The Woman He Broke

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Breaking 14 - The Alluring Temptress


I can’t forget the kiss we had because it felt like a dream, a dream that I wish would never end. I am also glad that he agreed with the deal I suggested. I am not sure if I’d be able to win it but it will buy me time to change Mago’s mind. Mago is a broken man, and I intend to be his temptress who would mend him.

I wore faded jeans paired with white tank top, then I simply tied my hair into a messy bun. Before going out of my room, I placed a little lip and cheek tint then finished my look with a powder. I do not want to overdo my look because I do not want Mago to thin that I put too much effort in getting his attention. Besides, we open the bar late in the afternoon so I do not really need to put on too much make-up.

He was already at the kitchen counter when I went down the stairs. He was drinking coffee while I went straight to the fridge to get some almond milk. I thought of cooking breakfast for him but I remembered that he never ate any of the food I prepared.

“Going somewhere?” I heard him asked.

“Hm? N-no,” I stuttered.

It seems like the only thing I know how to pronounce well is ‘Mago’.

“Good,” he said and then we were surrounded with deafening silence again before he spoke again, “Come with me to the furniture shop.”

I looked at him with surprise but he does not seem to notice because he continued speaking, “I have some few things to buy for the office. I just thought I could use some help.”

I can’t help but smile after hearing what he said. This is the first time that he asked help from me. This will also be our first time to go on a shopping. I can’t help but feel excited at the thought that going out with him and helping him decide on what to buy is like newly wed couple buying things for their new house. I chuckled at the thought. I don’t need to think of it as like a newly wed couple because the truth is, we are really married.

“What’s funny?” he asked nonchalantly.

“N-nothing,” I immediately answered.

“Don’t think too much about this gesture,” he said, “I just thought that because you are now my co-manager, you are going to need your own table and other supplies.”

I sighed at the thought. So it was just about our work.

“Ready?” he asked as he placed his cup in the dishwashing machine. I nod as an answer. I was about to get my glass and put it inside the dishwashing machine but he took it and placed it in the machine himself. The gesture was nothing for him but it made me really happy. He quietly left the kitchen and went straight to the main door while I quietly followed.

Just like me, he wore a casual black shirt paired with faded jeans. His mint-flavored shave tells me that he just got out from the shower. I followed him until we reached his car. He went directly to the driver’s seat while I stopped to think because I do not know whether I should sit next to him or stay at the back of the car. When I thought that staying at the back would make him look like my driver, I decided to open the door near the shotgun seat and sat there.

He didn’t say anything but he started the car and began driving. We were filled with awkward silence again so I thought of something to talk about.

‘Mago, Mago Concepcion, Mago,’ he is the only thing that is in my mind. He clearly did not know how much our kiss affected me.

He parked at the nearest furniture shop, and since I know he won’t be a gentleman, I opened the door near me so we’ll come out of the car together. He didn’t look at me but he went ahead towards the entrance of the shop. I couldn’t complain about it so I decided to just follow him.

“What do you think of that?” he pointed at one office table.

I went near the table and stroke its smooth surface. I checked its drawers and decided that it was perfect so I nod at Mago and said, “I think I like this.”

“Are you sure?” he said while putting his hands in his pocket.

“Yeah,” I nodded again, “I like this.”

“We’ll take that,” he told the salesman and then looked at me again, “what else do you think you would need in your office?”

“I don’t know yet,” I answered but because he started walking, I immediately tried to catch-up saying, “I actually haven’t –“

I was not able to finish what I am about to say because I bumped at him. I didn’t expect him to stop walking and face me so I lost my balance. He was quick to catch me to prevent me from tripping. Then everything around us just stopped.

I breathe him. He suddenly became my world, as if everything faded and he was the only one with me.

“I-I actually haven’t seen how big my office will be,” I said.

“You will be sharing an office with me,” he said in low voice and then lowered his head towards me.

It seems like something is blocking my throat so I gulped as I closed my eyes. All my senses were awake as it follows the movement of his fingers. I felt his warm hand on my shoulder as if it was an electricity that awakened every cell of my body.

I felt his lips near my ears and then he whispered, “I am not giving up my private room.”

I bit my lips as I felt his lips touched my ear. I can’t move especially at the thought that we will be sharing one office, and this is not only just an office. It was connected to his private room, the only place in the bar that I have never been into.

“Arlene,” I felt his heavy breath, “I –“ my heart went wild with anticipation.

‘Say it Mago,’ my brain shouted.

I felt him pulled my body towards him, while his other hand traced my shoulder with his finger. It went down until it reached my small back. I arched as his head went further down towards my neck.

“I” he said as he brushed his nose from my neck to my ear as he finished by saying, “I don’t do virgins in my private room.”

I felt defeated when I heard what he just said but I tried to maintain posture as I heard him laughed. He continued laughing as he walked backwards and then turned to continue walking.

I wanted to shout my frustration but I have to hold it. I gritted my teeth and clenched my fist as I continued to follow him. He seriously want to piss me off, but I am not going to give him the pleasure. I took my cellphone and called Janine.

“Janine, I need help from you and Patricia,” I told my friend.

“Okay?” Janine sounded curious.

“Meet me in half an hour at Blue Plate,” I said, “I will meet you and Patricia there.”


I have been trying to control myself because she innocently did everything sexily. She has no idea how her fingers sexily traced the surface of the table. I have to secretly put my hands in my pocket to secretly reposition my growing member.

‘Not now, Mago,’ I told myself, ‘I will have as many girls tonight, just not her.’

I have to turn my back on her to hide my bulge but I felt her followed me so I faced her. She clearly did not anticipate my move so she lost her balance. It was not my intention to wrap my arm around her waist and pull her body towards me, but I did. She was clueless about what I need to endure while I am this close to her.

I breathe her. All of my sensations were focused towards her. I tried hard not to make it obvious so I fought hard to ignore what I am feeling.

“Arlene, I –“ I uttered but I stopped myself from saying something foolish.

“I –“ part of my wanted to keep her.

I fear her. I fear loving her. I want her but I do not want to love her. I do not want to love. I do not want to be hurt again. Just like all the women that I loved, she will leave me because blood is thicker than water. She will eventually choose her father over me.

“I don’t do virgins in my private room,” I whispered to her ears.

I laughed not because I tortured her with anticipation, but because I was able to surpass her tempting presence.

I took my credit card to pay for the table that Arlene chose.

“Where do you want it delivered?” the cashier asked but I sensed that she is flirting.

‘Hmm, not bad,’ I thought as I looked at the cashier.

She’s a cute redhead with a little freckle on the cheek, but she’ll do. I’d better rock her world tonight than spend my evening thinking about Arlene.

The cashier froze a little when I took the pen that was pinned to the pocket of her blouse. I smiled at her and then wrote the address of the bar. I also wrote my phone number on it. She bit her lips as she received the paper and the pen but her smile faded when Arlene came near us, touched my chin, made me face her and then kissed me.

My arm instantly wrapped her waist and pulled her close to me.

‘Damn you, Arlene!’ I thought, ‘how can I resist you if your kiss is this sweet?’

I followed her lips as she pulled away from me.

“Later, hottie,” Arlene placed her index finger on my lips.

‘Hottie,’ I smiled. I remembered that we agreed to have that as her endearment towards me.

She turned her back on me and walked away while my eyes followed the sway of her hips.

“Bitch!” I heard the cashier uttered.

“That bitch,” I smiled at her, “is my wife,” I finished and then followed the woman whose kiss left me wanting for more.

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