The Art Of Pleasure

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Lips parted ever so light and plump as I patiently waited. A set of warm lips briefly touched mine before the sensation was gone. He had kissed me like a sister as I sat there feeling embarrassed. Eyes remaining closed as I waited and nothing. Opening my eyes to find him twirling my New bra and underwear around his finger. Then stretching my gift to go over both of his hands as I stood.

" You fucking dirty little sneak. Give me my lingerie back” I hissed.

He had only tried to kiss me as a distraction to steal the overpriced and sexy pieces from their box.

" And why would I do that. Wasn’t it you who said and I quote ′ I didn’t buy this because I don’t have anyone to impress ’.

Wow he could be such a Jerk.

“So what, someone spent the money for it so I might as well stash it. In the near future I may have a partner to impress”.

He laughed at that and that made me upset. He didn’t think I was capable of finding a MAN. Gosh the nerve of this jerk.

" Gosh I highly dislike you today. Please return my GIFT to me. I will find a man someday and he will appreciate those. I don’t appreciate the giggle though Jenner I’m a strong minded and Beautiful female”.

All he did was smile even bigger before shaking his head.

" You always jump to the worse conclusion Lynn. You will find a guy who appreciates you and adores you. I can guarantee it and he will Think your one left cheek dimple is stunning. That Your little feisty attitude is sweet and you’re Jumpy in all the right ways. That you say all the wrong things at the right time”.

He was really annoying me as he oddly tried to up play my flaws.

" Alright you can shutup now” I said not enjoying his teasing of my personality and traits. ” I know I’m a work in progress I got it. Must I remind you I haven’t had my coffee today”.

" Lynn just hear me out. No guy on this planet will want you to wear lingerie another guy bought you to fuck him in”.

He acted as if my future boyfriend was a psychic as I laughed. My future boyfriend would have no clue where these little Lacy numbers came from.

" Come on Jenner and how will he know that another man purchased those for me while I’m trying to seduce him in it”.

" Because Lynn I’m here right now. I plan to be that future boyfriend”.

Well that ladies and gentlemen had to be classified as the cat got my tongue. Jenner pulling his arms apart as the expensive fabric tore. The pearls falling and rolling all over his floor. Some pooling at my feet as the chain snapped. Now I was mad as I stomped my foot on the floor.

" Who do you think you are? You can’t just pretend to kiss me, steal my stuff and then destroy it. Then proclaim to be my FUTURE boyfriend when you can’t even kiss me properly. You just kissed me like I disgusted you”.

I watched as he tossed the fabric like the pair didn’t cost eighty dollars. This man now storming toward me. Picking me up like a rag doll as I wrapped my legs around him. His hands on my face before he took the plunge. Lips meeting hard and soft as they danced. Silk and fire that’s how I could explain his teaching of future promises. I could melt like this with the way his tongue seduced my mouth. If he asked I would of given him my soul just for his touch. Our tongues moved like a Symphony without the music. Our tongues and hands moving in synce. They danced in rhythm like perfect sin. A bite to my lip before he pulled away and put me down while trying to catch my breath and steaming mad. No one kissed me like that and just put me down.

" You can’t just kiss me like that” I whispered my fingers going to my lips.

They were warm and plump to the touch.

" Kiss you like what? Like you don’t disgust me ?“.

" No, like you didn’t just rip up my stuff. Although your explanation makes sense I could of returned it for a refund”.

He was now pacing the floor. Eyes never leaving mine as he suddenly stopped. Hands going through his messy hair.

" You’re infuriating Lynn. Return the items, are serious right now? Do you see a gift receipt? No, because his mother didn’t allow him to send you those. Brandon doesn’t ask because it isn’t in his nature. He just takes things and I know his mother. She is a good woman. She wouldn’t play into his games”.

Suddenly I felt something warm and wet trickle into my underwear. My body frozen as I looked up at Brandon.

" What’s the date today?” I screeched.

He looked confused at the change of conversation. My demeanor now of urgency instead of pummeling him.

" The 9th”.

I ran past him the best I could in my work skirt and high heels. Running to the bathroom as I peeled my skirt off. Sitting on the toilet and wiping myself with the toilet paper. Bringing it back up to inspect the pink and red tint that swirled on the white toilet paper. I had totally started my period and my stupid Period app didn’t warn me this morning, double fuck technology. In a panic I began to search the cabinet nearest to me as I sat on the toilet and dripped. Perhaps he had pads or tampons in here. Though that was doubtful as he was a single male. The blood coming out quicker now as I calculated if I could make it home without incident.

My eyes catching a wicker basket at the back of the cabinet. All unopen boxes of different sized tampons, pads and panty liners stacked nicely. He had Tampax, Playtex, kotex and even some organic cotton brand. There were also chocolate bars lined behind the boxes as I smiled . Hands going to the Tampax pearls with the softer cotton that didn’t get stuck as easily. Feeling guilty as I opened the new box and took one out. Putting it into place and washing my hands.

Jenner Reeves had bought all these by himself. I knew he didn’t have a secretary. The notion making me add more points to why I could date him in the future. The notorious Jenner Reeves buying feminine products and in bulk. What a sight that would have been. The thought making me giggle as a soft knock came right as the water shut off.

" Is everything alright in there? You just ran off? I just want to make sure everything is alright. That you didn’t run off because I kissed you?“.

The way he said it dipped at the end as if he was upset with himself. Opening the door as he stood there looking at his feet. My hand going up to cup his warm cheek.

" No, I’m just having some monthly female issues. Your kiss didn’t scare me off, I promise. Although I haven’t been kissed in years beside the cheek by my dad. It was Nice”.

I didn’t want to say magical and sound stupid. The short kiss had mesmerized me like the autumn. The soft winds, the changing leaves and the litter of leaves on the ground. The promise of a clean start once the old foliage died off. He was becoming my New Start rather I wanted him to or not. Working himself a place in my mind and slowly into my heart. I just wasn’t ready right now for a relationship.

" I’m sorry about ripping apart that weasels gift to you”.

" It’s fine. I’m sure the weasel deserves your wrath. Let’s get back to work shall we”.

I begin to pull him behind me as he stopped me. Slowly turning me around as he pointed to my skirt.

" Um You have a blood stain on the back of your skirt”.

This was embarrassing as I stood there mortified. Surely God didn’t hate me this much although I hadn’t been on my best behavior lately. Jenner didn’t seemed phased by the stain as he smiled.

" No reason to be ashamed it’s natural. My mother use to make Danny and I buy her sanitary napkins. My mother felt it was important to teach us about those sort of things. I have a dog and a son, a little blood isn’t going to freak me out. Let me grab you something to change into”.

He disappeared into his room returning several minutes later with a pair of his boxers. He held out the black pair as I intentionally visualized him in them.

“It’s the only thing that has elastic in it. Just change into them and if they are too big I have rubber bands in my top drawer of the bathroom. Then you can give me your stained skirt and I’ll toss it into the washing machine before the blood stain sets”.

Oh how awkward. I wasn’t about to hand Jenner my bloody skirt and bargain bin tan thong. It was really time to splurge on some new underwear but obviously not back at Brandon’s mom’s place out of respect for my boss.

" Oh no I’ll just Toss them in myself. Just go to the office and we can start work back up. I may have to go home and get some pain meds and a heating pad”.

He nodded his head as I headed into his room and changed. The boxers had been too big even with the elastic. Having to use one of his rubber band to tie them up in the back. Taking my soiled clothing and heading to the wash room and tossing them in. The load was started as I went to find my boss who wasn’t in the office. My travels amongst his big house bringing me to his small entertainment room in the back. The big television on a blank screen as I slipped in.

Jenner sat on his couch with a blanket and several pillows. Chocolate bars, wine, popcorn and several little treats littered his coffee table. A cup of ice cold water, two white pills and a heating pad laid beside all the snacks.

" Hey this isn’t work” I teased.

A smile on his face as he stood up.
Elegantly waving his buff arm across the table. My eyes watching it flex as it passed by.

" No this isn’t work. You said you weren’t feeling well so I decided we could finish our remaining hours of work relaxing. I have a midol , Tylenol and a heating pad for your cramps. Chocolate and wine for cravings. Pillows and blankets for comfort”.

Was he real as I took the pills and grabbed a Hersey’s chocolate bar. Then plopped down on the couch beside him and laying my head across his lap. He seemed taken back by this but smiled down at me. I could feel his length even though he was soft. Like a cushion under my neck as I realized this may be very awkward but oddly comfortable for me.

" Thank you. I’m not sure you’re even real anymore”.

" I assure you I am very real Lynn. Now relax”.

We watched a movie but shortly after it started I drifted off to sleep with my head in his lap. Only to wake up with my face buried in his crotch when my phone pinged loudly. Peeling my face from his lap to check my phone. He was asleep too laying against the couch his head back as he silently slept. I couldn’t help myself as I watched him without him knowing. Deep breaths going in and out as his chest flexed with each intake. He was beautiful, his messy hair falling to the side. His mouth slightly parted as I contemplated sticking my finger inside it but thought better of that. I didn’t want to come out missing a finger. Grabbing my phone on the table and reading it.

Raquel: Hey Babe I miss you. Danny and I are going to Club Mystique tonight. Please join us. Drinks and food on us.

I was never one to turn down free food even if I was still angry with her. Tonight would be the night I would get her and Danny back.

Lynn: Of course Doll I’ll meet you there at ten. You better feed me.

Raquel: Sounds good and you know I’ll feed you. See you then beauty.

Then I scrolled down my phone and clicked on Julian. He was a part of my plan tonight. Raquel and Julian had never formally met. Julian refusing to meet the other friends in my life but he had agreed to help me get my revenge.

Lynn: Jules tonight is the night we commence mission Revenge. Let’s roll. Club Mystique at ten. Dress to impress.

I had climbed onto Jenner’s lap. My legs around his as I scooted up to the sleeping man. Even in his sleep his member reacted to me. Harding below me as I kissed his neck. The man moaning as I continued to kiss his neck in various places and then his jaw. Right as I hit his ear he awoke from his sleep. Hands gripping into my firm ass that stilled me against him. His manhood hard between my parted legs. Groggy but beautiful blues met mine as I bit my lip.

" I have to go but thank you for this. I appreciate it Mr. Reeves”.

That name did things to me as I took a deep breath. It seemed to have the same effect on him as he squeezed my left cheek.

" RaQuel invited me out to Mystique nightclub tonight at ten. Do you want to come?“.

" I can’t I have a son to watch tonight”.

" Oh of course. You two have fun and be on your best behavior. I’ll see you Monday then”.

His rejection had stung but I understood. He had responsibility and his son was his top priority. With Aiden’s mom in jail, daddy Jenner was his only remaining parent. I wanted to ask to stay with them so Willing to bail on Raquel but thought better of it. The front door to his house opening and the squeals of Aiden could be heard.

" Kaylynn the bird survived. Daddy where are you?“.

The two of us separated quickly and I understood even if him and I got together at any point the process would be slow because of Aiden. My dad standing at the door as we ambled out into the hallway to find Aiden holding up a small box.

" The bird survived. I get to keep him until he is rehabilitated. That means until his feathers grow back and I can release him. We just need a big Bird cage for him. Please Dad”.

Jenner laughed as my dad looked at me awkwardly. The bulge in Jenner’s pants obvious as he readjusted to hide himself in front of guest.

" Of course we can go get a cage for him now. Go feed Glitter and we will head out”.

He turned to me and my dad who were heading out.

" Thank you for watching him Sir. Lynn see you Monday”.

I nodded my head as my dad smiled.

" No problem. Aiden is a good kid. I really enjoyed spending time with the tyke. I’ll watch him anytime you need” my dad replied.

The two of us leaving as I waved to Jenner who smiled. The bulge in his pants still evident even though he tried to hide it. I had left my boss with blue balls as I headed home. My dad with the biggest smile on his face.

" Why are you so happy?” I asked him.

He laughed tossing his head back and then shaking it.

" I really enjoyed watching Aiden and I just realized I may be getting grandkids sooner then I imagined”.

He deserved the hit against his shoulder as I glared at him.

" Go to church pervert”.

" My church was between your mother’s legs and it looks like you need church more then me. You’re the one wearing Jenner’s underwear”.

Wow and here I had thought we were past his perverted ways. Him understanding he was my parent and I didn’t need to know about my mother and him.

" Ew. So I guess there is no place for an old sinner to pray and I started my period for your information. Bled through my skirt so he lent me some clean clothes “.

My dad laughed waving to Julian’s mom who held out a dish. The older woman always bringing us dinner with a smile since my dad arrived.

“You live next door you could of came home to change Crispy Bacon. Julian’s mom is so beautiful. Perhaps there is still an alternate church that has room at the alter for an old man to pray”.

Gosh I needed to buy ear plugs to sensor me from this madness. The thought of my dad and Julian’s mom doing stuff in my house making me groan.

" Not in my house. There will be no prayer in my house” I hissed at the man who was turning on his charms in Spanish. Thank baby Jesus I didn’t understand Spanish past the basics as I groaned again.

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