The Art Of Pleasure

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19-uninvited Guest

Legs spread as I took a deep breath in using half a bottle of lube on the tip. I was somebody’s girlfriend and I wasn’t prepared for the monster in his pants. Not that Jenner was in a rush to get me naked. In fact things had been slow, a slow build up and I loved it. It left me wanting more simmering in my own heat. I loved the build, except this current one with my toy. Perhaps I should of worked my way up in sizes but here I was naked. Back against the wall, legs spread at Julian’s advice. His advice ringing in my ear like an annoying gnat.

" You should use his faux cock to prepare yourself for Mass destruction. I always stretch before the play date”.

Half a puddle of lube later I couldn’t relax. It wouldn’t even go in and I had an idea why. I had gone to the doctor earlier this week to get the clear for vaginal play with a real life person. My doctor had smiled tapping my knees awkwardly after my pap smear. My Yahoo getting the gentle breeze from under the white door that blended with the white walls. The little paper draped over my legs doing nothing to keep me warm.

" You healed up nicely. Everything looks good but you have some mild scar tissue. Don’t worry you’ll still feel everything and your Boyfriend will probably enjoy the extra ridging. You’ll need to stretch the girl again. Your vagina is a bit tighter because of scar tissue and from healing. Stretch it out before vaginal sex with your boyfriend”.

As if telling me that my vagina was extra ridged would make me feel any better. At least I was off the pain meds, weird white numbing cream and antibotics. I thought better of stretching the girl out and just have sex but Julian had reminded me to always go by the doctor’s orders. Julian laughing at my idea.

" Plus you don’t want to embarrass yourself and rub the guy’s clock clear off, so you better stretch it”.

He had a way with words that one.

Yet it wouldn’t go in at all and I had been fiddling with it now for thirty minutes. The tip barely going in before meeting my extra ridge wall of damage. Perhaps Jenner would be happy with just blow jobs and anal for the rest of our relationship. It seemed I had no other choice as it wouldn’t budge. The cell next to my bed beeping as I grabbed it letting the toy fall.

Julian: How’s the stretching going?

Me: Not Great. I can’t even get the tip Of Jenner’s faux dick inside me.

Julian: Bitch it’s called stretching not a self destroy mission. You’re impatient. Use the smallest one and work you’re way up.

Me: But that could take days, weeks or months.

Julian: And they call me the hoe. At least my ass is creative. You two don’t need to have sex right away.

Me: Of course we do. I want to bag and tap.

Julian: Bitch I love you but you can be so dumb. Don’t make me beat the breaks off you. Why not ask him to help you with your toys and stretching it out? It’s his fault your kitty got smoked out to begin with. You don’t need sex to play..

Me: Oh yeah as if that isn’t embarrassing as hell. Hey I need rehabilitation for my pussy. Do you want to help me stretch out my unused damaged cooter out.

Julian: He is a man. He won’t give a fuck. He would happily volunteer to stretch you out while you stroke and suck him. He was married to Tegan believe me that hoe showed him all types of sex. You want to be fresh, surprising, sensual and tempting. He could even use his fingers and tongue to get you all warmed up.

Me: That’s why I love you but you do too much.

Julian: Girl start small. You’re time is limited before your daddy comes home. Dinner is winding down here. My mom and him are about to head to the bedroom for dessert. Thank the Lord I have the night shift at the hospital. TTYL

Tossing my phone there was no way I was inviting Jenner over to help out with my scar tissue vagina situation. Not that I didn’t enjoy sex, I did but I was unacquainted with actual relationships. CLEANING the toy and putting it away for another day. Smiling as I placed my toys in order from small to His REPLICA. Happy to work my way up to Jenner Reeves size. I didn’t have work today as Jenner had a custody hearing. Rumor was Tegan had made bail and wanted full custody of her son again.

I actually had nothing to do today but lounge around. My phone beeping as I picked it up again. Jenner had text me a million smiley faces.

Jenner: I won full custody. She has visitation with supervision for now. Has to take anger management classes for a year, get a job and rent a place since her landlord kicked her out of the beach house for failure to pay before a judge will review the custody agreement again.

Me: I’m happy for you all. You get Aiden and he still gets to see his mom. it’s A win/win.

It really was but it didn’t sit well with me. Tegan would be visiting my boyfriend’s house to see Aiden. Shaking my head I was being jealous and stupid. I may not have trusted Tegan but I trusted Jenner. She had, had Jenner once and let him slip through her very well manicured finger nails. Jenner Reeves was mine now and everything he came with.

Jenner: I agree. Aiden loves his mother. I won’t wreck their bond. I’m hoping her and I can make peace for Aiden’s sake. I’m taking Aiden out for pizza. Do you want to come?

Me: No, go enjoy the day with your son. I’ll see you soon.

Jenner: How was your doctor’s appointment? Julian told me you had one earlier in the week for your vaginal exam.

Of course Julian told him. That little brat had no boundaries.

Me: Everything went good. I just had a little scar tissue I have to work out.

Jenner: Good! Let me know if you need ANYTHING.


My life today had been Netflix and couch. My cat had been missing today probably in a bad mood since I had to cut out his wet food when he got explosive diarrhea. Probably hiding under the bed licking his fake wound or wrestling with an upset stomach. He wasn’t one to cuddle when he was sick. Just growling and hissing whenever I tried to find him to make sure he was still breathing. I imagined he was sick from the lizard family he had ingested the day before.

Six lizard corpses had littered my welcome rug yesterday. If he wasn’t feeling better by tomorrow I’d taxi him down to the dreaded vet.
Making the cat even angrier with me as if I had hand fed him those disgusting little slimy creatures myself. Bubbles was unable to take the blame for the things he did and didn’t do. It was never his fault and always mine.
Then he would reward me for being a responsible pet owner by weeing on my bed or pooping in my bathtub. The joys of being a pet owner, I imagined kids were similar.

The doorbell rang as I stood up in my gray baggy sweats and checked the time above the stove. It was an hour and half later and my dad still wasn’t home. He had a key so he never rang the bell when it was dark out. Julian was at work and Jenner out with Aiden. Grabbing a kitchen knife and hiding it in the waist band of my sweats. I was paranoid but better safe then sorry as I wished I had a peep hole installed. A woman home alone could never be too safe. I opened it a creak before I groaned. A pizza guy in a black and blue uniform stood at the door. He had a black hat on and was short and had a rounded belly.

" I didn’t order a pizza. You got the wrong house” I said with a huff.

" Are you Kaylynn?“.

" Yes”.

" It’s a complimentary pizza paid by a Mr. Jenner Reeves. He ordered you a pizza to be delivered in store. He figured you hadn’t eaten anything yet”.

I smiled as he handed me the bag. There was a soda and bread sticks in there too. The man just smiling as he turned to leave. Jenner knew how to get to my heart.

" Hold On Sir. Will you tell him thank you, if he is still in the restaurant. Stay right there Let me get you a tip”.

" Oh no Miss everything down to the tip was paid already but thank you. I’ll let him know you said thank you”.

The man turned and left as someone bounded up the steps. A tall man but I couldn’t make out anything else as the light beside the stairs and street was out as construction was on going. The road being done in front of the condos. The man heading my way as I panicked and backed up. Trying to close my door quickly while trying to balance a pizza.

" Kaylnn”.

I froze praying that voice I recognized was a mistake. Turning frozen in place. My uncle stood there casually wearing a backpack and carrying a suit case. A smile on his face as he held out his hands but I didn’t hug him back.

" Uncle, what are you doing here?“.

" I need a place to crash for a bit of time. The wife and I split up”.

I was inclined to say no but he leaned into my door looking like a lost puppy.

" You fucked my boyfriend. You never said sorry. I only forgave you because Mom begged me to. Hell no you can’t stay here. I don’t trust you”.

He cringed rubbing his perfectly plucked eyebrows. Those blues eyes looking down at me. He looked so much like the male version of my mother it took my breath away. Inhaling deeply to keep myself from sobbing. I really did miss her.

" Lynn I’m so sorry. You have to know I’m so sorry but I wasn’t much older then you and I had desires. I messed up. I hurt you but we are STILL family. You’re all I have left after your mother, my sister died”.

Yet he had run off and married someone else right after her death. Promptly Forgetting about his so called only family. He had sent a card to me with money every birthday and Christmas. That’s how he had gotten my address and I seriously regretted giving it to my father to give to him.

" My house is full. Dad sold the house and is staying with me. I’m sorry you can’t stay here. There are plenty of hotels with openings and free breakfast”.

He sighed running his hands through his hair that was a long wavy caramel brown. He wore board shorts and a t shirt looking like a local tan surfer bum.

" I lost my job. I don’t have enough to stay in a hotel. Give me two weeks to a month and I’ll be out of your hair promise. I’ll even sleep on the pull out couch. I have always cared about you Lynn but I’m human. I made mistakes. Mistakes I wished I could take back. My wife left me. She took our daughter to Puerto Rico. I lost my baby, my world. I just need time to find a job to save up and to get my baby back”.

That had broken my heart. One thing about my Uncle that I knew was true was that he loved his daughter Milana. Everytime he sent a card Milana had attached a drawing and a picture of them together on the beach, in the sand or surfing together.

" Fine you can sleep on the couch for two weeks but I can’t guarantee my dad will be nice or enjoy your company”.

" I can handle your father”.

Sure he could as I laughed placing the pizza down. This was probably a mistake but I had a big heart. Plus my dad was here to have her back.

" Want a slice?” I asked knowing I couldn’t eat twelve slices of pizza alone.

" Yes”.

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