The Art Of Pleasure

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21-Limo Head and Dinner

" So a coffee then” I said raising up from the couch except my legs were shaking and gave out.

What the hell this had never happened to me as my legs continued to shake and I try to catch my breathe after my orgasm.

Jenner just smiling from between my legs. His chin and lips wet as he smiles at me and then used his tongue to lick his dewy lips.

’” Coffee does sound nice” he says standing up using his mouth to clean his fingers.

The fucker does it so casually as I gawk up at him. A smile on his pouty lips.

" I’ll grab you a cup too of course, until your legs work again”.

He leaves me there with my uncontrollable legs and the man is sporting a hard on. Jenner doesn’t even ask for anything in return as he comes back holding a mug of steaming coffee. I point to his obvious bulge as he places my cup down on the light brown coffee table.

" Do you need help with that?” I ask pointing to his obvious hard on.

He is still smiling.

" I wouldn’t say no, if you offered your assistance but that’s not why I assisted you. I did it because I knew you wouldn’t ask for help willingly and the best stretching and excercise is oral. I kept hearing your struggles and cries at night. “.

So he ease drops just like the rest of the men in my life.

" Well life is tough and thank you for your assistance in stretching my scar tissue”.

Gosh he was Handsome when he looks at me like I was the last piece of cake. Eyes big as he sat down next to me with a laugh.

" I enjoy helping you.....So I was thinking we could go out tonight. A little eating, drinking and dancing”.

" Is Jenner Reeves asking me out on a proper date? Of course I’ll go out with you” I reply with my mouth open as he laughs before placing one of his fingers into it.

Hallowing my cheeks I suck it into my mouth before giving the tip a gentle nibble. He did wash his hands before pouring our coffee. I swirl my tongue around his finger. Jenner groaning before he pulls his now wet finger from my mouth with a pop.

" Not fair Lynn, no teasing. A man can only take so much teasing”.

I was feeling bold as I crawl into his lap. Pressing my back to his chest as he wraps me up in his strong arms. Placing his head on top of mine. He is warm and feels right.

" I’ll return the favor someday” I purr.

His clothed hardness could be felt between my legs. I had to admit I want this man, everything he had to offer.

" Whenever you’re ready Lynn”.

I wanted to believe him but the bulge between my parted legs said otherwise. If Julian were here he would be saying that I should return the favor with my hand, mouth or better yet both.


A fucking Limo arrived to pick me up as I stood outside waiting. I wore a classic little black dress that touch just above my knee and hugged my curves like it had known me all it’s life. A silver necklace with a diamond hung low and tucked between the valley of my breast neatly. I hadn’t drank any alcohol as I wanted a clear head for tonight and Jenner had joked that I drank too much. My soft curls picking up in the wind as my perfume danced in the breeze. The door of the black limo opening as a Bouquet of roses met me first before my date.

Jenner Reeves’s shiny black shoes making their appearance next. They transitioned to black slacks and that black button down shirt had my knees shaking. He could pull off every look but by far, this one had my insides bubbling. Was I nervous, fuck yes I was and I hadn’t even had a drop of liquid courage. Julian’s pep talk running through my head.

" Alright Noodles, you can do this. Here are Master Julian’s tips for a successful dome job. The messier the blow job, the better. Deep throat is a MUST. Please tell me you are wearing waterproof eyeliner, mascara and a matte lipstick. So you don’t look like a total used hooker by the time you get to the actual date part. Use your hands to gently squeeze his balls and then rub the bottom of his shaft. Oh and find a comfortable position for your body and mouth or your jaw will hurt”.

He had then ran through my closet until he returned with the black dress I was currently wearing for tonight.

" You can’t go wrong with the classics doll. Your lips are red so the dress will be black. You don’t want to scream whore on your first date even if you do deep throat him”.

So here I was dressed in the classic little black dress. Not trying to look like a whore but was about to be one as I took the roses from my date. The smell of him was subtle but overpowered the red roses. His masculine cologne making my mouth water as he bent down to kiss my cheek but I moved my head and instead kissed his lips. His jaw is a little stubbly but I love the feeling of it rough against my palm.

" You don’t always have to be a gentleman and thank you for the roses they are beautiful” I said as he smiled.

His hair had been gelled but it wasn’t hard looking. Not over shiny or stiff looking. It looked like I could mess it up easily but I knew better. I get another kiss to the lips by my date.

" You look ravishing tonight. I mean you always looking beautiful but you in that dress...let’s just say I don’t want to be a gentleman when I see you in it”.

Jenner Reeves made me blush as he held the door open for me and I slipped inside. Everything was a gray leather. Wine bottles lined up a small bar area beside the privacy window that was closed. My black heels with silver studs up the heel tapped on the floor as Jenner slipped in. The roses being laid down on the seat beside me.

I swallowed nervously when his hand touched my knee. How to go about this all. I had been planning to give him a blowy in his car, not in a limo. Should I lean in and just unzip him? Should I just kiss him? Should I hold his hand and rub my finger against his palm. Fuck, I didn’t go over the whole plan with Julian as I placed my hand on Jenner’s thigh. Except I hadn’t been paying much attention as my hand landed on something thick, long and soft but not small by any means. I rubbed it up and down a few times before biting my lip. A small groan coming from Jenner’s mouth as the thing in my hand began to thicken and elongate.

Good Lord I thought, was I rubbing Jenner’s fucking junk on accident. Looking down I almost jumped and began to pull my hand back but Jenner’s hand gently landed on top of mine. His giant hand using mine to rub him through his pants. Well this had been easier then I thought when he looked down at me and took my mouth in a heated kiss. His tongue dipping into my mouth as my hand still worked him through his slacks. Eyes closed I let him lick and suck my lips and mouth knowing my thirty two dollar lipstick wasn’t going anywhere. Not that I would of protested anyhow.

His kiss was like giving a dying man water. Our tongues dancing in a symphony of our own music. He tasted like spearmint and whiskey which was rare for Jenner, the man rarely drank. Perhaps tonight he needed the liquid courage. His hands breaking away from mine as he held my face. My hand still going up and down his middle section. Fingers fumbling in urgency to get his zipper down. His length playing pop up through the opening of his black boxers. The ring at the end twinkling under the dim lights of the car.

His size was intimidating as I swallowed nervously. Awkwardly testing my jaw to see if I could even fit it into my mouth. Wrapping my hand around the base and lifting his member up as his body went slack. He was putty in my hands as I bent over and kissed the tip. He smelled of detergent, the scent reminding me of the desert after a rain. He was all male as he groaned. The cold ring against his warm skin mixing together as I rubbed the tip against my lips. Lips that parted to take him in as I wished that my lipstick would leave a stain around him.

His hips jerking as a deep groan left his parted mouth. I could get use to that sound as his hand weaves into my hair. Taking the length as far as I can go into my mouth. Tip number one from my best friend running through my mind. The messier the head the better for the guy. I intended to leave Jenner Reeves in a puddle as I sucked and went back up. Licking the tip across the slit and tracing the lines of his head. He felt so big I swore I could feel every dip and divot as I explored him. No doubt tonight he would be rocking a wet spot in the front of his tailored slacks. The skin in my mouth was soft and hard like steel and velvet.

I had to thank his ex for letting him go the next time I saw her. Up and down became the rythm with my tongue tasting every piece of him. Cheeks hallowed out as I learned his edges like a map. Julian would be proud of me as my counterpart has lost his mind. His hand digging into my skull and his hips thrusting until I gagged. The gentleman gone as primal needs took over. Surprisingly the idea of me on my knees for My boyfriend wasn’t such a bad idea after all. My body laying across the seat with my head in his lap.

" Baby I’m going to come” he hissed between ragged breaths.

The man giving me an out but Julian said there is never an out. You always swallow on those first dates. I hadn’t had the joys of tasting a man as my first relationship was just vanilla sex. Pushing down as far as I could go I wait for Jenner to finish. Warm and salty fluid exploding into my mouth as he moans loudly. I swallow as quickly as I can with a few drops that escape out the sides. It leaves an odd after taste but it isn’t bad. Deep breaths now engulf the once grunting sounds of satisfaction. A tissue being held out to me as I sit up and situate myself. Jenner does the same trying to pat down his clothes and fixing himself back into his sopping wet boxers.

" That was amazing” he says before moving me beside him..

Wrapping his arms around my torso and surprising me by kissing me on my lips.

" You’re amazing Lynn. I wasn’t expecting that at all from you. How did I get so lucky?“.

My jaw hurts but I don’t say anything just smile up at him before kissing him again.

The club we end up at is an exclusive club. Club Midnight, is what the bright purple sign reads above the door. Only people who are somebody of somebody come here. The bouncer allows us inside the painted silver brick building with the black double doors. The place is two stories as we head in. The bottom floor is a dance floor surrounded on all sides by a bar. It’s all silver lights making the place look like a story out of a fairy tale. The waiters and waitresses are painted in silver designs such as flowers and wearing wings. The men wear black tight shorts and no shirts. The woman wear silver or gold dresses. It feels happy, wild and airy here.

Our place is upstairs as Jenner leads me to the clear stairs that run up the sides of the bottom floor. A set of doors open up to let us into a sitting area surrounded by separate sections.

Up here there are sections separated by black, silver, sheer curtains creating little rooms. A few sections in the back have actual rooms with walls. Laughter, music and moans fill the air. The middle of the floor is clear so you see down below to the dance floor but in the curtained rooms the floors are painted black and silver. You also can’t hear the music up here and it obvious some people are actively having sex in some of the rooms. A small bar and two bartenders are placed across the clear floor.

Jenner leads me to a side room with silver curtains and sits me down. You can’t see in the room at all but you can see a little bit out. It’s almost like a two way mirror. Jenner messes with the light switch as the curtain room lights come on. There is a decent sized silver table with a black couch, that can be swapped out for several black chairs that are stacked in the corner.

" Is this a sex club?” I ask because it obvious couples are having sex here.

" No. I mean you could have sex here if you rent a room with actual walls but that’s not why we are here. I set this up for us to have a dinner in the dark . Your dad mentioned you were interested in doing that. This room can be dimmed to complete darkness. There are several sets of curtains. My friend owns this place and her wife is the chef here. Why don’t we start with drinks, dinner doesn’t start for another twenty minutes..but first let’s get it dark in here”.

Jenner presses a button on the wall behind me as stuff began to move. Black out curtains covering the other ones as it grows darker until it is pitch black.

" I’m so excited Jenner. I’ve always wanted to do this. I’ll probably stab myself with a fork or knife in the dark. Just don’t judge me when I do it because it will happen. I’m not always coordinated”.

" You’ll do just fine Lynn. Let me grab those drinks. I’m also going to run down and Tell The Stacy’s thank you”.

" Alright but hurry back J”.

A deep laugh leaves his mouth. I imagine because it’s the first time I have given him a nickname.

" I’ll be right back”.

He dissapearx behind the curtain a small flash of light before it goes pitch black. Unfortunetly I had left my purse in the limo as I regretted that decision now. Sitting in the dark seemed so ridiculous and God Bless Jenner’s soul for appeasing my stupid date ideas. Closing my eyes I leaned back into the black sofa. A few minutes ticking by before there was a shuffling of curtains. My eyes opening but it’s already dark inside the room. The curtains have already closed again. Jenner sits down beside me and I lean in to kiss him in the dark.

His warm lips meeting mine. He taste different like apple martinis and he didn’t bring any drinks back with him. Jenner never came across as a light flirty drinker, his fridge having only the hard stuff. His jaw is smooth tonight fingers tracing his jaw as his tongue slips into my mouth. A hand resting on my thigh as he moves closer to embrace me. The kiss is rushed, frantic, desperate and different.

The curtains parting just as the light hits the room and the world spins.

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Sorry I have been MIA, life has been busy and I lost my motivation to write for a long time. Hopefully I’m back but life can be hectic. 😂😂

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