The Art Of Pleasure

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9-Daddy Dearest

Every morning I tried to test out the healing stages down below. Seeing if I could get a finger tip or finger inside. So here I was crouched down on my sink, legs spread eagle as I had a peek. The tissue on the outside had turned back to a healthy pink. Not the oozing sore or soft scabby mess from before. It also wasn’t itching or burning today as I had been slowly weaning off of my pain killers and numbing cream.

Soon I would be able to return to my old job if Raquel would have me. Clearly Liking the idea of having two jobs. Raquel had assured me through text no matter what route I took I would still have my job.
Yet Julian thought it was a ploy. A way to let my gaurd down so I would drop the suit. Too bad I was bluffing from the beginning about suing her. My intention was to scare not harm.

Of course I was enjoying the graveling of Raquel and Dan. Allowing it to continue for a few days, they at least deserved that. Dan had sent me a dozen red roses this morning. unfortunately Bubbles hated flowers and the color red. He had ingested some and ripped the others apart the minute I laid them down on the table. Even finding some remains of the petals in his litter box.

Spreading myself more open in front of the mirror to get a good look at myself. My cat watching from the door. The beast was probably hoping I would fall to my death as he seemed to smile from the doorway. Covering my clean hands with some lube before exploring the entrance of my slit. When no pain was felt from the gentle Pat and pry I decided to take it further. Pressing the tip of my long index finger inside. My lips parted easily swallowing my finger up like a starving Whale shark. Closing my eyes and biting my lip when I expected pain but felt nothing except that the entrance was snug warm and actually inviting. Oddly enough I was worried the taser dildo had burned my nerve endings off yet here I was actually feeling something. Lungs expanding to take in a long sigh of relief. Bubbles prancing away from the doorway as I jumped down from my sink.

" I have two jobs. I have two jobs. I have two jobs today...Hurray. Finally Im going places” I yelled to the ceiling.

This was my daily prayer of affirmation to my mother and Lord above. Now don’t get me wrong I was no Jesus Health Nut but I loved God and believed in him. I just didn’t think the church knew exactly what The Lord wanted. People these days were greedy assholes who would say whatever they could to make that bank. I had seen it time and time again. Pastors living in large Mega Million dollar mansions while the poor were drowning around them. Yet they couldn’t take out their boats or throw a line to help the less fortunate. Jesus had been poor but gave all he had to others and here were Multi millionaire Pastors unable to help the Flock that was paying their bills to begin with. It was Shameful.

Raquel would learn today the suit was being dropped as I had taken a few days off. Hitting up my Toy Job to pick up some more toys to test. I was ready to get back to work. Picking only clit massagers and small waterproof dildos to try out first. I wasn’t quite ready to exert myself just yet wanting to take my time. I had six toys to test as I practically ran out of my work place not wanting to face Raquel just yet. Arriving at home an hour after leaving and settling down to view my choices. It had been weeks since I had a good orgasm and I was so ready to let go.

I had laid all of them down across the table. Looking over my arsenal of choices. Foot tapping against the floor with excitement. Three clit massagers looking like all types of weird aliens and plants. One resembled Squidward’s face and that realization had me snickering before moving to my small dildo choices. Three, three inch length dildos sat next to each other. One that looked like a sleek Black bullet with no attachments. The white buttons pooping in contrast against the sleek base showed the numbers one through four. Number two was purple and slightly ribbed but more slender then the others. Number three was pink, slightly veiny and had a small clit stimulator to the side. White buttons with electric bolts on the buttons. That one seemed like a bad omen. The sight of it actually making me groan out loud as I tossed that guy back into the box.

The winner for today was number one as I gently picked it up and scrutinized it. Was I really ready to test out my boundaries just yet as doubt set in. Mentally smacking myself because I needed this job. I just had to remind myself how much I loved testing these toys out. In the middle of psyching myself up and finally getting the lube out my door bell rang. Lube still in hand and my arsenal of toys out I marched to the door not expecting any guest. It had to be the delivery guy as people usually called or text before stopping by.

Throwing open my door with a huff as my Dad stood there. In a quick maneuver I was hiding my water based lube behind the door as I smiled. He was dressed for the beach with gray swimming trunks. A green towel tossed over his shoulder as his hair was in various stages of drying. A pair of sunglasses on his face as he took them off. He looked relax and happy to see me.

" Dad?“.

" The one and only Daddy you’ll ever have if I have my way Crispy Bacon”.

My word this man could be disgusting as I shook my head. I would never call another man daddy. It was weird and wrong in so many ways especially coming from his mouth.

" Isn’t there a law against being vulgar with your daughter? Who in their right minds calls a man they are casually having relations with Daddy? That’s gross not to mention immoral”.

" Having relations, is that what you millennials call it these days? I called it fucking back in my day”.

" I refuse to acknowledge you calling me a millennial. I’m a young adult dad who can make informed decisions. Why did you stop by? Because you miss me or to mock me? “.

Taking off his towel he wound it up and smacked my hand as I squealed trying to miss getting hit. The loud snap against the door making Bubbles go running from somewhere inside the small condo. Great just great he had made my Demon cat angry.

" Great now he is going to shit in my shoes”.

When dad stepped back a laugh leaving his lips I saw his two black suitcases trailing behind him.

" Well maybe if you treated him better he wouldn’t be inclined to shit in your shoes to begin with. I am actually stopping by to see if I can stay for awhile. The house is getting fumigated and everything has been put into storage because I’m selling it. My realtor says that the home will sell better if I’m not in it. I plan to sell the furniture after the house sells. I just need a place to stay until It sells and I can afford a small apartment. Please don’t make me beg Lynn, I’m doing this so I can pay you back. You can use the car when I’m not using it”.

Well it really wasn’t a good time for him to stay but how could I say no to him. He had raised me.

" I treat Bubbles like a King and Of course you can stay as long as you quit calling me Crispy Bacon”.

" That’ll never happen”.

" Fine just give me a moment to clean up”.

He had already pulled his bags inside while I scrambled to grab the toys to hide them. Dad smiling when he noticed what I was trying to do.

" Oh are we back in business? So does that mean everything is healed up down in your lady areas”.

Sometimes I could murder this guy as I laughed nervously. Tossing the toys back into their box and sliding them under the coffee table. Now he was being awkward calling my vagina a lady area.

" Well I’m not back in business with you staying here. Did you mean my vagina Daddy? That’s what people my age refer to Lady parts as now days” I asked now turning the awkward conversation back his way.

He didn’t answer as if words had suddenly escaped his sassy and vulgar mouth. Amazing I had left him speeches and he deserved it.

" Yes, it’s healed up and ready for a pounding. Everything is also working out quite nice with Raquel and Jenner”.

My dad wasn’t laughing now as he seemed to be slightly cringing. Hands going to his chin and rubbing the stubble there before he spoke again.

" Alright Lynn I get it but It’s weird when you talk like that to me because you are my baby. I’m your dad and I’m old so it’s different. I’m just trying to be supportive and informed like your mother was. I have to fill her shoes now that she is gone. I want to be your dad, your mom and your best friend too. You are older now so I just want to be open with you. Your job is a bit weird but I’m glad you told me what you do. Believe me I don’t judge you because of your job”.

Well that hit the heart strings. What could I say to him when all he wanted to do was be my world. He too had lost everything when my mom died. He had dissapeared for a time but now He was trying to make amends and I was happy to have him back.

" I’m sorry dad. Everything actually is resolved. Jenner he actually knew Mom. He was that Guy she was always talking about. The one who was in her treatment group and therapy. The one she turned to in the end for friendship and counseling. The guy we thought she made up to cope with dying”.

Dad seemed lost for a moment. Eyes scanning the house before settling back on me. The rim of his eyes glistening before he cleared his throat. Using the towel he had over his shoulder to dry the corners of his eyes. He hadn’t cried in front of me since mom’s death.

" So He was real, her angel. Her angel is YOUR Jenner? The guy who had you test out his toy that shocked you? Wow God works in mysterious ways Crispy”.

Well didn’t he have a skewed aspect on God and fate .

" He’s not MINE and It’s a long story Dad. “.

" I have time. I have nothing but time for you”.

So him and I had sat down and shared a few laughs, a few tears and a lot of mending. My dad apologizing for not being there for me when I needed him most but I understood now he had his own battles to fight. The whole story Of Jenner, how he tied into my mom had my dad saying this was fate but what if this was all a Bad joke.

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