The Art Of Pleasure

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16-Club revenge

I had dressed for the club even feeling like complete crap. Face slightly broken out from my lovely menstrual flow. Who said mother nature didn’t give us anything, she was such a giving cunt when it came to me. My bloated body barely contained in the red dress I wore as Aunty flow made me bloat. Julian looked as sexy as ever in casual tight jeans and a black shirt with a v neck cut. God had really thrown gay men a delicious dessert with him as I smiled at him. Pulling out my phone and showing him a picture of Raquel and Danny. Julian whispering lowly before we went over my plan.

" Raquel is sexy. I always imagined her as A raging headache in heels but she’s cute. Danny is rough around the edges but in all the right edges. Girl he is magically delicious. I swear these men descended from Vikings. Does he have tattoos?“.

Julian wouldn’t move on from the topic unless I answered. He was stubborn in that way.

" Yes, he has his left sleeve done. A large cross tattooed on his back and his kid’s names and birthdays on his chest. Raquel and his zodiac signs also on his chest. He is a Scorpio and she is a Pisces. Now let’s go over the plan”.

Julian just smiled my mischievous wild little Gemini and I his stabile taurus. He was the air and I the earth but somehow we made it work even though he found me boring at times.

" Alright I approach Raquel at the club. Bring her a drink and sit beside her. Casually lean in and ask her who Danny is?“.

He had the concept sort of correct as I groaned.

" You have to make it seem like you know her. That she is your girlfriend. Act jealous but secure of your position. The drink you order her has to be specific. Her friends and Raquel herself always purchase whiskey sours or fuzzy navel on the rocks. Danny her husband always buys her an apple martini and he carries his own jolly ranchers to put at the bottom of her glass”.

" That’s actually so cute. He carries Jolly ranchers around for her. Anyway I have this whole idea down. I have the jolly ranchers. Catch you on the flip side”.

We had driven our own cars. Entered the club at different times. The colorful spot lights moving in all directions as I entered. The silver floor looking like a living disco ball of colors. People, lights, vivid clothing, and music making my body sway. The music like fingers creeping across the dance floor to touch my hips. The slightest brush having me move to it’s hypnotic trance as I spotted Raquel and Danny at a table beside the bar.

Raquel wearing what some people would call a dress but unfortunately I would call it a half white shirt and black skirt. The whole middle section of her flat stomach showing. Hair curled around her face and her soft but stunning makeup. Those sexy shoes she wore that made my legs cramp up just looking at the height. Eight inches on a stick was the difference between a broken ankle and looking sexy as hell. Being a women was not an easy task by any means. To be beautiful meant one was to be in pain in some form. Yet she balanced her body as if she was born in high heels.

Danny wore a black shirt and black slacks. I don’t think the man wore any other colors, although black wasn’t really considered a color at all. Raquel coming to hug me as she giggled. I could barely hear her above the young and rowdy crowd dancing around us in different stages of drunk.

" Thank you for coming. Drinks and food on us. I know we haven’t really talked much but I’m sorry about everything. Jenner is a good guy. You’re a good girl. I got ahead of myself and for that I’m sorry. The whole fake suing me was epic revenge”.

Oh she had no idea what I was capable of and I wasn’t done with my teachings just yet.

" Thank you for inviting me. Let’s sit down and get this party started. Who’s watching your kids tonight?“.

" My parents are watching our brood. We still haven’t gotten pregnant so we are taking a break”.

She smiled as we headed for the table. Danny getting up and hugging me. I found myself smelling him as he smelled similar to Jenner. It was the weirdest thing they almost had a naturally sweet addicting scent to them.

" Thank you for coming. Raquel has missed you. I missed you and sorry about what I said before. Raquel just thought You were fated for one another. We knew he knew your mother and when he was finalized with his divorce we pushed the idea of you two together. It wasn’t our place to do so and for that I’m sorry”.

Gosh these two didn’t make it easy for a girl to feel good about revenge. Jenner was indeed a good guy but they had pushed beyond their place yet it all seemed to be working out. Pulling out my phone I text Julian to abort mission.

Lynn: Julian abort mission.

Julian: I love you but that won’t be happening. Plus I already spent my cash on this apple martini. I’m putting it to good use.

Lynn: Danny will kick your ass

Julian: Girl shutup.

Just like that it was too damn late. Julian had on his most impressive smile an apple martini in hand as he walked to the table. The people acting like the sea that parted for Moses but it was only Julian. Women and men drooled over him as he made his way through them. Three red jolly ranchers at the bottom of the glass he carried. Julian placing the drink down right in front of Raquel. He didn’t even bat an eye when he turned to Danny and the whole group looked confused. Danny getting all ruffled up when Julian pushed his apple martini aside with his fresh one.

" What the fuck?” Danny roared. ” Who are you? Why are you buying my special drink for my wife”.

Julian was all smiles as he slowly turned to Danny. Raquel turning towards her husband.

" I don’t know this man. I swear I don’t. I would never cheat on you”.

Julian just laughing as Danny was coming around the table to probably assualt him. Yet Julian remained calm, he always did despite me panicking inside.

" She’s right you know Danny. She doesn’t know me but I know her because of our nightly conversation on Thursdays”.

Oh shit I had told Julian way too much about both of their schedules and life. He deserved an award my Gemini best friend going for the throats of both of these guys. Danny froze as Raquel looked at him.

" What he didn’t tell you he actually doesn’t go golfing with his friends on Thursday. Is Danny too scared to tell his wife he is getting his dick wet somewhere else. He tells me all about you. All the way down to the Apple martini and jolly ranchers. The same drink he buys me before sex”.

Raquel had magic hands as she grabbed Dan’s full Budweiser and tossed the contents into her husband’s face. A growl coming from him as it splashed into his face and dripped down. A puddle at his feet as he looked like he was ready to smash and not in the good way.

" I’m not gay” Danny roared as his wife began to suddenly sob.
Perhaps I had taken this too far. This situation escalating almost too quick. Danny had kept his composer this far but Julian loved to push people to the edge.

" Here we go again Danny boy. You’re considered bisexual regardless if I’m the bottom and I’m sucking your dick. I’m so sick of sneaking behind your wife’s back”.

Danny took a swing as I screamed. Raquel still crying unable to move. Julian ducking at the last minute as I had to put a stop to this right now.

" STOP IT DANNY. Raquel quit crying. Julian, Jules stop the act”.

Well now the cat was out of the bag. The married couple knowing the name Julian really well just never actually meeting the person. All eyes now looking my way as Julian laughed. Grabbing the apple martini he just bought for Raquel and lightly sipping it as all hell broke lose around me. Well not really as Raquel began to laugh, Danny just grunting as Julian was now crunching on those jolly ranchers at the bottom of the glass.

" I’m sorry” I sputtered out as Julian just smiled. ” He wasn’t suppose to insinuate that Danny was gay. He was suppose to make it look like Raquel was having an affair with him” I replied as Julian now had the audacity to wink my way.

" What, a guy can improvised can’t he? Sorry you two, Noodles and I were just having a little fun on your expense. I mean you’ve done the same to her, am I right? So let’s all forgive but not forget. Cheers to a good night” Julian said as Raquel clicked her other drink with Julian’s.

Danny just smiled awkwardly clinking his beer to Julian’s empty apple martini. Julian now pulling me and the smiling Raquel to the dance floor.What could they say or do they were the ones begging for my forgiveness as I hoped all was forgiven. Danny wasn’t one to protest as he followed his wife out. Hips swaying as Danny followed the invisible leash behind those hips he called wife. I had to admit I liked having these two guys dance with us insuring no one approached us. Danny was too intimidating looking and Julian too handsome. Men staying clear of them and their plus ones.

Raquel could dance as she made an almost stationary Danny look good. Strong hands on her hips as her ass brushed against her husband’s crotch. It wasn’t hard to see the erection he was wearing as eyes stripped the gyrating body in front of him bare. They wouldn’t be here long if it was up to Danny. Julian on the other hand had a graceful Latin flare to his dance. He could move every part of his body and when he danced it was like moving art. Every female in the place encroaching slowly in on us. These females not understanding he wasn’t into their kind.

Julian paid no mind to these fan girls who watched him dance better then any female in this group. Soon realizing he had no interest in anyone but me they would retreat to their corner. Eyes occasionally stealing glances as Julian spun me. My back now to his front as I shimmed down his body. His hands rubbing down my sides as I went down before he spun me around in a crouched position and then pulled me up to face him. Leaning in casually and pushing the hair curled around my face over my ear.

" You got a sexy little number eye fucking you!“.

It was doubtful as Julian could out dance me and looked so sexy without trying.

" I’m not interested. Are you sure he isn’t checking you out? “.

Julian laughed.

" Of course you are interested. No, I wish he was checking me out. I’d have him in the bathroom, pants around his ankles already” he said his hand now on the small of my back.

" TMI Julian. No man is going to check me out with you basically dry humping your possession over me. That’s why I invite you out. So boys will leave me alone. You’re over exaggerating”.

" Well he is very much a man and not a boy from the looks of him. You know My straight male repellent doesn’t always work because he is headed this way”.

" What?” I squealed but before I could say anything else someone had tapped on my shoulder.

Julian twirling me at the same time into this mystery man’s arms. I cursed at Julian when I landed into an unfamiliar firm chest. Thankful he smelled good and dressed nicely in a gray button down and black slacks. Eyes going up to meet this man who I had to apologise to for being tossed into. Eyes going up as he placed his hands on my waist not phased by my graceful fall into him. Brandon Winston was smiling down at me as I squealed not expecting him to be holding me. His hands holding my waist possessively. To be honest I could handle some drunk college kid but this was Brandon Winston the man who had sent me lingerie. Lingerie that my so called future boyfriend had just tore to pieces.

" Kaylynn did you get my gift?“.

How was I going to answer him as I smiled. That his gift had not been well received by my possessive boss.

" I did thank you. I loved the gift to pieces. It was an interesting apology gift for walking in on me half naked”.

Sometimes I was too literal as I internally smacked myself. The man laughing lowly as he smiled as if I was a small innocent kitten.

" That wasn’t an apology gift. You’re too sweet, innocent and beautiful. I thought the gift was enough to show my intentions”.

Oh hell no I hope he wasn’t insinuating that he just wanted to use me for sex.

" Excuse me, I’m not some girl who just spreads her leg for any hot guy?“.

" I’m not any guy”.

I growled as he was shaking his head trying to settle down the situation. I felt like I could smack this guy but thought better of it. Who knew what he was capable of and I didn’t want to end up a magazine headliner.

" I’m joking. No, I thought the set looked beautiful on you. My intentions weren’t about sex but friendship”.

Oh he was slick as he smiled. Did he actually think I was that dim witted.

" So you buy all your friends lingerie?“.

" No, you didn’t let me finish. I like you....“..

Before he could finish Brandon Winston was peeled from my body. A fist landing in his face as I stumbled back and Julian caught me before I fell over.

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