The Art Of Pleasure

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17-Wild Night

Danny was the one going King Kong on Brandon’s face as I just watched on. He wasn’t who I had expected yet I hadn’t really expected anyone to actually assualt anyone else. It took Brandon a minute to realize what was going on. Lip split, eye swollen before he began to fight back. Pushing Danny before he swung connecting with his jaw line. That couldn’t have felt good, bone against bone as I winced sweating I heard a crack. Danny uppercutting Brandon as I called KO in my head but that wasn’t the case. Brandon just stumbling a few steps back before righting himself. He threw a punch that landed in Danny’s stomach. Wow that was interesting that the pretty actor could actually fight.

The two fought like wild animals, Unrelenting and vicious. I was surprised they were still standing before club security grabbed them both up. No one was taking pictures as it had happened so fast. That I was grateful for, as Danny and Brandon were separated roughly by the huge bouncers in black shirt. Danny being escorted to the front of the clubs door as Raquel and Julian followed closely. I noticed Brandon had already been released from the bouncer’s grip. A napkin with ice now pressed to his lip as the bartender was more then happy to assist Mr. money cock. The handsome devil making his way over to me and slipping a card into my open palm.

" Sorry Kaylynn I guess some things can’t be forgiven by the Reeves family. That’s my number please call me so I can explain myself to you. I promise I’m a normal guy not some monster as others would describe me”.

The bouncer tapped his arm before he nodded. The napkin swirling with red still pressed to his lip as he was gently escorted out the back. Now it was time to follow my friends outside the front. It was a cool night and pretty lit up from the full moon as I stepped out of the club to find Raquel and Julian whispering. Danny sitting on the corner of the sidewalk finishing up a phone call. The card Brandon gave me shoved into my purse.

" What the know what nope I’m going to use fowl language tonight. What the fuck was that Danny? Now Brandon can sue you” I asked.

" A family issue. That’s what that was Kaylynn. Plus he needs to keep his hands to himself”.

I could have kick him if I wasn’t a pacifist at heart. His cheek bruising along with a set of knuckles forming on his jaw. The form of someone else’s opinion now imprinted upon his jaw. The man not even responding to me as he grunted.

" Raquel, what was that about?” I asked knowing Danny was done explaining things.

" The Reeves and the Winston’s don’t get along. All started over a business, a girl and a baby?“.

" Can you be anymore cryptic Raquel? I think I deserve the truth from you all”.

" The Reeves and Winston’s have been in business since our grandfather’s. They started an imported cigar and whiskey business together in the forties from Italy and Scotland. In the fifties the Winston’s picked up importing some Kush and mushrooms. The Reeves took up guns in the sixties. Seven years ago the Winston’s picked up more then they could handle. Danny took up some of the slack for Brandon but it wasn’t enough so Brandon wrapped in Jenner. Danny thought it was a bad idea as he was already in business with Brandon but Jenner was Brandon’s best friend back then”.

Danny cut off his wife obviously now ready to speak as he stood up. Face flushed red as if the story made him rage.

" Jenner thought the business Brandon was in was legit so he agreed. When he found out he was selling a synthetic brand of weed laced with some acid capabilities and it was making people sick Jenner didn’t take it well. Brandon had originally told Jenner he was selling medical marijuana to local dispensaries. Jenner changed the game by actually doing what Brandon Winston had claimed. He found a new distributor and had clean weed sent to dispensaries. That didn’t go over so well with Brandon’s distributors but the Reeves can take care of themselves. Ever since then the two had a strained business relationship but they remained friends”.

He was now holding his wife who was rubbing his face and checking him for injuries. The man now looking at me again to continue his story.

" Tegan was with Brandon at that time but things were bumpy. Tegan had a run in with one of Brandon’s unhappy dealers and got roughed up as a message. She ended up in Jenner’s care and apparently he confused love with nurturing. He’s always had a thing for the broken soul types. They got married and Jenner was essentially too nice, boring and Tegan liked bad boys. She had numerous affairs with Brandon behind Jenner’s back. We all assume Aiden’s father is Brandon not a mysterious donor but Jenner willingly signed the birth certificate because he didn’t want an innocent child involved in all that. Jenner refused to believe Brandon is the father of Aiden until quite recently. Brandon just recently started showing interest in Aiden and has somehow manipulated Tegan into prison with false promises of marriage yet she remains in prison”.

Well that made sense but what had happened to all the money she was receiving.

" What about the child support and alimony she was receiving after the divorce?“.

" I can only assume since the dealers Brandon owed backed off he must of used that money to pay them off while promising Tegan marriage. I think his end game is to take everything Jenner loves from his son to you”.

" But why leave Tegan in jail? Why not pay her bail?“.

" Essentially I think it boils down to trust. They were dating and she left him only to marry his friend. Then turn around and then slept with him while she is married. She isn’t loyal and in Brandon’s world he needs loyality. Brandon won’t say no to free pussy but he won’t be marrying her. He was sleeping with her to get back at Jenner”.

So now the whole story finally made sense.

" So I’m assuming my kitten got zapped because Brandon wanted her to sabatoge my goodies?“.

" Bingo”.

Good just great Jenner had an attack pack after me and one was rich and possibly tied to the Mafia.

" So do I have to worry about some freak kidnapping or killing me?” I asked thanking Jesus I had my license to carry, a rape whistle, bear mace and a blow horn.

Danny just frowned and that was not reassuring.

" I want to say no but one can never be too sure. Brandon use to do dealings with shady people. I don’t know what he does now as we cut ties with him”.

I got it they had a rough relationship but was it necessary to assualt the guy.

" Still did you need to attack him?“.

" Consider yourself lucky Jenner wasn’t here his temper is shorter then mine”.

The man had a son who was his world he wasn’t going to attack another man and end up in jail. The night and my period making me tired.

" He wouldn’t go after Brandon he loves Aiden too much. I think I’ve had enough excitement for tonight I’m going home. Thank you for dinner, drinks and the show”.

Raquel hugging me as she apologized into my ear. Her husband just shaking his head.

" The man is crazy about you but you may be right he does love his son. Good night Lynn and thank you for coming out”.

Well I had, had enough as I called it a night and headed home. Heading for my New expensive Dildo company car even though I lived four blocks away. A new scuffle going on behind the club as I heard shouting and things breaking. Why did I have to park out back in the shady flickery Garage parking. This whole club scene was not my jam as I’d rather be at home with wine, netflix, chocolate and my cat Bubbles.

I wouldn’t even mind if he farted under the covers like he did constantly. The brat looking up at me all disgusted as if I was the one who had dealt the smelly bomb. Soon the fight from behind the club had funneled into the garage as I fumbled into my purse to find the car keys.
Fingers finally touching cold metal as I pulled them up and they fell.

The voices getting louder as it was evident someone was getting beat to a pulp. Two people fighting under the dim lights of the garage added to the creepy factor of this whole situation. One guy on the ground grunting as he had just been upper-cutted and fell to the ground with a thud. The bigger guy above him pummeling him and the cement into one Entity. Who would I be if I just walked away from This as I pulled out my bear mace. I needed to stop watching Wonder woman alone at home, the movie put crazy ideas into my head.

" Stop, it’s obvious he can’t defend himself anymore” I yelled but it did nothing to sway the attacker.

The guy on the ground was actually still lively as he kicked the guy above him in the shin then wrapped his legs around him. The surprise action accidentally making my thumb press the mace as it sprayed the guy who I finally recognized when he looked up. Just as he was blasted with a spritz of liquid fire. Jenner was the man beating the guy who now had the upper hand as Jenner was freaking out as his eyeballs met Pain. Stepping backwards as he put his hands to his face looking like Bubbles when I accidentally sprayed him with vinegar in the face. After my cat ran off screaming I had realized I didn’t actually use the water spray bottle but my cleaning vinegar. After that I clearly labeled my bottles as discipline water and cleaning vinegar.

Brandon now standing up with a smile as I squeaked and sprayed his battered and torn up face with mace too. He wasn’t getting any modeling work for weeks with that world planet of colors printed on his face. Plus he couldn’t just be jumping up like a spring Daisy looking half dead and alive and ready to attack Jenner when I had nervous hands. Except Brandon took the macing worse as the man clearly had broken skin and was sobbing like a baby. I wasn’t even too sure if the Purple and Blue guy with the swollen face was Brandon to begin with.

Brandon ran off like a wounded animal as I was left with Jenner who was rubbing his eyes. Using a half drank water bottle to rinse his eyes out. I was going to ask him why he was attacking Brandon but decided against it. Perhaps he hadn’t even seen me before I blasted him with mace. Leaving a full water bottle from my purse beside his leg as an apology as I turned silently on my heels and headed for my car. I felt bad for leaving but didn’t want to face a Post Maced Jenner when I felt like such an idiot.

“Lynn you can’t just walk away and pretend you didn’t just mace me
That’s not how life works”.

Author’s note: chapter isn’t edited. Comment and vote. We just bought a house so that’s why I haven’t updated.

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