I'm Here to Fix You

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Chapter 47



“David what?” I asked, confused. “Trey, you’re ranting, I can’t understand shit of what you’re saying. Slow down.” When did I sign up to be my friends’ babysitter too? Then again, it was better than waiting endlessly for my sister to get a move. She’s dragging me to this inane opera, I bet out of spite. She knows I hate this sort of thing, hell, I’m a movie type, opera bores the hell out of me. She should have taken Silvia, not me.

Speaking of Silvia, I wonder if I’m doing the right thing. I thought I’d give her time to digest the whole Olivia drama, but ... I don’t know, last time I insisted, she broke my nose. It’s been over a week, though. Sigh, I seriously know nothing about relationships. The only ones I’ve had were immature things as a teen. With Cynthia it was all about sex, with Olivia I never even wanted to acknowledge it was indeed a relationship.

Times like this, I can only cross my fingers and hope for the best. I signed up for a life beside the most complicated, stubborn woman I’ve ever known, of course it’s going to be hard. We’re both strong-headed, we’re going to fight a lot, she’s right, so I guess the key is stepping back when needed. This time it’s my turn, since I was the one to screw up in the first place. I guess I just need to wait and see.

“Who’s David? And what does he have to do with my girlfriend?!” Trey sounded angry more than upset. He can be such a child, sometimes, he drops a toy when he’s tired of playing with it, then he expects it to still be there when he wants it back.

I frowned. “First of all, Tess is not your girlfriend anymore. Second of all, what makes you think I have the slightest intention of getting involved in your bullshit?”

“You’re my friend!”

“Yeah, that doesn’t mean I gotta get involved. Besides, Tess is my friend too and, let’s be honest, Trey, you’re a shitty boyfriend.”

“But I love her ...” he whined.

I rolled my eyes. “Take it from me, loving her isn’t enough if you’re not willing to pour all yourself into the relationship.” I sighed. “And sometimes even that doesn’t suffice.” Especially not if you lie to your girlfriend and she’s the type of woman that takes no bullshit from anyone.

Trey heaved a deep, frustrated sigh. “Of course, you too against me ... that chick’s brainwashed you, man. You haven’t been the same ever since you met Silvia.”

I half smiled, not at all irked by the remark. “Maybe. But who said that’s a bad thing?”

He scoffed. “You’re whipped.”

“So are you.”

“Yeah, but I’m not letting a chick change me.”

I rolled my eyes. “First of all, Silvia isn’t changing me. She makes me better just by being with me.” I know, I know, you’re all there cooing like over-emotional little girls on their period, I see you. So predictable.

“Second of all, you’ve already changed for Tess, buddy. You cut down your nights out, you got yourself a real job other than keep on living on your father’s fund ... you seem to have turned on a more responsible route.”

“That’s just because the old man wouldn’t quit breathing on my neck because I’m almost 30 and all that shit.” Trey grumbled, which made me smile. It’s so him to deny the evident truth.

“Sure, whatever you say, man ...” I stood when Serene called from her bedroom to tell me to go open the door. “Listen, I gotta go now, it’s ... you know, big brother time. We’ll talk when I get back, but ... Trey, if I were you, I’d just get Tess out of my head.”

“I can’t ...”

“You know how much I care about you, bud, we’ve been friends through thick and thin, but let’s be honest here, she’s way out of your league.” I’d rather not get involved, but knowing him, he’ll never quit whining until everything’s settled, which bores the hell out of me. Also, I’m honest, Tess deserves definitely better. I love the guy, but he’s a screw-up.

“You say the same about Silvia ...” he grumbled, clearly offended.

I chuckled. “Touché ...” When I opened the door, my jaw clenched on its own, and I hung up, without saying bye. “What are you doing here? I told her not to call you.” I spat.

Fitz sighed, sidestepping me to enter. “Nice to see you too, Jake.”

I scoffed, closing the door. “Serene! There’s the traitor for you!”

He huffed, turning to me, hands stuffed in his pockets. “Seriously? You haven’t forgiven me yet? What do I have to do, cut my heart open and give you a half?”

“Only half?” I scoffed.

The lovesick smile on his lips made me want to barf. “Well ... the other half would obviously go to Serene.” My sister, having heard, cooed, and came rushing into the living room to greet him, while I nearly threw up when they kissed.

“Ugh, you guys are disgusting.” But they didn’t even hear me, obviously. “Aren’t we gonna be late for the opera?” Nothing. They were full out making out in front of me, gah. I seriously felt like gagging. Gagging and vomiting. Gavomiting.

I chose to turn around before I seriously puked. Being the masochist I am, I decided to call my girlfriend, to see if she still feels like killing me painfully after a week or maybe she’s started forgiving me. This whole giving her time thing was stupid ... Silvia didn’t even answer my calls. I wonder what is she up to, what could be so important to keep her from answering me? Nothing. That’s what. She always answers my calls, when she doesn’t, she’s pissed. Guess I’ll have to resort to plan b ... crawling to her feet while begging for forgiveness.



I sent the third call to voicemail. Not the right moment to beg for forgiveness, Jake. “So... Olivia.” I began with a tight smile. “What is it that you want to tell me?” I smiled at the waitress when she brought me my coffee, and so did Olivia, having taken a herbal tea.

“Don’t get on the defensive already, Silvia.” She said, pouring sugar into her mug. “I come in peace.”

“For a woman that, one, slept with my boyfriend, two, put down roots in his house and claimed a right to a relationship that’s never been there, three, that’s clearly playing sweet lovely girl only to pull on his heartstrings and remind him of long gone times, you definitely have some cheek, huh, Liv?” I spat, without beating around the bush.

Olivia grimaced. “You cut straight to the chase, huh?”

“Well, you see, I’m not Jake.” I pointed out, barely touching my coffee. “You may fool him, because he’s fond of you, but me? I can see right through you, my dear.”

“You think?”

“Jake told me you had a rough period. That’s alright, he helped you, it’s perfectly fair.” I admitted. “But let’s be honest here, Olivia. It’s been over two months since you guys got back from your ... journey, yet you’re still here. You’re still hovering, you still have no intention of leaving.”

“Well, I need to find a job and a place to live first, and-”

“Oh, please ...” I scoffed. “Spare me the innocent lovely girl pantomime. I’m not Jake, I won’t fall for it.” If there’s one thing I hate, is being taken for a stupid, which, believe me, I am not. She was trying to do exactly that, fool me by claiming to be oh, so innocent. Maybe I have a problem with jealousy, but I’m not blind.

Olivia cracked a small smile, her hands cupping the mug while I still hadn’t touched my coffee. “Funny, Jake who knows me so well couldn’t see that I’ve changed, yet you whom I’ve only just met, have already realized.”

“Nothing funny in you trying to steal my boyfriend.” I nearly barked. I definitely shouldn’t touch the coffee, I was already hyper as it was. I could devour little Liv here in one bite.

She looked up, partly surprised. “I’m not trying to steal anyone’s boyfriend. I would never do that.” She claimed, looking offended.

I scoffed. “Sure, and I was born yesterday ...”

“Yes, I was trying to get back with Jake.”

“Ha! See?”

“But ... I didn’t know he had a girlfriend.”

I arched an eyebrow at her. “What?” He didn’t even tell her about me, right. I’m not the only one Jake lied to, that’s true, but that doesn’t make her any better.

Olivia shrugged, taking a sip of her herbal tea, laying it out flatly: “I had the chance to get back in touch with the one man I’ve ever truly loved, the one man that made me feel safe, that gave me all I needed ... you can’t blame me for trying to start over with him.”

I wanna say yeah, I do blame her, but ... in the end, she’s kinda right. She didn’t know he was committed to someone else, therefore she couldn’t know that was she was doing was awful. “So you do admit you’ve been trying to get back together with him.”

She nodded. “I have no qualm in admitting it.” Olivia stared straight into my eyes as she declared bravely: “I still love Jake. And I still firmly believe that, hadn’t he been so stubborn last time, by now we would have been happily settled together. So yeah, I took advantage of the situation to try my luck, I’m not ashamed of saying it.” The cheek this girl has.

“And what do you intend to do, now that you know he has a girlfriend?” I asked, trying to be calm. The problem with me is, the moment some jerk sparked up emotions inside me, everything flooded out, and now I can barely keep control of what I feel and how I feel it, while before Jake I was perfectly fine. The most amazing part is, I don’t even want to go back to the days before Jake Watson entered my life.

It’s ... this. It’s exactly this that compels to keep trying even though my gut would tell me to yell at him to fuck off. It’s ... the certainty that, in the end, I was bound to get here. I’ve loved Ryan, believe it or not, and I still do, but ... in the end, I love Jake more.

And I know that in some twisted, fucked up way, there’s something that keeps pushing us towards each other. It’s not inevitable, it’s just ... the way it is. How it’s supposed to be. I could run for a long time, but in the end, I’d still get back to him, and that’s the whole point.

“Well ...” Olivia pursed her lips. “It depends.”


“Are you still his girlfriend? Last I heard, you guys had broken up.”

The nerve. Please, hold me, or else ... “Who told you that?”

“Well, I still live there, and I haven’t seen you this whole week, so ...”

“Wait, you still live there?” Is this bitch serious?

“Why, yes, of course ...” Of course? Of fucking course? “I haven’t found a place yet ...” noticing my snide glance, Olivia barely hid a smile, correcting herself: “I mean, this time I’m seriously looking, but I haven’t found anything.”

“You can stay at my place.” Wait, what? Why did I say that? I grimaced when Olivia stared at me, befuddled. “I mean ... for the time being. You can ... stay at my place until you find something else.”

“Uh ... don’t get me wrong, I appreciate, but ... I don’t even know you, Silvia.”

You know my boyfriend, that’s the problem. “I’m not a serial killer, no worries.”

She laughed, playing with her mug. “I’m sure. But ... thanks, but no, thanks.”

I pursed my lips, clasping my hands together over the table. “Because staying with your ex is so much better, right? That way you can take advantage of every single moment of uncertainty we have, and sneak back into his life. You can use the old friends cards to spend as much time as possible with him while he naively thinks you’re doing it just for the sake of it, not because you have a clear purpose in mind.”

She rolled her eyes, secretly smiling. That secret smile she has every phrase, I don’t know if it’s her way of speaking, but it’s unnerving. It feels like she’s not taking me seriously. “Silvia ... I’m not gonna try to steal Jake from you ...”

“Says the woman that’s spent the past month doing exactly that.”

“Hey, I didn’t even know you existed!” She scoffed. “He didn’t tell me anything about a girlfriend. Actually, he didn’t tell me to step back or leave or anything.”

My jaw clenched. “Just because he’s a ball-less jerk, doesn’t mean you have a right to sink your claws into another woman’s man. Just because he’s blind when it comes to you, doesn’t mean you can play him how you want and get away with it.” I barked, loud enough for people around us to hear. Some ignored us, a couple listened in. I would have told them to fuck off, but I was more focused on Liv here.


“You say you didn’t know about me. That’s fair.” I conceded. “But now that you do know about me, you don’t seem keen on giving up either. As far as I’m concerned, that’s what a homewrecker does. You can play innocent all you want, Olivia, but the fact is, even while here sweetly talking to me, you’ve got your perfect plan to snatch him away from me.” I finished hissing.

She didn’t seem fazed. Actually, she was calm as ever. Colin told me she was a shy nerd that Jake protected from bullies, that they became friends also because she was Serene’s babysitter, so Jake saw her every day at home as well, basically she was everywhere he looked. The woman I see now doesn’t seem much meek to me, which is great, she probably got over her shyness and all, and it’s great, honestly. You know I’m a determined advocate of women’s empowerment, so brava to her for getting her life back. Yet maybe it’s jealousy talking, but the more I spoke to her, the more I felt like she hid a lot more than one would imagine.

I had a classmate like that. She was your cliché sweet blonde girl with big doe eyes, lovely and all ... on the surface. In truth, she was a venomous bitch. I made the mistake of falling for her act, but I saw reason soon enough.

“It’s not snatching when you shouldn’t have been there in the first place, don’t you think?”

And there you are, her true colors. Finally. She may have been a sweet little nerd once, but now she’s definitely turned on a totally different page. “So you have I saw him first rights? Is that what you’re telling me?”

“What I’m telling you,” Olivia began, playing with her spoon once she’d finished the herbal tea, “is that I know Jake much better than you ever could.” She claimed. “I knew him when he was a different guy. I knew his family.” Does she know what happened to them, too?

“And that makes you the best choice because ...?”

“Because I can handle his moods, his temper tantrums ... his nightmares.” His what? She definitely read the surprise on my face. “Oh ... you don’t even know about the nightmares, do you? Of course not, he tells nobody.”

“I’m not a nobody.” I snapped, narrowing my eyes at her. “I’m his girlfriend.” And the woman that’s gonna break your face if you keep going like this.

“Are you?”

“You knew him when he was a kid, Olivia, that doesn’t give you any right. Over 10 years have passed, I’m pretty sure a lot has happened.”

The smile crawling over her lips didn’t thrill me one bit. “It’s funny that you should mention that, because, you know ... spending two months on our own, Jake and I had a lot of time to talk.” I don’t like the sound of this. “And ... he told me everything.”



She’s bluffing. She’s definitely bluffing. She can’t know everything ... he can’t have told her. He said only Colin knows for obvious reasons, and I guess his uncle. Not even Serene knows. “Am I supposed to believe you?” I scoffed. For all I know, she might be simply making it all up just so I get mad that he told her before me, and I’ll break up with him once and for all, so she’ll have him all to herself ... damnit, my life has seriously become a freaking soap opera.

Olivia laughed, and I craved to break that pretty little face of hers. Ok, this is not me. Jealousy is making me an aggressive bitch, and I hate it.

“Jake told me, yes.” Olivia claimed, even too smug for being the sweet girl Jake thinks she is. “Don’t be so surprised, we’ve always been very intimate, of course he told me his story. It actually happened that night, after we made sweet love and-”

I slammed my hand on the table, making everybody turn around. “Before you say one more word, Olivia, I’ll stop you right there.” I spat through gritted teeth. “If you’re trying to make me jealous, it’s not gonna work. I’m beyond that.” Said she while mentally ripping the girl’s heart out and crushing it Evil Queen style.

“I’m not trying to make you jealous ...” Olivia claimed with a chuckle. “I’m just telling you the facts.” She shrugged. “That night when we made love, Jake confided to me. We talked. He told me everything about his family, what happened to them, what he did ... he didn’t miss a single detail.”

Don’t kill her now, Silvia, too many witnesses. But God, she seriously made me want to punch her so hard! Now I understand what Ryan meant when he said that Jake pulled on his every goddamn string, getting and closer and closer to unveiling the worst side of him.

I resorted to taking it against my keys, which nearly sank into my skin, given the strength with which I gripped them to keep calm while laying low: “Okay ... he told you. So?”

“Well, I’m not psychiatrist, but ... if you don’t know, yet I do, that means he trusts me more than you, don’t you think?”

“So ...?” Before I strangle you with my bare hands in front of 20 people.

“So ...” she licked the last drops of herbal tea from the spoon, a smug smile on her face, “... maybe all this fight your putting up, maybe it’s worthless. Because in the end, Jake and I are bound to each other. And even though you think I’m being a manipulative bitch right now, someday you’ll realize I was just doing what you in my predicament would. Merely making things the way they were and were supposed to be.”

“Which implies you and Jake together and me out of the way, I presume ...” I hissed.

Olivia shrugged, finally putting down the damn spoon. “I’m sorry for you, but yes.”

“Don’t you think that, maybe, Jake should have a saying in this?” I finally realized. “I mean, you can dream all you want about you two and a cozy home with a white fence in the suburbs, but unless you wanna knock him out, and abduct him, you’ll have to consider his opinion.”

She didn’t lose the damn smile, grrr. “I know ... in fact Jake and I will talk about all this. I just thought I needed to make things clear with you first.”

“The worthless parenthesis that I am, right?”

“I’m sorry if it hurts, I know how hard can it be, but ... I don’t see a point in lingering any further.”

“So I should just break up for him once and for all, and leave him to you.” I spoke sarcastically.

“I know you’re being sarcastic, but yes, that is more or less what I’m asking.”

I gave her a duh look, one I use when Tess comes up with her nonsense. “You do know that is the most absurd idea you could have ever had, right?” I stood, tired of her shit. We’re not going anywhere like this. “If you think I’m gonna step back just because you’re a delusional crybaby that’s clung to a past bond, then you don’t know me at all.”

“We’ll have to let Jake choose, then.” Olivia smiled, standing as well.

This time I smiled, not sarcastically, not angrily, not poignantly, but triumphantly. If I thought, for one second, that Jake wasn’t sure of me, that he might be snatched away by some cunning liar like her, I would drop him without thinking. Whenever a man is undecided between you and her, the truth is, he’s already having doubts about you, so why comply?

Let Jake choose ... tsk. He doesn’t have to choose. Jake knows exactly whom he wants to spend the rest of his life with. And guess what, that’s me.

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