The Art Of Pleasure

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8-The agreement

Jenner had read the whole agreement with a smile as I drank wine. This mom and Pop place keeping my drink filled as I kept sipping the Moscato down. I wasn’t much of a drinker but after a few glasses I was feeling pretty good, free and relaxed. All the nervous tension I felt before gone. He had pulled out a red pen making me take a deep breath and giggle for no reason. He reminded me of that hot Male teacher that every teenage girl fawns over once in their life. A set of glasses perched on his perfect nose and a red pen in his hands.

" So I see you came prepared. What else does Jenner Reeves carry around in preparation for his days” I joked as he laughed.

Eyes meeting mine as I suddenly felt like the center of attention.

" I try to be prepared for most scenarios. It’s a part of being a businessman”.

" So you have money already. What made you the original money or are you just some rich kid?“.

" I actually invested in a Porn company, a weed dispenser and corn”.

I could see the cash return for the weed and porn but not corn. Who actually made money in corn.

" Corn? That doesn’t sound profitable”.

" Well almost everything you drink and eat has some form of corn syrup or corn by product in it. It does alright at turning a profit. Now are you ready to hear what I have to say about your proposal now that I read through it”.

Sure I had been ready half an hour ago and only on my third glass of wine then. I could barely see straight now as I smiled. A hiccup making its way up as I excused myself.

" Sorry, it’s the wine. Go on Mr. Miyogi”.

He was just all smiles now as I wiggled my eyebrows.

" My oh My it seems the power of the drink has loosened you up”.

" I’m Jello, mold me to your will”.

He laughed then taking off his glasses and setting them on the table. I hadn’t meant to say that to him especially now that it sounded so dirty. Oh well it was too late to change what I said now.

" I agree to all your terms”.

Well that had surprised the shit out of me as I slapped my hands against the table and squealed.

" I knew you were easy but why the red pen?“.

I was suspicious and for good reason. He thought I could be cornered but even a little tipsy I could see through him. See through his perfect hair,eyes, teeth and that smile. Gosh that smile was enough to make a girl combust into a million tiny flames but I had to reprimand myself. He was going to be my boss and he was a major annoyance.

" To make some minor editing and I’m not easy I just like to comply to my partners demands”.

" I’ll edit your face” I said suddenly feeling stupid but laughing as he shook his head.

“Maybe we should talk tomorrow when you are of clear mind”.

I shook my head no, waving him on with my hands.

" No continue please. I’m putting on my listening ears and shutting my mouth”.

" Alright. I agree to all your terms but want to add some things of my own. I’ll get you a New car instead of a used one..I know you asked for a used company car but that’s not fair to you. I’ll match your 401 K plan. You asked for sporadic bonuses through the year, I’ll throw in one every two months. I have more to offer on top of these deals as long as you drop the suit against Dan and Raquel”.

Well I wasn’t stupid. I wasn’t about to agree to anything as he started writing stuff down on my beautifully printed paperwork.

" Go on then proceed with your other deals..Although I think they should go fuck themselves raw”.

The waitress returning to refill my empty wine glass I was presently holding up. Jenner taking my glass and placing it back down.

" How about no more drinks tonight Lynn or I’ll have to repeat myself at a later time. I don’t mind repeating myself to you but I know how precious your time is”.

I just nodded my head although my brain begged for another drink. My brain could be a selfish whore sometimes as I sat back empty handed. I could be reasonable even if I did want another glass of wine.

" If you drop the suit I throw in paid vacation days. You can earn three vacation days a month. I’ll give you ten percent stock in the company and thirty percent sales on any toy you help design if you drop the suit against my family”.

He had just made it impossible to say no as I glared at him and then smiled.

" What would be the hourly rate?“.

" How about forty bucks starting out”

Holy Batman Now that was a lot compared to my current salary. I should of said yes but I was feeling bold tonight filled with liquid courage.

" I want forty five and we have a deal. Except I want Dan and Raquel to shake in their boots for a few days before I pull my suit. If you agree we have a deal. If you don’t agree I walk and take you all court instead. Either way I have a Perfect little Asshole Named Bubbles expecting to be fed in a half hour. I’m more afraid of his furry balls then yours. He is the devil incarnate but I can’t help but love him. Have your lawyer make the adjustments and I’ll be happy to sign”.

He slid the paperwork towards her.

" I made the adjustments below in pen. How about you sign them as a sign of good faith”

" How about my word should be enough for your faith. If not you can shove it where the sun don’t shine and have your ex dig it out with her tongue”.

He laughed surprising even me as I laughed too. His laugh held such a joy to it that I couldn’t help but laugh too when I was trying to be serious.

" Actually I’m the one who Really likes to use his tongue. I like you even more when you’re sassy. I’ll have my lawyers adjust the agreement tonight. You’re right you know, trust does go both ways”.

" That’s right Boy. I’m off to take city transportation to my house and feed my demon spawn at home before he poops in my shoes”.

" Let me drive you. The city isn’t safe at night”.

He was right so I hesitantly agreed to his offer not remembering most of the drive as I kept drifting off to sleep in his car. When he dropped me off curbside I had leaped out of his car in one of the best moods. Forgetting my purse as he had reached back inside the passenger door and got it for me when he came around to open the door. Holy shit how did I just realize he had a nice car. A BMW 3 series that was sleek and black like my cat. Fingers touching the side of it as he tapped my shoulder.

" Your purse”.

" Thanks Blue Eyes” I said doing a little jig not realizing one of my nipples has busted free of my stupid stick on bra and low cut shirt.

The bra practically sliding off of me into a puddle at my feet. Eyes looking down at my bra as I reached for it as my other breast popped free of my top. Now I was on full display for hungry eyes. Except he wasn’t looking much to my dismay. My girls all out for the world to see as he looked up to the night sky and awkwardly pointed to my chest as I rearranged them the best I could.

" You um have a wardrobe malfunction”.

" Thanks captain obvious. The girls have a mind of their own some days.
I just knew that sticky bra from the Bargain bin was too good to be true. You get what you pay for I guess. You can look now they have been placed back into their proper places now”.

He did look at me but only at my face.

" Thanks for the ride Mr. Reeves”.

" You are most welcome Lynn”.

He was so frustrating at times as I groaned. I didn’t like being called Lynn by non family.

" Please Don’t call me Lynn. Why do you insist on calling me Lynn?“.

He seemed to go over his answer as if he didn’t know what to say before he bent down and kissed my cheek like a proper gentleman.

" It’s what your mother referred to you as in the hospital. I guess it just stuck. Thank you for having dinner with me. I’ll have the paperwork sent over tomorrow unless you want me to walk you up”.

I was no damsel in destress or looking for a random fuck.

" No, I’ll be just fine walking myself up. Thank you for dinner and for being honest about my mother. I miss her so much”.

" Me too Lynn, I miss her too. Have a great night. I’ll stay down here until you make it inside safe and sound”.


I had made off with the loot as I skipped my way to my house. The aching sore between my legs now healing up nicely as it hit that itchy healing stage. I could finally walk normal as I did a little hip Jig by my door. My Cat watching me from the window as if he wasn’t pleased with my dance. I imagined he would say I looked like a stroke victim as he jumped down looking unimpressed with me. Opening the door as he weaved through my legs simply because it was dinner time. Bubbles was always on his best behavior during meal times as I bent down to Pat his head. He let me pet him knowing dinner was coming any minute except his eyes held a beady squint as if I was pressing my luck.

" Oh Bubbly Bubbles I love you. We made off with the Booty” I joked as he meowed and ran to the kitchen not impressed with my Drunk pirate jokes.

" He agreed to everything. Even gave me some stocks in the company and a percentage of sales. Of course I had to drop my claim against Raquel but he agreed to allow them to shake in their boots for a few more days. We can afford more wet food for you” I sang as he meowed again.

Watching me twirl in the kitchen as I reached above the sink and pulled out the wet cat food. His eyes going wide as he saw the can and did his own version of a twirl. His version was an elegant chase of his tail with a low meow of excitement. Tail now high and fluffed up as he walked over to his bowl slowly. Lightly tapping the silver bowl with his paw.

" Look at you being all polite Mr B”.

I bent down and kissed his head before opening the can and placing the fancy feast inside it. All the Elegance that he held before gone as he literally face planted the bowl. Gulping down the food without a breath in between bites. He loved his fancy feast and now I could actually afford to spoil his fluffy butt.

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