The Woman He Broke

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Breaking 16 - The Beast Inside


It’s only 11PM but the people inside the bar are already getting wild because aside from the long weekend that the students enjoyed, their examinations has just ended; thus, many of the students came early to celebrate at the bar. While Dessa is busy taking orders and Quinn is very occupied taking care with many table orders, my co-manager who happened to be my ex-husband is very busy entertaining flirtatious women that surrounded him. I wish I could drive these women away but it is not how it works. These women are customers, and they are the ones bringing money to the bar.

“Ma’am Arlene,” one of our personnel rushed to me and then said, “there’s a problem with the band we hired to play tonight. They said that their female vocalist called an emergency and might arrive late.”

“What?” I reacted and then looked around. The crowd is obviously getting restless and there were tensions building up among the young people so I have to make a decision.

“What songs are they planning to play?” I asked.

“They have some and RnB and acoustic jazz,” the personnel told me.

“Tell them that I will join them while we are still waiting for their female vocalist,” I ordered him which he immediately answered with, “yes ma’am.”

“Geallan, I need you to take over this area,” I told one personnel who at the bar for ther on-the-job training.

I went up the stage and spoke with the other band members. We need to decide on which songs to play and I am glad that I am familiar with the songs they are used to playing. We started with one song and then another. It’s been long since the last time I sang in front of an audience and I must admit, I missed pouring my heart out through songs.

The show went well until one drunk customer climbed up the stage and danced in front of me. I was at first, afraid that he might cause trouble but when I looked at Mago, hoping that he’d do something to keep this drunk man away from me, I realized that he is busier flirting with some women in the bar. It pissed me off and because of that, I thought using the customer to my advantage is a good idea. I decided to continue singing but this time, I danced along with him.

I thought I had it in control, but I was wrong but I was surprised when the drunk customer makes more advances. He was very aggressive and he started envading my personal space. It was a good thing that the original female vocalist arrived, and that means, I can stop performing on stage.

As soon as I finished the song, I went down the stage but to my surprise, the drunk customer followed me and pulled me towards him saying, “hey babe.”

“S-sir, I think you had too much drink already,” I told him.

“I am a customer here. Are you going to embarrass me to my friends?” he said, this time, pushing himself towards me.

“Menard, let go of her,” somebody from his back said and then immediately apologized to me saying, “I am sorry for his actions. He just found out that his wife cheated on him.”

“Th-that’s okay,” I said and tried push the drunk customer away.

“Did you hear that? She said it is okay,” the drunk customer bragged to his friends and attempted to kiss me.

This caught me off-handed and in order to defend myself, I gathered enough strength to push him. This caused him to fall on his butt; thus, caught the attention of many.

“what happened here?” Mago came but before I could even say anything, he turned to me and said, “this is not how you should treat our customers! If you do not know how to handle this business, then you should leave.”

I honestly wished he came to defend me, but I was wrong. He is more worried about the image of his business.

“You should discipline your personnel! She should know that a customer is always right,” the drunk customer uttered.

“I am sorry, Sir. I will deal with her later, in the meantime, let me offer you a VIP treat,” Mago tried to calm the customer.

Mago did not wait for the answer of the customer because he immediately ordered his men to take him to the VIP room before pulling me away from the crowd and blurted, “Next time, when you flirt on someone, make sure that you can take full responsibility on your action.”

“He disrespected me,”I tried to reason out but he sarcastically laughed at me and then said, “look at what you are wearing. Do you think he will respect you with that?”

I looked down to check myself and remembered deciding to wear this because I wanted to catch Mago’s attention. However, compared to the outfit of those women who surrounded him, mine was not that revealing.

“You better work on your report for your boss while I will try to fix the mess you caused around here,” he ordered me.

I decided not to say anything anymore and decided to do as he said. It pains me to know that what that drunk guy did to me never bothered him. Am I really no longer that important to him? I felt humiliated but I braced myself. I am not going to let what happen tonight be the reason for me to give up on Mago. I will continue to make a way until he will realize that he still love me.


I did not expect Arlene to come up the stage and performed with the band. I admit that she did caught my attention and when the drunk customer climbed the stage to join her, it pissed me off. I wanted to pull down the guy but she clearly liked the way he is giving her attention. She indeed changed. She is not longer that sweet innocent lady I used to know before. This tells me that I made a right decision in using her to hurt her father and my mother. With the way she acted, she proved that she is just the same with the women whom I allowed to enter my life – the women who conquered the weak me and tore me apart. Now, Arlene is just one of the girls who effortly flirted on me just to have sex with me.

Since Dessa was now able to manage the orders, I decided to leave the counter and went to my office. I lost my interest on the women and listening to Arlene’s songs are just a waste of time.

“Boss Mago,” Quinn followed me.

I was just turning on the lights in my office when he reported to me that Arlene got into trouble.

“Call Jomar and Alren,” I ordered Quinn as I headed to where Arlene is.

I arrived when Arlene slapped the customer’s face so I immediately reprimanded her because of how she handled the situation. She is being unreasonable because in the first place, the guy won’t make his advances if she didn’t flirt with him. If she just made the guy feel that she is not an easy girl and refused his advances the moment he started one, the guy would never pursue her further.

“Bring him to the VIP room and wait for me there,” I whispered at one of the bouncers who came to help.

I decided to pretend that I’ll be giving him a treat, but the truth is, I would like to deal with him because of how he treated Arlene.

I sent Arlene to our office and immediately went to the VIP room.

“What kind of VIP treatment are you going to offer me?” the drunk customer happily asked as soon as I entered the room.

I did not answer him but I smiled at him as I took a few steps towards him and then punched him on the face. He fell on his butt, but before he could make sense on everything, I went on him and repeatedly hit his face with my fist. I brought out all the anger I felt – my anger towards Arlene’s father, towards my mother, towards every wrong thing that happened to me because my mother chose to be with Arlene’s father instead of being with me and my father. This guy was just so unlucky because he came at the moment when I need to release all the anger I have inside. I didn’t stop hitting him until his face is covered with blood and his nose was broken. He was nearly unconscious when I clenched his collar and lifted him closer to my face saying, “next time, choose the woman you would disrespect! And make sure you know who you are dealing with because I do not tolerate men who treated my WIFE as a slut!”

I dropped him to the floor before fixing the crease on my polo while Aldren handed me a handkerchief so I can use it to wipe the blood on my fist.

“Tell his friends that he was beaten by a group of men because he flirted with one of their girls,” I told my men and then added, “with how drunk he is, this guy would never remember that I was the one who beated him.”

“And next time, you watch over Arlene. Now that you know that she is my wife, make sure that no other men would flirt on her or else you will lose your job,” I added before leaving the room.

I still feel the anger burning within me when I left the VIP room so I decided to join Dessa and tried to get rid of the anger I felt by mixing drinks for the customers.

You may call me a Cassanova, manwhore, or a goodgirl’s worst nightmare, but I never forced myself to any woman. All the women came to me on their own freewill.


Mago massaged his temple as he read the financial report I gave him. Since the bar newly opened bar started operating, many of our regular customers seldom visited the bar because they all went to try the new one; while others only came for a short time because they are just bar hopping. This was unlike before when our customers came to the bar and stayed until we close.

“We need something more interesting than merely serving drinks,” Mago uttered.

“That is exactly what I am also thinking because aside from our customers, the band that regularly played in our bar was now hired by the new bar,” I reported.

He disappointedly leaned on his swivel chair saying, “then we also need to have a new line-up for our performers.”

He was silent for a while and then he looked at me, “do you have any suggestions?”

I did not expect him to ask for my opinion but I have to think fast because I must impress him.

“Your friend, Kaz Legaspi, he is popular. Why don’t you arrange a mini concert for him at our bar? For sure he will be able to bring in new prospective customers that may become our new regulars. Let’s also reach out to our connections. I heard that St. Mary’s University is going to have a homecoming. I am sure the university would be happy to see the Adonis band perform againg. You can arrange for your band to perform and in return, we will be the one to host their homecoming,” I suggested.

“I like that idea but we need to have a sustainable plan for the bar, because after those events, we might go back to square one. We need to have a regular feature, something that will make our customers return every night,” Mago said.

“Well, the name of the bar is ‘Hombre Y Mojer’ and that means, men and women, right?” I said, “why don’t we have a gender battle every Saturday?”

He suddenly became interested and said, “keep talking.”

I smiled and continued to explain my plan, “it’s like a battle of the sexes where a woman and a man will take up a challenge. We can even make more money by enganging people to make a bet.”

“And where are we going to find these man and woman who would confidently do that?” he asked.

“How about if you do it,” Dessa interrupted.

Our eyes met and then Mago spoke, “so we wil just do dares and that’s it?”

“Well, it’s a challenge so that means, we must have a prize,” I said.

“And what will be our prize?” he asked.

“To save money, we can just agree on something everytime we do a dare,” I replied.

“Okay,” he crossed his legs and then added, “we only have two days to prepare for Saturday. What will be concept of our gender battle?”

We were quiet for a while until Dessa spoke again, “how about a flairing competiion?”

“And who will judge?” Mago asked.

“Our customers,” Dessa shrugged and then added, “I will place a box in front of you. The customers will vote by dropping their money on your box. In the end, whoever box was able to get the biggest amount wins.”

“Sounds interesting

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