The Woman He Broke

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Breaking 17 - Gender War


Just as we expected, many of people came to watch our first weekly gender battle. Arlene and I were already positioned in our respective places on stage while the audience excitedly waited for the beginning of our flairing battle.

I signaled at Desa for her to start the music and as soon as it was played, I began my flairing routine. I performed for a few minutes before Arlene started to show off her routine. I smiled as I watched her because the routine she used was simple; however, I was surprised to see that a man dropped a thousand bill in her box.

As soon as Arlene is done with her first routine, I immediately began with my second routine. This time, I made a surprise ending, something that is truly Mago’s signature – I drank the last shot and kissed the woman who is standing in front of me. Out of joy, that woman whom I kissed brought out some bills and placed it in my box.

“Mago, one thousand for each button that you’ll unbutton!” I heard the shout of one woman. I smiled as I looked at Arlene, who is now fuming with jealousy. She has to know that she cannot win this war so I decided to undo one button. The crowd shouted while many women start dropping their bills for me to unbutton my shirt.

Arlene decided to continue with her next routine but a man shouted, “Five thousand for the buttons!”

My forehead creased as I turned to Arlene, hoping that she will not give in to the challenge. Arlene is not as wild as that. She is a woman who keeps her dignity and would do everything to protect herself so that men will not disrespect him. But I was wrong. The crowd roared as Arlene started to unbutton her blouse. I wanted to get my shirt and cover it to her but she might think that I am being protective and jealous so I decided to remove my shirt, flaunting my abs to the women as I started my next routine.

I was in the middle of my routine when Arlene started hers. I do not want her to think that I am losing this so I decided to perform harder stunts. I saw that there were many who dropped their bills in my box so I decided to take a glimpse on Arlene.

It was a wrong move. I saw her drank a cocktail; and man! It was a very sexy view to watch her drink from the cup. But she did not only drink from the cup. She spilled wine and let it flow from her neck down to her beautiful breasts.

Everyone loved what she did and they started to shout for her to remove her blouse. I silently cursed when she gave in to their request. As she threw her blouse into the air, I decided to shake two bottles of beer and then showered beer towards the audience. While everyone enjoyed getting wet from the beer shower, my men came up the stage to take Arlene to our office.

As if on cue, Dessa also took the boxes where the money was dropped, which means the gender war for this week has now ended. The DJ took over as the crowd drowned in the trance music while some male customers created their own beer shower.

I went inside the office where Arlene and Dessa are waiting but I decided to proceed to the private room that was connected to the office in order to get two clean shirts. I threw one of the shirts to Arlene while I wear the other.

“Wear that,” I ordered trying to make sure that my voice won’t sound coarse.

I admit. I was very disappointed when she played around with the request of the crow. I never thought she would be low enough to go naked in front of a lot of people. I may be a Casanova but I want my girst to be respected.

With how she reacted, it was so obvious that she is no longer a virgin. I can’t help but feel more disappointed because I remembered her swearing that she’ll only give up her virginity to me. Now I wondered how many men were able to bed her? She acted like a whore and it really pissed me off.

“I’ll firtst count the money in Boss Mago’s box,” Dessa said.

“Fifteen thousand five hundred!” Dessa announced and then added, “not bad.”

Next, she opened Arlene’s box. I was nervous because I don’t want her to win this. With how she flirted with other men, I can’t help but think on how I can keep her inside our house so she can no longer flirt with our customers.

“Eighteen thousand!” Dessa happily announced while Arlene jumped with joy.

“The prize that you asked was to decorate my room, right?” I said.

“Yes!” she happily answered.

“Why not decorate the whole house? I’ll let you use my credit card and you can do everything you want in the house,” I said.

“Really?” she was both surprised and excited.

“Yes,” I shrugged and pretended to worry saying, “but do you think you can do it? The house is too big.”

“That’s fine! I can do it,” she immediately uttered.

“Are you sure?” I placed my hands on my waist and then said, “because I think you will need the whole week in order to finish everything. I guess you’ll have to take a week leave for that.”

“I won’t be going to work?” she asked softly.

“You will need the whole week to finish decorating. You will also need more time from planning and everything,” I shrugged and turned my back on them.

I secretly smiled as I went out of the office. I may have lost this war, but everything still falls to what I want them to be.


For three days, I go to work and come home alone because Arlene was very busy designing our house. I smiled at the thought because she is really into it. I actually don’t mind. It is our house. She is my wife. And I love the idea that my house will have the touch of my wife.

The house was dark and quiet when I came home early dawn. I decided not to turn on the light in the living room and went straight to my room. As I do so, I remembered I have never been with a woman since Arlene came back. I looked at the door of my wife’s room as I passed by it. I admit that I have been fighting the urge to touch her for many nights now but I cannot give in. I know that I still love her, but my love for her is not enough for me to disregard all the pains that his father caused me.

I opened my room and turned on my light; but my jaw dropped when I saw what’s inside my room. Everything has Arlene’s image! I pressed close my eyes and opened it again, thinking that everything was just a dream; but they are not. Arlene’s face was printed on my pillows. Her whole-body wearing bikini was printed both on my blanket and bedsheets. I looked around and saw that everything has her sexy images. I don’t understand what she is up to but I admit, her images really turned me on.

I went to the bathroom and just as I thought, her sexy phot was printed on the shower curtain. She wanted to seduce me, and yes, she succeeded.

I went under the shower masturbating while looking at her sexy image on the curtain. She is the only one who made me do this. And I do not know how long I can stand this torture.


Today, I decided to visit my dad’s grave. It’s been a while since the last time visited him but I did not expect that someone else is there to visit him.

“N-nana?” I uttered as I went closer.

Though she’s old, I could still recognize her.

“Mago?” she was obviously not expecting to see me.

“Yes, it’s me,” I walked fast towards her and hugged her. It’s been long since the day she left and I did not expect to see her again.

“How are you?” she was crying when she asked and then she continued, “you’ve grown to be a handsome man! How many hearts did you break?” she joked.

“I can’t count anymore,” I replied.

Nana laughed thinking that I was just joking but I was actually telling the truth I could no longer count the number of women who came to my life and left broken.

I still want to ask her many things but she looked pale and was about to faint so I assisted her so she can stand.

“I- I am sorry, son,” she said, but my heart skipped a beat when she called me son. It’s been long and I could no longer remember how she really called me before.

“I left the province early and was not able to eat. I only brought enough money just to get here. I only plan to visit your dad’s grave before I’ll go to the agency,” she said.

“Why? What do you plan to do?” I asked.

“I will try to find a job,” she said.

“No, not with your situation,” I said and then proceeded, “why don’t you come home with me. You can help my wife take care of our house.”

“Y-you already have a wife?” she looked surprised.

“Yeah,” I answered.

“Why didn’t I hear about it?” she said.

“We kept it a secret,” I immediately replied and then shifted the topic back to the original, “so, are you willing to come home with me?”

“Will that be okay for your wife?” she asked.

“She will,” I assured her thinking that Arlene could never say no to my decision.

Author's Note : Who do you think really won the gender war?

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