I'm Here to Fix You

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Chapter 2


Okay, false alarm. My dick’s still intact. I haven’t been able to verify his functioning just yet, but I presume he’s fine. Phew.

Now, the moment I felt better, I entered my new workplace. Well, technically I have already, considering this whole building belongs to Lion’s Publications, but this is the place I’ll actually work my nine to five in. And you know what’s funny? Or rather, wanna know what just made my first day at work a lot, lot better?

Her. Remember the chick that nearly castrated me a minute ago? I was sure she was an employee, but I could only hope that she was on my same floor. For once I’m in luck, because as it turns out, she is. It took me a minute to bust her. She was there sitting at a desk in the left corner, switching on her computer.

You gotta know one thing about me. I ... am a sucker for the feisty ones. So it was kinda easy to ignore the blonde temptation in front of me, introducing herself as my personal assistant, to let my eyes focus on my angel with horns over there. Man, if I wasn’t turned on before, I was now.

I don’t know, the very simple fact that she not only had the guts to face a complete stranger so fiercely, the fact that she’s enough of a savage as to knee me in the balls simply for implying those things, switched on my predatory instincts. So I barely listened to the Tess chick, who was, may I say, quite impressive too in every department.

When I let her go, hordes of bootlickers surrounded me, all welcoming me, complimenting me for the job and crap like that. I bet my head, they’ve all heard I’m the big boss’ nephew. I wonder what would they say if they knew about my little mishaps with the law.

I dodged them all with the excuse of following my assistant to my office, but I knew where was she headed. I saw her leave my angel with horns right before coming to meet me. So I followed her, and predictably she went to her friend.

“The new boss! He’s here!” I heard her say right before I sneaked up on them.

“He? Wasn’t it supposed to be a she? Who-”

“Well, well, well ... look at that, my angel with horns.” I teased with a smug grin. The girl tensed visibly.

“Sissy, this is Jake Watson, the new editor-in-chief.” Tess introduced with a sexy voice that kinda gave me shivers along my spine, I’ll admit. Busty and blonde. How couldn’t she be sexier than sexy? But I had my eyes on a harder prey.

Sorry, Tess, your friend caught me first. Although, there might be place for both, eh, I’m really not picky.

My angel with horns closed her eyes for a moment, and stood. “Let me guess ...” She started, looking me dead in the eye, “I’m fired.”

I could barely retain a laugh. “If you were, what would your response be?”

She rolled her eyes, sighing. “Listen, I only reacted out of instinct, alright? How was I supposed to know you would be-”

“The guy that might potentially break your American Dream? Yep, this is me.”

Tess gazed between me and her friend, baffled. “What ...”

"Sissy here nearly castrated me.” It was hard not to laugh. What kind of sadistic parents would call their daughter Sissy? Seriously? Ruthless mean people ... I love them already.

She incinerated me with her damn sexy hazel gaze, though. “It’s Silvia. And you deserved it.”

“Really? That’s the attitude you’re gonna have with your new boss?” I shook my head. “No, no, no good, Sissy.”

“It’s Silvia.” She hissed. “And you can’t fire me solely for talking back at you.”

“I can fire you for attacking me in the elevator, though.” Meanwhile all eyes started converging to us, so I had to debase the whole story before it became too big to be contained. My uncle would get to know, and I’d have to listen to his umpteenth rant about good behavior in the office.

So, after a strategic pause meant to give time to people to awe and whisper about what was happening, and ohhh wow he’s already cutting off head. “But I won’t.” I smirked. “I like that attitude. Keep it.” In bed too, that is.

Yes, yes, women not objects, I know ... don’t you start with the scolding already. Hey, I’m the most feminist man you’ll ever meet, I can assure you. But how am I supposed to react when an angel with horns drops onto the mortal world to brighten my days? I’d be a fool to pass, don’t you think?

“What this time?” she barked upon entering, frustrated. I could hardly resist not to laugh.

“I’ve got a job for you.”

“How very surprising ...”

“Come on, aren’t you happy? I even gave you a pay rise.”

Silvia snorted, coming to sit before my desk. “Ever since you arrived, more than work I go back and forth from your office. You summon me here every two hours, and I’d rather not know why.”

I smirked, leaning back on my seat. “Are you implying something inappropriate, Ms. Banchi?” Because you’d be very right to.

She rolled her eyes, crossing her arms. I love it when she does that. Her outstanding boobs are on full display when she crosses her arms over her chest, it’s maddening, really. Today it’s fairly hot, so a couple of buttons of her shirt were unbuttoned, lucky me. “As if you didn’t know ...” she claimed.

“Know what? I’m your editor, you’re my translator, we’re bound to work closely together. I’m sorry if that doesn’t please you.” Because it does please me, very much so. I love my job.

Truth be told, the number of women in this office is fairly relevant, but most of them are married or older anyway. Again, I’m not picky, but if I gotta have my head bit off by my uncle, it’ll have to be for a valid reason. And a feisty translator sounds about good enough for a reason to me.

Hey, I’m sacrificing for the sake of science here. My results will answer the age old question: is it true that Italians do it better?

“Jake, I’m not blind.” I’ll admit I kinda love how she pronounces my name. Must be the accent. There’s something terribly sexy in her Italian accent.

“Given that you wear glasses 24/7 I could argue about that.”

Cue the glare. To be honest, I really love teasing her. I mean I love pissing off people in general, but with Silvia it’s ... way more fun than ever. She falls so easily into my tricks. It’s been over two weeks, yet she still hasn’t realized I make her mad on purpose, or rather, she probably knows I do, but she hasn’t said a word about it.

I thought this office would bore the hell out of me, but to be honest, despite the loads of work, I’m having the time of my life. Mostly because I’ve got my feisty Italian to brighten up my days, yeah.

“This is ridiculous.” She spat, as usual. She’ll always complain I play games with her, but she never gets to the point of snapping and telling me to fuck off. I wonder if it’s because deep down she enjoys this or because she’s really afraid of losing her job. “You can’t just keep me here to flirt. I’ve got things to do.”

“Who says I’m flirting?” I am. God, of course I am. I’ve taken it from a little too far, though. With any other chick, I’d have already hit jackpot. You know how it is, a few alluring lines, my place or your place, a few hours of pleasure, then off you go, goodbye, I’ll never see you again. It’s an unbreakable pattern. Sometimes there’s a date in between even, but in the end the result is always the same.

It’s a placebo, but what a goddamn good placebo it is. Technically speaking it’s chemistry. Sex releases endorphins, which serve to make us happy and all that shit ... sex is the best antidepressant, really, and I happen to need a shitload of antidepressants for reasons you better not know just yet.

However, with Silvia I’ve being going real slow. Not sure why. Or rather, I do know why, I’m just ... not sure why is why. I know I enjoy this banter, I know I love seeing her get all worked up every time I tease her, I love how she’s usually so calm yet I can get on her every single nerve with so little effort. And that’s why I’m taking it so slow. I wanna enjoy this ride as best as I can.

Also, she’s not an easy one, she wouldn’t simply cave in. Then there’s that whole I’m the boss I can’t sleep with my employees shit too, yeah.

I think Hillary doesn’t know that. Neither does Tess. They think I don’t see the games they’re playing, but I see everything. I may be busy studying ways to seduce my feisty Italian, but I’m not blind. Especially not when it’s about two hot girls rivaling to get into my bed. I don’t even wanna choose, the effort they make in it is fun.

Especially Hillary. She tries a little too hard, if you ask me, but she would be a pretty good lay, I’ll give her that. However, to be honest, I would gladly cave in for Tess, but ... she’s best friends with Silvia. She’d obviously tell everything to my hottie here, and I could say goodbye to my chances of watching my feisty Italian writhe beneath me as I dig deeper and harder, harder and deeper until she screams my name at the top of her lungs as she comes over and over again.

Sorry, too graphic, wasn’t it? It’s just that I’ve been daydreaming of her so much, I’m starting to confuse reality with imagination. Was I any more of a saint, I’d have blue balls thinking of when will I ever get to her, but ... I’ve never been much of a chaste guy, sorry.

Silvia snorted. “Oh, please. You’re flirting. And you’re even pretty bad at it, I must say.”

I could hardly retain a laugh. How clear it is that she doesn’t know me. I leaned in, clasping my hands together over my desk as my voice dropped, becoming husky. “Believe me, baby, you’d know it if I was trying to get into your panties ... because they’d drop to the floor at my command.” I snapped my fingers. “Just like that.”

Silvia snorted, rolling her eyes. “As if.”

“Let’s not pretend you haven’t thought about it, sweetheart, because you have, we both know it.” I’ve never met one single woman that hasn’t had one single dirty thought about me, I can assure you. It’s the main reason why I don’t have female friends.

That and because it’s too much drama. Happened before. We’re friends, then we get drunk and laid, then she comes up confessing undying feelings, and blah, blah, blah ...

To be honest, it always baffles me how these girls just develop feelings for me so easily. I mean, come on, no woman in her right mind would fall in love with me. You must be terribly masochistic to do so.

And yeah, I’m talking to you, you over there reading me. You’re already onto that route, aren’t you? Forget it. I’m good for a hot night, but trust me, giving me your heart would be the most foolish, the most reckless thing you could ever do.

Silvia stared me dead in the eye, though, and I’ll admit I was surprised at her nerve. “Believe me, Jake, I wouldn’t sleep with you even if you were the last man alive.”

I faked a shocked gasp, bringing my hand to my chest. “That’s just mean of you, you would wipe out humanity just like that?”

“I’d rather repopulate Earth with centaurs than have sex with you.”

I laughed. “Bestiality, huh? I think it’s illegal. And kinda sick too.”

She sighed, evidently annoyed. “Just give me the assignment and let me go.”

I caved, but only because, like I said, I need to take it slow. “Fine.” I grabbed the stack of papers beside my computer. “Edit this by the end of the week.” I dropped it before her.

Silvia looked baffled. “You kidding?”

“What? Surprised I’m actually giving you something to do?” Usually new assignments are an excuse, I gotta be honest. I wonder how come she hasn’t reported me to HR yet. I’ve been dangerously skimming over the sexual harassment line since two weeks, she should have reported me since day one, since the first day I started summoning her in my office for no real reason, yet she’s done nothing. She just comes in, grumbles that I’m being inopportune and all, but doesn’t really react. I wonder why. To be honest, I’d have expected way more from her, I’m disappointed in this case.

Is it just because she needs to keep the job? Or is it the evergreen, she knows I could basically burn all of her bridges, make it impossible for her to get another job in this country? Let’s be honest here, I know most of the “respect” my employees show me is reverential, due to terror.

Watson Holdings is ... well, huge. And quite diverse. We own a shit ton of different firms, work in many different environments ... we, well, my uncle, basically owns freaking Boston. Anyone that would want a job in this city, 7 times out of 10 would have to do with my family’s company. It makes me wonder how come our private mess has always remained off the papers ... oh, wait, right, we own a few of those and a network or two, while the others are easily influenced or bribed. My uncle is a master in that, and his father was no different.

“Why are you telling me and not Peter? In any case I can’t possibly edit this by the end of the week.” Silvia argued, taking me off the terrible route my thoughts had taken. See? My sexy Italian is always there for a reason.

“Why not? And to answer your question, Peter is busy with another pivotal project.”

“You kidding? It’s 30 pages! I need at least a month or two for this!”

“Only if you slack off.” I teased, better leaning back in my seat. Cue Silvia’s glare. It’s sick, I know, but she’s so much sexier when all angry.

She huffed. ”Stronzo.”

I wonder if she’ll ever realize I understand her language. Or sort of. Okay, I don’t speak Italian, but she’s called me stronzo enough times for me to realize it means asshole.

“Look, you wanted to work. Here’s your chance.” I mended, needing to see where would she let me get, what point would she let me reach before finally snapping.

“Is this a subtle way to make me resign? This is called mobbing, you know? It’s illegal.”

I rolled my eyes. “Either I’m mobbing you or I’m flirting with you ... make up your mind, honey.”

Silvia leaped to her feet, slamming her hand on the desk. “Ok, fine. I quit.”

Fuck, what?


“I quit.” I repeated myself, sure he couldn’t believe his ears. “I’m tired of all this. You’re being unprofessional, and I’m not gonna remain here to withstand it.”

“You can’t just ... quit.” He hesitated, dumbfounded, eyes wide.

“I can and I do. You’ve been nothing but an unbearable asshole with me these past two weeks, and any union would back me up. So either you just let me quit, or I make such a fuss you’re gonna wind up on every goddamn paper in this country.” I bet he thought I’d just meekly submit to his harassment simply because I’m a poor little immigrant that risks her Green Card. He got the wrong woman.

Yet Mr. Watson sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “Look what I’ve got to deal with ...” he grumbled, suddenly changing tune. How come, he’s always been so flirty and cocky, now he’s getting annoyed? I suppose it’s because he realized I’m not gonna let him toy with me.

“I’m serious.” I spat. Damn right I am. These weeks have been hideous. Tess says I overreact, that he’s only playing cat and mouse, but even if he were, I have no intention of being the mouse. I don’t know what kind of fantasies she has, but it’s not hot for me to have my boss treat me like a doll he summons whenever to just flirt. I’m here to work, not to please his dick. I haven’t reported him just yet merely because I know I need to be careful, otherwise I’d have already handed over his ass to HR.

“Do you even know the meaning of contract?” Mr. Watson snapped. “You signed one, honey. You can’t just get up and leave. There are laws.”

“Yes, and some of those say that you can’t harass employees, neither exploit your dominant position to do whatever the fuck you want.”

“Have I?”

I snorted, crossing my arms. “You kidding?! You’ve done nothing but that these weeks!”

He laughed. The douche! He laughed of me! I glared, but he ignored me. Times like these, I regret not being a violent person. I would kick that ass so hard he’d find himself in China. Stupid cocky idiot.

“Finally!” He exclaimed, slamming his hand onto the table, standing. “I mean, fuck! It took you so damn long!”

I blinked my eyes, confused. “What?”

He chuckled. “I’ve waited over two weeks to get a reaction from you, Silvia. I must say, you’re my toughest challenge.”


He bypassed the desk and came to sit on the front, crossing his arms over his hard toned chest. “Hey, a man gotta do what he gotta do to have some fun. You were the perfect guinea pig.”

“What?!” I snapped, starting to see clearer. “So you made my life impossible only to have fun?!” I knew he was a huge jackass.

He shrugged nonchalantly, as if he hadn’t just confessed he’s toyed with me like whatever doll only to entertain himself. Ugh, I hate people like him. Self centered, egoistic, that think the rest of human beings are there only for their fun.

“Then I’m even more convinced I quit. I can’t work for such an immature brat.” I spat. Good thing I’ve got a plan B. I realized I needed it when the jackass here started driving me nuts. Don’t jump to conclusions ... I’ve merely started hunting for another job. Did you know? Translators that can work with more than two combinations of languages find a pretty wide market. I’ve already had two acceptance letters, I just need to decide which one. Sure, it wouldn’t be the same golden job I have here, but anything not to endure the jackass any longer.

Though Tess said she’d marry me if needed, I suppose it’s a relief. It’d mean I wouldn’t have to woo Peter.

Mr. Watson’s expression switched from amused to serious in the blink of an eye. Talk about bipolar. “If you think this blackmail can work to get you a pay rise, you got the wrong jackass, honey.”

Typical. “I’m not blackmailing you. I’m saying I quit. What, are you deaf too?”

His look was blank yet not quite indifferent, as if he couldn’t care less yet also got mad about it. Weird. “You can’t just break off the contract.”

“I can if on ground of incompatibility of work environment.” I pointed out, ignoring his snort. “I don’t feel comfortable working for you, so I can just quit. Easy breezy.”

He stuffed his hands in his pockets, deadly calm. “Fine. Leave. Good luck finding another job that pays this much.”

“Already have.” Not quite. I mean, the offers are good, but not as good as this job. Though I can’t let that known to him, can I?

Mr. Watson sighed, raking a hand over his face. I expected him to spit insults or anything against me, I mean, had it been the ex editor, I’d have already been heavily insulted, yet he just took a deep breath and ... apologized. “I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry. That’s what you wanted, isn’t it? An apology. Well, I apologize for having been a jerk to you these weeks. Now get back to work.”

“No, you don’t get it, I-”

He took the stack of papers on the desk, grabbed my arm, and led me to the door. “You’ve got 40 days to edit this. Chop, chop.” Then he basically threw me out of his office.

What the ...


Phew. That was a close call. I mean, I was eager to see her snap, tell me off, whatever, but I didn’t expect her to just get up and resign. Jeez. That’s not how you play the game. Then again, I suppose she wins.

I had to give in on this one ... otherwise I’d have lost every chance, don’t you think? Now the plot thickens, the game gets harder ... hmm, I do love a nice challenge.

Let’s make it between you and I. Two weeks. Two weeks and I’ll slide into that frigid cold bed of hers. Wanna bet?

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