The Art Of Pleasure

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Jenner’s pov

All I wanted was a quick dinner with my son and then to take him to the movies. Now I sat across from Tegan the woman begging me to see Aiden. Even following us after court to get some one on one time with Aiden. It started off harmless enough, Tegan chasing around Aiden in her court attire. A tight white skirt and a gray button down chiffon shirt in gray heels. The things I once admired about Tegan now made me laugh. Let’s be honest I had settled for less with her, Lynn had her beat black and blue.

Even with no real income Tegan had matching name brand shoes, a purse and a suit. Her hair and makeup flawless if only she had put that much attention into our relationship yet she held money above everything else. The female sitting down across from me as she handed Aiden tokens for the game. The boy pulling at her sleeve as she huffed then smiled.

" Give Daddy and I a moment. I’m out of breath”.

The boy ran off and up the slide disappearing into the large play toy. Tegan smiled brushing a few fly aways from her over processed bleach blonde hair. The roots showing dark brown.

" I want to thank you for setting bail”.

I hadn’t set bail my mother had at Aiden’s request. While my mother disliked Tegan she was grateful for Aiden and respected their relationship.

" My mother set bail not me. Aiden didn’t even ask me to set bail just that I let you see him. My intentions are never to get in the middle of you two as you are his mother”.

I wouldn’t be the one who destroyed their relationship. I had a feeling it would be Tegan to dismantle that relationship all by herself.

" Well tell her I said thank you. I just assumed it was you”.

She must still think I care after what she did to Lynn.

" Tegan I just think we need to be honest with each other. Were you working with Brandon to sabatoge my company?“.

She bit her lip taking a sip of Aiden’s soda as I hadn’t offered her any food although she had subtly asked for it. The woman’s surprise visitation coming right as I ordered my girlfriend a pizza. She had been pouting ever since as she nibbled on Aiden’s half eaten slice.

" Brandon Winston is complicated. I still have feelings for him. I slipped up alright”.

She would never outright admit that she had worked with him. No real admission of guilt but it was obvious she was saying she did.

" Is he Aiden’s father?“.

The look in her eyes said it all as she bit the inside of her cheek nervously.

" He could be but he knows Aiden’s is yours. It’s not like he wants to raise Aiden. The boy is a handful”.

Once again she refused to admit the whole truth as she smiled.

" I can’t pay the settlement Jenner. I can’t even find work. Have your friend drop the suit.. Please for Aiden’s sake”.

She really was being ridiculous as I shook my head.

" It’s not going to happen Tegan”.

I want to correct her and shout that Lynn was my girlfriend but that may cause more damage then good. Although I was sure Brandon Winston already knew Lynn was mine.

" Lynn is my girlfriend. I’m loyal to her and what you did is deserving of the consquences. Three thousand dollars isn’t much in damges, you made millions off your sex tape with Brandon. I suggest you two make another one to pay your bills”.

Tegan groaned awkwardly as she took a deep breath.

" Brandon and I are currently not on talking terms. He left me in jail. Jenner, I have been doing alot of thinking. You and I....” she said sliding her hand towards me as I removed it from the table before she could touch it.

" Listen Tegan there is no you and I anymore, there never will be again. I don’t love you, I don’t want you, like I said I’m doing this for Aiden. We are not even friends. I’m being civil for our son. The son you just informed me is Brandon’s. I’m taking Aiden home and next time you want to see him make an appointment with my office like your suppose to”.

I stood, calling my son as I left Tegan picking at our leftovers. The girl leaning over to steal my soda cup and two slices of pizza I hadn’t eaten. It was clear she was hard up for cash as Aiden told his mom bye.


Kaylynn’s pov

After Pizza I had gotten a text from Jenner to come over. Fat, bloated and waddling I headed over in my sweats pants. Just fresh out of the shower and hair still damp as I knocked. I had three cups of wine with my uncle before my dad showed up and turned his world upside down. I had never seen my dad fight but apparently he was good. Uncle came out of it with two blacks eyes and a busted lip and dad barely had a scratch to his neck. Bubbles even jumped in on the fun and bit my uncle in his ankle, leaving two small bite marks. Claw marks on his upper leg to match the teeth holes.

My dad had then tossed my uncle’s stuff out the house but he wouldn’t leave gracefully. So my dad had tossed him out the door and slammed it in his face. Daddy refusing to let my uncle stay after everything he had done. Then my dad had begun to cry over the fact he had tossed my uncle out. A boy he had raised as a son with my mom. Then he cried because they looked so much alike. Then he cried for my mom, me and then for our family. I had comforted him there on the floor as we both cried. Only to hear someone else crying and ventured to open the door to find my uncle weeping. His back against the door that I opened.

He held a picture of his Daughter in one hand and another one of my mother in his other hand. He was babbling sorry over and over as my dad made his way over. The three of us having a good cry inside my apartment. It was refreshing in an odd way, almost like healing. Dad had allowed my uncle to stay but he refused, saying he would sleep in my dad’s camper in his truck. It was a long emotional night for us but we got it together and gorged on pizza and wine as a family before Jenner text.

The door to Jenner’s house finally swinging open as he stood towering over me and smiled. He wore sweat pants too and they hugged his body. The outline of his penis showing through them even if he was soft. Julian was right he was huge as he cleared his throat. His chest bare and slightly tan.

" Hey Lynn my eyes are up here” he said with a snicker as I didn’t even move my eyes.

" Are you sure about that Jenner, because your one eye monster is starring pretty hard at me”.

I reached out to touch it as he took a step back.

“Have you been drinking?“.

I pouted then nodded my head yes.

" I had a few. I’m not drunk, pinky promise. Is Aiden asleep? If he isn’t I have some candy for him”.

Jenner held the door open as I came in and did a twirl. His house always smelled so fresh and clean.

" Aiden is at my mom’s. She has him for the weekend, once a month. It’s called Grandparents bonding. I fed him and took him to the parents house. So..... after court Tegan hunted us down”.

I groaned at hearing her name but saddled up to him. Rubbing my palm down his bare chest while he looked down at me.

" What did she want? Your heart? She knows it’s mine too’“.

" She said she wanted to see Aiden but she only played with him for awhile. Then she asked me to drop the charges against her and for you to drop your charges as well. Of course I told her it wasn’t going to happen. Then she told me she was working with Brandon but not anymore. Also she did hint at wanting to get back together but I stopped that mid track”.

My fingers traveled up his chest and then back down barely trailing the rim of the elastic of his sweats. Jenner Reeves was a Man, a good man.

" Good Boy”.

His eyes lighted up at my mischief. Did I just hear him growl under his breath.

“Alcohol does amazing things for your libido”.

" Jenner Reeves does amazing things to my libido. I don’t need alcohol. It’s just I’m still currently broken down there and you called at a bad time”.

He looked interested as his hand came down and cupped under my chin. His eyes were now connected to mine as I giggled nervously and smiled.

" I heard you have some small scar tissue you have to work out”.

Julian had told him but it wasn’t like I hadn’t flashed Jenner before or dry humped him while on my period.

" Yeah, so unfortunately for my Good Boy he has to wait for the fun to begin. I’m not making great progress with my toys and my forearm hurts from all the attempts”.

Was Jenner Reeves breathing hard now and was that lazy but large bulge in his pants getting bigger and harder. I swallowed before plopping myself down into his couch. Placing my legs in a folded position in front of me.

" The toys are hard, too hard”.

Suddenly my pants were being pulled down in haste. Jenner kneeling before me, my sweats now around my ankles. The man taking in a deep inhale as he met my bare beaver.

" So someone doesn’t wear underwear, I like it. Beautiful”.

" What are you doing? Put my pants back, she’s broken”.

His warm hands were now on my spread thighs. I didn’t close them leaving it all for him to see. I was waxed except for a small strip of black curly hair that I kept trimmed.

" I’m helping you break down the scar tissue”.

" Please if my toys won’t work.....“.

I wasn’t expecting him to touch me or put his mouth on my thigh as I squealed. His fingers digging into my thigh as he kissed the inside of them. It was slow and seductive his climb with his mouth, hands and tongue. I was melting and he hadn’t even gotten to the Holy Grail between my legs. I was moaning my hips moving on their own. Hands finding their way to his hair as I gripped it between fingers. A soft grunt leaving both of our mouths. He was killing me softly as his finger found my clit and he gently stroked it with two fingers. His mouth kissing around the shell of my lips.

He was teasing me with his tongue always so close yet so far away. His fingers rubbing me as I got wet for him. Hot, warm and soft he kept kissing just on the outside. My hands trying to guide his face to my entrance. Gosh he was infuriating and lovable all at once as he kept fighting my advances.

" Jenner Reeves....”

I was backing up with an explosion of feeling. The back of the couch keeping me from moving as his tongue lapped out and licked me from bottom to top. His fingers still slowly circling my clit. As he licked his fingers slow swept up and then down, going further down each time. Each time he got closer to the entrance as I squirmed his tongue dipping inside me as if he was scooping ice cream. I was shaking like an addict having withdrawals until one slowly stretched my lips apart before pressing inside. It stretched my insides and the sensation burned before his lips moved and enveloped my clit. His strong lips sucking as his tongue dabbed out in circles.

At this point I must of looked like the exorcist. Pain and pleasure mixed together as I shook under him. His finger curling up as I gasped and tried to move back. It was too much sensation at once but Jenner had me trapped with his one arm. I tried to hold my breath but couldn’t as he added another finger to the one he was pumping in and out. This man had made more progress then me in one go, then my weeks of self testing. He by no means had small fingers and he had two thick digits pumping inside me as he indulged in what my body offered him in return. Laughing when I locked my legs around his head and began to help him with his speed. I didn’t even know if he could breath as I rode his face. Toes curling as I rode the feeling of ecstasy like firecrackers going off in my body. A loud moaning leaving my body as I used his hair as my handlebar and finished all over his face. Catching my breath as I realized well this is going to be awkward.

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