The Art Of Pleasure

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18-Back to Business

Halloween was at a weird place for me. I was too old to trick or treat. Too old to dress like a trollop but not too old to want to enjoy myself. Mostly I disliked people but I tolerated people on Halloween. Having the feeling of going out but had decided against it since I had been avoiding a certain someone. Even calling in sick but emailing my work load through the computer. I even coughed a few times by the walls so he wouldn’t grow suspicious. How could I explain why I had maced him and then tried to run off. A decent human being would of stuck around and tried to help him. Plus there was the fact he had beaten the shit out of Brandon Reeves.

My father had been tip toeing around the home but on day three Julian and him had busted down my door. Coming in as an in sync Pair as I almost laughed imagining them busting into song and dance. ′ Bye Bye Bye’ from the backstreet boys playing in my head as I smiled.

Julian was the first to toss a box of chocolate donuts at me. A small milk bottle in his hand as he smiled holding it out to me. He knew snacks was the only way to get me to listen and talk. Julian knew how to get to MY heart.

" We come baring gifts so you don’t bite our heads off Noodles. Listen to some maced the guy. We get it Noodles but he doesn’t seem phased by it at all”.

I growled at him as my sleeping cat’s head popped up and he glared at me with one open eye. As if daring me to wake him up again as he snuggle back against the pillow on my bed. My voice just above a whisper not to wake my temperamental cat.

" Well you didn’t see him after I maced him. His eyes were as red as tomatoes. He just grunted a few times on the drive home but he was uncomfortable. Plus He beat a MAN half to death Julian”.

Her dad was now on his soap box as he cleared his throat.

" There has to be a good reason he attacked Brandon. I haven’t known Jenner too long but he doesn’t seem to be that type of guy. He has too much going on for him to throw it all away for Nothing. Just ask him what happened. I mean you maced the guy and he didn’t yell at you. That should tell you something about his temperament”.

Julian now shaking me as he tossed me a work outfit. It was a black skirt and a blue button down shirt with long sleeves. My pity down time was over as the two swooped in on my parade.

" Come on you love and deal with Bubbles. That cat is a raging Petty ass butthole for no reason at all and you love him. He also frequently murders others yet he remains at your side”.

Well Bubbles was Bubbles and I wasn’t ready to die for kicking his furry butt out. Plus there was the fact I actually loved him and needed him. For what reason was yet to been seen but he was my Paramore. That was until a small rumble came from his back end. The smell lifting into the air as everyone scrunched up their noses. This was his way of making them exit his napping domain in haste, his next warning wouldn’t be so Docile.

" Go to work Noddles and Approach Jenner like he was your cat”.

Work I was at work as I hesitated to knock on the actual door. Pacing like a caged animal at the zoo in front of Jenner’s door while chewing a beautiful sore into my bottom lip. Going over every possible scenario in my head. My hands wringing together in front of my body. A Yelp leaving red painted lips when the door opened. Jenner standing there with an actual smile. There was no frown, growl, grunt or glare as he caught me off guard. How did one approach this situation, oh yes like he was my cat. I was now facing Jenner with my eyes looking to his chest. Avoiding his face to stop my heart from leaping into my throat and hitching. When had that started happening, I wasn’t clear.

“Lynn You’re late by five minutes but I don’t mind. It gave me time to make coffee”.

How was he so casual when I was freaking out inside. A bruise that was purple, outlined in a deep yellow framed the side of his neck.

" Good boy”.

What the hell was my problem. I barely told Bubbles Good boy. He was far from your Average good boy, he was barely a decent boy. Lets just say Bubbles made the Devil look like a preschooler shitting in his nappies.

" Excuse me” Jenner asked a ghost of a smile on those pleasantly pink lips.

I had to pull myself together and now but that was easier said then done when eyes that looked like baby blue crystals flashed shimmers of a sea foam around the edges looked down at me. This handsome Man had what I called chameleon eyes and they were to die for. Shifting and changing with what he wore or his particular mood. Gosh the world hated me as his marbled eyes dazzled in the daylight.

" I’m sorry. It’s just. You know. You um. The other do I put it. Almost beat the soul out of another man. That really scared me”.

He nodded his head as I tried to look anywhere but his face. Looking at the outline of his body in his work attire wasn’t any better. This man was hand picked and carved by Baby Jesus himself.

" I understand. I wanted to explain what happened the night I got maced but it felt like my eyes were on fire. I wasn’t in the mood to talk with my eyes burning so badly. Thank you for driving me home too and as for Brandon he attacked me first”.

" Why would he do that? Surely he can’t be that stupid”.

Jenner just laughed before opening his door letting me in by swinging his door wider.

" I was looking for you that night. Dan called and I got worried. I didn’t find you first instead I ran into Brandon. He tried to provoke me by saying some stuff about my life, work and you. It didn’t work although I wanted to attack him. I walked away and he punched me from behind in my head and neck. I was forced to defend myself which is why he hasn’t pressed charges. The club cameras would of proved he attacked me first”.

So after having a beating from Dan, Brandon had attacked Jenner. The bruising on his neck proved he was telling the truth not that I doubted him.

" I’m so sorry. If I would have stayed home none of this would of happened. What’s the chance he was at the same club as me?“.

I followed him inside as he poured two coffees into two white mugs. One black and Putting four cubes of sugar and two caramel creamers in mine. I like my coffee sweet and diluted.

" Brandon is resourceful but I’m not sure if that night was coincidence or not. Both the Reeves and Jenner’s family frequent the same clubs and business get-togethers because of mutual friends. I wouldn’t put it past him either to hunt you down”.

" But why go after me? I’m nobody “.

" You’re everything aside from Aiden in my life. The rest of my family isn’t vulnerable they all have some form of protecting for themselves”.

" Is he dangerous to you and Aiden?” I asked while Jenner pushed me my cup of coffee.

" Brandon is unhinged at times and doesn’t make the best decisions. We should all be cautious. I was happy to see you are carrying around some form of protection. I have taken precautions to protect Aiden at school and such”.

“Surely Brandon wouldn’t harm the boy who he thinks might be his? Dan says you might be in denial the boy is biologically his”.

Jenner didn’t even blink taking a sip of his coffee.

" I’m not naive Lynn. I just don’t care who Aiden’s biological father is. I raised him knowing the sperm that created him could of come from anywhere. Tegan had the biological dad sign his rights away. I have seen the documents but the donor was shielded from me as requested by their lawyer. Brandon couldn’t do anything if he wanted to. I’m fairly Certain Brandon is the donor”.

" Did you love Tegan?” I asked.

I had been wanting to know and why couldn’t I ask. It wasn’t like we were dating or having sex. We had a mutual liking of each other and he wasn’t bad to look at or kiss.

" I thought I did. I married her to protect her. When you live together feelings happen over time. We were married several months before we even had sex”.

Where did one even go from this weird conversation as I slid the card I had placed in my pocket this morning. Jenner looked at it before picking it up and looking at it. The name Brandon Reeves across it as he placed it back down on the counter with a hard slap.

" He gave it to me at the club. He said he wanted to give me his side of things”.

" If you wish to call him be my guest. There is always his side of the story of events. I just can’t agree it’ll be wise but you’re a free woman”.

I could tell he was struggling with letting me get involved further with Brandon. His knuckles turning white as he gripped the kitchen counter.

" No, I don’t need his side. You’re my boss. He is nobody. His side doesn’t matter and I don’t want to aggravate the psycho or give him the wrong idea”.

I watched as he tore the card up with a smile. Tossing the pieces into the trash can beside him.

" Thank you Lynn for letting that go. Listen the new prototypes came in with your specifications. I have twenty going to Raquel for testing and one for you”.

Oh he was bold as I laughed. The man handing me the dildo in an all clear plastic wrapping. The Fox looking back at me as I shivered from remembering the original had cooked my goose. This one was pink as I had mentioned that they should come in different colors, girth and sizes. The one question I wanted to know but wouldn’t ask lingering in my head.
Was this one the one made out of his exact proportions. Who cared apparently me as I read Original Fox in the corner. Meaning this was the Intimidating replica of the man promising a future with me.

" I’m not testing it but thank you I’ll put it right above my fireplace mantel as a trophy when my guest leaves”.

For now the toy would have to grace the shelf on the top of my closet with my current tested and much loved additions I had bought after testing at work.

" No, you have me all wrong. It’s a gift. The first one on the production line made to your specifications. I’m giving it as a milestone gift. Put it above the mantel for all I care. Soon enough you’ll have the real thing”.

Thank the Lord I hadn’t been drinking my coffee as I snorted.

" You’re insane if you think you’re putting that Elephant sized counterpart anywhere near my holes Sir. What if I told you I wanted to wait until marriage? What then Jenner?“.

He placed his coffee cup down heading my way as he pushed my chair away from the bar stool and stepped between my parted legs. A deep breath leaving my parted mouth when he pressed his body to touch my thighs. Soft lips meet my own as hands gripped my face. A sweet and quick kiss to the mouth had me grunting but I refused to act frustrated.
Opening my eyes wide so I wouldn’t appear to be glaring as he took a step back.

" I will happily wait then if that’s what you wish”.

Gosh he was too perfect. He knew damn well I was impatient and here he was teasing me. Setting me on fire with just a quick peck to the lips. My hands reaching out to grip the loop in his slacks and pull him back. Hand snaking into the small gap of his slacks that his erection made. The tip sticking out of the top as my finger touch hot skin that felt like velvet. So soft and warm as teeth dug into lip. I began to undo his pants as he caught my wrist.

" I don’t mess around without a commitment Lynn”.

I continued to rub just the tip of him as he grunted. Was he for real as I pulled his face down to my face. His finger still tracing my sacred place.

" Well I am your committed employee”.

He laughed gripping my chin with his free hand. The other one twirling Hot sin into every inch of me.

" That’s not enough”.

" I’m your friend too”.

Finger kept rubbing and massaging his tip as his hip began to pump into my hand. The jeans rubbing against my skin.

" Not enough. I don’t do friends with benefits. Be my girlfriend?“.

He buried his face into my neck. Kissing just below the edge of my ear. His hand now cupping soaking underwear. His finger lightly pressing that needy pearl underneath like a button. He now had the upper hand as he was kissing his way to my collar bone. A deep moan leaving my lips. I didn’t care if my dad could hear us through the wall at the moment.

" I won’t be a good girlfriend”.

" Is that a yes?“.

" Yes, good morning. I’ll be your girlfriend” I moaned as his finger began to rub quicker and with more pressure.

He was setting me on fire in a slow steady form as I hummed in satisfaction. Something not even I could do alone with my toys and my Fantasyland. He felt like liquid heat. Sloppy hands still tracing his hard on as a phone began to ring. Jenner still rubbing as he casually grabbed his phone off the counter behind him and answered it. Those deep pools staring straight into mine.

“Hello. Yes this is Jenner Reeves. Aiden is running a low grade fever. Of course I’ll come get him. I’ll be there in about ten minutes”.

He hung up the phone looking at me as he frowned and then smiled. His hand still rubbing me but it had slowed down tremendously. Pushing my legs together I trapped his hands between my legs.

" Go get your son. I’ll send over some chicken noodle soup for you both for dinner boyfriend”.


He had left a thirst unquenched by his hand as I headed home from his house. Putting his Present under my jacket to hide it from prying eyes. I was a bit disappointed in myself at my lack of restraint when it came to Jenner. Had he pressed on I’m fairly certain I would of been presently on all fours letting him hit it from behind. I had made a promise to myself that I would wait until marriage next time but Jenner Fucking Reeves had parted my legs like the red Sea.

I had headed inside the house to find my dad smiling with a stethoscope around his neck. The older man out of breath as he casually leaned against my small guest bedroom door.

" What are you up to?” I asked glaring at him as he cleared his throat then rubbed his lips together.

The sign he was up to no good. Mom always loved to call him out on his obvious Tells.

" Nothing”.

" What’s the stethoscope for then Dad?“.

" Well I’m going to be honest here. Julian you can come out of the room now”.

Julian stepped out of the room with a similar smile.

" Oh good lord don’t tell me you were playing doctor with my dad. I said he was off limits Julian”.

Julian just glared a hint of a warning in that look. To mention it Julian’s hair wasn’t messy and neither was my dad’s.

" Noodles I admit your dad is sexy but he likes females and that female currently happens to be my mother. So he is off limits. I stopped by to drop off some Flan from my mother to your father before I went to work. We were talking and Bubbles starting meowing and scratching at the wall. We went to check on him and we heard something....“.

My dad cut him off his cheeks inflamed red as if embarrassed.

" We thought maybe there was something in the wall. Like a rodent or a stuck kitten. It sounded like something was mewing so Julian used his stethoscope and well it wasn’t a kitten after all and This is well awkward”.

Julian just wiggled his eyebrows at me as I reeled back. These two had unintentionally heard Jenner and I next door. Now my cheeks matched my dad’s.

" Julian.....Dad. You have no boundaries” I yelled.

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