The Art Of Pleasure

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13- Whips and cream

Today had been an exciting day between Glitter, Jensen’s son and myself. It had been a mildly productive day going over materials for the new prototype of the Fox before being interrupted every ten minutes by the rowdy pair. Glitter the white pitbull wearing a pink tutu and Aiden in his cowboy gear and fake holstered guns. He reminded me of Woody as I smiled when the pair ran by the open door. Jenner still in his casual attire while I wore my stuffy business clothes but I was thankful he had a shirt on. Jenner catching me off gaurd when I was looking over pricing for materials.

" I have to fill in for Career day at his school”.

Well that was going to be interesting to explain to a bunch of kids and a teacher what he was doing for a living.

" Oh so are you going to casually mentioned you make sex toys for a living. Smile and hope the facility doesn’t have you removed”.

Jenner laughed as he stretched in his reclining chair. The vibration of his laugh making her insides shake. The laugh was joyous and light.

" No, I’m going as the connoisseur of Corn since the connoisseur of sex toy testing is already taken and most people don’t like to talk about medicinal marijuana. How is your jump start back at your old jog going with Raquel?“.

Eyes rolling at the mention of both of those. He knew damn well I had my hands tied on both ends.

" Well it is at a standstill for now. My dad is staying with me until the house sells. Raquel and I haven’t really spoken but I plan to have a chat with her soon”.

I had forgiven Raquel but not forgotten. In this moment I was preparing for some FUN revenge. The kind that didn’t get you fired or lose any friends in the process but taught a good lesson. Curiosity had suddenly taken hold as I eyed Jenner who was looking right at me. What had he told his son of us.

" What have you told Aiden about me? “.

A soft smile painting the corners of his lips as he ran his hands through his perfectly messy hair.

" That we work together?“.

" Is that it, I hope that is it. You haven’t told him about the incident? Or that I’m the person his mom hurt?“.

“No, he is a child Lynn. What would I tell him. Oh Aiden yours Daddy’s dick broke Lynn”.

She reach across the table and gently swatted his head as he laughed. His shirt hugging his body as it shook with the vibration of his laugh. This smug brat thought he was funny. I had to agree he was sexy and adding daddy to the list had only added to his appeal but was he funny um no.

" No, your FAUX plastic dick didn’t break me it electrocuted me. Don’t flatter yourself”.

Clearing his throat as he did one deep cough.

“Wasn’t it you that told me it was too bulky so I’m not flattering myself Lynn. It’s not my fault you can’t handle the girth size of the mold of Daddy’s dick”.

I was going to pretend he had never said that as I cringed.

“Let’s never refer to yourself as Daddy again and You do flattered yourself. The minute you had your Penis molded into a toy. Who does that anyway? Crazy people” I whispered.

His eyes met mine as he set up. Back straight as he stared into my soul and I began to wonder if there was actually a bugger stuck somewhere.

" An entrepreneur and opportunist does those things”.

" Sounds more like flattery if I have ever heard it before”.

Jenner was now looking at the clock as Aiden came charging into the room. The big grandfather clock chiming as noon came. The boy rubbing his belly like he had been starving all day. A pout on his little lips.

" Daddy I’m hungry. Can you make me a grill cheese and tomato soup. Add some cheese on my soup and put some goldfish on it for me...PLEASE and THANK YOU”.

" Of course little guy I’ll make you whatever you want but you can’t feed Glitter any of your grilled cheese. Cheese is bad for her and we want our girl to live for a long time. Go to the kitchen I’ll be right there”.

I couldn’t believe he could cook. Sure a grilled cheese was simple but he could make more then my dad. That man was banned from the kitchen but I had noticed lately Julian’s mother always bringing him a plate from her table every night.

" You can cook?“.

" I’m a single dad so I’m a specialist in cooking certain foods. Why don’t you take the rest of the day off. I’m going to take Aiden to the ZOO today after we eat lunch. See you tomorrow same time?“.

I nodded my head watching as he headed for the kitchen his little son already sitting patiently and waiting. Feeling guilty for staying for a few seconds and watching the pair interact before bright blues met mine and I scurried home.

" See you tomorrow then” I shouted on my way out the door.


It was only three in the afternoon and I was at whits end. Bubbles and daddy both on my last nerve as I headed out. It was like the two had become best friends and fed off of my stress and turmoil. Grabbing my keys I left the two bad butts at home together to plot alone.Deciding it was time to go shopping when I got a flyer for a new lingerie place. I was most certainly in the market for new bras and panties. Heading straight towards the LOCAL outlet stores and mall. It had been some months since I had bought a new bra or new underwear. Figuring it was NOW time to re-up and deciding on actual matching sets this time. For some reason wanting my undergarments to have some form of appeal and not scream cheap ass bargain shopper.

Today I hit up chateau De Marla instead of my usually Bargin Bin Bundled Underwear. I mean the name made it sound dirty but it was good undergarments at bargain prices except nothing ever matched. It was all mismatched and left overs from department stores hence why the underwear was cheap.
Chateu De Marla was beautiful compared to Bargain Bin that just had boxes with underwear and bras stuffed in. The shelves and racks all sorted nicely around a sitting area that was lined with mirrors. Changing rooms in the back that had a pull curtain to see what your expensive pairing looked like.

This place looked like a runway and fashion show of flesh and lace and I loved it until I saw the prices. Sixty five dollars for a bra and forty five for beautiful lacy red lingerie with pearls. I was ready to make a run for it when an employee stopped me.

" Miss can I assist you? Measure you?” She asked with a measuring tape wrapped around her neck.

She was older with graying hair thrown into an elegant bun and she wore a Maid’s outfit that read chateau De Marla. The name reading Marla Owner/ manager on the name tag above an ample sized chest. She was short but it suited her and she looked good for her age.

" Oh no I was just looking”.

The lady smiled while looking at the wrack I was just rummaging through as my bank account cried.

" Aww that is our whips and Cream collection. I insist you try some lingerie on. Red is your color”.

" No, I’m actually just window shopping. Plus I don’t think I would look good in these. “.

The old lady was smiling even bigger now as she nodded her head.

“Non sense dear you have an amazing body. I think my collection would suit you and your body type. Why don’t you just humor an old lady and try them on. I know they are way over priced. I wouldn’t even purchase them if I didn’t make them but they are worth it. The Quality is superb and I put my heart into making them”.

She had roped me in as I grabbed my sized bra off the table and a matching panty set with a fake chain across the front. The bra had a string of pearls across the bust area. This set was only for SEX, one couldn’t wear this as every day clothing. I didn’t need these because I wasn’t trying to impress anyone. The only thing that been between my legs recently was plastic. I needed practical undergarments not this seduction baby making reverse cowgirl stuff.

" Sure I’ll try them on but I need more practical matching sets for home and

The lady seemed to understand as she looked at the tag for my bra size. I felt strange just standing here in the middle of a lingerie and undergarment store.

“32 C, you’re a tiny thing. I have sexy casual underwear as well but you’re in the romance department. You’re so nervous does a girl as beautiful as you have no boyfriend or husband?“.

I just laughed nervously wringing my hands.

" I have no Male companionship at the moment”.

I had always been awkward with people as she looked at me oddly. Did she think I liked females.

" Oh I mean I like Men but I’m just enjoying being single. I don’t like girls if that’s what you’re thinking. I mean I think girls can be hot, sexy and all that but sexually they are just not my flavor”.

The lady was just laughing now before patting my shoulder.

" It’s fine Beautiful. I don’t care who loves who, love is love my dear. Why don’t you go try those on. I’ll go pull some casual but sexy undergarments for you”.

I had slipped the lingerie on surprised when I looked amazing in them. The bra pressing my boobs up and together. The pearls fell perfectly across my breast line enhancing their appearance. The material felt like silk inside the cups even the underwear was smooth. The silk in the front and lace sewed to cover the butt cheeks area. The chain going across made me feel alive made me look desirable.

" Miss I pulled you a good selection. Do you want to come out onto the show floor so I can make sure you have the right sizes”.

The older woman sounded slightly foreign now. Her accent coming through more as I took a deep breath and opened the door just as a deep voice made me freeze half way through the door.

" Mama How’s business going?“.

" I told you son men are not allowed back here I have customers”.

Two sets of eyes met mine as I swallowed nervously. Too frozen to do a roll and close. Brandon Winston stood before me in all his glory but sadly clothed. I had just seen this man’s porno starring my boss’s ex wife. Well this got awkward and even more so in the fact I was practically naked. Especially since I knew his dick girth and size from the screen. He had a lot to work with but not as much as Jenner. Why I was even comparing the two was beyond me. I hadn’t even had a man in years and here I was comparing Tomatoes and Potatoes.

A perfect smile flashed my way as I finally felt my body move when baby pale blues met mine.

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