys and why you liked them particularly well. We will make a list and start from there”.

" How would you do that? I don’t even remember all the toys I have tested”.

" Raquel printed out your favorite reviews from her database.. It’s important I know what you like as my designer and why you like it. My aim is to please the consumers buying my toy and keep them coming back for more”.

We had gone through all my reviews and by two I was exhausted and had to pee. My reviews had been underlined in red, notes taken on the sides as Jenner made a list. His fingers tapping away quickly as I told him what I loved about the select few toys who had gotten five stars. Glasses perched perfectly on his nose as the sun beat down through the blinds that weren’t closed all the way.

" Where is the bathroom?“.

Eyes meeting mine as he took off his glasses and placed them on his computer.

" First door on the left after the kitchen”.

“Thanks I’ll be right back and we can continue this”.

I had gotten up and left him alone to wander the Halls of his large 3000 foot square home. Pushing the first door open on the left didn’t reveal a bathroom but a master bedroom. It was fully furnished meaning he had lied. A king size bed laid in the middle of the floor with a white rug underneath it. The bed was made with a light cream colored blanket. A dark faux fur blanket the color of chocolate folded at the end. All different colors of brown decoration pillows went from big to small at the head of the bed.

A coffee colored couch to the left with three paintings of shapes hung above the brown love seat. Two dresser that were brown had a whiskey canter and shot glasses for decoration. Windows high above the bed made the room inviting as I came in.

A door to the left had me opening it to find the bathroom. The bathroom done in tile that went from the floor to the sides of the walls. Making it look like the room was cut from stone. Two sinks with brown granite across from the tub laid in the same stone tile. A large shower at the end and the toilet in a small room with a door inside the actual bathroom. It was a room inside a room. I had stopped myself from snooping any further as my hand touched the cabinet by the toilet. Giving myself a Stern talk about not being nosey.

I had managed to pee and washed my hands and proceeded back to my Boss without incident. Opening the door and immediately calling him out. I was never one for being subtle.

" The master bedroom is not being turned into a office. Why is there a room with a bed?” I asked.

He didn’t seemed phased as he continued to type away. Me just no realizing that room was lined up with my room. My room with the paper thin walls.

" If you haven’t noticed I just started this new business venture. I will be working long hours for the start up. There will be nights I have to work too late to drive out of the city and to my house. That room will be converted to offices at a later date. Your day is over though why don’t you head on home now”.

So I headed home with a sag to my shoulder. Now I wouldn’t be able to work with my toys even in my own bedroom at night while dad worked because The walls were paper thin. Great just great! What else did the world want to throw my way.

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