The Art Of Pleasure

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I had been very specific with my boss not to give this low life my number. To ask him to just deposit my money and ask that the case be shut down. Yet here I was being dressed in one of my various outfits for a board meetings. Hair curled and makeup done as Raquel pushed me out the door with her black high heels. Her husband laughing as I shook my head at the devious pair.

" This is good for the company Lynn. What’s good for the company is good for family”.

So here I was being the perfect company girl for the good of the company and family. Raquel had adopted me a few months back as honorary family. I unfortunetly was about to jump the company ship or at least it felt like that.

“Be on your best behavior tonight” I kept repeating to myself as I drove to Sackons for dinner. I needed my job and didn’t want to disappoint a good friend.

So here I was sitting across from the guy who actually showed up before me. Wearing a ridiculously perfect suit and an expensive watch that I couldn’t even afford to look at. I stared at him and hoped he felt every piece of this rage filled eye contact in this dimly lit lovers Lane restaurant. Everything done in black and fuck me reds. The red roses with a black Rose in the center in a clear vase was over done. My Martini garnished with a toothpick and an olive as a side salad was placed before me.

" So Raquel gave you my number after I told her not to. Tell me what do you have over my bosses head” I asked taking an over exaggerated seat.

He only smiled. Taking my olive in my martini glass and eating it before answering. He was off to bad start eating my food. I didn’t share my food with anyone but Bubbles. Bubbles was on privy to my food because he was the only person I was actually scared of.

“Raquel afraid of me? We simply have mutual plans for our family”.

What the Snows balls was he talking about family for. Was he some long lost ex husband or boyfriend. I couldn’t imagine Raquel’s husband wanting this guy around.

" Family? She never mentioned an ex bf or husband”.

" You can be dense at times I see”.

Oh I was shaking mad. Imagining throwing my drink in his face and his dry cleaned fancy suit while I wore my work attire.

" No I just can’t decipher riddles idiot”.

" Her husband is my brother, she’s my in law”.

Oh I was going to strangle that hot blonde bimbo who actually had a great brain to match her perky tits and perfect hair. Hair I wanted to ripped from her skull at this very minute.

" You all are on some type of new level shit. Is this a set up? “.

These little jerks.

" Please Lynn Speak English darling”.

" I’m going to murder you all slowly. Is that English enough for you darling. Only my family calls me Lynn. Why are you doing this? Why are you making me go to dinner with you? Why me?“.

" Well how could I say no. When I see something I like, I tend to go for it”.

" Oh yeah seeing me spread eagle with our animals about to fight through the glass window was so sexy. Wife material right there Baby. Was your toy actually defective psycho or am I just the butt of your joke?“.

" It was actually tampered with but when it malfunctioned I saw an opportunity to approach you. No one said anything about marriage. I simply want to get to know you. I wouldn’t harm any part of your body worthy of value to me”.

He had done it now as I glared at him.

" Alright buddy enough is enough . My private places are not valuable to you”.

He laughed as he shook his head as if amused by me.

" You’re jumping to conclusions again dear. It’s valuable to me because of the review. I need a business that makes cash like my brother’s and Raquel’s does. I need a foot hole, some leverage since my wife got most of my assets. So a good review is needed or an opinion on how to change the product to make it better. I want you to help me make my toys better”.

" So Mr. My dick is proportioned correctly and the ex loved it tell me why did you all divorce? Let me guess you all brought out the worst in each other?“.

" Actually you’re wrong. I pursued a divorce with her. When I started my company she was in family mode. At the beginning stages of my company I was gone big portions of the time. I didn’t want kids at that point in my life. If I’m going to be a dad I’m going to be present and available to my kids and I just wasn’t available at that time. I left for ten months and came back to a pregnant wife. The child wasn’t mine but she didn’t cheat. She had gotten artificially inseminated by a donor. I filed for divorce. I need someone on my side I can trust”.

How the heck was she suppose to reply to that. What his wife had done was wrong but perhaps they weren’t communicating too well.

" Did she want a divorce?“.

" No, she didn’t. I however left her most of my assets to help her with her future endeavors and to raise her son. Jones is innocent in all this so I won’t see him punished for his mother’s mistakes”.

" You probably could of worked it out. I mean the boy was innocent in all this. Sounds as if you care for the boy and love his mother regardless of circumstances”.

The way he talked about his ex wife held no real malice just a tone of sadness.

" Trust and honesty are the foundation to every marriage. Of course I care, I even get the boy half the time. Her and I have sailed that ship long ago. I love her and that boy is a piece of her. So naturally I love him too but I’m big on TRUST in a relationship”.

" So you’re basically a dad? Most men would of left her with nothing and left the child”.

He smiled at her.

" I’m not most men. Even though we are divorced I still require trust”.

" So you don’t love the boy he is jusy leverage to keep your obvious secrets?“.

A shake of his head letting her know he was disappointed in her.

" I love him like my own son. He isn’t leverage. She’ll run her mouth regardless if it benefits her or not. Despite the lack of trust I still want to believe she is loyal”.

He played with the cufflink on his jacket before looking at me. It was obvious his ex was a sensitive subject.

" Well if you ask me it sounds like she is more trouble then she is worth but I’m not privy to the full extent of the story. She should however get her own job. I get it, if you want to take care of the kid but she isn’t your responsibility. Unless your paying for her silence”.

He crossed his hands across the table. The diamonds in them catching the light and almost blinding me.

" Well your observations and opinions are dually noted. She’s the one who sabatoge my toys, so she did have a job until I fired her”.

Well sugar my plums and call me Sally.

" Well what are you going to do?“.

" I fired her for now”.

" That’s it?“.

" For now yes. If you haven’t noticed there is a child involved. Regardless of what you think of me and my character I’ll always think of him first”.

" I won’t review your toy”.

" You will”.

" I won’t”.

" Why the apprehension?“.

" It’s molded after your um..... junk. It’s super weird now that I know that little facf and I’m pretty sure my body would reject it. Is your um thing pierced too?“.

He seemed to ponder this question for a second before he looked right into my eyes.

" Yes, it is” he replied seriously while I was literally dying inside.

" It doesn’t fit your personality or appearance. You’re boring”.

Now he smiled.

" I wasn’t always this boring as you so elegantly put it. I just have responsibilities. Perhaps you don’t have to retest it right away but what if I pay you to help me change it to be more fitting to the female population”.

" No”.

" I’ll pay you six figures for a year with me. Ten percent on sales for ten years after”.

" I don’t want your money”.

" I already paid you through Raquel. The million should hit in three days time. I’m offering you early retirement”.

" Several of the girls at the company would happily take the pay raise and work with you. “.

" I need someone who doesn’t get distracted easily, loves their job and takes it seriously. Lastly someone the family can trust, Raquel trust you”.

" I’m sorry I can’t”.

" Alright you know my information if you change your mind. Enjoy dinner it’s all paid for”.


That had been our conversation before I headed home. Even though I had said no he seemed to remain calm. Reminding me how I could contact him if I changed my mind. Yes he was smoking hot but a girl like me had been swooned by his type once before. I had text Raquel on my way home we needed to talk but all I got back was a sex emoji and a few winky faces. Which meant her and Mr. Raquel were probably spanking each other in their red room. I was shit out of luck as I headed home. Surprised to find my dad waiting by door upon arrival.

He was the definition of silver Fox. Tall, still in shape, wearing some fancy outfit. No wonder my mother had married him but would she approve of the dirty flirty woman he was having over non stop since her passing.


" Lynn”.

The way he said my name sounded sad or regretful. Something he hadn’t felt in ages. Hands running through his still naturally dark locks.

" You got a minute to talk?“.

" Of course step right in. I haven’t cleaned out the litter box today so the house might smell like garbage”.

" Your mom loved that cat you know. Even though he was your boy he comforted her when she was sick”.

It was different to hear him speak about mom. Since her death it was if she had vanished. Refusing to acknowledge that maybe I had needed him. Considering I had lost my world too, that bright morning.

" Well he’s back to being his lovely little asshole self. He pretended to be an angel for her. You have to love him though despite his weird humor”.

Opening the door wide as daddy stepped in. Bubbles asleep in the window not even looking to see who had come in. The little devil looking like an Angel asleep.

" I don’t want to beat around the bush. Your mother’s treatment bills have piled up”.

" Didn’t insurance cover most of it?“.

" They only cover up to a certain amount. Your mom tapped it out after six months. When Hospice came in and she lived another four months it ran the bill up through the roof. I was careless after her death and didn’t pay the bills. I also bought a handful of toys to attract the wrong crowd after her passing. I was foolish and reckless”.

" How much do you owe?“.

" Well I owe a lump sum up front”.

" How much is due dad? Surely you can sell your toys and cover cost”.

" I owe six hundred and fifty thousand. I sold the boat and cars but only got one hundred and fifty “.

" Alright well use the one hundred and fifty as the down payment”.

" No babe the six hundred and fifty grand is just the lump sum. I owe just under a million in debt. I’m selling the house and I’m going to need your mom’s car back so I can drive to work”.

Turning around to see dad as Bubbles woke up and stretched. Hopping down from the window and jumping on the counter right between them. Butt firmly planted as if he needed to hear it all.

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