The Art Of Pleasure

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7-the truth

Jenner was looking at the top page, his smile now gone as he cleared his throat.

" What didn’t like the bad reviews you got? Or Happy about the two rave reviews you received from Bootyeatermarcus69" I replied with a slight chuckle at the end.

He didn’t respond at first with my teasing.

" Long Dong Lee sure loved the Fox. It rode like a champion bull rider. Your, I mean the fox milked the shit out of his prostrate. Now Bootyeatermarcus69 he thought it was quote me if I’m wrong ′ Deep action magic penetration. He came out of nowhere and made a magic pony mess’. Well at least the MEN who tested your proper proportions toy loved it”.

Now Raquel was unnerved as Dan went through her paperwork I had given them wearing his glasses. Jenner now shaking his head as he looked back up.

" No, I didn’t even know there were other test subjects. I specifically asked that you be the only tester for now. Believe me I’m not offended by positive reviews no matter who gave them”.

Well damn there went my evening of making him feel awkward. Apparently he didn’t care who loved the molded version of his member.

" Oh because you all thought you could trust me? What if I don’t want to be trusted by you all?“.

" Well Kaylynn I’m quite certain we can work this whole mess out. I’m not the only one who has been lied to by so called family”.

Raquel was looking very uneasy now as she looked to Jenner.

" I can explain J. Dan thought it would be good to let a handful of others test the toy out. I mean what’s the harm?“.

" It wasn’t quite ready to be tested by others. It isn’t finished yet, I wanted Lynn to test it to help me make it better. Raquel and Dan I think it’s time for you two to leave”.

" But she’s going to sue us J. Let us figure this all out together”.

Jenner stood as I looked at my drink sweating from the ice floating in my water. The lemon slice barely hugging the side as Raquel tried to make eye contact. Jenner saying something to Raquel who seemed to calm down before taking Dan’s hand and leaving the restaurant without further incident. It was weird to see Dan so quiet and calm as he left without a word.

Jenner sitting back down at the table as he continued to thumb through the reviews and paperwork.

" HumpthatBBW said your toy lacks flexibility. TouchmyFanny says it’s too bulky. Gropethisstick said the clit stimulator separated from the base too easily. EatmyCookie said the piercing was too much with everything else added. The reviews weren’t approved just submitted. They may actually help you build a better toy”.

I was just summarizing the reviews I had studied in the taxi tonight before getting here. Jenner seemed to be rereading them over and over leaving the table in awkward silence. Those swirling eyes coming up to meet mine as he had smiled. They looked like cool aid swirled in a glass. The dark blue on the outside and that bluish green in the middle. Swirled with mischief and something else I couldn’t put my finger on. His eyes were a snow globe and I was the kid continuing to shake it for a reaction.

" So you did your research which is good for me. It means you are already taking the job I offered you to heart. I read your review Pussyweepsglitter. It’s very informative and a very colorful review. May I ask you a question before I keep reading?“.

I nodded my head. He could ask whatever he wanted, it didn’t mean I was going to answer it. Of course I had questions of my own for him.

" Sure ask away Jenner”.

" If my toy hadn’t shocked you, how many stars would you have given it?“.

" I’ll answer that if you tell me how you know about me? Are you stalking me?.

He seemed to ponder that question for a minute before pulling out an old plastic bracelet from his breast pocket of his t shirt. Tossing it on the table as I studied it for a minute and reached to pick it up. It was your standard hospital bracelet but for a clinic. A blue and red Cross at the corner that read the Burn and Cancer center for Avion Memorial Hospital wing C. This place had been the same clinic my mom had visited for treatment before Hospice stepped in. The name Jenner Reeves across the band.

" I knew your mother”.

" How?” I asked now feeling the tears lining my eyes.

I had loved that woman with every bone of my body and he had known her. That still didn’t tell me how he had tracked me down or why he had tracked me down.

" What I am telling you is my secret not even the family knows this. When I said I went away for months to work on my business away from my wife it wasn’t the full truth. I had cancer and was looking for treatment. I didn’t want a family because I was dying and I couldn’t tell my wife that. I’m pretty sure I can’t have kids now anyway after all chemotherapy and radiation. So that’s why I accepted her son as my own when I beat my cancer”.

" That still doesn’t explain much. You knew my mom but why track me down? This still doesn’t make sense to me..and Why not tell your wife you were sick?“.

" My ex wouldn’t have been able to handle it. Your mother and I had treatments and therapy together. I got to know her on a personal level, she became my friend in that waiting room. Before she left treatment she told me about her world, which was you. She was worried about you and how you couldn’t find your place in this world or a job. As A friend I asked Raquel to seek you out on The Local Job listing and hire you but for a secretary job. I had no idea who you were beyond a name, I wasn’t after anything else from you. I was trying to fix my life and marriage at the time and repay a much needed supportive friend. Your mother use to joke we would make a perfect pair if I wasn’t married but I thought she was just talking. I actually offered to pay for her treatment but she respectfully declined my offer. She just made me promise to keep my eye on you”.

He took a deep breath before taking a sip of his water. I was now a full blown mess. My waterproof mascara was a lie as it came tracking down my face. My mother had mentioned a sweet young man she had fallen in love with for me. I had thought she was making him up as she was drugged up most of the time. She had called him her Angel, keeping her company while she refused to seek comfort in her own family. Trying to protect me from her death and it had hurt deeply but at least she felt like she had someone by her side since she closed my father and me out out of her treatment. This man before me had been her emotional support in the end. My mom Thinking she was our burden but opening up to him.

" Then what? There has to be more to the story”.

" I decided I finally wanted to meet you after all these years. I had gained the courage to come to your door and introduce myself but my dog sensed my nerves and your cat. After that whole scene I thought it was a total disaster so maybe I could hire you to test my product. Then meet the reviewer in person and tell her this weirdly romantic story about how her mother supported my journey to recovery. In return I promised to look after her daughter...but my toy almost killed you. So here we are now”.

" You’re lying, my mom wouldn’t ask you to look after me. You’re as crooked and manipulated as they come”.

" You can’t tell me before Raquel hired you that you had your life together? You were living at home in your parent’s basement? “.

Yes I was living at home but I had quit my job to help my dad with my mom. I didn’t know she was going to close herself off from my assistant.

" I quit my job to help my dad with my mom. I was fresh out of highschool not some lacky going no where”.

" I know you quit working at the dollar tree, I wouldn’t call that a career. After high school you never went anywhere and your mother was worried that with her death you wouldn’t ever leave. She wanted you to spread your wings and asked me to help. My intentions at that time were legit and wholesome”.

I couldn’t believe him as I shook my head. Taking his bracelet and pushing it back down into the table. Taking the napkin and dabbing my eyes with the expensive black silk. My mother was dying and she had been worried about me. Telling this guy she didn’t know what I was going to do with my life. Fearing I would fall apart at the seams after her death and I had. Except I had been given other opportunities and had turned them down to take care of her.

" I had been accepted into Berkeley and Brown University when she got her diagnosis. I didn’t tell her that because I was worried she would shut down more and I wanted to be there for her. The dollar tree was my summer job before I went to University. I’m currently taking my core classes for a degree in Nursing online at night. So tell me Jenner what are your intentions for me now?“.

He seemed happy with what I had revealed. I wasn’t going to have him thinking I was some lazy ass. My mother didn’t have a reason to worry but he didn’t know that. My life was quite in order, the best it could be given certain circumstances. I was only taking the least amount of courses online I could but Jenner didn’t need to know that.

" I liked what I saw and my good intentions flew away like that bird your mother wanted to see soar out the nest. I only did what your mother asked me to do in the end after being my support person. Congratulations on progressing your education”.

This broke my heart as I began to sob. My mother had told this complete stranger her problems. He had been her Angel, her chosen support person as she shut out her family. I was in debt to him.

" Why not be honest and tell me this from the beginning?“.

" Because I don’t want you to feel like you owe me anything”.

" But I do owe you for being there for her in the end when no one else could”.

He shook his head no.

" No, I don’t think you understand. She was my support. She helped me and didn’t once make me feel sick or less of a male”.

Now I understood why he hadn’t told his wife. He didn’t want to feel like less of a Man or have his wife make a big deal out of his sickness. He had said how his wife’s one wish was to have kids. I imagined he wasn’t about to explain the treatment he was going to receive could kill him or leave him sterile. Yet there were other ways to start a family.

" You didn’t tell your wife because you didn’t want to disappoint her or to feel less as man?“.

" I met Fiona at the height of my life and money was good. She is a glitz and glam type. She was a tasteful nude model before we got married. She isn’t used to real work. Her agenda in life was to find a rich man and have a family. Those are her only ambitions in life and I was young and needed eye candy. I wasn’t about to tell her I was sick and couldn’t give her what she wanted. Back then I had wanted things to work out with us but then I got better and realized I wanted other qualities in a partner”.

Wow he had a nice way of calling the ex a gold digging whore. Never had a man made a gold digging bitch sound so elegant.

" Was that after you realized she would do anything to keep your money... like get pregnant without you?“.

" That was part of it but I realized I wanted more when your mother told me I deserved better. I told your mother everything about my personal life. You’re Alot like your mother”.

He had been the second one to tell me that in the last few days as I smiled. My mom was always the supportive type always being the pep talk mom.

" You’re the second one to say that to me in the last week. My mom was a good hearted person, so sweet, so forgiving but so unlike me. Thank you for being honest but unlike my mom I’m still pissed off at you all but I’m willing to help you. If you don’t lie to me or make me a pawn in your weird games anymore then I’m willing to help you. If you want to trust me, I must trust you. I expect complete honesty from you from here forward or I walk and take you to court. Oh and to be honest with you, I would have given your toy a three out of five before it caught fire to my sacred place. Go on read my agreement and tell me what you think? I have some demands”.

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