The Woman He Broke

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Breaking 15 - The Temptresses Meet


“Where are you going?” Mago asked when he noticed that I am waiting for a taxi.

“I need to meet Janine and Patricia at Blue Plate,” I told him and then added, “you can go ahead, I’ll follow you to the bar.”

“Ride the car,” he ordered and then said, “I’ll take you to Blue Plate.”

I gave him a questioning look because this is the first time that he seemed uncomfortable about me going somewhere on my own.

“We’ll have a girl-talk. I don’t think Patricia and Janine will appreciate it if you’re with me,” I told him.

“Who told you that I am going with you? I need to see Stuart in his office and since it is on the same street then I thought I can just drop you at Blue Plate,” Mago replied.

I felt a bit embarrassed for assuming that he wanted to come with me so I decided not to respond and walk towards the car. Just like what I expected, he didn’t open the car for me. He immediately went to the driver’s seat and get in the car.

I sighed and got in the car. I immediately felt his presence in my whole world now that we are along in the car. That quick kiss I gave him a while back has made me very sensitive about his presence. He became my sun, my air, my water, my everything! I think it is making me crazy because there is nothing more important for me now but to be with him.

It did not take long for us to arrive at Blue Plate. He parked the car in front of the bakeshop and then asked me, “how long will it take you girls to talk?”

“Half an hour? I guess. Patricia only has thirty-minute break,” I replied and then removed my seatbelt.

“Wait for me then,” he uttered and then immediately explained when I looked at him, “I also won’t be long at Stuart’s office.”

I nodded at him and then open the car door. Him acting like a protective husband is just very cute. It really felt good when somone you love showed signs that he does not want to be away from you also.

I entered the bakeshop and immediately saw Janine who was waiting at our favorite spot.

“Buds,” I hugged her and then asked, “where’s Patricia?”

“She was still talking to Stuart,” Janine replied, “I heard that Stuart assigned her to be his new secretary.”

“Secretary?” I asked confusingly.

“You know,” Janine gave her playful smile and said, “the Adonis ways.”

“You mean he is starting to fall for Patricia?” I can’t help but smile at the good news.

If this is true, then there is one thing for sure, I will be winning the bet against Mago.

“Even before, I already knew that Stuart loves Patricia. I remembered how jealouos he was Patricia turned out to be Mago’s date in the island,” Janine uttered and then explained further, “Stuart was just confused but his actions tell the truth. He loves Patricia; he was just afraid to admit it before.”

I am supposed to comment on what Janine said but I saw Patricia entering Blue Plate so I decided to wait for her to join us.

“Hi girls,” Patricia came and kissed us on our cheeks, “so what’s up?” she then asked.

“I do not know about Arlene,” Janine looked at me, “she was the one who asked for this meeting and I think she is about to tell us a good news because I noticed that her smile today is diffirent.”

Patricia laughed a bit and then said, “don’t tell me that Mago finally gave in?”

I did not answer her but I gave her a meaningful smile.

“Well I’ll be damn! You’ve finally conquered Mago the great?” Patricia exclaimed in surprise.

I smiled as I nodded at her.

“What?” Janine’s voice raised in surprise but then realized that people looked at her so she covered her moth and then whispered at me, “just when did that happen? How did it happen? Come on Buds, spill!”

I took a deep breath and looked at my fingers. I realized that though Mago and I were married, we did not have a ring. Everything happened too fast. We rushed to the civil registry office and got married. But just as how fast we got married is also how fast we separated. So we really did not have time for other things after the big revelation that my stepmom was actually Mago’s mother.

“Arlene?” my senses went back when I felt Patricia’s hand on mine. Her eyes were asking questions; questions that she probably does not want to ask because she does not want me to get hurt.

“Mago and I got married last year,” I confessed and then clarified, “before I left for Singapore.”

“What?” Janine was surprised but tried very hard not to make it too loud.

“If you got married, then what happened? Why was Mago cold at you?” Patricia asked.

Even if it hurts, I decided to share to them everything. I told them about our parents and how it pains Mago that the woman who took care of me as a mother was the mother who abandoned him. Janine and Patricia were quiet the whole time until I told them about the bet I had with Mago.

“Why do you have to base your decisions to the destiny of other people?” Janine asked worriedly, “this is your life, Arlene. You cannot base the status of your relationship to how other people’s relationship run. It has to be your decision whether you’ll stay married or not.”

“I know, but this is the only way I can find to buy me time,” I said.

“To buy you time for what? For Mago to realize that he still loves you?” Janine asked.

“I still have hope,” I said and then looked at Patricia, “Stuart has started already. All you have to do is make sure he will be the first to say, ‘I love you’ to you.”

“Don’t worry,” Patricia let out a smile, “I also have no plans to be assuming. I do not want to think that he is doing all these because he loves me. This time, I want to hear those words straight from his mouth.”

“That’s great,” I clasped my hands.

“But you also need to move, Buds,” Janine said worriedly, “because even if you will be able to force Mago to keep your marriage, you will still get hurt if he only sees you as his mere wife and not as a woman he has to love and take care.”

Janine’s reminder struck me hard. She’s right but for now, I have to make sure Mago stays with me first. If he is forced to stay in this marriage, I will be able to find ways to make him love me again.

“Can I ask for the list we made before? The one that is about the subtle and bold ways to flirt?” I asked them.

“Flirt?” Patricia laughed, “Mago is your husband, Arlene. You do not only need to flirt; you have to seduce him.”

I blushed at the thought of seduction. How can I seduce a man who is used to be having sex with several sexy women?

“Wait,” Janine sat straight and then continued,” don’t tell me you have’t don it yet.”

Embarrassed, I confirmed Janine’s thought by shaking my head.

“What?” this time, Patricia’s surprised voice attract the other customers in the store and the she whispered at us, “I am surprised that the manwhore let you pass. You dated many times, right? I thought he got your v-card on your first date.”

“Well that only means one thing,” Janine interrupted while giving us a meaningful look, “it could mean that he respected you that much.”

“No,” I immediately corrected her and then said, “Mago has a thing against virgins.”

“So that’s it? You are married, stayed in one house but there is no physical contact?” Janine asked which I answered with a nod.

“Wow! Mago must have a very strong self-control,” Janine uttered.

“Well I guess you really need to go all the way and seduce your husband. You need to compete with the women surrounding your husband,” Patricia suggested.

“That’s the main reason why I asked you to be here. I need to learn how to seduce Mago,” I told them.

“Let’s meet again tomorrow,” Janine told us, “We need more time to talk about this.”

“You got this, Arlene,” Patricia tapped my hand to comfort me.

“Hey our men may be the Adonises but we are their temptresses,” Janine placed her hand over ours and then said, “we got this.”

Though I am not sure if our plans will work, the encouragements of my friends somehow gave me hope. Stuart approved Patricia’s day-off for the next day so we had time to do shopping. Our target is to change my wardrobe from simply sexy to super daring.


Dessa met us at the entrance of the bar saying, “Boss Mago, I heard that there’s a new bar opening nearby,” she reported.

“When is there opening?” Arlene asked her.

“I heard that it will be this Saturday,” Dessa said.

“In that case, we need to make our line of drinks more interesting this Saturday to get more attention from the public,” I suggested.

“What do you have in mind?” Arlene asked me.

“This bar is known for our Sweet Tight Pussy and Liquid Viagra mixed drinks. What do you think can be added to them?” I answered her.

“Well,” she stopped to shrug and then gave her suggestion, “we can add Pornstar and Mind Eraser.”

I smiled at her suggestion. I think we are going to play a name game where we identify naughty drinks to add to in our menu.

‘Try to beat me, Arlene. But this will never turn me on,’ I thought to myself.

“So what do you suggest for our martini mixes?” I asked her.

“I can make Leg Spreader and Between the Sheets. How about you, what can you prepare?” she challenged me sexily.

But I don’t plan to back out so I faced her and said, “Well, this bar is also famous for Sex with an Alligator and orgasm drinks; but we can make it more intense. We can opt for multiple orgasm or screaming orgasm. Which do you prefer?” I challenged her and I heard Dessa clearing her throat.

“Hmm,” she smiled at me sexily while raising one of her browse and then said, “I like multiple orgasm but I also wanted to try that screaming orgasm.”

‘Fuck! Is she trying to seduce me?’ I thought to myself but I am not backing out, ‘Dream on, Arlene. I am Mago Concepcion and I can play your game.’

“Then we’ll have the screaming orgasm instead,” I said and then added, “how about our shots? What do you think we can add in our current line-up?”

“I have silky panties,” she said melodiously.

I don’t know if looking adamant about our conversation is just her show off or she really intend to show me that she can beat me on this. But damn! I secretly cursed as I imagined her wearing a silky panty.

“I like Slippery Nipple,” I replied trying not to break my voice.

“We I also know Blowjob,” she seductively uttered but this made Dessa cough.

I tried to act normal and pretend that I did not have a hard on by saying, “Well I guess it is all set.”

“Uhm, do you want to drink? The kind of drinks you are talking about is making me thirsty,” Dessa interrupted us while we are intently staring at each other.

“That’s a good idea,” Arlene broke our stares and smiled at Dessa while saying, “it will be a good vibe for my first day of work.”

“Well I guess it would be nice if you prepare your specialty drinks and let each other taste them,” Dessa suggested.

“Cool!” both Arlene and I chorused.

“Okay. So, Boss Mago, what kind of drink would you let Arlene taste today?” Dessa asked me.

“I’ll give her a Sperm shot,” I smiled at her sheepishly.

“Oh-kay,” Dessa slowly nodded before turning to Arlene, “how about you, Arlene? What would you like Boss Mago to taste?”

I gazed at Arlene as she started back at me smiling triumphantly as she sexily answered, “I’ll let him taste my WET PUSSY.”

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