The Woman He Broke

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Breaking 12 - 'Aint Over

Broken 1 – ’Aint Over

*Mago’s POV*

I woke up because of the sound of my phone. I did not want to answer it but the caller is very stubborn that my phone won’t stop ringing so I reached for it and answered the call.

“Boss Mago!” Dessa was on the other line.

“Dessa, it’s early” I complained.

“Did you forget?” she was obviously frantic, “You will be meeting the investors today.”

I immediately rose when I heard what she said. I totally forgot about the meeting so I told Dessa that I will be in a hurry and then tapped the woman beside me, “you need to go.”

“What?” she answered still with close eyes.

“I said you need to go,” I repeated, “I have a very important meeting today.”

“Can we just stay here?” she said.

“No!” I answered and then shook the other girl who is at the middle, “you too,” and then pushed the third girl who lied near my feet, “and also you.”

“But we haven’t slept much,” the other one complained, “You exhausted us the whole night.”

“Sorry – ” I stopped because I could not remember their names, “I am really in a hurry. You really need to leave this instant.”

The first girl angrily stood while the one near my feet lazily stood. The one who was at the middle heaved a sigh first before rising from the bed. They picked their clothes that were scattered on the floor while I went to the bathroom for a shower.

This is my life since that crazy night. That night was a nightmare and I would do everything to forget it.


I was ready to defend my relationship with Arlene but the person whom I despised my whole life arrived.

“Where is Arlene’s boyfriend? I want to meet him,” she gleefully said.

“Mommy?” was all that I was able to say.

She turned to me in horror saying, “M-mago?”

I froze from where I stood because I did not expect this to happen. All the bad memories cam back to me. Those times when I hid in the cabinet whenever my dad hurt her, the time when she left the house with a promise to come back for me, that time when she forgot about me and had her own family with a man who already had a child, and the time when she shove me away when I left my father’s house to live with her.

She stepped closer to me but I stepped back. My tears fell as I realized everything. Arlene was the daughter of the man who took my mother from us. My anger engulfed me, thinking that while my mother took care of Arlene as her child, I was left begging for her love; and while I filled with the emptiness of our house, they lived happily in theirs.

“Now, Mago,” Arlene’s father sarcastically said, “tell me that you still love my daughter.”

“Oh my God!” my mother exclaimed when she realized that I was the boyfriend of Arlene.

“Your mother and I will be getting married next month,” Arlene’s father said, “when that happens, Arlene will be your step sister.”

I clenched my fist when I heard what he just said. I cannot contain the anger that I felt knowing that they are going to be happy while I lived my life miserably.

”You are too late,” I uttered, “because Arlen and I just got married.”

“How dare you do that!”

“Archer!” my mom stopped him when he attempted to punch me.

I felt a different kind of satisfaction when I saw how broken he was when he heard me said so I looked at my mother and said, “your precious stepdaughter will be miserable because I am going to leave her just like what you did to me.”

I immediately left the house. I could hear Arlene calling for me but I did not bother to look at her. They enjoyed peace and harmony all these years, now, they will have the endure brokenness.

‘I am sorry, Arlene,’ I thought, ‘you are just simply a collateral damage.’

I made sure that my marriage with Arlene stays legal because I want her to be forever trapped as my wife. She will never feel love and she won’t ever have a happy marriage.

I smiled at the thought that this time, I have the advantage. I do not need love in order to live. I have my business, I have the looks that helps me satisfy my sexual urges; and above all, I have their precious daughter under my control.

*end of flashback*

Dessa was nervously waiting for me at the entrance of the bar when I arrived. I actually wondered why this woman chose to become a lesbian. She is pretty, witty and sexy, she could get the attention of men easily. But that’s okay. It was actually an advantage for me because I usually introduce her as my girlfriend to those women who run after me, begging me to be there men.

I am Mago Concepcion and I love to taste different flavors. I don’t like tasting the same drink every night.

“B-boss Mago, the investors are already inside,” she approached me and gave me the prepared contract.

“I’ll handle this,” I said calmly.

“Good luck,” she said.

“I do not need luck, Dessa,” I winked at her, “I just happened to be the Luck himself.”

I entered the bar and saw a guy checking on my wine collection.

“Do you like my collection?” I said as I stood next to him.

“You have very expensive collection, Mr. Concepcion,” he answered.

“Shall we go down to business or would you like me to share to you the history of each bottled win in my collection?” I said.

“Let’s talk about business as soon as my partner arrives,” he said, “she just went to the toilet.”

I am suppose to invite him to sit but he said, “oh, here she is.”

I cleared my throat and prepared myself to greet his partner but I froze when I heard her voice, “Good moring, my husband.”

*Arlene’s POV*

I’ve prepared for this for more than a year. Dad told me about the real reason why Mago left that night. He advised me to file a motion to make our marriage void but I did not listen to him. Even if they warned me that Mago is going to use me to have a revenge on them, I still believed that Mago loves me and that will prevail.

I finished my degree in Singapore and was immediately hired in a company which happens to be interested in investing in the businesses of Mago. Since I am a Filipina, I was tasked to check on Mago’s bars and if the merging of the company will pursue, I will be assigned to manage the business affairs of our company in the Philippines. This means that Mago and I will be working together.

Dessa told me that Mago returned to being a manwhore and this time, he was worse. Dessa also told me that his father died so he does not only manage his bars but the businesses of his father as well.

“What are you doing here?” he grunted.

“I am here to claim what is rightfully mine,” I answered.

He titled his head and smirked, “you do not know what you are trying to claim, Arlene.”

“I’ve prepared for this, Mago,” I tried to sound cool, “and backing out is not an option.”

“Suit yourself,” he shrugged and guided me towards the table where my partner was waiting.

The business was both smooth and serious. We finished it with the signing of contracts and then we said our good byes. But that was just a temporary good bye because before I came to see Mago, I have already asked Dessa about Mago’s new address. This is because I intend to go home to our house.

Mago has just opened the door of the house when I arrived so I hurriedly went inside the house.

“What are you doing here?” he was surprised.

“Didn’t I just answered you this afternoon?” I answered.

I didn’t wait for him to say anything because I went straight to the room which I think was the master’s bedroom. The room was a mess and it looks like he just brought women to have sex with him here. The thought hurt me but I did not let it affect me. Now that I am here, I will make sure that he will not be able to bring women in this house.

I headed to the walk in closet but Mago stopped me, “where do you think you are going?”

“I am putting my things in our closet,” I answered.

“No!” he crossed his arms and leaned on the door, “you’ll be staying in the other room.”

“We’re married,” I insisted, “we should be staying in –“

I did not finish what I have to say because he held my shoulders and pinned me to the wall, “we are only married on papers!”

“Don’t you love me anymore?” I said tearily.

“I never loved you,” he exclaimed and then moved closer before whispering, “and never will I ever love you.”

He left me while I tried to hold back my tears. I am not going to be weak. He loved me and I know he can love me again. He was just hurt but I still believed that our love can soften his heart. I did it before and I was successful, so I am confident that I’d be able to do it again.

Janine and Marco invited us to their wedding anniversary party but Mago went ahead so I was forced to ride a taxi. I admit that our situation now is more difficult. He ignored me and whenever we need to speak, he was sarcastic and he throws insults on me. He really made sure that I’d feel very unwelcome in his life.

There were still few people when I arrived at the party but I immediately looked around to search for Mago.

“Are you looking for Mago?” Janine asked.

“Is he here?” I asked.

“You better look for another man, Arlene,” she seemed pissed off, “that manwhore requested to use our guestroom in order to hook up with our florist.”

I felt pain when I heard her and it was also timely that I saw Mago coming down the stairs still buttoning his polo. Our eyes met but he seemed unaffected by my presence. He joined his friends while I also joined Janine and Patricia.

When we arrived at the garden, where there will be a little program, Patricia and I decided to sit around the table next to where the Mago and his friends are seated.

“Mago, how’s your business? I heard that you’ve been busy dating models,” I heard Kaz.

“Of course, I do not want to get bored,” he boasted.

“What’a heck! You considered having sex with women a past time?” Angelo blurted.

I do not know if they really intended to make their voices loud so I can hear their conversation but I admit that I was hurt. Since I arrived, Mago has been flirting and messing up with different women. I’ve seen him bringing girls to his private room near our office but I still do not want to give up. Mago was just a broken man but I know he is capable of loving and caring.

‘Mago Concepcion,’ I whispered to myself, ‘you are my beautiful destruction.’

“Mago’s POV*

I saw her sittin at the porch of the house when I arrived. I forgot to give her spare keys to the house when I left the party after Janine fainted. How long was she waiting for me? She looked cold and tired but I tried not to bother.

I went straight to the door and opened it. I felt her following me but she did not say anything. I pretended that I did not mind. I went into my room but left the door open. I knew she would check on me so I took off my clothes and headed towards the bathroom.

I let the cold water drop on bare body as I pressed close my eyes. I admit that Arlene’s presence affects me and I hate it because I cared when I saw her being hurt. I know part of me still loves her but it is not enough for me to forget all the pains in my past. My love for her is not enough for me to forgive her father and my mother. It cannot erase all the bad memories.


“Mago, you can come out now,” I heard Nana called me.

I was hiding in the cabinet, afraid that my drunk father will find me. My dad was always drunk and when he cannot bring home a woman in the house, he will look for me and would hurt me.

“Nana, dad is drunk again,” I uttered.

“I know,” she said, “but you cannot sleep inside the cabinet.”

At first, I refused to come out but she promised that she’ll take care of me.

“Where is that boy!” my father’s voice echoed in my room.

I hid behind Nana filled with fear.

“S-sir, please don’t hurt the child,” she begged.

“Get out of my way!” he shouted but Nana bravely faced him.

“Give me that useless brat!” he shouted again.

Dad was mad because he told me to beg my mother to come home. He thought that if I begged my mother, my mother will pity me and would come home. I also thought so, but my mother was a cold-hearted bitch. She did not face me and even told her servants to drive me away like a beggar.

“It was not his fault that Ma’am Carol wouldn’t want to come back,” Nana defended me.

“Give that boy or you will feel sorry,” my father warned her.

I saw dad taking off his belt so I tightened my grip towards Nana. Dad always hit me with his belt and whenever I does it, I hated my mother even more. I hated her for not taking me with her.

“I do not care what you will do to me, but I am not giving you this poor boy!” Nana fought back.

“Oh really!” dad said and then pulled Nana.

I tried to pull back Nana but my dad was so much stronger. He pushed her towards my bed and to my shock, I saw my dad ripped off her clothes. I wanted to help Nana but what could a small boy do? I froze as I watched them.

“Just stay there, young man!” my father ordered, “look at what you made me do to her.”

“M-mago,” Nana cried as my dad forced himself to her, “just close your eyes.”

I did what Nana told me. I pressed close my eyes but I could still hear Nana painfully enduring everything. Once in a while I opened my eyes to see if everything was done but my dad was a monster. He never stopped until Nana fell asleep.

My dad was still catching his breath when he stood naked and left my room. I watched Nana unconsciously lying naked on my bed. I went to her and wiped the tears from her face then took my blanket to cover her. I lied next to her trying to forget that it happened, and that was the last night that I’ve seen her.

I was left behind again. All the people that I loved left me.

*end of flashback*

“Mago, have your breakfast,” Arlene offered when she saw me came out of my room the next day.

I did not answer her and went directly to the main door.

“Mago,” Arlene ran after me, “let’s talk.”

“We have nothing to talk about!” I said.

“We do!” she insisted, “we’re married and we need to set rules.”

“There are no other rules in this house besides my rules!” I raised my voice.

“M-mago,” she pleaded.

“This is my world, Arlene. You can leave while you still can. Don’t wait for me to do something that you might regret,” I told her.

“No!” she cried, “I am not leaving you. I love you and I am willing to take any pain just for you to love me again.”

“I am not capable of loving!” I shouted, “leave or you will suffer. If you are still in this house when I return then that means you consented on whatever I’d do to you.”

”I don’t care what you do, Mago!” she cried, “I will get in to your world if that is the only way to have your heart back.”

“If your are going to enter my world then be ready to play my game,” I warned her, “because if you can’t keep up then you’ll have to endure the pain.”

I stepped out of the house and warned her again, “if you are still here when I come back, then it means that you accepted my condition. You’ll have to submit yourself to me and you are not allowed to make any complain.”

Part of me wished that she’ll heed my advice but part of me also wished she would stay.

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