I'm Here to Fix You

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Chapter 58



“Stand up.” I barked against the cage. “Come on, Jake, stand up!” I refuse to believe he’s beaten. I nearly got a heart attack when I saw him there unconscious, but after a few moments he moved, while the whole crowd cheered for him. I tried to get past all those ominous men standing by the door of the cage, but I couldn’t. In other circumstances I’d have just kicked their ass, but ... well, you know my predicament. So all that it remained to do was just ... incite him from the sidelines. Because sure as hell they wouldn’t let him out until he could stand on his feet.

“Bonecrusher! Bonecrusher! Bonecrusher!” It’s what the crowd kept chanting, all the more happier every movement he made to stand.

“Watch out!” I screamed when, Jake sitting on all fours, I saw his opponent raising his feet to kick his stomach. It was too late. The sole fact that Jake coughed up blood at the blow had my heart sink.

The man kept hitting him, even though Jake could hardly defend himself, and the crowd kept inciting them both. I felt like they were all dogs foaming at the mouth at the sight of blood. Like ancient Romans watching a gladiators show.

I difficultly elbowed my way through the crowd to the cage’s door, where two huge gorillas stood, guarding it, and a third man watched the match, smirking his ass off. I headed straight to the latter one, uncaring of his guard dogs trying to stop me.

“You need to end this.” I spat while one of the gorillas held me back with his arm. “He can’t even stand on his feet!”

“So?” The burly man in his fifties laughed. “It is the very purpose of a death battle. Battling until either of the two dies.”

It was probably naïve of me, but I thought this was just one more random battle in this goddamn place. Instead no. Jake managed to get tangled up in the deathly ramble, the man pointed out. It’s that type of battle where you cannot get out of the cage until, either you’re dead, or you’ve killed your opponent.

It struck me. He wouldn’t do it for the purpose of killing. He was seeking it. Jake was seeking his own death.

His words echoed through my mind. Masochistic tendencies and an unconscious death wish. I turned to the cage, appalled. He wasn’t losing. He wasn’t fighting at all.

I dashed to the cage, gripping it tightly as I called: “Jake! Jake, can you hear me?!” He barely moved. He was on his knees, and spat out blood every breath he took. There were scars all over his back, but luckily there was no blood. “Jake!” I yelled. “Get up, for God’s sakes! And fight, you idiot, fight!” The crowd cheering and inciting was so loud that I bet he couldn’t even hear me.

I felt restless and useless. I could do nothing to take him out of this goddamn trouble he got himself in. In other circumstances I wouldn’t have cared about my own health, I would have simply faced the gorillas, and broken into the cage to fight the man on Jake’s behalf. But I had to think about the baby.

I may not want to keep him, I may not be his mother, but I owe him the right to life, at least that. I ought to be careful on his behalf. But the thing is, by doing that, I was choosing. I was choosing an unborn child over his father, and I knew I’d regret it for the rest of my life.


Stupid idiot. Can’t he do better than that? I chose him purposely, yet he proved to be just as disappointing as the others. I mean, come on, I’m not even fighting back, is it that hard to just do what you must? But maybe that’s it. I didn’t give him a reason to really fight me with all he’s got.

Okay, then.

Slowly, I stood. My bones felt half broken, but I could still stand. My lungs hurt at every intake of air, but that didn’t have to do with this idiot here, it was a result of all the other people I fought these weeks. I thought that choosing the one game nobody wants to fight could be the solution, but I see that not even such a scumbag can work up the courage to go further than kicks and punches.

My opponent stood not too far from me, seemingly resting. His attacks may say his aim was to kill, but the look in his eyes when I stood said he wasn’t willing to cross the edge.

I cracked my bones and my neck, feeling them all crunch like cereals at breakfast. What a beautiful sound to hear when you’re about to enrage a human mountain that is three times your size, the double of your weight, and whose knuckles still drip with your own blood.

I didn’t charge at him, I chose to wait for him when he attacked but, surprisingly, he didn’t seem keen on being too harsh. Sure, his punches to my gut and my jaw did hurt one hell of a lot, but I didn’t feel the murderous intention I sought in him. “You’re a damn psychopath, rich boy.” The man scoffed.

I grinned, and spat some more blood on the floor as he blocked me against the cage. “I’m a sociopath, thank you.” I corrected. “And if you could just hit harder, please. I’m pretty sure your grandma could punch harder than you.”

In response, he blocked his elbow against my neck, so that his other hand was free to keep punching me, but like I said, I barely felt it. I don’t know, maybe I wasn’t mentally there at all.

“I’m not gonna kill you, rich boy. We can go on all night like this.” He claimed, and I frowned.

“If you don’t kill me, they’re gonna kill you. You know that.”

He did the most surprising thing, he smiled. Carelessly even. “You think you’re the only one seeking the Grim Reaper?”

Oh, come on. I came here for a reason, damnit. Ugh, one can’t even rely on ruthless murderers to do their job anymore. What a world have we come to.

“Besides, I’m not gonna leave a child without his father.” He claimed, which had me startle.

“What?” How does he even know?

“We should find a way to get you out of here ... before your lady there gets hurt.”

“Hey, listen there, you don’t wanna kill me, okay, but don’t you-” Feigning a forceful punch to my jaw, which I barely felt, the man forced me to turn to my right. My eyes opened wide. “What the hell ...”

Amongst the ruckus of the crowd, I couldn’t hear her, but I could see Silvia there, out of the cage, shaking it, punching it, while she yelled words I couldn’t hear, staring straight at me. What the hell is she doing here?

“For now they’re amused,” my opponent broke through my thoughts, aiming another punch to my gut, for show, “but she’s been bugging him for too long now. He’s not gonna laugh forever.”

“Shit. That woman is crazy.”

“Maybe.” My opponent laughed. “But to be here, in this dumpster, and to face such a dangerous man on her own, she must care one hell of a lot.”

I snorted in disbelief, but I knew he was right. So much for wanting to erase me from her every memory, huh? “So what do we do?”

“For starters, we fight.” My opponent claimed, throwing me onto the ground, only to then come straddle me. “They might get suspicious if we don’t.”

“Why do you do this?” Not the punch to my jaw he just gave me and that, probably, kinda partly broke my jaw. I meant helping me.

“Told you,” he punched, just a little less hard, but still painful enough, “I’m not gonna leave a child without his father.”

“That kid’s not even mine.” I scoffed.

“You mean she cheated on you?”

“I mean I never felt it mine. We were going to give it away.” Funny, having this conversation while this giant here is punching the hell out of me. I wonder how I couldn’t even feel his punches, because sure hell his knuckles were indeed soaked in my blood. Funnier is that we didn’t even hear the crowd shouting, nor the man that hosted this battle.

My opponent pushed me against the floor, his huge hands pressing on my ribs too much not to hurt them. “You won’t.”

“Why do you even care? You’re here to kill me.”

“You just won’t.” He barked, slamming me against the concrete. Ouch, that, I actually felt it. “You’ve got a chance in a lifetime, don’t waste it.”

I scoffed, spitting my blood on his face in the meantime. “I wasted it long ago.” I didn’t even care if he broke my ribs. “Now just go on and do your job.” I gripped his fist to direct it to my face. “Kill me.”

He startled, taken off guard. “You-”

“I don’t care about your moral dilemmas, just fucking kill me already.” I spat, tired of this stupid game. I came here for a reason, and I’ll get what I want, damnit.

“You know I won’t.”

I narrowed my half swollen eyes at him. “Then I’ll stand, and we’ll see if you say the same on the brink of your own death.” I jerked against him, to move, but he was too heavy.

“Told you, I don’t care.”

Ugh. Stupid principled murderers. “What the hell is wrong with you?! You fucking crushed your son’s head with a baseball bat! And now you get sentimental?!”

He smiled, pulling back from me all at once. “I was a shitty father. Don’t make the same mistake.” He stood, and walked over to the cage.

“What ...”

I didn’t hear what he said to the burly man outside the cage, but I did see one of the gorilla’s pulled out his gun. And fire three shots. Right to the head of the giant. Oh, shit.

I barely had the strength to lean on my elbows, my vision was blurring. I probably lost too much blood. Or he damaged some organs in here. I smiled at the thought as I felt my strength abandoning me. That’s going to be pure bliss. “See you in Hell, big guy.”


“You’re the stupidest, most idiotic man I’ve ever known, Jake Watson.” I heard her ramble as I opened my eyes. “Try, and wake up. I’ll kill you with my won hands. Moron.”

I rolled my eyes, disappointed. This is a nightmare. It’s like I’m Cain, trapped in this mortal world without an end. Lucifer’s spoiler alert, sorry about that. “You might be the one to succeed.” I sighed. “In killing me, that is. After all, we both know that love has killed way more than hate.”

Silvia scoffed, slapping my shoulder. “You’re a jerk. A fool, fool jerk. You could have died.”

“Um ... hello? It’s exactly what I wanted. Who brought me here?” I looked around me. “Wait, where is here exactly?”

“Never mind that.”

I eyed her, confused, and noticed one peculiar detail. No belly bump. “Wait, what-”

“I gave birth long ago.”


“He’s fine, if you really wanna know.” Silvia scoffed, turning to the side not to look at me, her voice quivering just a little, but enough to tell me she wasn’t that much okay with our old plan after all, yet she carried it out.

“And where ...”

“Happily living with the Levinsons in California.”


“What, you’re disappointed now?”

“Well, I ... maybe. I mean, kinda.” I sighed, trying to sit up without too many troubles, but there was medical stuff all around me. “Was I in a coma or something?”

“You are.”

I frowned. “What?”

Air was knocked out of my lungs, yet I didn’t move. I sucked in a breath instead, my eyes opening. I was still in the cage. But I wasn’t the one fighting. Silvia was.

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