The Woman He Broke

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Breaking 1 - Breathing the Air He Breathes

*Arlene’s POV*

“Why Mago?” Patricia asked.

“Patricia, she likes Mago,” Janine interrupted.

“But why don’t you chose Kaz or Angelo, instead?” Patricia said.

“You can’t force her to like someone else,” Janine interrupted again, “just like you cannot force yourself to choose someone else besides Stuart.”

“Okay,” Patricia sighed, “I am just worried. Arlene is too innocent for Mago. Mago is a playboy, a manwhore, a monster in bed! He never dated anyone without making sure that they’ll end up having sex. Do you have any experience with sex?”

I shook my head as answer to her question.

“See?” she waved her hand frustratingly.

“Don’t worry,” I assured her, “I can take care of myself besides, we can no longer back out; unless you would like to stay as his date.”

“No way!” she immediately answered.

Mago Concepcion is a well-known Casanova in our campus but despite breaking many hearts, a lot of women still longed to be his girl, and I am undeniably one of them.

“If you want Mago to notice you,” Patricia moved closer, “you must first have a makeover.”

“Why? What is wrong with how I look?” I turned to show them that I look fine.

“If we’re heading to the library then there’s nothing wrong with how you look. But we are not going to the library. We will be at the beach and that means you will be competing for Mago’s attention with a lot of sexy women.”

She’s right. I am nothing compared to the pretty women that surrounding Mago so I let Patricia give me a make-over. She decided what I will wear and taught me how to wear make-up but I got startled when she took my eyeglasses.

“W-what are you doing?” I asked trying to take my glasses from her.

“I know you can see clearly without glasses,” she said, “so you’d better stop wearing this because it’s making you look mature.”

“But can I just wear it until it is time for our introduction?” I pleaded, “People are not used to seeing me without my glasses on. If I really look good without it, I want Mago to be the first guy to see me.”

“Well,” Patricia sighed, “you have a point but that will be the last time you’ll wear your glasses,” she said with authority.

Janine was right, nobody except Stuart Cordoval can say no to her.

` Patricia made sure that I arrived the island safely. She hired someone to transport me to the venue and made sure I arrived in our meeting place on time.

“I have already ordered dinner for you,” Patricia instructed while we headed to the VIP room, “make yourself comfortable until I get back here with Mago.”

We stopped in front of the door and Patricia sighed again, “So this is it,” she looked worried, “are you sure you can handle this?”

“Hey,” I tried to comfort her, “don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.”

“Dating Mago is not a joke, Arlene,” her face was serious, “you are going to date a man whore. Mago Concepcion is an expert in playing his cards on women. He is a master of both deception and cunning. He is any good girl’s worst nightmare.”

“Any sound advice then?” I nervously bit my lips.

“Well, just make sure you won’t be trapped in his snare,” Patricia said, “He’ll use your vulnerability to his advantage. He’ll would play as the misunderstood gentleman, thus forcing you to understand every wrong thing that he may do. He could also play as the victim trying to cope up from a painful past experience. That way, you’ll be force to give everything to him, and unknowingly making yourself helpless in his charm.”

“I’ll remember those,” I nodded.

Patricia heaved a sigh before hugging me, “just make sure you’ll stay away from his room, okay?”

“If I am not back by midnight,” I said, “that means he has already popped my cherry.”

“Are you ready for it?” she asked again.

“I want Mago to be my first,” I shyly replied.

“Don’t worry,” she tightened her hold on my hands, “I will not judge you for that.”

*Mago’s POV*

In order to help Marco find her mystery girl, we agreed to perform our opening act in the concert again. Marco met his mystery girl in that performance again since it was his mystery girl who came to dance with him while he was singing. All the dancers who partnered with were actually wearing masks that is why we agreed to simultaneously remove their masks and then offer them to join us in an island getaway.

Stuart was the last to agree with us. He knew that Patricia was his partner and that means, he will be forced to date Patricia. But everyone was surprised to see that Patricia came to dance with me instead.

“Oh man,” I bit my lower lip in disbelief, “I cannot believe that I am actually going to date the hottest lingerie model,” I continued as I showed them Patricia’s centerfold.

I noticed that Stuart to repress his jealousy and that encouraged me to annoy him further by saying, “she is the epitome of seduction and I can’t wait to see her grind on top of me.”

“Don’t you dare!” he pushed me to the wall but instead of fighting him, I gave him my most mischievous smirk.

“Easy, man!” Angelo stood between us.

“You have your own date, Stuart. I don’t care what you want to do with your date but be reminded that Patricia is my date, unless you’d like to exchange date with me,” I continued to infuriate him.

The truth is I could get laid with anyone but I can’t imagine getting laid with Patricia; though I am not a saint. If Patricia would willingly go to bed with me, then be it. It is rude to refuse blessings.

If stares could kill, I’d probably be in the hospital right now. I know how I held Patricia in my arms bothered Stuart but I intended to be this really touchy. Patricia is just like a sister to me. I could get laid with anyone but I can’t imagine getting laid with her. I am not doing this because I want to see Stuart let his guard down. I am doing this because Stuart need to take Patricia from me.

I know Patricia is special to Stuart. He won’t be protecting her if she isn’t. We have a brother’s code and I can try to keep it, but I am not a gentleman. I am also not a saint. If things get intense, I would not stop myself. If a woman is motivated to have sex, it would be rude to deny it from her. Besides, I am not selfish.

I thought I am doing Stuart a favor but I was surprised when Patricia flirtingly pulled me towards a private room.

Fuck! I don’t want to get laid with her but she flirtingly pulled me away from the group. I cannot promise that I won’t ever touch her. She asked for it, who am I to say no?

“Mago,” she uttered when we entered the room, “I’d like you to meet my friend, Arlene Mejorada,” she introduced me to a goddess.

“I arranged this date so you c –“

“Hi,” I interrupted. I did not waste time; I immediately held my hand for a handshake.

“Hi,” the lady shyly replied.

Hmm – my kind of girl. This is what I like, innocent outside but fierce inside. This is what most girls love to play and I am very good at going along with it. I’ll be playing the good boy gone bad because somebody broke his trust in love. That’ll be easy. I have done that many times, thanks to the bad memories in my past, playing the victim is easy.

“Behave, Mago,” Patricia squinted at me, “Arlene is not like the girls you dated.”

“Don’t worry, Pat,” I took the girl’s hand and kissed it after I said, “I know how to take care of her.”

She blushed and it looks oh so sexy, I can’t wait to crush her lips with mine.

*Arlene’s POV*

“Behave, Mago. Arlene is not the girls you dated,” Patricia warned Mago.

I do not know if I should be insulted because what Patricia said seems to tell me that I am not good enough to Mago, or if I should be thankful because I know Patricia warned Mago because she wanted to protect me.

Patricia cleared her thought before saying, “I intended to make this meeting a secret and that’s the only reason why I rented this room.”

“I told you, I will take care of her,” Mago gave Patricia a smile.

I wish he’d smile to like that. I actually knew Mago since senior high. In fact, we belong to one club, the Music club. Back then, he is not yet known as a playboy. He wore glasses and was always quiet. Every time their band performed, he was always the one who does not flirt with their fans.

I still could remember the first time we talked.

“Excuse me,” I went near him, “do we have music practice after class?”

“Maybe,” he shrugged without looking at me.

That was the first and the only time we talked but it was big thing for me. Mago never talked to anyone besides his friends so his answer to my question is a big thing. Since then, I followed him around. Seeing him completes my day and I made sure that I watch all their performances even when he already had a girlfriend.

Watching him with his girlfriend was not easy and I thought they’d last long until I learned that they broke up. Mago changed since then.

“Do you want something to drink?” Mago asked.

“Uhm yeah,” I answered shyly.

“Timid huh?” he smiled and offered a bottle of beer, “Why don’t you drink some of this, for confidence.”

“Thank you,” I answered.

“Do you know that I find women with few words sexy?” he said in a harsh voice. I could not stop blushing so I decided to take a gulp of beer. I felt him moved near me.

“So, how did you and Patricia met?” he asked while placing his hand over my shoulder and then played his fingers on my bare arm.

I cleared my throat before answering, “We were both in the same department.”

“Really? You are also in Hotel and Restaurant Management? That means we belong to the same department. How come I didn’t see you around?” he asked.

‘Well you are the reason why I chose to be in that department,’ I answered in my thoughts but I replied differently to him, “Huh? Ahm, maybe you just did not notice me. I am always with Janine.”

“Janine?” he seemed surprised, “so you are with Miss Mystery girl? So you loved to hide behind the mask,” he took a sip from the alcohol before continuing, “Indeed you both are the sleeping temptresses.”

“Temptress?” I asked.

“Yeah, temptress,” he repeated and then moved closer, so close I could smell his scent.

I think his scent is a potion, it makes me forget about all the warnings of Patricia. It seems like I have just become his willing victim. The air seems cold that it dried my lips so I decided to wet my lips by licking it with my tongue.

“Sexy,” he stared intently towards my lips.

His stare was so intense I have to try to resist it. I took the bottle of beer and gulped it all. I thought the beer would help make me numb but it didn’t. I become more sensitive to his sensual caress towards my hair. He tuck a few strands of my hair behind my ear then let his finger traced the back of my ear down to my shoulders.

Oh geez! I think I need a mantra to constantly remind me about resisting his advances.

“Hey,” his eyes tried to meet mine, “are you nervous?”

I did not answer him so he continued by saying, “Relax, I am not going to bite,” he flashed me his perfect smile, “are you really this quiet?” he chuckled sexily.

Gosh! If this guy continues to seduce me, I swear I’d harass him.

“Anyway, do you dance like your friends?” he asked, “

I think I am blushing too much so I decided to shake my head as an answer.

“Sing, maybe?” he raised one brow as he queried.

Ugh! Why does he have to be sexy in everything he does?

*Mago’s POV*

Of all the girls I dated, this one is the most boring. I wondered how she was friends with Patricia. I have been trying to start a conversation with her but every time I open a question, she always give a close-ended answer. I like girls but I don’t want to chase, and of all, hard-to-get girls are the ones I hated the most.

I am pretty sure that this girl is a player. The way she looks – her make-up and her outfit – tells me that she’s also a player. Her sexy dress tells me that she has a lot of experience and I bet, she is just trying to challenge me. Girls like her are dangerous. They may look innocent and harmless but the truth is, they just want to prove to their friends that they can make men bow down to them.

“I like music,” she answered.

“Wow! That makes us the same. So what kind of music do you like?” I asked.

“Variety,” she shrugged and then took another sip of beer.

I am losing my patience on this woman. Maybe she does not want to talk. Maybe she just want to get laid. That’s fine with me but I like things to be sexy-gentle.

“Do you like Enrique Iglesias?” I continued with our conversation.

“Yeah,” her limited answer.

That’s it! I’ll get laid with this woman and ditch her for life.

I played a song and stood to ask her for a dance. She did not let me down because she complied. I didn’t waste time. I immediately pulled her close to me as we grind to the music. I had to do this in order to bring out the vixen in her.

She first pretended to be shy but she eventually showed her true self when the music is also halfway. I could see fire in her eyes as her body is pressed to mine. I knew I turned her on so I decided to take things to the next level.

I pretended to lose my balance and so we fell on the couch. I am on top of her. I could smell her. I could feel her uneven breathing. I lowered my head to claim her lips but something pulled me away before my lips could touch hers.

“Where’s Patricia?”

Damn this Stuart!

“Patricia set me up to date her friend,” I explained without glancing at the girl behind me.

Stuart did not answer, instead, he stormed out so I decided to bring back my attention to – Andy? Anya? Aliyah? Abbey? Arianna? – Whatever! What I know is it started with letter A.

“Hey, why don’t we go somewhere else?” I don’t want Stuart to come back and disturb us again.

She agreed so I helped her stand and then wrapped my arm around her small waist to pull her body close to me. Her eyes meet mine and that excites me.

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