The Art Of Pleasure

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I had tried to reason in my head that this was all a Dream. Even pinching myself only to hiss quietly. A soft knock on the door as I opened my eyes.

" I’m so sorry Dear my son is gone. I pulled some more work friendly attire for you. I’ll just hand them over the top. Is the bra true to size or do I need to measure you?“.

" Thank you and yes the bra is true to size” I said grabbing the four bras she had pulled for me in various colors.

I tried them all on and decided to purchase them all. Why not splurge on myself but happily left the whips and Cream collection behind. I was all about comfort not sex as I wasn’t having any currently. Eyes scanning the room before I made my grand escape to the check out register. Mr Brandon Winston no where in sight as his mother checked me out.

" I’m so sorry about Brandon. He has done his own thing ever since he could walk”.

His mother placing all four bras in the bag. What could one even say to this whole situation. Oh it’s fine I have seen him naked, so we are square.

" It’s fine it’s not like he hasn’t seen a woman half naked before” I replied feeling really awkward now.

It was a known fact Brandon had dated the Elite. All models and actresses for Mr. Brandon Winston. Ones that would put my average looks and body to shame.

" I’m sorry I didn’t mean to insinuate that he is a Playboy or anything but that he dates high class”.

His mother just laughed pressing her hand on top of mine. A big smile on her face.

" Don’t worry I know all about Brandon’s reputation. He dates models and actresses but I wouldn’t attach their names with high or class. I haven’t liked one girl my son has brought home. Not that those girl’s parents would approve of Brandon. He doesn’t have the cleanest dating record either and not to mention his dirty movie with that girl Tegan. Good thing his father isn’t of this world anymore or he would of thrown a fit. I’m am however going to give you a fifty percent discount because of that mishap with my son in the back. So your total is sixty five dollars”.

I liked the way dirty movie sounded versus porn, the word making me snicker. This older woman sweet and rational as she rang up the discount I was so thankful for. Handing her my debit card with a smile knowing I could afford this one splurge without feeling guilty.

" Thank you for the discount, I appreciate it”.

" Have a great day Dear and sign up for the coupons if you wish. At the beginning of every month we send out scratch cards for discounts from 5 to 50 percent off. Just fill out this paper and shove it in the box ” she replied tapping a little black box in front of the cash register.

I decided I liked this shop and the quality of undergarments. Signing myself up for the coupons and stuffing it into the box before heading out. What was the worst that could happen. I would buy a ton of bras and only get five percent off at the check out. My little mishap from before all but forgotten as I headed home.


The next morning was proving to be a disastrous day. The coffee maker breaking before my cup was finished. Morning Coffee and muffins from my Dad had become my life and today my life was failing. Of course as luck would have it my dad was missing this morning as well. Bubbles however seemed to be in a cheerful mood. The brute bringing me a present through the cat door. A high pitch meowing catching my attention as he dropped something at my feet. The present came in the form of a de-feathered half dead Cardinal he promptly dropped at my feet. The little serial killer looking up at me with wide eyes saying look Mom I love you and brought you a token of my appreciation.

His little furry paw touching my foot as the bird fluttered a bit and I almost screamed. Instead I bit my tongue and thanked My cat. Patting his furry head before tossing him a treat not wanting a repeat of the last time he brought me a gift. A half severed lizard with it’s innards hanging out as I had screamed and ran away. My dad driving half an hour to dispose of it’s body. My cat in his rage had somehow dumped his litter all over my house while I was at work that day. The toilet paper so elegantly decorating my bed and bathroom as his show of appreciation to my reaction to his gift. It took me hours to clean his mess and taught me a very valuable lesson in etiquette.

The little bird fluttered again as I smiled down at Bubbles. A small squeal coming from my lips as he looked at me dead in the eyes. The look saying what Kaylynn, I brought you breakfast when your dad failed. However I knew that Bubbles wasn’t that sweet at heart. Only investing in his own future because if I ate then he got to eat. The door opening as My dad came in and Aiden beside him holding a white box with a red bow on top.

" What’s going on?” I asked curious as the unlikely pair entered my house. The little bird looking up at me as terrified as I felt. His chest feathers all missing as Bubbles I’m sure had his fun scaring the little thing half to death..

" I went to go get muffins this morning and saw Jenner and Aiden. I offered to watch the little tyke until you get home from work. This box was outside the door, it’s for you”.

I watched as Aiden walked over to the little bird. Gently picking him up as Bubbles remains calm. Not even riled up as the boy picked up the flopping bird that settled down in his small hands. This little furry beast all angel now as if he wasn’t the one who degloved the poor bird.

" It seems Bubbles brought me breakfast dad. I’m not sure what to do with the bird. As you can see it’s not dead but it’ll probably die soon”.

Aiden was rubbing the bird softly. His fingers rubbing and gently pressing in places before he smiled.

" I hope The Cardinal is alright”.

The boy held out the bird as my dad took the bird. Ruffling up the feather gently on the breast bone before smiling down at Aiden who looked so worried.

" There are no puncture wounds. It seems Bubbles just tore out some of his feathers. There is a wildlife sanctuary in walking distance. Want to walk down there with me Aiden?“.

The boy nodded his head as I grabbed Bubbles another treat. Tossing it to him as he ate it and then proceeded out the cat door that he had originally brought his present through. His fluffy tail the last thing swaying through the opening as my dad put down my box of muffins and the white box. At least now Bubbles wouldn’t redecorate my house as I had rewarded him for his attempted murder. The time on the clock reading 5 till work as I hugged my dad and then Aiden.

" I have to run but just to let you know the coffee maker broke. See you all later today. Lock up before you go and thanks for the muffins”.

My father still held the bird in his right hand. Aiden at his side as I waved to them.

“Have a great day sweety. Jenner said the door was open and to just go in” my dad replied.

Grabbing both boxes on my way out I headed over to Jenner’s. The door cracked open as I headed inside. Our small intimate work space empty as I took a seat.

" Hey Boss I’m here. Sadly my coffee machine broke so don’t test me today” I shouted.

A deep grunt in response to my announcement. He was down the hall as I opened my muffin box and looked at the lemon poppy seed muffin. A little wrapper with lemons around the bottom as I smiled. I didn’t have coffee but at least I had my muffin. Next I grabbed the white box opening it up and gasping as I peeled back the red paper. There were the lingerie pieces I had tried on the day before. The bra with the pearls and the black underwear with the chain. A cough making me drop the pieces back into the box as Jenner stood at the door.

" You planning to wear those to work sometime? ” He asked with a subtle but playful wink. ” I never pictured you as the playful lingerie type. You’re always so uptight and business proper”.

Well damn if that didn’t hurt one’s self pride. He had just basically called me an uptight prude and while I was those things it didn’t mean I wanted to be. I simply had goals and ambitions but that didn’t make me boring or frumpy.

" I think they are sexy but I didn’t buy these. I have no one to impress so I wouldn’t waste my money. Maybe when I start dating I’ll buy some trashy lingerie and get my bed messy. Until then I’ll be Proper Frumpy Lynn”.

" So who paid for them then? Who would be bold enough to buy Kaylynn lingerie?” He asked reaching for the small card I hadn’t noticed attached under the big red bow.

" How would I know. Give me that back” I yelled while trying to pry it from his fingers but he was too quick.

Tearing the top of the small envelope and pulling out the small card with roses and pearls printed on it.

“An image of beauty and fullness I’ll never forget. They were too beautiful to be left behind. Brandon R Winston ” Jenner read before tossing the card down on the table.

He didn’t look happy as his eyes met mine. Something dark swirling in those usually casual happy blues. It looked more like rough seas now and I was the rocks they wanted to crash on.

" How does Brandon Winston even know you? Your bra size for that manner? Are you talking to him?“.

The way he asked had a tone of dissaproval and something else I didn’t recognize as I swallowed nervously. This man acting like my parent as I grunted.

" Well my Dude he happened to cup them with his grabby hands. That’s how he knows my bra size. Who am I to tell Mr. Winston no?” I teased. The look he gave me making me change my answer as he wasn’t laughing. The nerves in his neck seemed to dance to my words. A disturbing dance of madness indeed as I laughed nervously.

“I’m joking geeze. I ran into him at his mother’s lingerie shop yesterday. I came out of the dressing room and he was there. I can only guess he got my address and size from his mother. He has no interest in me. He probably sent this as a I’m sorry I saw you almost half naked gift. Why Do you know him?” I asked clearing my throat.

Not letting him know I knew all about his ex wife and Brandon’s screen debut.

" I use to know him. We were once in business together and good friends. Tegan sort of dated him before me and they made a porno together. I won’t tell you to stay away from him but he is no good. He has no morals. I’m guessing the reasons he is interested in you is because of me”.

Wow what a way to offend a girl. My mouth slacking open as I glared at him. It was fine if I admitted I was average but not him, my boss.

" Wow, so basically he couldn’t be interested in me because of me. Are you saying I’m not pretty or good enough to catch his attention? I mean I’m not a total toad, I’m kinda of cute”.

Jenner seemed taken back by that. The man now rubbing his jaw nervously.

" I didn’t say that Lynn now did I? Don’t you find it funny that he found you out of the blue? The girl I’m....I mean is working for me”.

He didn’t seem to want to clear up my hurt feelings about my looks as I glared at him the best I could with no coffee.

" So you would really assume he sent me a flyer to his mom’s shop on purpose. I went down there and he accidentally bumped into me. Then he sent me lingerie and for what purpose? Are you trying to say he is that manipulative? And what would be his reason to go that far to get back at you. I’m no one special to you. I’m just your employee. Is there something I’m missing here?“.

He seemed to decide if he was willing to give me the truth. Jenner just standing there now looking somber.

" You mean more to me then you think. Your mom and I shared a special bond. You were a special person in my life even though I didn’t know you back then. I confided in Brandon about you. He knew I was sick but didn’t know how sick I was. Brandon and I had a falling out many years ago over money. He loves money above anything else and he is dangerous”.

This man could be so frustrating as he Still hadn’t cleared up a thing.

" Your past transgressions have nothing to do with me. You and I work together. He has no reason to go after me”.

" He feels like I took something from him. So he is coming after me to settle an old score. So he is using the people around me to hurt me. Just listen he isn’t good news. I can only tell you so much about our past without getting you involved in some old family shit”.

" All of this means nothing to me Jenner. You tell me to stay away from him and he is bad but give me nothing in return. You can be so frustrating at times. Just tell me you don’t think I’m pretty enough for his attentions”.

This seemed to make my usually calm boss even more angry. Eyes now glaring at me from across the work bench. Palms pressed down into the desk so hard I swore I heard it crack.

" You don’t get it do you? Get that I like you Kaylynn and unfortunately that puts a target on your back. You are so beautiful but that’s not the issue. I don’t want to see you get hurt getting involved with Brandon. It has nothing to do with the fact that you are too smart, witty, sexy and all around too good for us both. I don’t want you to get hurt because you Mean something to me and he is out to destroy me. I’m pretty sure he already had my ex wife plotting with him. Tegan has always placed her loyality with the person who can give her the most. When I divorced her that left her options opened to negotiations. Sometimes what you read online about a person has some truth”.

I nodded my head. The articles about Brandon having Mafia ties hitting my memory. Perhaps Brandon was dangerous below his handsome demeanor. Jenner having just openly admitted he liked me actually didn’t make this anymore awkward. I mean I had a replica model of the man’s penis inside me not long ago. Our relationship was even more complicated more so then Boss and Employee. I still wasn’t sure I wanted to go there with him YET. The whole dad thing growing on me.

" You like me? But my Vagina is broken” I said more out of being nervous then anything else.

Jenner laughing as he invaded my space. His shadow casting over me as I looked up. Those eyes now swirling with something else as his fingers touched my lingerie in the box. His other hand cupping my cheek as I took a deep inhale of breath. Cheeks inflamed as his thumb caressed my cheek. Tongue licking my lips as he bent down and smiled. A vibrating growl coming from his chest that made me freeze, breath frozen mid air. He was going to kiss me and I was going to let him.

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