The Art Of Pleasure

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11-the three wise men

Julian has stopped by with his lovely mother who had presently been left with my dad as we cooked dinner. His mother stopping in every few minutes to direct us before she returns to my father’s side. The two making conversation in spanish. My dad is fluent in Spanish but never passed it down to me. He himself is half Irish and Puerto Rican, born but not raised on the island itself. My mother had been Half Italian and Black but born in the states. I knew the very basics of Spanish but not when the language was spoken in actual sentences.

My dad having not taught me for shame. He was afraid people would look down on us back when I was little. The two laughing and talking about us but what they were saying was foreign to me. Julian Browning the carne asada in the frying pan as I manned the rice. A laugh suddenly leaving Julian’s lips before he turns to me with beady eyes. Pointing the metal spatula at me.

" You little shit, you didn’t tell me your boss moved in next door” he shouted as I ran interference to shush him.

" Shut up the only thing between us is paper walls and no he doesn’t live there. He put his offices there”.

" Yeah and my dick is purple and named Prince”.

" It may actually be named Prince but that’s too subtle for you. I’m guessing you actually named him King but I would have no clue. You don’t let girl’s smoke it” I said quietly as he laughed hitting me with a hand towel.

" Nasty ass! That’s why you’re my best friend Noodles. You know his ass is doing more then working over there? And don’t you say no to me. His ass is being extra, too extra to get that booty”.

It was my time to hit him back with my hand towel. The food cooking as Julian turned on his heels and proceeded out the front door with me hot on his trail.

" Where the hell are you going?” I whispered before following him out the front door.

" Seeing your extra special dude” he said stopping right in front of his front window.

Hands pressed against the glass as he peered in. Me right on top of him as I tried to pry his face from the window praying Jenner wouldn’t see us.

" He’s average, nothing to see Julian” I quietly yelped into his ear as I climbed his back and tried to pry him away from.the window.

My efforts made little difference as he moved to the next window. Face against the next piece of glass as Julian whistled and then pinched my arm. Biting my lip to keep from screaming to alert the neighborhood we were acting like teenagers stalking their crush.

" Liar, you fucking liar. He is fucking gorgeous”.

" He’s decent at best”.

" Your life is decent at best”.

" Hey now that’s a low blow” I hissed before pinching his ticklish side.

He suddenly began to laugh trying to shake me off as I realized I had messed up when he began to shake me off his back. My body swinging forward as my head met the glass. The glass my best friend had just been peering through.

" Ouch” I screamed as Julian suddenly dropped me and became serious.

Hands at his side as I nursed my forehead by rubbing it with my hands.

" Lynn um...“.

I was still rubbing my forehead when the door swung open. My body turning around as Julian casually leaned against the wall. Liquid Blues scanned the outside of his house before meeting mine. Julian kicking the back of my shin when my eyes met Jenner’s bare chest. Good Lord I had forgotten how good he had looked without his shirt on. I’m fairly certain my mouth had fallen open as I stood there trying to look casual as my eyes refused to leave his ab muscles.

" Lynn? My eyes are up here”.

Well that enflamed my cheeks as I coughed nervously. Eyes going up to meet his own as those lips formed a delicious smile.

" Oh sorry. I hit my head I’m a bit dizzy still”.

Julian snickering behind me as his death points added up quickly.

" On my window? How did you manage that?“.

Oh great here came the twenty questions. I hated Julian sometimes as he took a step forward.

" We were on our way from the grocery store. We forgot a spice for the carne asada and Noodles likes her meat spicy. We were rough housing and she tripped into your window. Sorry about that”.

" Noodles that’s a cute nickname name. And who might you be?” He asked as Julian held out his hand.

" I’m Julian her best friend. You should hear what her dad calls her if you think Noodles is cute” Julian snickered out as he received a playful looking but Sharp jab to his side.

It wouldn’t have normally hurt but he had recently gotten a tattoo a few inches under his underarm, across his side. Julian sucked in a breath before glaring at me. Oh no I had just started a war.

" I’m Jenner” he said holding out his hand as they shook hands. .

" I know who you are. Noodles can’t stop talking about you, THE Mr. Jenner Reeves. Her boss and now office neighbor. How’s your dog by the way? I hear he wasn’t fond of Noodles cat”.

His eyes now twinkled with mischief as they met mine again. Julian smiling like the ass he wished he had from the sidelines. His eyes going back to Julian’s who was back to looking normal.

" My dog Glitter is good. She just went down for the night. She told you about our first introduction..hmm interesting”.

" You two named your animals stripper names” Julian said.

Man sometimes I wanted to take a bat to Julian’s face but he was too handsome to harm.

" My Cat’s name is not a stripper name and I didn’t name him”.

" But who keeps a male cat’s name as Bubbles?“.

I hoped Julian felt every piece of my judgement. Jenner laughed as Julian pressed my buttons faster than a toddler getting a new toy. Jenner Scratching his chin before his upper chest. It was time to cut this conversation short before it went from bad to worse.

" You and my dad are like weirdo twins Julian”.

" I love your dad Lynn. He’s the best so that’s a compliment I’ll take”.

" Speaking of parents ours are waiting for dinner. Sorry for disturbing you Jenner but we have to get going”.

I tried to pull Julian away but he remained stuck like glue. His mouth began to move and I knew he was up to no good.

" Have you eaten Jenner?“.

Oh I was going to beat Julian to death and stuff him in a shoebox. Please Please Lord let him have eaten.

" No, not yet. I just got off work and showered”.

" Why don’t you join us for dinner and before you say no we always cook enough to feed a small army. We are making carne asada tacos with rice and beans. Salsa is already made and chilling in the fridge”.

" Are you sure I wouldn’t be intruding on you guys?” He asked Julian before looking to me.

His hands now in his sweat pants pockets as Julian took a quick peek and wiggled his eyebrows at me.

" Of course you wouldn’t be intruding. It’s just a casual dinner between friends and family. You’re more then welcome to come over. Dinner is finished we just have to add the missing spice”.

Jenner nodded his head searching my eyes for something. I tried to remain neutral but cracked a smile when Julian kept mouthing Kong Dong and putting up his hands to show me his measurements.

" Alright I’ll meet you over there. I just have to change”.

I was about to say Julian and his mother were thirsty and he could remain as is but thought better of it. Julian was a petty Men at times.

" Alright see you then”.

I watched as he headed back in and closed the door before punching Julian softly in his shoulder.

" You backstabbing asshole”.

" Fuck off My favorite bitch, he is fucking Delicious you liar. Did you see his body and the outline of his cock. Bitch you owe me. He was soft and still long, hard and pierced. Omg Lynn he is going to ruin your ass when he has you”.

I had turned heel and left him to stand there alone. No one was ruining my ass, that place was forbidden from men and toy alike.
My first thought was liquid courage as I hit the door. Quickly grabbing my cheap box wine and pouring it before Julian could catch up. My dad watching as I chugged a full glass down without a breath. The glass being torn from clutches as Julian took it away. Lips out as I pouted and he grinned in my face. Julian and my cat we’re officially in the dog house.

" You’re insufferable Jules” I hissed.

" Yeah well it’s better then being a liar. He’s Average, Really Bitch. Please take several seats. That man wouldn’t even be average if you shaved his eyebrows off”.

I reached for my wine glass as he held it out of arms reach. Making a mental not to only make friends with people smaller then me.

" Now now Noodles I’m doing you a favor. You tend to get wild when you get drunk. A little buzz is all you need and from the looks you are already a bit buzzed”.

" Oh you’re going to give me lectures now Mr. Bootyhole Man whose safe word is Pineapple Juice”.

Now my dad was standing up. Hands crossed over his chest as he came to separate the children fighting in the kitchen. Hands on both our shoulders as he stood the middle ground. Eyes going from me to Julian.

" What’s going on here? You two left giggling and return angry at each other? “.

" Nothing we can’t figure out as best friends” Julian replied patting my dad’s shoulder to reassure him.

He was right I wasn’t going to allow something so miniscule to destroy our friendship. Julian was my chosen family.

" He’s right dad I’ll get over it and we will be fine. I’m just upset he invited my boss to dinner”.

My dad was smiling now as he released our shoulders.

" Wow that’s what you are mad about baby? We will get through dinner without incident I promise. He’s just your boss”.

And that ladies and gentlemen was the famous last words of the night as Jenner knocked on the screen door.

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