The Art Of Pleasure

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2-Fox In The Hen House

Being behind wasn’t the worst thing in my life as I got to take more toys home for the barely blooming weekend. The sun high in the sky as I headed home with two brown boxes under my arms. Only the toy, name of the company and motto of the companies tucked safely inside them. My own secret hidden in an average brown box. There were two big perks of my jobs one being I essentially picked my schedule and each box was like unwrapping Christmas morning. As long as all my reports were turned in on Friday by one pm I was a free woman. There wasn’t a thing to complain about as far as I could see.

A cool seventy grand a year was more then I had ever imagined for myself. A girl who didn’t quite enjoy the dictatorship regular people called school. Making decent grades to keep my parents off my back. I preferred to enjoy the here and now but by no means was I the black sheep. In fact I stayed away from the things most teenagers fell victims for. Alcohol, drugs and sex wasn’t for me, having had only one sexual partner on the premise that it was love. Puppy love I call it now or foolish teenage dreams. Apparently his love had no restriction or lack of massaging any other type of warm hole.

Placing my sunglasses on my face I get into my five year old silver Honda civic. A hand me down from my father, although it had been my mother’s car. A memory he chose not to remember when he had tossed me the keys the day after she had passed, not even a single tear in those eyes. Had he mourned her passing or had being her full time nurse made him numb to her death. I don’t know and I pretended not to care because I feared I would hate him if I knew the answer.

Home they say is where the heart is but once my mother died home never seemed within arms reach. She was my best friend, a true definition of soul mate and I doubted I would find that with any other living being. Of course I still had a soul twin who was my exact opposite. A person I called my best friend, murder partner, and got my weekly constant verbal diarrhea about everyone else from. A friend who does everything opposite of you but regardless you love them despite their flaws. The only whore you actually love because you justify every thing they do. The devil to your Heaven, my best friend Jules. My best friend since middle school and current downstairs neighbor but that’s a tale for another time.

Heading inside my humble abode it is time to officially check into my real job. I’m not in the mood for all that so I turn on the music and pour myself a glass of wine. Something to relax the nerves since I’m a little jumpy these days. The cat looking at me from the back of the couch. Eyes in slits as if I woke him up from the best dream ever. Probably dreaming of how the little brat ripped down my curtains and showed the world my goodies. A little porn is needed to get this party started as Bubbles judges me. It isn’t my fault his balls have been clipped.

It takes several minutes to find the perfect porn. I’m a particular girl. The female lead has to have a certain look, the male attractive. Her voice has to hit that certain height while not sounding like a pig. The guy can’t talk too much or have weird saggy balls. It takes a good twelve minutes to find perfection in my porn downloads. First Taking off my bottoms as I settle down into my couch. Opening the box just as the scene gets good. The girl unzipping the mysterious male’s jeans. A large tan color appendage popping from those dark jeans as I finally get box number one opened. A white card says the name of the toy as I can’t help but laugh.

The Fox
The motto for the product:
A Fox in the Hen house

Laughing I place the card aside looking at the large ribbed nine and half inch bulky dildo that is black and red with a clit stimulator sticking out the side. This thing reminds me more of a wolf then a tiny fox. The intimidating toy is thick and bulky with a fake piercing at the tip. I imagine the thing growling at me as Bubbles hisses when a grumble worse then any baby wolf would make comes tumbling out from smiling lips. It’s time to spray the bad boy down with the cleaner and have my fun.

The toy itself is heavy and stiff. Automatically I mark it down for two stars for visual appearances. I’m going to have to lube this guy up to even get the tip in. Even Bubbles looks uncomfortable as I look it over before pulling out my spray bottle with the cleaner. The cat scrambling across the floor and up the stairs. Bubbles hates spray bottles ever since I can remember. My dad using spray bottles with water on him when he got into things he wasn’t suppose to. Once my dad accidentally sprayed him with cleaning vinegar. I had never heard him scream so loud in my life. Ever since then Bubbles is unable to stand the sight of any spray bottle.

Squirting the big bulky thing with lube to make this process easier. Im bare sitting on my couch with boys towel under me. Legs spread to prepare for this Monster. It’s a process to get the bulky tip in. Opening ready but not for this intrusion of thick bulky material. The piercing causing a tingly sensation as if flesh doesn’t want to take this beast on. I’m no quitter pushing it in as leg spread wider. Deep relaxing breaths coming from a construed mouth. Lips parted as finally it barely inches inside a wet opening. All that work for just an inch of gain and even inside my entrance the inside clamps up around the lube that is starting to warm up. Deep breaths coincide with the pressure of my hand. This toy getting a two star rating for size but even with a two I’m hoping it can make up a five star in pleasure.

That cold piercing touching a spot inside me that makes my head rear back when it is pushed deeper with great pressure. I imagine I resemble the exorcist. Eyes rolling as hands shake before taking the Fox and pulling it out. Pushing it back in slowly this time trying to gain leverage over this bad boy. The now warming metal digging a path to perfection. Perfection that has my hips moving on their own. Hands trembling against skin that’s on fire. Pain builds my pleasure my body wanting to find it’s end more then the building pain. Those cold fake fingers rubbing against bulby flesh on the outside. Knees shaking as it hits that spot that makes toes curl, something I’ve only experienced with my toys. Nipples prickling as sadness hits home. There is no mouth to take these needy girls in. No set of warm lips to touch every part of me. I can’t continue to think like that as my brain turns to mush.

My television now in full high pitch mode now. The walls are thin here but I could care less as Unknown man now mounts blondy from the back. Her pink peddles glistening as they open wide for what he has to offer. Fisting her hair before spitting into her mouth. How disrespectful and gross but for some reason it drives me to go harder. The toy beginning to heat up as I ride it out. In and out like a sloppy ocean current as I don’t remember the directions saying it had a heating mechanism but I ignore it. This girl is too sloppy, high and barely seeing straight to care. I’ll give it a really good rating for the heat.

A small zap rocks my inside as it hits that spot. So sharp and warm it makes my body convulse. My brain thinking this is a new type of orgasm except it begins to burn as my body shakes. Needles pricking my insides as if I have been shocked. A memory of how I shocked myself as a kid, who thought it would be funny to stick a penny into the light socket comes back full force.

This toy is electrocuting my already moist and warm temple. Next zap has screams ripping through a throat that seems to be closing. Scrambling like a cat tossed into a bathtub full of water has me pulling the painful toy from inside me. Tossing it like a gymnast across my room. It hits the wall with a loud bang but doesn’t falter or break. The vibrating sound still coming from it but it has a zapping sound to it. My body still shaking from the after math. My goose probably cooked from the inside as rage sets in next. Taking a pen I write a big fat zero stars across the reviews. The bottom portion asking for your opinion of the product. I’m hyped bouncing on the balls of my feet like a boxer ready for that knock out punch. Oh I’m going to knock this product off it’s feet and send the company my doctor’s bill.

Fuck your product. It shocked the living day lights out of my vagina. It bulky, ugly and the piercing over kill. Your crappy product electrocuted me so go fuck yourself. No one would put your fox looking Shrek ass pussy murdering toy in their vagina.

Tossing the pen I realize I need to see a doctor. It feels like my insides are emitting smoke. Even Bubbles tries to catch a whiff from the couch. How can my life get anymore exciting then this. A twinkle in Bubbles eyes as if he knows the future and is laughing already. Flipping the cat off and pressing it gently to his face as he nips at my fingertip to warn me to back down. We all know how this ends, always with Bubbles smiling. I may win the battle but he will win the war. I back down holding on to what little grace I have. Giving the King a treat so he doesn’t poop in my shoe before calling my employer, doctor and lawyer. What an interesting story this will be about how I burned the inside of my lady parts.

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