I'm Here to Fix You

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Chapter 46



“Hi. May I help you?” The skinny blonde asked with a wide smile.

If I say I wanted to punch that smile off her face, does that mean I have anger management problems and that I also have a problem with jealousy?

“You’re his cousin.” I gritted through my teeth. “Or a secret sister, or maybe his aunt. Anything blood related.” I spat, my jaw clenching. “Because I swear to God, if you’re here for any other reason than a totally, completely, indubitably platonic and asexual one, you better start running and he better start saying his prayers.”

Okay, maybe I do have a problem with jealousy.

But it’s cool. I’m fine. I can handle it. As long as blondie here gets out of my way.

She gazed at me, perplexed, clearly not understanding what I meant. “Uh ... sorry what?”

I groaned, rolling my eyes. “Jake Watson. He lives here.”

“Oh!” She gasped, half laughing, which only unnerved me. “Jake! Right. You must be Serene?”

Cue the mental facepalm. “I am ... no, was his girlfriend.”

She frowned. “Girlfriend? You kidding? Jake doesn’t have a girlfriend.” She laughed. “Of all men on this planet, Jake Watson is the last one ever that could be relationship material.”

Hold it together, Silvia, hold it together. Murder is still illegal. Also, there are tons of other reasons to go to jail, and a cheating bastard isn’t one of them.

So I inhaled deeply, and tried to call on all of my most reasonable and sensible nerves, those that worked perfectly fine until I became prey to my hormones and victim of the green eyed monster because of a dirty dog that can’t resist two days without sticking it into every donut. “Excuse me, but ... who are you exactly?”

She’s not Olivia. I saw her, and she’s the exact opposite of this one. As far as I know, Jake only has one sister and no cousins. Aunts? Possible, but she’s clearly younger than him. I also saw Ana, his maid, and this definitely isn’t her either.

On a side note, leave it to Jake to have the sexiest, hottest Puerto Rican woman that ever walked this Earth work for him. Goddamit, even my heterosexuality wavered the slightest when I saw her, and it didn’t happen when I met Tess. The sole idea that this woman, who accidentally happens to be head over heels for him, hangs around his place so freely, sees him in no clothes moments, drives me madly insane.

God, I’m jealous, so freaking jealous. I realize that now, but I’ve always been, even when we were just friends. And if you dare tell Jake, I won’t be held responsible for what happens to you, all of you, either, mark my words.

“Uh ... I could ask the same to you.” The skinny girl, who looked more or less my age, scoffed, crossing her arms. There wasn’t an inch of her body that wasn’t sculpted. How could I tell? Oh, I’m glad you asked, you impenitent protector of the cheater. I could tell because she was barely wearing anything as it was, that’s how.

You’ll say, you of all people Silvia, you shouldn’t judge a woman by her clothes. I’ll tell you, I don’t judge her by her clothes, I judge her based on the fact that she’s nearly naked in my (ex) boyfriend’s house. Actually, the only clothing items she wore were her super-short shorts and the top of a bikini, but Jake has no pool here. Should I continue?

“I just told you who I am.” I spat. “Now tell me who are you, and what are you doing here.” Before I lose it and accidentally punch your pretty nose.

Okay. I need to really work on this angry jealousy thing, I know. One step at a time.

“Oh, well ...” she grinned, “I met Jake last night, and we-”

“Ok, that’s enough.” I stomped my way in, pushing her aside. “Where’s the jerk?” I’m not gonna kill him right off the bat. I may dust off my skills a little first. We always had that match to schedule, didn’t we? I suppose it’s about time, and a perfect timing, since he just healed completely.



“I’m sorry.” I said for the fourth time, knowing it wouldn’t cut it. Of course it can’t, not after what I did, what I said. “I’m sorry, I was mad, it was a chaotic moment, I just ... I just didn’t think.” I sighed, trying to take advantage of her silences to lay it all out in the open. “I know I was a jerk, and I also know that apologies won’t make it right, but ... I just hope you can forgive me.”

Silence. Silence. Silence. I should have known. She was crazy mad when I saw her. I almost didn’t recognize her, I swear. After she lashed out on me, hit me with everything she could find, after I dodged every punch – and believe me, it wasn’t easy -, she finally calmed down. Trouble is, calming down meant that she crawled to the floor, crying.

“Please, say something. Anything.” I felt like shit the moment I did it, yet I did it anyways. What the hell is wrong with me?

I waited, and waited, and waited, until, finally, she wiped off her tears, and took a deep breath. I dreaded her words, because I knew they’d sign our doom. After all she’s been though, after all that’s happened between us, I acted like a true jerk, and I deserve not to be forgiven, I just hope we can solve it somehow.

In the end, after five excruciating minutes, she sighed. “Okay.”

“Okay?” I inched closer to her face, doing my funny face to make her laugh, it always works.

“Okay.” Serene jumped in my arms, cheery. “I missed you so bad, Jakey!” Phew, crisis averted.

I smiled, embracing my baby sis, and kissed her temple. “I missed you, too, Pebbles. I even missed your unnerving blabbing.” I chuckled. “Hope we’re good now.”

She pulled back, looking me dead in the eyes, serious. “Only if you promise not to ever leave again.”

“I ...” I can’t promise that. I’ve promised that like ... five times already, and I could never live to my word, which forced me to spend obnoxiously long days of penance in an effort at having her forgive me.

“Jakey?” Serene arched an eyebrow at me, getting angry again. My sister manages to look like a cute puppy even when she’s mad. “Promise me.”

I sighed. What’s a brother gotta do, huh? “Okay, fine ... I promise.”

“Mean it.”

“I do. I-”

“Say it like you mean it.” She poked my chest. “I went through the worst scare in my life for your fault. I thought I was gonna lose you, and I felt guilty because we parted angry, and I thought it was my fault, and you also left me one time too many!! So say it! Say you’ll never leave again!”

“Pebbles, I ...”

“Say it or I tell Silvia.” She scoffed, crossing her arms.

I frowned. “You tell Silvia what?”

I didn’t like her mischievous grin one bit. “About Wendy ...”

My eyes widened. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh, but I would ...” she leaped to her feet when I tried to get her, phone in hand. “Either you promise, no, swear ... either you swear on your head that you will never leave me again, or I tell Silvia about Wendy.”

And here I thought my baby sis was a pure little angel.



“Please, don’t tell her. Please, please, please, don’t!” He begged, desperate. “Please, please, I know you hate me, but don’t, don’t! It would ruin everything!”

I stood there bored, listening to Trey’s pleas, arms crossed, gazing at my chipped nails. I should definitely redo them, but ... nah. It would undermine my no girly stuff reputation. My nail polish is black, in case you were wondering. Tess has been trying to make me change it for ages, but she’ll never make it. Oh, I’m talking about worthless things because anything, anything is more interesting than listening one minute more to Trey and his endless apologies and all the begging.

He’s scared shitless that I’ll tell Tess that he pretended to be his friend, the sickly rich guy that lives in a penthouse that’s five times larger than my apartment, to take sweet little Kaitlin here to bed. Kaitlin is also, barely major. She turned 18 last week, and decided to do something rash, and come to the big city from a small village in Oklahoma, where, hear, hear, Tess’ family lives.

Ohhh you guessed it. Not only did Trey come up with the dumbest and most predictable plan ever to hook up with a teen, but ... that teen happens to be Tess’ cousin. The girl could have gone anywhere to break the mold and set herself free, as she claimed, but she chose Boston because her favorite cousin lives here.

Apparently, Kaitlin got lost in Tess’ neighborhood in an attempt at surprising her. Trey was headed to Tess’ place, of course, his ritual attempt at convincing her they ought to get back together because he loves her so, and blah, blah, blah. They bumped into each other, she got confused, because, as sweet and lovely as she is, Kaitlin here isn’t exactly the finest apple out there, so she thought he was the Jake Watson her cousin had often told her about. You can bet he didn’t correct her, actually, he thought it was a brilliant idea to take advantage of the fact that Jake has gone to New York to beg Serene for forgiveness, to come here and give Kaitlin a taste of the city jerks.

What a funny old world, huh?

After I nearly castrated him, thinking he was Jake, Trey spouted the toads, and now he regretted it. I bet he noticed my wicked smirk. He named anything he could give and do to convince me not to tell my best friend about his little stunt.

“Sil, come on ... you know how desperate I am about this, Tessy will never forgive me something like that!”

I scoffed. “And I should care because ...?”

“Because ...” he smiled creepily, “I ... I’m your boyfriend’s best friend?”

I snorted. “First of all, Colin is Jake’s best friend. Sorry to break your heart like that. Second of all, I still have to decide whether he’s still my boyfriend or not.”

Trey sighed, raking a hand over his face. “Ok, just ... just tell me the price. Anything you want, just say it. But please, please, please don’t tell her!”

I bit my lip, pondering. “Mmh ... technically, you guys aren’t dating, so it’s not cheating.”


“But ... Kaitlin is her cousin. Her favorite cousin. I mean, Tess babysat the kid every summer. They are so close ...”

“I didn’t know who she was! I just ...”

“You just blacked out, didn’t you? You didn’t think, or rather, you let your main muscle there think. Did it ever occur to you, that maybe it’s exactly for that reason that Tess has decided to move on from you? She deserves better than an immature dick like you, Trey.” I spat. Finally. I’ve waited sooo long to say it. I always held back not to hurt my best friend, but now it seems her feelings for her ex are water under the bridge, so ...

He sighed, defeated. “I know you don’t like me ...”

I scoffed. “That’s the understatement of the year.”

“But I really do love Tess ... I just ... I screwed up, ok? But don’t I deserve a second chance, too?”

“Take off that pouty look, Trey, it doesn’t work with me.” I barked. “You don’t deserve a second chance. You’ve done nothing but hurt Tess, and I’d be a terrible best friend if I let you be anywhere near her again.” I groaned out of relief. “Thank God she’s seeing reason. David will be a sooo much better boyfriend than you.”

He paled, ohhh yes, Trey went as pale as a sheet. “She ... who’s ... who’s David?”

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have blurted it out like that, it was a bitchy move. But in my defense, I wanted revenge for Tess’ sake. For all the tears she shed because of him, for all the times I had to comfort her after they broke up, for all the emotional instability he put her through. He deserves to get his heart broken as much as he repeatedly broke hers. I know it’s mean, I just don’t care.

“David is the guy she’s dating.” Not really. She hasn’t even mustered up the courage to ask him out. To be honest, I’ve never seen Tess Doherty so nervous about a guy. It’s like she forgets everything, her seductive moves, her enticing beauty, the fact that men drool over her, when she’s around David. He just ... makes her doubt everything yet find the answer to everything.

“To be honest, I’ve never seen her this ... happy, Trey.” This is the truth. “I mean, okay, maybe they’re not dating ... yet, but David makes her shine, Trey.” I admitted seriously. “I know you think I’m saying this because I hate you, and you’re right, there might be the slightest chance I’m rubbing salt in the wound because I really, really, really don’t like you, but ... I’m saying this mostly because Tess is my best friend and, if I gotta be honest, you’re not the man for her. You can’t give her what she needs and deserves, I’m sure you’ll realize that someday, too.”

I sighed, feeling now dirty because I just flat out broke his poor heart, but I know it was the right thing. Tess needs a push to move on for good, and it can only come from Trey finally giving up on this impossible relationship. She’s head over heels for David, and if she looks just a little bit closer, she’ll realize he’s not indifferent, he’s just ... intimidated.

I’ve watched them relate these weeks. Tess can be ... a lot to deal with, and a loner, introverted book worm like David is inevitably intimidated. I know the type, I’ve been one for so long, and I often am. Except I’m more of a cranky slash asocial introvert book worm type other than shy.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me ... I gotta go be a lousy cliché romance character and run to the airport to get back my boyfriend before it’s too late.” I smiled at Kaitlin, who seemed to be realizing just now what was going on, while Trey was hit by the realization of the millennium, and I headed to the door.

Jake’s flight should be landing in 20 minutes, so I should make it just in time to respect the cliché to the fullest.

As I waited for the elevator, I thought of the words I’d say. Maybe I should google something mushy to say. Or maybe I should simply apologize for being a bitch to him. I jumped to conclusions, that’s all there is to it. I was blinded by jealousy ... which, let me remind you, Jake will never know, if you care about your life.

Oh, I’m still mad about the whole Olivia conundrum, but I guess I can get past it. I did say I’d try my best, didn’t I? I suppose I should seriously make the effort. We’ve already broken up twice in a month, we really need to get our shit together if we want this to work out.

When the elevator arrived, I took a deep breath. Time to be an emotionally open adult, Silvia.


I looked up when I heard the voice, coming from inside the elevator.

“Silvia ... right?” Olivia barely cracked a small smile as she stepped off the lift. “I ... think we should really have a little chat.”

Oh, Tess ... where are you when I need to keep me from committing a felony like, I don’t know, murdering the fake little minx that’s trying to steal my boyfriend? Sweet Liv, you have no idea who’s the angry wolf you just decided to dine with.

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