The Art Of Pleasure

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12-Sinners Dinner

He had entered the house looking more pulled together then me. Hair gelled to perfection in a button down light blue shirt and black slacks that clung to him harder then a newborn baby to the tit. He had somehow pulled perfection out in ten minutes flat while I wore sweat pants and a black t shirt. My hair tossed into a lumpy pony tail and me cautiously sipping the little bit of wine Julian had supplied to preserve my dignity. Of course everyone was on their best behavior even the Devil himself, Bubbles was looking cute. Laying across the couch eyes big as if he wanted to make a great impression. The men in my life could be insufferable at times.

My dad had already made up his mind that Jenner was a walking angel. The man who had comforted his dying wife on her last days on Earth. The man all smile as he held out his hand. Jenner making introductions to the man who should of been cleaning his shot gun but was too busy day dreaming about future grandbabies.

" Welcome Jenner. I’m Erikson Maddox, Crispy Bacon’s father”.

Oh dad had gone straight to games as I tried to smile. This whole group had jokes on my expense tonight. At least Julian’s mother couldn’t speak English. My smile probably mimicking a deranged person. Teeth all showing as that was all my soul could muster.

Jenner laughing as he took my father’s hand.

" I’m Jenner Reeves. It’s a pleasure to meet the man Gemma held to such high regards. She was an Angel”.

Just with those words my dad had fallen in love. I swore I heard the man’s heart flutter.

" I feel like I already know you. My wife Gemma told me all about you Jenner. We thought you were in her imagination. Towards the end she was seeing things. Did my Gemma set you on my daughter’s path?“.

" She was supportive in my healing process as well. At the time I was married and she had asked me to keep and eye on Kaylynn. I did but at a distance. I didn’t even know who she was until a few months back”.

" Oh yes you were married before to the porn star?“.

Well this was finally changing direction, hopefully away from me. How interesting he never mentioned his ex was taking the pole for cash.

" Tegan did one porno before I met her, I learned about that after the marriage. She was a nude model for artistic purposes when I met her”.

He really had a way of making the ex sound like an everyday law abiding citizen and not a lying gold digger. Perhaps he was embarrassed of the truth of their actual relationship.

” Well either way I owe you my gratitude Jenner. Now I know you met Julian today and this is his sweet mother Blanca. She only speaks Spanish”.

The short woman was all smiles as she held out her hand.

” Holla guapo joven el se ve fuerte y fértil. Hello you handsome young man. He looks strong and fertile“. Blanca said as I looked on confused.

Julian would have to translate for me later. Blanca now turning to her son with a big smile as Jenner took her hand and kissed it. Blanca turning to her son with a smirk.

Is this Lynn’s boyfriend? They will make beautiful babies. He has a nice butt son but keep your eyes to yourself“.

Everyone smiling at whatever Blanca had said.

“Gracias Blanca yo estoy de acuerdo nuestros hijos van a estar hermoso.
Thank you Blanca. I agree our children will be beautiful”.

Everyone was now laughing as I felt like the outsider looking in. Julian sliding up behind me and hugging me from the back.

" They were just making introductions. You didn’t miss much”.

Dinner had been served and thank Goodness because if everyone was eating no one was talking. Although my dad had mastered the multitasking of eating like a ravenous wild bore but by some miracle remaining perfectly clean. I ate normally not letting Jenner’s presence mess with my first love of food. Tacos were as delicious as they were messy which is why I wore my taco dinner clothes. My old sweatpants that I wouldn’t cry over when I dropped salsa and lettuce all over them.

" So Jenner how is working with my daughter?“.

Dad was always the curious one.

" She can be an enjoyable handful”.

" You mean she is stubborn, strong willed but fair”.

I was sitting right here while they talked about me like I wasn’t in the room. My dad’s eyes meeting mine as he winked.

“Yes, she is all of those things. She demands respect and can hold anyone’s attention. She has a lot of good qualities that one would search for in a partner”.

" I agree Lynn has always demanded respect. She was such a strong willed child. When she was three she refused to believe the world was round or that water was blue. Even when presented with proof she still refused to budge from her beliefs. You know in second grade she led a pro girl power March for her school. Her mother was big on equality”.

" That’s an admirable quality in a women and to instill in your children”.

I had to agree it was admirable. Jenner had been nothing but sweet tonight as everyone was getting along quite nicely. My dad moving to the topic most father’s brag about to embarrass you.

" Lynn was such a beautiful chubby little baby. I would bust out the family albums but I promised her I wouldn’t embarrass her”.

Everyone was now looking at me sitting at the table. Half a taco in my mouth as if not seeing me as a baby was the end of the world. My dad loved looking at old picture albums. A way for him to go back in time for a bit to pretend My mother was still here.

" Fine you all can see me as a baby but I’m warning you I wasn’t as cute as he says. Dad it’s The red photo album in my room on my book shelf”.


We were all gathered around the table as dad brought out the photo album and opened it up. The first picture was of my father and mother sitting down. Dad’s hands around my mother’s pregnant belly and a sonogram in his hand. His fingers forming a heart around it. The picture had faded with time but the afro my mom rocked was beautiful. Dad’s hair was long and almost looked curled at the ends as he wore bell bottoms.

" Wow how much Rain hair spray did you use back then? You’re the reason we have a hole in the ozone layer” I joked as my dad smiled.

His fingers tracing the edges of the old picture. Jenner just standing over us as we sat on the couch below him. A picture of my mother as a young woman on the next page as daddy just did a quick glance and turned the page.

” Your mother was beautiful Lynn. I miss her laugh everyday. She loved and treasured you so much”.

The book now on a new page as Julian squealed. There sat a fat wrinkly baby in a pink shirt and a diaper laying in her mother’s skirted lap. The babies eyes unfocused and not yet a full color. Baby me was more rolls and wrinkles then an actual baby as everyone laughed.

" When you were born your looks were questionable for some time. We we were a bit worried for a few months. You looked like a sad old man mixed with a slinky for a time but You blossomed after your ninth month”.

He turned the page but instead of a baby picture it was a picture of me on prom night. I wore a red dress that was long, glitter at the bottom and top. It had a sweetheart neck line and the fabric clung to my figure. My arm out as I smiled at the camera and my ex putting a corsage of red roses on my arm. Even now when I saw my ex I couldn’t deny he was handsome. It had been years since I laid eyes on a picture of us. My dad quickly moving the picture aside as he knew there were hard feeling there.

Jenner had noticed my father brush past the picture his eyes looking to mine. I couldn’t help but wonder if my mother had been so kind to skip that very blotched part of my past. How I had walked in on my boyfriend with his pants around his ankles my very young Uncle Danny pumping into him. It was quite the scandal as my ex was barely eighteen and Danny twenty one but still living with us.

Mom had tried to salvage the relationship between my uncle and I but it didn’t work. I had felt wronged by her efforts only to learn she was doing it because she was sick. Right before her death Danny and I had reconciled. I did it more for her benefit telling myself he was the only remaining living relative on my mom’s side. Also that at twenty one people don’t always make the best decisions but I still held a small grudge toward him.

Uncle Danny had married a girl named Emily a year later and the two are currently in an open relationship with no kids. I don’t judge him as long as he is true to his word. If Jenner knew about that whole situation with my Uncle he didn’t say a word about it. The night ending quite normally as Jenner headed home after looking at all my baby pictures.


The next morning had me getting coffee before work even grabbing Jenner a black coffee. I had no idea what he drank but I enthusiastically decided he would drink something as dark as his soul. Knocking on his front door just in case this was his actual private residency as Julian had reinforced. The door being flung open by a little blonde boy who smiled up at the shocked looking me. He was cute with dark blue eyes, a thin nose and very pink little lips. Dressed in a dark blue button down with a bow tie looking a miniature businessmen but cuter.

" Dad your worker friend that’s a girl is at the door” he shouted.

Jenner just yelling to let me in as His son stood to the side and gestured me in.

" Don’t mind Daddy he’s flustered. The Nanny told me Mommy went to jail for hurting someone. Im staying here with DAD because he fired my mom’s nanny. I’m going out back to play with my dog Glitter”.

Just as quickly as he answered the door he was gone. He didn’t seem upset that his mother was gone as he ran through the house like a mini tornado. Guilt setting in that I was the one who had sent this boy’s mommy away as Jenner finally made an appearance. Not looking how I imagined as he wore sweat pants and a black wrinkly shirt. Jenner hanging up the phone as he smiled my way but looked burdened.

" So I’m guessing the mini tornado who is as cute as a button is your son? Mentioned he is staying with you while his mom is in jail?” .

Jenner laughed as his dog and son could be heard playing from the small backyard outback.

" That is Aiden Mathew Banks Reeves my son. His mother insisted on keeping her surname attached to his as she never changed her name to mine. His mom was arrested last night on charges of attempted murder and with tampering with an object in an attempt to do bodily harm. I won full EMERGENCY custody of him this morning and fired her nanny”.

Women like Tegan didn’t stay in jail long. There was someone always available to bail a girl like her out. Of course I had googled her hoping to find she was normal only to find Cinderella looking back at me.

" Well I’m sure she’ll bail herself out soon enough”.

" Apparently not her lawyer just called said that she doesn’t have enough money to even cover rent since I put a hold on paying her child support this month when I filed for custody. He told me That Tegan quit her modeling job months ago because she was getting remarried. I guess it all fell through and she was looking for work before her arrest. I had no idea she was dating although it isn’t my business. Last we spoke I was firing her from her job at my warehouse”.

How odd was it that she didn’t mention a boyfriend. Also that she kept the job he gave her but quit the others. Something wasn’t quite adding up her.

" You didn’t know she was going to get married? How odd is that, that she quit her modeling jobs but stayed working for you until you fired her?“.

" She wasn’t getting many modeling gigs these days. Tegan is beautiful but her attitude is less then agreeable. People will work with a bitch but only for son long”.

He was right my Google search of Tegan Banks the elegant nude model had pulled up as much. The name was rocked with scandal and stories of her diva behavior. If your wondering if I watched her porno. Why yes, Yes, I did watch her porno with a Mr. Brandon Winston. The hot male model and actor who had rumored ties to the Mafia. The guy Jenner Reeves failed to mention had introduced the lovely couple to begin with and ran in the same circles. In fact The Reeves and Winston’s had a flourishing friendship that seemed to have soured over the last four years or so. Perhaps the relationship was never mentioned because both men had shared in the nectar of Tegan Banks.

I knew exactly who Brandon Winston was. Every female with a vagina did. He was sex, trouble and drugs wrapped into one. Tegan and him deserved a standing ovation for their sex tape called 3 nights in T’s tight pink Heat. Brandon Winston was today’s Brad Pitt and Tegan was the b list Kim Kardashian. I should of known then that there is always more to the story and all these people had a past.


Author’s note: *I’m changing the cast characters for Jenner and Lynn. Just because I was drunk when I picked the cast and I wasn’t happy with who I chose*. I’m going back and changing the cast list in the start of the book. Please read and comment. Chapter isn’t edited. Meme is at end after the pictures of the new cast list.

Jenner Reeves

Kaylynn Ariel Maddox

Tegan Banks the ex wife

Aiden Reeves/Banks

Brandon Winston ( Tegan’s porn partner)

Uncle Danny


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