The Woman He Broke

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Breaking 18 - Seven Deadly Sins


I told Patricia and Janine about the truth on my relationship with Mago, and since they are very worried about me, they constantly called me for a meet up so we can talk about how I can surpass my dilemma.

“How did it go?” Janine asked when I arrived at our meeting. I’ve told them about the gender war event and they knew that I won the first round.

“My plan did not work,” I slumped on the chair, “Mago avoided me even more.”

Janine let out a frustrating sigh and then said, “what is wrong with all of my friends? Patricia is still in-love with her ex-husband, Vivi fell for his fake husband, and you?” she looked at me, “you married a playboy!”

“You can say that because you are lucky that you never had a problem with your husband,” I uttered.

“We have our fair share of problems but we always talk about it,” Janine proudly explained.

I sighed at the thought that I envied my friend’s life. She didn’t have a problem with her husband that is why she is focused on solving other’s lovelife problems.

We continued to talk about our lives and how we can try to solve our problems. We first planned about Cerise’s make-over. Cerise is Janine’s new friend. She is actually a romance writer whom Janine really admired. We learned that despite being good at writing romance stories, Cerise never experienced being in a relationship. She was actually a rape victim and this greatly affected her self-confidence. To make her feel better, I told her that not all men are crazy about getting laid with a virgin. It was the truth especially when it comes to Mago.

The truth is, I studied the actions of liberated women so that Mago will think that I am no longer a virgin. I did this because he might not consummate our marriage if he’ll know that he is going to bed a virgin.

“Maybe you need to be more aggressive,” Patricia told me.

“What?” I looked at her and then added, “I do not want to be embarrassed.”

“Well, maybe you are right,” Patricia shrugged, “I’ve tried going naked in front of my ex-husband but it was too embarrassing because he was not turned on. Instead, he took a blanket and covered my naked body and then asked me to leave his room.”

“Why don’t you get drunk,” Cerise suggested and then added, “I was not with myself when I was raped so I can confidently say that everything that happened is beyond my control.”

“That’s right,” Patricia agreed before saying, “do you remember that time when you were drunk and you took off your clothes in front of Mago? Mago almost gave in. The only problem with that is that you fell asleep.”

“Therefore, you should do it again but this time, make sure you don’t fall asleep,” Janine agreed.

“Do you think I can seduce Mago this time?” I asked.

“I think, just to make sure, both of you should get drunk,” Patricia suggested.

“That’s right, besides, alcoholic drinks have aphrodisiac effect,” Janine uttered.

I smiled because I think executing our plan will not be too hard for me. Mago and I both worked in the bar, therefore, alcoholic drinks are very accessible. The only problem I need to solve is on how I can convince Mago to get drunk with me.


I hurriedly went to bar as soon as Dessa called. She said that a TV show would like to feature our gender war events; thus, I need to be in the bar to discuss some details for the upcoming feature that they will cover.

“This is good publicity. We need to prepare for this Saturday’s event,” I told Dessa.

“I agree,” Dessa nodded before adding, “I already told boss Mago about it and he said we will talk about it in the office.”

I nodded at Dessa and went ahead towards Mago’s office. I was about to the climb the stairs when I saw the door of Mago’s office opened and then a woman came out from it. Her hair was a mess and her lipstick smudged towards her cheek. It was then that I realized that Mago has not changed yet. He is still the Casanova I used to know.

I wondered how many women did he bed in his office while I was too busy decorating our house. I sighed at the thought that while I was hopeful that I caught his attention, he was too busy with other women. I met the woman while we were halfway the stairs. She is pretty, though her eyeliner was too thick and her lipstick was too red. She smelled like candy, and I couldn’t help but notice how skimpy her dress is, too skimpy that the buttons on her breasts could pop out. In general, she is really voluptuously sexy, and I could not help but look down to myself wondering if my breasts is big enough to satisfy Mago.

I let out a sigh realizing that I do have the same asset. I stepped up the stairs, with chin held high, and before I entered the office, I unbutton one to show Mago I also have a cleavage and all the other assets that he gets from his bitchy flings.

Mago is still without his shirt when I came in the office. I pretended that it didn’t bothered me though I secretly took a glimpse of his amazing body while a took a sip on the glass of water. I can’t help but admire the curves on his hard abs and this sexy v-line, that mouthwatering line that served as an arrow pointing to the bull’s eye!

“Are you just going to stand there?” he said as he wore his shirt and went towards his office table.

“I just don’t want to disturb you,” I tried to sound cool though watching him makes me body heat go high.

“We need to talk about our event this Saturday,” he said.

“Okay,” I nodded and walked towards his table.

I tried to stay as professional as possible but my eyes disobeyed me, it even seemed to level-up to an x-ray vision because I seem to see his hot chest behind the shirt he wore. Gosh! I could even see his muscles, his abs and oh – his v-line.

“We need to think of a concept for our Gender War this Saturday. It has to be something unique and intriguing. Do you have any idea?” He asked.

I smiled as I thought of Patricia’s suggestion and then said, “why don’t we play the Seven Deadly Sins?”

“How can a simple mixing of drinks become an event for the gender war?” Mago asked.

“Well,” I shrugged, sat on the chair in fron of his table, crossed my legs and then added, “we can make a competition out of it. The concept will be each of us will mix a certain drink that would represent each deadly sin and after that, we will exchange drinks. The challenge is we will drink all seven drinks and the first one to get drunk loses.”

“That’s a good idea,” he said.

“And what will be the prize?” I asked.

“You’ll lose this game so don’t even bother to ask for the prize,” he said.

“I am not going to do the challenge if there will be no prize,” I said.

I heard him sigh and then said, “okay, so what do you want as a prize?”

“Consummation of our wedding,” I immediately said.

“Give it up, Arlene,” he said, “you can’t win on this.”

“Try me,” I tried to say in as seductive as possible but I guess I did not do it well because he just rolled his eyes on me saying, “okay, but if I win, I will remove all the things in the house that has your image.”

“Cool!” I immediately agreed.

I hope Patricia’s suggestion will work. I really hope that this time, Mago will give in to what I want to happen.


I took off my shirt because my naughty distant cousin came and smeared my shirt with her lipstick. Danica arrived from Florida and when she learned that I married the woman whose father is the other man of my mother, she decided to do something to make Arlene jealous. I agreed to work with her because this is also another way for Arlene to finally give up on wanting our marriage to work.

Danica is good at these. She was also responsible in making Janine jealous over her closeness with Marco so that Janine will finally admit that she liked Marco. It was all so good; the only bad thing is that Marco gave in to Janine first that is why I lost the bet with Arlene.

Now my problem is my current bet with Arlene. I learned that Stuart planned to propose to Patricia, which means, I will lose my bet with Arlene. I have to make Arlene give up first before the day Stuart planned to make his proposal. Danica is my plan A; and winning as the overall champion of the Gender War will be my back-up plan.

I pretended not to care when she came in to the office, but I knew that she was admiring my body as if she wanted to throw herself to me. She has indeed changed, and even though it should not bother me, I still despise the fact that she lost her virginity to someone else, a thing that I thought I’d be the one doing.

We talked about how to make this Saturday’s Gender War event exciting and we agreed on a challenge. As expected, she will try to insist about the consummation of our marriage. I didn’t refuse anymore because at this point, I know she never win this challenge. Arlene is not a seasoned drinker. She will never withstand the alcoholic drinks that I will mix for her.

The bar was again filled customers who are excited about this week’s Gender War event. For that, we had to hire more crew members so we can cater the orders of the customers. All the things needed for our Gender War event is already ready on stage. Arlene and I have one table each. Each table has seven shot glasses and all the drinks we will need for the drink mixing. Dessa explained to the audience the mechanics of the game. As soon as Dessa announced the start of the challenge, Arlene and I started mixing drinks.

The first drink that mixed should represent the first of the seven deadly sins, “Greed.”

Dessa took the drink I mixed and brought it to Arlene while it was Quinn who brought Arlene’s drink to me.

“Lady’s first,” the audience roared.

Arlene smiled and took the shot glass from Dessa, then she gulped it. My drink is colored green, it was a mixture of Bulleit Rye, Cointreau and grapefruit bitters.

“Men’s turn,” the audience demanded as I took Arlene’s mixed drinks. The drink was colored blue and it tasted like champagne so I drunk it to the last drop.

We continued to the second drink which would represent “Proud” until we reached the fifth drink, a drink that would represent “Lust.”

I checked on Arlene and noticed from her eyes that she is already drunk, but she still took the fifth drink and gulped it. She then started dancing, and she even came to and twerked her butt towards me. The crowd roared as they cheered for Arlene. They even challenged me to be good sport and dance with Arlene but I decided to stand still. I do not want Arlene to think that I can just give in just because the audience want it.

I held her waist to make sure she won’t lose her balance but it was a wrong move because her body leaned towards me and this awakened the beast that I have been trying to mend since the time Arlene decided to live with me.

Dessa and Quinn now handed us the sixth drink. This time, it represents “Pride”

“Pride,” I thought to myself, “this is the only thing I have now.”

Arlene and I gulped the sixth drink. Arlene continued to dance and since she noticed that I did not joined her, she decided to go down the stage and danced with the audience. The audience created a circle in order to give her space to dance, but Arlene attempted to dance with a male customer. The customer seemed to know that Arlene was offlimits because he moved back leaving Arlene to dance alone. I don’t know how the men in the bar knew that they are not allowed to flirt with Arlene, but I am glad that my bouncers did their job well.

Upon seeing this, Dessa declared that I won the challenge and she went down to get Arlene. I noticed that Dessa had a hard time taking Arlene, especially that Arlene constantly lost her balance; so I decided to go down the stage and carried her. Arlene immediately placed her arms around my neck and she rested her head on my chest.

“Kiss me,” she whispered to me while I walked towards our office.

“Kiss me so you would know how important I am,” she demanded.

I could not help but pity her. Why was she willing to suffer? Our relationship was wrong from the start. She should not have loved me. I am not the man capable of loving her.

She was giggling when I placed her on the bed inside my private room which was connected to our office.

“Let’s play a game, Mago,” she continued to giggle.

I brushed the hair from her face and said, “you need to sleep, Arlene.”

“Oh come on, play with me. Let’s play, truth or dare,” she said.

“Tell me first what is your truth or dare,” I jokingly said.

She took a deep breath before uttering, “Dare, tell me what you really felt for me. Truth, prove what you felt for me through actions. So what?” she said while her eyes were closed, “Truth or d –“

I did not let her finish what she was about to say because I kissed her. I didn’t know why I did this but I let myself drown in the sweetness of her lips. She responded with the same passion and so our kiss deepened. My hands caressed her neck, down to her shoulders, and then to her small back.

“Boss Mago!” I immediately cut our kiss and moved away from Arlene as soon as I heard Dessa.

“Boss Mago,” Dessa knocked again.

“Yes? Is there a problem?” I said as I opened the door.

“Boss, Leigh is here,” Dessa said and then added, “and she is with Sapphire.”

I held the door knob tighter when I heard what Dessa said. Leigh was a friend and Marco’s ex-girlfriend. She and her cousin, Sapphire were nymphomaniacs who regularly came to my office to have casual threesome with me. I turned to look at Arlene, who is now in deep sleep and then told Dessa, “reserve the VIP room for us.”

I am Mago Concepcion and Arlene can never stop me from being a Cassanova. I went out of the private room and closed the door behind my back.

“If Arlene was not the daughter of the man who took my mother from us, she would have been the woman who will own my heart. But she can’t, and no woman will ever own my love,” I said to myself as I walk towards the VIP room where I decide to free the beast in me since I never had sex for months now.

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